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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: New Cinematic Trailer (4:34)

This new trailer brings the Age of Reckoning to life in stunning detail and showcases the ongoing conflict between the armies of Order and Destruction, the catalyst for WAR's groundbreaking Realm vs. Realm gameplay.

This new trailer brings the Age of Reckoning to life in stunning detail and showcases the ongoing conflict between the armies of Order and Destruction, the catalyst for WAR's groundbreaking Realm vs. Realm gameplay.
Duration: 4:34
Views: 15,319  57 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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phc_doc writes: Awesome trailer! Really getting close now! :) Wed Aug 20 2008 3:32PM Report
Branko2307 writes: Nice trailer. Wed Aug 20 2008 4:01PM Report
Zeroxin writes: They ripped this straight from my dreams. Wed Aug 20 2008 4:09PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I hate it.... when games with terrible, and I mean terrible... graphics... make game trailers like this. This video represents their product in NO way, shape, form, or any other possible condition. All these kinds of games + cg trailers do... is make you wish that they'd tried harder with their actual game. I'm glad a CG Artist got paid to make this though and maybe in 30 years they'll make WAR 2 with graphics and atmosphere like this. But probably they won't. Wed Aug 20 2008 4:27PM Report
joe2721 writes: I think I wet myself Wed Aug 20 2008 4:37PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: I don't know why people even think an MMO would ever have CG quality graphics. MMO + CG Graphics = beyond our current technology. A CG movie doesn't mean anything other then to tell the story. Its not implying the game looks that good, it's implying the game plays this good or atleast we hope it does. Wed Aug 20 2008 4:44PM Report
gan3f writes: now take this trailer and make it into a full length movie.. i will pay to see it. Wed Aug 20 2008 5:06PM Report
LoboMau writes: If only the game was like this... Wed Aug 20 2008 5:30PM Report
darc21 writes: CujoSWAoA is a fool. Totally agree with Rhoklaw. This trailer is to tell a story and set a scene ONLY. The trail is awesome tho. WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!! Wed Aug 20 2008 5:35PM Report
hXcFecal writes: holy crap that was a video or major epic proportion, best cinematic trailer EVER!!!! Wed Aug 20 2008 6:26PM Report
xxryan1992xx writes: CujoSWAoA dude you are so stupid, you will never see a game with CG graphics its just not possible. look at world of warcraft their cinematic are CG. no one is disappointed with WoW just the idiots that think that's what the graphics are gonna look like.... i agree with Darc21 and Rhoklaw it is to tell a story and show a little about the classes. Great video mystic Wed Aug 20 2008 7:37PM Report
Natttas writes: holy phrackin shiet, awesome vid, loved the end where the dwarf is takin a drink out of his mug, WAARRGG Wed Aug 20 2008 9:06PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I'll NEVER see a game with CG graphics? Thats a bold statement... Nostradamus. There's loads, and loads of people who strongly dislike World of Warcraft and if this game wants to "tell a story" they can do it with the lackluster graphics they've invested no time in for their game's enviroment. Get a clue, dingus. You know nothing. Wed Aug 20 2008 9:55PM Report
rrhills writes: My question is are you going to be able to summon the Chaos gods the last thing on the screen was Tzeentch if so that game could really rock... Wed Aug 20 2008 10:41PM Report
alien1984 writes: WAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH Wed Aug 20 2008 10:47PM Report
Axum writes: Ahem Cujo, the only pictures and videos available from WAR are on the lowest setting. So i would quit complaining about things that are unkown at the moment. Wed Aug 20 2008 11:18PM Report
mokona writes: WoW I love it. The only thing I was hoping for was that they where going to show all the classes in the trailer. I mean there was most of them just with the rest would have been in the video also. But I still think it was bad ass. Thu Aug 21 2008 1:43AM Report
Sp00sh writes: Honestly...that was fucking awesome! Thu Aug 21 2008 2:32AM Report
Arskaaa writes: Better then WoW intro 10 time. Thu Aug 21 2008 4:05AM Report
WSIMike writes: Very very cool. One of the best cinematics I've seen in a while. Thu Aug 21 2008 6:04AM Report
gville67 writes: Awesome Video, combine this with the first video and I think all of the classes were covered in a cinematic. -rrhills- that was a greater daemon of Tzeentch not Tzeentch itself. I believe that only lesser daemons will be summonable in the game and then only by the Magus. Can't wait to find out though. Thu Aug 21 2008 8:53AM Report
Psymyn writes: I just came! Thu Aug 21 2008 9:37AM Report
Saurus930 writes: Yes that was a greater daemon, not the God himself. Just lesser daemons are summonable in the game, maybe some quests make it possible to summon the big guys, and for that quest only. Like the snowicestone-guy in wow. (can't remember it was a while) Thu Aug 21 2008 10:06AM Report
