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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Disciple of Khaine Video (2:22)

Outline of the Disciple of Khaine class in the upcoming MMO WAR.

Outline of the Disciple of Khaine class in the upcoming MMO WAR.
Duration: 2:22
Views: 19,043  52 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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Eversong writes: Dunno if im the only one, but this guys talking about Warhammer Online is soooo boring.... and they are so NERDS that takes away my motivation to play this game. Make a favor to the world, and put that sh** in paper so people can read this without a headache. Wed Jan 09 2008 2:46PM Report
openedge1 writes: It seems like they are wasting more time making videos and drawing pictures of the classes, instead of developing the game... This has proven to be quite stupid... Wed Jan 09 2008 2:50PM Report
openedge1 writes: PS: As an added note...lets compare this video to the Aion video Spirit Master... OMG!!! that substance and gameplay? Whaddya know... Wed Jan 09 2008 2:52PM Report
kenrio writes: just a war priest for the Destruction side. :( Wed Jan 09 2008 2:54PM Report
Electricdawn writes: I think this guy is funny... :) Wed Jan 09 2008 3:03PM Report
Ephimero writes: Don't they have a bit of gameplay to show? geez, looks like if this game was just starting. Wed Jan 09 2008 3:05PM Report
dsebutchr writes: No Trollslayers = the Suck Wed Jan 09 2008 4:00PM Report
Trygun writes: Yeah, I´m the same opinion, this they can do it in a devlog, not a video, I´m boring of warhamer videos whithout an image of gameplay. And I don´t say that the game isn´t good, but the videos aren´t to this, thanks. Wed Jan 09 2008 4:03PM Report
Shifty360 writes: They have videos of gameplay, stop ranting and go look at the sticky topic in the Warhammer forum with tons of videos of all kinds. Wed Jan 09 2008 4:37PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: kinda not worth the effort of making a video for. Class sounds nothing special really. Shame just 2 pieces of concept art for this. Wed Jan 09 2008 5:24PM Report
Davod writes: Do these guys has tits or what? Wed Jan 09 2008 5:26PM Report
Davod writes: Oh my mistake - just saw it was two woman in the video, a bit tired ^^ Wed Jan 09 2008 5:28PM Report
Lesrach writes: Why not be serious with warhammer and its grim world. Feels like someone is trying to be groovy and entertaining and thats scary because producers who want to entertain and make sure its all "fun" tend to spoil their product leaving behind medicore no-risk product... Wed Jan 09 2008 7:52PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Another boring podcast. Show us some actual finished work maybe? Thu Jan 10 2008 12:39AM Report
gatheris writes: just can't watch or listen - really, really annoying Thu Jan 10 2008 6:54AM Report
SpiritofGame writes: Paul Barnett is Mythic's carnival barker and as such he does a fine job -- although not everybody can appreciate his nerdy and whimsical sense of humor. Nevertheless, the Disciple of Khaine fits well into the Dark Elf lore to serve as the realm's support/healer class while using lifetaps and DoTs for offense. This is sure to be a popular Dark Elf class. I personally like Paul Barnett's style and he seems very much like a nerdy gamer ... pretty much like me. And, by the way, like you too ... since you wouldn't be here reading this unless you were a nerdy gamer too. ;-) Thu Jan 10 2008 10:43AM Report
NinjaGaz writes: They release snippets of info on one character type every few weeks or so - in order to offer something new to the avid fans regularly. You may whine about it not having in-game footage, but I consider this an extra and better than saying nothing at all about it. Thu Jan 10 2008 10:44AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: Actually, this isn't a gameplay video, it's a podcast and it serves its purpose as intended by providing game information of some sort through a narative format. While I agree, the podcasts are being overdone, I'll take any kind of new information I can get. Thu Jan 10 2008 10:50AM Report
Saurus930 writes: Without Nerds there wouldn't be any MMO's at all. Aren't we all nerds btw? Thu Jan 10 2008 11:06AM Report
Fion writes: No, I'm not a nerd. I'm a geek. We are way cooler :p Thu Jan 10 2008 1:00PM Report
vala2008 writes: Ah com'on not twat face again! isnt there a better representative for the company? Thu Jan 10 2008 2:16PM Report
brostyn writes: I can't understand a word he says with that horrible accent. Thu Jan 10 2008 5:05PM Report
Hardas writes: world of crapraft Thu Jan 10 2008 6:19PM Report
Darkz0r writes: Indeed, wtf. Gameplay please. I'm starting to get worried. And imo, if you can't understand his english, please go out more. Fri Jan 11 2008 8:12AM Report
Blaze007 writes: I think they don’t show any gameplay by purpose: go and check out latest screenshots on their website…this game already has outdated graphic... Fri Jan 11 2008 8:40AM Report
gyates writes: Seems like a neat take on a healer. Fri Jan 11 2008 10:37AM Report
meltedwing writes: I wasn't going to play dark elves, but Disciples look pretty awesome, and as soon as I'm in beta, I hope to try one. Fri Jan 11 2008 3:20PM Report
