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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Paul Barnett on Career Balance (5:27)

MMORPG Managing Editor Jon Wood interviews Paul Barnett while attending GDC where he talks about balancing careers in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

MMORPG Managing Editor Jon Wood interviews Paul Barnett while attending GDC where he talks about balancing careers in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
Duration: 5:27
Views: 23,572  54 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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Howler54 writes: Paul has some good points here. "Everyone that is killing me, is cheating." Wed Apr 01 2009 9:29AM Report
Garfunkel writes: On the whole I like his perspective on it. I also like that they aren't making 'knee jerk reactions' and are taking the time to get it right. Wed Apr 01 2009 9:50AM Report
fansede writes: If someone could compile the forum threads of people saying this class is way to OP, I bet you would find a nice mix of professions that are listed. The devs are giggling when they get complaints of x character is too overpowered then they can point to 10 different forum posts of the exact opposite claim.. I can only imagine what they review.. Wed Apr 01 2009 9:57AM Report
ssjkakarotto writes: This interview is full of bologne. No knee jerk reactions?? My arse. Look at WE nerfs and the feedback and data people submitted during the pts for 1.2. It was knee jerk hackjaw in response to all the cries about WEs. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A SINGLE DEV RESPONSE about how they're planning to make WE useful after the butchering with 1.2 In fact someone posted somewhere taht one of the idiots in charge said they think WE dmg is still over the top. This shows that they are making knee jerk reactions, and are not analyzing the data subjectively, but instead they've shown they're listening to nerf jihadis and cries. Wed Apr 01 2009 10:04AM Report
Ogrelin writes: WE got nerfed good! :) stop whining! Wed Apr 01 2009 10:11AM Report
A1learjet writes: Well before they released this patch they basicly ignored the 3 weeks of feed back from testers on the PTS. Im just suprised he didnt brin up the Enginers.and the Warrior Priests or Doks. Yes on there own Forum they addresed the AoE of Bright Wizards and its stack of Raim of Fire and 50% more coverage with Fan The Flame. Paul your guys need to listen to us when we give feed back on the Test server. And Pauls right the Buffs in 1.2 had to come do to bad "players" 8 classes out of 12 are better on Order side as a result. SinisterGates Lifesnuffer Praag Server Wed Apr 01 2009 10:36AM Report
bmacp1973 writes: They don't have the time to get it right. They are the ones who are delusional if they think people are going to hang around with the way things currently are. A knee jerk reaction was most definately needed after the release of 1.2. Wed Apr 01 2009 11:22AM Report
boinged writes: It's a shame they don't spend more time thinking about the consequences of changes. AoE stacking didn't suddenly start in 1.2 it's just that lowering of resistances made the problem (blazingly) apparent. Wed Apr 01 2009 12:02PM Report
A1learjet writes: @Boinged agreed thus brings them to have to stop the stack ect but still wasnt so appaent till the 1.2 patch. They tried to cram way to much into the patch and ended up casusing a bit more problem then good. weird how 1.2 came out and not 2 days later they said we have patch 1.2.1 to fix. this that and the other. Wed Apr 01 2009 12:19PM Report
undead17 writes: yes there is unblance in the game its called order, im unsure how with 1345 str and i hit an iron breaker and do no dammage time after time after time , or i get critted bye a witch hunter for 9k dam and yet my max dam with a crit is around 600ish , im no longer dps im support dps m and lastly why is it that 2 marauders 2 back orcs and a witch elf took on 1 iron breaker and unable to kill him? in the end we just took off as the only way we could do any dam was to crit all about the same time . there is a simple rule order must be more powered its the only balance in the game i see. i have no problems with didng in the game just as long as im able to kill a few as well , so far from regualr rvr i think in the last moth ive killed maybe 10 players with my marauder . Wed Apr 01 2009 12:51PM Report
Keleous writes: The correct answer...yes they do cheat. Need proof of the BW owning everything and cheating? Just check out the video in the link.;13440185;/fileinfo.html Wed Apr 01 2009 1:30PM Report