Shadowhearth writes: Okay, after AOC i said: i will newer prebook any mmorpg in my life. But now.... I will prebook War. thought AOC newer had good cut scenes like this. Thu Aug 21 2008 11:42AM Report
Branko2307 writes: I <3 the "Better then WoW intro 10 times" comment, and even tho i like the trailer as i allready said i am sad to say i wont be playing the game after i tried it. Thu Aug 21 2008 11:45AM Report
Abisbowa writes: This video is so awesome I may watch it for a 3rd time. Tzeentch is supposed to look like a massive multi-colored cloud, that was just a Changer of Ways. Although I do have some hope though, the Orc that was beating up the Empire guy looked an awful lot like a Orc Choppa... You will get to see the greater deamons of the other three Chaos Gods, just in PQs and dungeons. Thu Aug 21 2008 12:27PM Report
DKKOberon writes: I want to see Actually Game Footage. CG trailer is nice, they should make a movie, though I'd prefer a warhammer 40k one. Thu Aug 21 2008 1:14PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Ahem Mr. Bartley, whats another layer of texturing going to do to a game that could've been run on the N64. Enjoy your PvP though, maybe when you're tired of it we can all have a Spelling Contest too. Thu Aug 21 2008 1:35PM Report
Abisbowa writes: So Cujo, what you are trying to say is that every game, ever made, that has a CG trailer is a misrepresentation of the actual product? Thu Aug 21 2008 2:29PM Report
HumbleHobo writes: Just ignore him. We all know that it is not some conspiracy lie to make a nice CG trailer. Look at the new Wrath of the Lich King trailer. That's not some dirty trick, it's just a sweet looking video! What's wrong with that?! CujoSWAoA is like Jack Thompson, in that 99% of us understand, and he just doesn't get it. Thu Aug 21 2008 2:52PM Report
HumbleHobo writes: Sorry, that was rather harsh. No one here deserves to be compared with Jack. Thu Aug 21 2008 6:40PM Report
blackmystic writes: Cujo... Are you saying that all FMV's are misrepresentaions of a product? if so, EVERY game on the market is doing it. a cinematic is a small part of non interactive time in a game that helps the story along. Because they are not interactive, they dont need to worry about lag or anything. You want to play a game with those graphics now? well not gunna happen. Give it a couple of years and you might see it. Fri Aug 22 2008 7:56AM Report
elocke writes: awesome, really captures the feel of the game!! literally, not graphically but the actual playing. Fri Aug 22 2008 9:28AM Report
temuchin writes: LOL @ simpleminded fools. morons attacking cujoswaoa because he challenges your groupthink. the technology exists to make graphics close to cinematic quality. look at Korean MMOs, Japanese games, Bioshock, PS3 games etc. they are a full 2 generations ahead of graphics in WAR and WOW. simpletons open your brains. because Blizzard cannot do it doesn't mean it cant be done. all you morons are not even CLOSE I mean CLOSE to comprehending what other companies around the world are doing. keep living in your bubble and thinking the world is flat and be happy with graphics literally from 2002. fools Fri Aug 22 2008 2:49PM Report
Vostroyan1 writes: To all the people whining about the game graphics. 1: Its in beta 2: The beta graphics are set on medium, so they aren't the best. 3. Even if this ends up not having the best graphics, its still a good game, therefore I will buy it. (beta elder) Fri Aug 22 2008 4:21PM Report
Karahandras writes: excellent cinematic, I just hope the gameplay is as good, if so i'm there:). for all those that want cgi ingame graphics and quoting ps3/xbox do u just not know what an mmorpg is? and what it takes to develop, run and play one? And for those asking for ingame footage there's some closed beta ingame available from the war website Fri Aug 22 2008 5:43PM Report
Ichmen writes: ummm MMO's will never be CG the most important reason as to why that is. is not do to tech limitations its do to processors. if you take a single player RPG like bio where the game only has to run a few sprites at a time. and try and make it a mmo.. it will crash. simple reason a MMO has to hold sprites up to 1000 at a time. your npcs monsters, players. any fliking fires.. clouds.. ect... all have to be sprited and detailed that will take years to do in CG on top of that think of the comp-specs needed to run that in a 24/7/365 setting and have it update almost instantaneously for thousands of players.... server would be immense as would the player rig.. not cost effective.. and really any noob who plays a game on max settings unless making videos is a fool.. the extra FPS for lowering some things helps in pvp... Fri Aug 22 2008 5:47PM Report
zennodragon writes: looks cool Fri Aug 22 2008 8:45PM Report
tachgb writes: Nice, really enjoyed that, loved the sorceress near the end, the way she shattered that guy, best fatality in that vid. ;) Fri Aug 22 2008 8:46PM Report
Mitara writes: Nice trailer, just too bad the in-game quality turned out to be very bad in comparison to the other WoW clones out there. Sat Aug 23 2008 8:35AM Report
Vostroyan1 writes: Mitara: Just because its a MMORPG doesn't mean its a WoW clone..and warcraft got most ideas from warhammer. Are you in the beta? If not you can't say anything about in game graphics quality. all pictures they take of warhammer are in low-medium quality. Sat Aug 23 2008 1:40PM Report
