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Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel N/A)  | Pub:Firesky
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Subscription
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Stargate Worlds Videos: Stargate Worlds Video (0:51)

The folks from Firesky have once again provided us with a great 40 second video showing off some of the available weaponry in the game, and if you clook closely at around the 21 second mark, you can see an Archaeologist making use of his disguise ability to appear as a Jaffa.

The folks from Firesky have once again provided us with a great 40 second video showing off some of the available weaponry in the game, and if you clook closely at around the 21 second mark, you can see an Archaeologist making use of his disguise ability to appear as a Jaffa.
Duration: 0:51
Views: 47,834  39 comments
Game: Stargate Worlds
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alien1984 writes: Are you serious? Another video of some guy hiding behind objects shooting at an enemy... Show somethign new for a change. So far this game is looking lackluster. If i want to play a shooter i will go play battlefield or cod4. Fri Oct 24 2008 4:07PM Report
jinxit writes: Yeah this game is looking more and more like a bog standard shooter, so far in all the vids all I've seen is what looks like deathmatch after deathmatch....were's the mmo part of it all? character advancement...exploration and story progression? Fri Oct 24 2008 4:24PM Report
mrprogguy writes: It certainly makes me wonder what they've got. On the other hand, videos of story progression would be vastly longer than 40 seconds. Fri Oct 24 2008 4:34PM Report
gatheris writes: have these people actually watched even a few episodes of Stargate? (i would suggest the early showtime ones myself) - looks like any of the many WWII style shooters Fri Oct 24 2008 5:49PM Report
Kanuvani writes: plz kill me!!! Fri Oct 24 2008 6:13PM Report
Karahandras writes: The folks from firesky have once again provided us with a short vid of nothing, they really aren't helping themselves, I think waiting until players get to post their own vids would be a better ad for the game Fri Oct 24 2008 6:15PM Report
Terranah writes: Devs can't be bothered with character advancement, exploration and story progression. With attention deficit disorder on the rise it's all about action now. Action action action. Question is why do I have to pay a monthly sub when there are many fps with free servers. Fri Oct 24 2008 6:33PM Report
khartokhar3 writes: is this the new cs? -.- Fri Oct 24 2008 8:52PM Report
tinandril writes: Well, that was....expected. Really. If I want to play something where I'm shooting someone I'll go play Halo 2 on the XBox. Fri Oct 24 2008 9:00PM Report
Silok writes: you should all stop complaining about if i want play an fps bla,bla bla, this game is not an fps. Would you say wow is an rpg just because you fight with sword?? Fri Oct 24 2008 11:07PM Report
pileopoop writes: This game is so bad, you cant aim you just right click to shoot, there are no cool skills or spells. you just auto target and wait till the enemy dies. You can take about 400 hits on yourself before you die. Fri Oct 24 2008 11:28PM Report
UtopHoktaur writes: Look, Story progression and Exploration? Take a look at the series the game is based on as it will be between seasons 8 and 9 of Stargate SG-1. It is not an FPS and will never be because it is an MMORPG: Think Hunters in WoW, they may be shooting but you are also using your abilities (in this case, tranquilizers, grenades, and other things they haven't discussed) and those are the buttons on bottom right. Do yourself a favor for the people developing this game as well as the fans of Stargate Worlds and click on two special links: for currently known information and for the daily video podcasts where they are giving us news and news of gameplay, character design, story, world design, crafting, and many other things many of you have not bothered to check out because you look at a 40 second video and assume so many things without backing up your own opinions with what is currently known about this game such as the gameplay. Sat Oct 25 2008 12:39AM Report
pileopoop writes: I played the closed beta noob. Sat Oct 25 2008 1:49AM Report
freakworld writes: I want better from this game. Sat Oct 25 2008 2:53AM Report
darksilver writes: Yeah if this game turns out like Tabula Rasa I will skip it in a heartbeat. :P Sat Oct 25 2008 4:22AM Report
blythega writes: Another one for the dvd rack on t the shelf Sat Oct 25 2008 5:08AM Report
Alxgranger writes: for the last time this is NOT AN FPS! its turn based like wow, this game looks good to me im a big fan of stargate and the game is coming along nicely from what i've seen since i heard about this game. all of you who are complaining probably havent watched the show and have seen what the battles are like. most of the stargate fans like what they see cuz we know what we're getting with this game so all of you FPS wanters, go find another game to pick on cuz this is nothing like TR. Sat Oct 25 2008 8:13AM Report
Myrathi writes: Sorry Alx... I am a Stargate fan and this looks utterly bland and unappealing - I'd rather go back to Tabula Rasa (and that's not going to happen). FireSky aren't doing themselves any favours boring us with these pointless excerpts that -look- like they're designing an FPS (I know it's not but these vids don't stop the average Joe from assuming it). More shiny is required. MUCH more shiny. And, just for the record, it's most definitely NOT turn-based, either (and neither is WoW). HoM&M was turn based. :P Sat Oct 25 2008 9:47AM Report