lvrhina writes: Too bad the magus class contradicts everything he talked about acknowledgement and "balance". Ive known many magus that either just quit the game or rolled choppas. Wed Apr 01 2009 1:43PM Report
ArzhAngel writes: Beside that the damn Chosen is ones again a hit for myhtic to be as gimp as the paladin was in daoc. when it comes to pvp, ( rvr ) pvp - becuse they say that the balance was made on chrs vs chrs. 1on1, emano vs emano. But lats wait and se, maby the fix then to be what they are meant to be. Or maby all the trailers are Fakeing - LOL Wed Apr 01 2009 1:46PM Report
royalewit writes: Game has so much potential, would love to see them get some of the issues sorted out before it's too late. Wed Apr 01 2009 1:56PM Report
ssjkakarotto writes: @Ogrelin tell me wise guy, what is the point of a WE now? with subpar dps, paper armor, and alost no survivalability? Wed Apr 01 2009 2:59PM Report
popinjay writes: Not sure why he's trying to insinuate that everyone who claims there's are imbalances is either bad players or just don't know anything at all. If there wasn't imbalances, why did Mythic nerf Witch Elves and why did everyone practically stop playing Witch Elves overnight and either quit or jump to other classes if everything was fine? Why are White Lions riding the pine now? Why are Zealots parked? Wed Apr 01 2009 3:21PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: My issues with WAR are not class balance, but server balance and content balance. T4 Scenarios are shutting down because of lack of players while oRVR has balance issues. Meanwhile I'm forced to do boring PvE to grind to level cap. I liked that I wad able to PvP to get to T4, but now that I'm at T4 I'm forced to do mostly PvE since oRVR doesn't give enough XP. Wed Apr 01 2009 4:15PM Report
Gravarg writes: The game has some issues, not really with balance, but more about mechanics that effect balance. The White Lion is the best example. On paper with everything working, the White Lion is a great single target DPS class. However, the issues with the pathing and several things with pets in the game, make it harder for the White Lion. It's most prevailant on the White Lion due to the fact that the damage the White Lion does is probably about 60/40 between the player and thier pet. And Choppas keep killing my Archmage...they're cheating! Wed Apr 01 2009 6:03PM Report
Raithe-Nor writes: The balance that was important to Warhammer is not class balance really, it's game balance. Game balance is having an archer on a wall beat a tank on the ground, instead of taking more damage while dealing more damage, a toss-up in average play. Game balance is having 3 tanks beat an archer and a healer on the ground, instead of the archer being able to snare/knockback any tank that gets close to the healer and the healer being able to do the same for the archer, plus heal them both. Game balance means making circumstances and tactics interesting. Game balance means allowing a great deal of strategic diversity for any individual. Game balance means natural combat that works somewhat similar to a variety of age-old methods. Who cares abou class balance? Warhammer didn't bring the game balance. Wed Apr 01 2009 7:17PM Report
Wingclip writes: OMG i aint laughed so hard in years, i need to get out and see the sun more :) Thu Apr 02 2009 12:05AM Report
PapaB34R writes: this guys hilarious as usual, disarding the fact that the most of the people who played the class "marauder" has stopped playing, thats statistics. The DPS class loses every time versus the tank with 2h weapon (not against each other ofc but by damage/kills/overall damage) he may be right in some regard, I dont know. But the MDPS has no role in PvP combat whatsoever, maybe the slayer/choppa will be different I know for a fact the other classes arent. I have red countless guides, contacted Mythic and tried different approaches, none work. MDPS isnt balanced, its shit. Thu Apr 02 2009 7:21AM Report
Deviane writes: im playing my precious WE and i can say i still own some slayers mages and archers maybe i feel is a lil more harder to kill KBS but still is a very Good class maybe got nerfed but not enough to not play it anymore imho Thu Apr 02 2009 11:47AM Report
AllNewMMOSuk writes: He says that "everyone who is killing me is cheating", yet they knee jerked nerfed the WE because people were complaining that the WE was killing them and must be over powered. I'm sure the sharp decline in subscriptions is because everything is truly balanced. But keep up the good work in chasing off players as fast as you can. Record time from initial release to free trial helps show the desperation too. Thu Apr 02 2009 4:37PM Report