neonwire writes: What an awesome trailer!! It doesnt mean I'm gonna get the game mindyou ;) Sat Aug 23 2008 2:07PM Report
Hagnar writes: Nice trailer.... but the real game is a little bit different.... unfortunately (I'm not talking about graphics, I'm just complaining for the gameplay) Sat Aug 23 2008 2:21PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Entertaining trailer - I liked the Squig Herder. And that really does look like the Marketsquare of Altdorf. And anyone who complains that what is basically a commercial has to match the product needs to think. Do you skid your car around at 100mph on mountain roads like in every car commercial? Guess what, it's an *advertisement* And applause for Ichmen for injecting a little REALITY into the idiotic cries for a full CG MMORPG. The lack of understanding of basic technology is appalling, Ichmen has it right. Even if we COULD spend billions to create a nation-wide network to support a CG game, the manhours to create it would destroy any profits it could make. Some people will play WAR, some won't. Either way, Blizzard is going to notice this game. Sat Aug 23 2008 7:10PM Report
Xadrian writes: Nice trailer. Who cares that the game doesn't look like a CG rendering? While it's possible to get pretty close with modern GPUs, it would be a stupid move for an MMO since you want a LOT of people playing the game, not just the people with the highest end computers. Also, where have you been for the last 12 years? Almost every game out there has a CG animation that doesn't match the in-game graphics. Sat Aug 23 2008 10:18PM Report
Alxgranger writes: Very good trailer....still not gonna play the actual game though, good work though nonetheless. Sun Aug 24 2008 7:59AM Report
Majestico writes: The trailer was brilliant! WAR is going to be a great game. WoW's daddy is about to make its grand appearence. The worst thing is that my crappy pc won't be able to run it, so again I am going to miss all the fun! Sun Aug 24 2008 9:42AM Report
nakuma writes: nice trailer i love the part where the evil elf woman wisked her hands at the guards like "shut up" shut up" moving on lol. pWNed! but the game itself is quite generic, and bland, Ill be passing this game on. but the trailer was pretty spot on. enjoyed it. Sun Aug 24 2008 10:33AM Report
nakuma writes: to rhoklaw and hxcfecal although ill admit the trailer was pretty good. blizzard makes far better cinema quality CG movies. they tend to have a better pool of talent. Sun Aug 24 2008 10:35AM Report
Sys7em writes: Elf <3 :D Sun Aug 24 2008 4:09PM Report
squeee writes: Very nice trailer, reviles the Wrath of The Lich King trailer that Blizzad just put out. Sun Aug 24 2008 4:23PM Report
CatAtomic99 writes: Peter Jackson called. He wants royalties for stealing his Lord of the Rings opening. Sun Aug 24 2008 9:13PM Report
Evasia writes: Was this Lotr Movie trailer? Oh no its WAR, but nice anyway. Mon Aug 25 2008 2:39AM Report
vala2008 writes: awesome video. I will try the game and see but i hold little doubt the in-game graphics will be that nice.. Mon Aug 25 2008 4:18AM Report
Amorien writes: Beta is a blast , having tons of fun. for those of you who will not be playing , well lol just means Less people for me to kill. WAAAAAAAGH Mon Aug 25 2008 6:22AM Report
Ichmen writes: im confused as to why people are dissing WAR do to a trailer... i guess not everyone has grade 10-uni's open to them to know that a CG trailer has nothing to do with the game.. its ment to look "dirty/sexy/blood..ect." to make you want to check the game out. normally all ingame videos are done on systems only bill gates could afford... if anyone can afford an actual MMO developer's PC I MEAN point for point.. they robbed a bank.. seeing as most have tech that would make grown men cry like little girls. as for all this WOW is soo much better BS... WOW sucks.. blizzard SUCKS they couldnt make a good game if it bit their small male crotch. WoW was an unwanted port from WarHammer TT. they just converted it to 3 races and changed a few things like names of spells and other trivial things... as far as i have seen on their CG aspect.. they suck. the SG2 trailer i saw was not impressive.. oh wow it showed a rine getting armored.. WAR shows a bloody battle.. more impressive then a some retard putting on armor.. smoking a cig in a suit that is ment to be air tight.. O_o" the only company that can boast of having the best CG is Pixar... cause that is what they do. 100% CG no such thing as any game company making better CG... though i will admit the AOE 2 CG was godly. and still is, but thats a whole other bottle of beer. how about we all stop comparing every MMO to WoW and try and view it on its merits and not the merits of some other game... other wise we may as well compare guitar hero to MOHAA... cause they are clearly the same game right.... -facepalm- (is sick of WoW fan-boyitus that infects ages 10-20..) Tue Aug 26 2008 1:45AM Report
TimM92 writes: No, Zeroxin, they didn't rip this straight from your dreams, they ripped it straight from the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie. Sat Sep 19 2009 2:04PM Report
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