daeandor writes: It does seem they are releasing vids that are all similar. At this point in SGW development I'd suggest that less is better than more videos. Sat Oct 25 2008 3:36PM Report
orthotdh writes: I'm not a stargate fan...but,I have seen the game a few days ago. The game is impressive. The worlds are large. The sound is great. There are a lot of worlds. It is not a FPS. I look forward to playing this when it comes out. I'll keep playing Call of Duty for my FPS fix. Sat Oct 25 2008 3:40PM Report
sh4dowst4lkr writes: I feel dumber for reading those comments. The game was made to be an rpg not and fps, hell i would have loved an fps but an rpg make an easier to play mmo (i loved faces of mankind). This is basically what we can see from the vids, but i hope that when it is playable and an open beta is started when can see the true items that define the franchise;character advancement, exploration and story progression along with advanced technology. This things (mainly character advancement, exploration and story progression ) are too difficult to show in video in a deep sence. True the graphics have somewhat disappointed me but all of this is just hype until a finished product is released. Sat Oct 25 2008 7:34PM Report
Styij writes: I had to watch that crap twice to make sure just how bad it really was. Surly this is some joke and not indicitive of actual combat play.What is the deal with developers thinking this is acceptable for firearms. This make TR look like UT. To think people are actually getting paid to code this pos. Sun Oct 26 2008 11:49AM Report
Wizardry writes: Ya i don't know,i am not or ever will be a Stargate fan,but i did expect to see something a little better than this.This video may mean nothing when comes to the content of the game,so i'll reserve judgement for now. Sun Oct 26 2008 10:17PM Report
Kaynos1972 writes: AWEFUL, Look AWEFUL Tue Oct 28 2008 1:47PM Report
Uruktos writes: It is truly amazing how they can make a game look so bad on a promotional video. Tue Oct 28 2008 3:11PM Report
orthotdh writes: What? This game is so bad in comparison to what other MMO??? Wed Oct 29 2008 2:26PM Report
Letsinod writes: Wow is this gonna fail miserably. This could be the next Gods and Heroes (vaporware) Thu Oct 30 2008 12:49AM Report
Gokki writes: lol, i have to laugh at ppl that judge a game out from one little vid.. c'mon ppl.. how stupid can you be? the full product aint even released yet, so how the H..l can you sit there and judge the game when it's even not released. give it a chance, we'll see soon enough if it's a good or a bad game. patience is a virtue! Thu Oct 30 2008 9:07PM Report
rasmus064 writes: The videos i seen sofar realy make the game looks bad. im still gonna buy it and play and judge the game from that. Fri Oct 31 2008 1:52PM Report
oakthornn writes: wow, this really looks and feels baaad. Even SWG 5 years ago was much better looking than this. I've been looking forward to Stargate Worlds since it's announcement, but after seeing this video, my anticipation has died.. I cant get over how awful this looks... Maybe I'm dreaming.. someone pinch me,, OUCH! darnit, its real :( noooooooo Sun Nov 02 2008 10:48PM Report
Zayne3145 writes: Can't say much, suffice to say the majority of people on this board are right in their opinions. Mon Nov 03 2008 9:39AM Report
neeblelock writes: as far as MMO's go, it looks pretty good so far. I think many on this board are still thinking they were going to get an Unreal Tourney online? It's NOT a FPS people. It's not going to look like UT ...get over it. The devs are obviously trying to make it work on "lower end" machines and "lower speed" connections-MUCH like another little game called World of Warcraft. WoW doesn't look good looks good enough. and can still be played on DIAL UP connections. Besides ....its jut entered BETA right? Give it some time. Tue Nov 04 2008 9:10AM Report
Talon27 writes: i had high hopes for this game.... but WHY are they releasing these videos??? here's hoping this is a work in progress. Tue Nov 04 2008 7:13PM Report
Nyrujo writes: jaffa got wrecked at 42 BOOM how u like that? Mon Dec 01 2008 6:31PM Report
Wizardry writes: Needle is right ,i also believe they are striving for low end machines.I believe there is a fine line drawn here.If it is just going to be pop and bop firing on each other,there has to be more than ugly graphics.This game had better follow all the other low end games and offer NICHE ideas like mounts or something to draw the players. Thu Dec 18 2008 6:26PM Report
Toxe writes: This loks Good!! As Long As It Is Free Romin And A Huge Enviroment, To develope a charactar w/ modern equip. and roam the planets!! Sign Me Up! Wed Jan 07 2009 11:34PM Report
Toxe writes: Actually, Does Anyone Know Wen The Game Is Coming Out?? I Really Can't Wait To Bye This!! I am a big fan of the show, the possibilities are endless!! Wed Jan 07 2009 11:39PM Report
switch7x writes: A startgate game could be really something! unfortunately it looks like the people from stargate worlds make all the wrong decisions.. Fri Feb 13 2009 4:56PM Report
thepatriot writes: Ummm, ok ... as shooters go this looks about as exciting as watching paint peel. The action is a bit slow and SG isn't about shooting things all the time. Mon Nov 09 2009 6:58AM Report