zaylin writes: Honestly just because Release to Free Trial was earlier than most does not mean much. Its a good game. I Think people are getting there standards just a tad to high these days. So things take time. Sat Apr 04 2009 2:57AM Report
Xbuster231 writes: Fire this douche already Sat Apr 04 2009 5:45AM Report
Xbuster231 writes: Fire this douche already Sat Apr 04 2009 5:45AM Report
phc_doc writes: Knee jerk reaction to WE's? Are you guys nuts? A 6 month killing spree for WE wasn't long enough? LOL BTW, there is no WH that crit anyone for 9k, screen shot or it didn't happen. By the end of the video I felt a little better, but in the first minute or so I wanted to punch him in the eye. Sat Apr 04 2009 3:28PM Report
Dwardog writes: Very interesting and insightful response from Mr. Barnett. It helps me to understand how Mythic ended up releasing such a mess of an MMO and why it's taking so long to fix the literally hundreds of bugs in the game. Keep it up Mythic, you're doing fine.../snicker Sat Apr 04 2009 3:35PM Report
Ngeldu5t writes: Mythic lives on a planet of their own and claim they are not delusional.So,Mr Barnett why so many people have stopped playing your game? This game is shame to the Warhammer IP.But there's still hope that THQ brings a real Warhammer game. Sat Apr 04 2009 10:54PM Report
Tizlor writes: Haven't played your game in awhile, eh Paul? Sun Apr 05 2009 12:58AM Report
brostyn writes: He is the most bitter person in the world! LMAO! Sun Apr 05 2009 1:29AM Report
vileator writes: Well my level 30 Choppa seems to be much better in Tier 4 than my sorry old level 40 Magus. So I am sticking with that, unless you gimp the Choppa too. The final straw was when I played a scenario with a Sorcerer and the Sorc did tripple the damage I did and we were both casting area effects only. What was the role of the Magus again Paul? What do you have against Destro players Paul? I take it you play Order exclusively. What are you going to do when everyone just gives up and plays Order? Let me answer that for you. Unemployment! Sun Apr 05 2009 2:51AM Report
Kuari999 writes: Balance isn't the reason people quit... its the bugs, its the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer support, its the poor mechanics on some classes, its them not taking enough from DAoC's systems such as the sieging, its a lot of things, but I guarantee the lowest thing on the list of people who quit is balance. This video while it had some points was a waste of time, talk about what you're doing about the REAL issues. Sun Apr 05 2009 11:24AM Report
droper writes: He doesn't actually have anything to do with classes and the math and structure as far as I can tell. The games class structure is not built around 1v1, which is why it will always seem imbalanced. On the other hand because its not based on 1v1 its impossible to balance. My guess is they know this but cannot redo their entire class system so they are stuck with a impossible to balance game. Sun Apr 05 2009 2:49PM Report
TheGhostlord writes: I guess it's the players fault that Order is dominating 9 of 10 servers, huh Paul? Play your own game, buy a clue and try again. Oh and stop turning your head every 2 seconds for the whole 5:27, it's bloody annoying. Sun Apr 05 2009 3:03PM Report
Coonhound writes: I was thinking of downloading the trial,to see if this is a game I would like to buy. I always research a game first. This jerk is his own worst enemy,and sending new customers running off like they are on fire. His smarmy,condescending attitude toward player input,done in that smirky,arrogant way that the Brits excell at,denotes a disdain for his own client base that towers above the worst I have have seen. This guy is a crocidile eating his own babies. One can only imagine how horribly this company treats its players. I have read enough ernest,non-flame posts by fans of this game complaining of balance and other issues;where their is smoke there is fire. What a arrogant asshole. See you in Chaper 11 jerk. You lack the personality for the job. Mon Apr 06 2009 9:38AM Report
Llews writes: I really feel like everyone that has commented here about the game being not fun and unbalanced is playing a completely different game from me. I've been playing online games for over 12 years, since the days when they were only text. I tried Ultima Online, I tried Everquest, I tried DAoC, WoW, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Vanguard, Tabula Rasa, LoTR Online and countless other free and pay-to-play games. Some of them were fun, most of them were tolerated simply because there was nothing else to play. Anyways, the point I'd like to make is this...Warhammer Online is fun. Is it perfect? No, definitely not. After patch 1.2 my game crashed regularly over some horrible bug and according to the forums it was happening to everyone else as well. That's my only problem with the game, the bugs that actually stop you from playing. I've played every class in the game and managed to do fairly well with all of them. And yes I finished nearly half of the game with each before drawing an opinion as such. As far as the statistics mentioned above about Order leading 9/10 servers? Well they're not doing it on my server... Order is so pathetically unorganized most of the time that it's laughable. Anyways...I'd prefer not to dip into saying things like "Look what WoW was like when it first started" and such, but veteran players should already realize this. As far as new players are concerned...go play some other games for a while before you make your full decision. In conclusion, no one knows what the developers are doing, except for the developers and yes, players are a whiny bunch in general and more often DO feel like everyone that is beating them is rigged or cheating. I know, I've seen it time and time again. If you're not having fun playing Warhammer, go do something else. Mon Apr 06 2009 12:32PM Report
Coonhound writes: When all is said and done,your post could be thumbnailed to the size of a coin,and is basically a rehash of every fan-boy reccommendation I have read during all those years you have been playing games. Your authoritative ,know-it-all tone changes none of this. Mon Apr 06 2009 1:31PM Report
Mezelor writes: I know there are a lot of problems with PvP that is for certian not to mention the PvE,but lets talk about customer service it just plain sucks I play Destro on Monolith and myself and everyone on my guild/allaince that has an actual problem with the game and puts in an appeal it takes days and most of the time weeks to get a reply? whats up with this?My appeal has been summited more than 12 days and I have played for a considerable time during this appeal and still no response this time.Now for what I appealed "I can't cast a banner again it turned into a firewevrn/monster whatever its called can you please fix or tell me how?"still nothing or even an email,and this has happend to me more than once.This is not the kind of service I like to pay for!Any commints on this? Mon Apr 06 2009 3:38PM Report
Elethon writes: Well said. Mon Apr 06 2009 5:08PM Report
Iwazzio writes: why not fuse a couple severs together it will help with server balance Tue Apr 07 2009 2:36AM Report
white909 writes: You need to "try" harder. Tue Apr 07 2009 3:08AM Report
paullbarnett writes: Ok ,I will come clean,we KNEW we were screwing over Destruction with the 1.2 patch but we were faced with diminishing Order numbers daily,so we thought if we gave our BW's and WP's some love it could possibly catch fire and jumpstart our order population across most servers,without an opponent there is no ,WAR! Wed Apr 08 2009 3:53PM Report
local93bc writes: I played N Rune Priest on Vortex. MY biggess probleme with the game, and why i canceled is: If im outnumbered 5 to 1 in RvR i want a game that rewards me 5 times more for 1 kill. As it stands Destruction outnumber most the time in a fight. so its natural they will get more kills, in most case. So they are lvling more then order. making that imbalance bigger. So Xp bonus for being outnumbered would keep both sides lvling and give a good reason to the underdogs to stick arround even though they are getting there butt's pounded. There you go I just fixed your problem Mythic BTW im un-Employed you guys need a dude to figuer out how to fix all your problems?? Wed Apr 08 2009 7:30PM Report
dbdayton writes: that was a terrible interview. The fact is nothing gets fixed, or balanced. When ever Mythic hands out a "fix" it breaks FAR more then it fixes. No I don't buy the fact that the Devs want to have a balanced and fair game. In fact I think they have no idea how to get the car out of the ditch. I fixed the game...I canceled and uninstalled it. It's much better now for me! Wed Apr 08 2009 9:44PM Report
irpagan writes: Its not a bad interview, I play WAR and have since the beta its an awesome game. I have a Zealot, and a Chosen. Both T3. Balance isn't about one class going toe to toe with another. Using just my chosen as an example... I get owned from a distance by the empire on my chosen, but -- get me in close and i'll ruin their day. A lot of the problem imo is people don't work together healers heal/rez tanks tank and def healers ranged dps provides covering fire for tanks to get in close ... it isn't about some idiot running up and wailing away and being a hero's hero. Seriously your facing hero's on the other side. Its teamwork that wins ORvR or Scenario's not individuals seeking glory. Fri Apr 10 2009 9:47AM Report
Gocrynubs writes: This is for the nubs QQ'ing about balance issues. You aren't getting killed by cheaters or OP'd classes, Your getting killed by people that know how to PvP. So now that you know, go play a game that teaches you about PvP. Dark Age of Camelot. If not, Go cry somewhere else, Try WoW's trade chat. Fri Apr 10 2009 2:58PM Report
KirinRahl writes: I haven't had a lot of issue with balance in this game, but it's entirely possible that that's because I've been looking at it overall instead of deciding people are overpowered when they nuke down my Witch Hunter. Witch Elves, we got wrecked just as hard as you. We still have to try hard to get in there and kill people, and we're still the best single-target burst DPS in the game. WH/WE are some of the nastiest damage out there even after the nerf, and for the most part, the nerf was only to the don'trun/cast/fight debuffs; most everything else hits just as hard. I know my bullets still hammer folks. If you're having problems killing people, it's entirely possible you're killing the wrong folks. Not specced to hunt tanks? Don't fight Ironbreakers. Burst good but sustained DPS poor? Go after healers. Unstealth, hammer 'em, get the Hell out before you die. Your class is hit-and-run, so -hit and run- already, for crying out loud. Game balance is surprisingly good as a rule. And all you folks crowing about how Order dominates 9/10 servers, have a look at WoW, Alliance outnumbers the Hell out of Horde, but Horde are generally higher-quality players. You trade things off. And, frankly, I can't remember a time when it was Order steamrolling Destruction; for the most part, it's you guys and your Choppas out there hauling ass around in a group of three warbands. Enough about balance. The game does quite well for balance, and they're bringing it more in line all the time. It's been out half a year and it's improved -drastically- since I started playing, and will continue to do so, I have no doubt. Fri Apr 10 2009 4:44PM Report
axiom187 writes: I think mythic does a fairly good job of overall game balance. My only exceptions are the BW aoe's. The other classes Aoe's have been reduced to a one at a time style application. The BW do not have such restriction. They can overlay them and nuke everyone even through doors, walls, and floors. A magus's firestorm or dissolving mist can only have one ative hitting at a time and it obeys LOS rules. I don;t understand why BW have been allowed such ability. Mon Apr 13 2009 1:30PM Report
riccadonna writes: its one thing saying they do this, its another thing completely to do anything about it and get it right. Tue Apr 14 2009 3:05AM Report
Rhetticent writes: Having played the game and been let down myself (mostly in part from all the hype this game brought with it) I was painfully reminded that this game, like all good games, takes time to develop and.. well.. develop. Things like class (or career) balance are STILL in crisis in far more developed and matured games like WoW. This, like Paul exclaimed, is not of huge concern. Moreover things like huge bugs that kick players out of games or non-existent customer service should be taken more seriously. I don't blame him for sounded irritated or even snarky; people are whining for the wrong reasons. Like I said, it just takes time to develop. The roster will come back: "If you build it, they will come"... No? Fri Apr 24 2009 8:43AM Report
yazidee writes: The only thing I see broken is the idea that many have they can respond to all threats (classes) in the same way. If a class is overpowered, there is probably a reason for it - and you adjust your play accordingly. It's why someone with a knife is useless against someone with a sniper rifle at range; and why someone with a sniper rifle is useless against someone with a knife standing behind them. The only thing broken is the way some people play their class. Wed Apr 29 2009 3:55PM Report
Rhetticent writes: Exactly! This game can be GREAT! It is, in fact great, but just needs work. And while balance always leaves people upset this isn't terribly a huge thing. The fact that they are as close as they are this early into the game says something of itself. At least we are given a friendly reminder that things are being done and that they actually give a damn (much like the players who leave frequently nasty comments [no names inserted here]) People wouldn't spend 5 and a half minutes watching a random video and taking the time to leave their 5cents if they didn't care even if they aren't always reasonable or constructive. Sat May 02 2009 3:04AM Report
congrstest writes:

Exactly! This game can be GREAT! It is

Sat Mar 27 2010 12:52PM Report