Shifty360 writes: Once again, there are videos of gameplay on the MMORPG Forums. Also, too bad if you do not like Paul. They can't make everyone happy. Fri Jan 11 2008 11:13PM Report
Dremac writes: "There will be a debuffing class." Yeah, that's worth making a video over. Every video that wastes my time lowers the chance of me playing this game. Sat Jan 12 2008 1:20AM Report
Housam writes: people like to know what classes are like and what will be available for them in the game....there are alot of gameplay videos if thats all you want to see Sat Jan 12 2008 7:24AM Report
Ralgore writes: Heh...sounds like Blood Mage from Vanguard. Sun Jan 13 2008 7:09PM Report
Jupsto writes: energy tap eh? *cough blood elves* serious gender confusion in those concepts, looks like they are from a korean mmo. Tue Jan 15 2008 11:06AM Report
Tinybina writes: Looks like the WOW kiddies have found their way to Warhammer. Oh well one thing that probably will stay the same is that you childish immature brats have a pea sized brain which makes it really easy to kill you. So in a way its good for me that your here :) Wed Jan 16 2008 1:41AM Report
28days writes: best art work I've seen from a MMORPG.. next to Blizzard. Wed Jan 16 2008 6:40AM Report
frushy writes: I bet they pay that guy with coccain or speed pills.. Wed Jan 16 2008 11:35AM Report
local93bc writes: You guys Whining Are much more annoying then Paul. Wed Jan 16 2008 1:42PM Report
Vehei writes: He's quite funny in person actually. Should meet the guy before you bash him on the intraweb. Thu Jan 17 2008 3:18PM Report
Deadlydodo writes: *would like to point out that warhammer and everthing about it outdates warcraft by about 20 years* In other words if you read the warhammer fluff etc (story) from books older than even the first warcraft game, stuff like dark elves worshipping khaine and ripping souls out of their enemies happens. So yeah, they aren't rip-off's of blood elves. Though, tbh, warhammer fantasy takes ideas from all over the place anyway, all fantasy does. Fri Jan 18 2008 9:17AM Report
AcidicTRG writes: not only does warhammer predate warcraft but warhammer online LOOKS like it predates world of warcraft. Fri Jan 18 2008 3:48PM Report
Shakkles writes: The singular reason I will probably try this game out is because it's developer actually seems to have their souls intact and maintain a certain sense of humor. Give up on telling 12 year olds Warhammer predates wow by 20 years... There are 10 million of those blathering fetuses and multiplying every day and but one of you. Sat Jan 19 2008 8:00PM Report
Oudoksuja writes: Hilarious, people burned out in WoW bash it and wait for the Warcrafthammer that's running on pocket money of 12 year old children. Thu Jan 24 2008 9:07AM Report
Ngeldu5t writes: My real concern about WAR is that the more I see the more it`s becoming WoW,don`t get me wrong with this statement I know Warhammer way before... when a lot of you were still wearing diapers but come on I just can`t stand that WoW feel.The classes looks all interesting but I`m not 100% convinced.I guess I`ll have to wait for the NDA to be released. Sat Jan 26 2008 11:41PM Report
DemonTaoist writes: Vanguard blood mage + wow warlock = war disciple Srsly, this game is supposed to come out in 2008? Thu Jan 31 2008 7:39PM Report
FuuManChew35 writes: Bad idea to come out with a game like WoW. People are going to want a game to get away from WoW. This is for sure is not that game to go to after WoW. Fri Feb 01 2008 2:03AM Report
FuuManChew35 writes: NEXT! Fri Feb 01 2008 2:04AM Report
brezel writes: Paul Barnett is a bit "special".. disruptiv ;) Sun Feb 10 2008 12:38AM Report
nestorjeff writes: All I have to say is that anyone who thinks Mythic stole this idea of an energy tap from warcraft really has never played DAOC... try to learn more about a company before you bash them for stealing ideas. Tue Mar 11 2008 4:23PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Bottom Line is... Every game looks like another.. Warhammer-WoW... Guild Wars- Aion.... City of heros/villains-Chapions online... Do i really need to go on.. And Btw Everyone steals ideas from games thats been great... why? you ask? Because they worked great in other games!! Listen theres nothing out there nor has been thats really standing out and taking control of the PC MMO market that makes anyone say " Damm i cant wait to play this!" yea we have all the clones and look alikes.. But c'mon people WoW is Old. GW's is Old. Everquest is old. CoH Is Old... Hell pretty much all the Good MMO's are OLD!!! Theres nothing in the market that stands out and is truly something new, grabs me by the neck and screams Pay a monthly fee and play me!!! it's all re-hashed ideas with a new name.. Sit down and think... Name somthing thats not like anything else that turned out great and has or had a chance to dethrone WoW and the few other top MMO"s... My last hopes was talbua rasa and perhaps Pirates of the burning sea... Both Failed me as being somthing Kinda new to do...and has no chance @ dethroning anyone. Sun May 18 2008 8:54AM Report
Wurstmann writes: ihr doofen kühe Sun Jun 08 2008 9:21AM Report
fwhite writes: re: XxjagoxX The only game I've seen on the horizon that appears to be new in the cardinal sense is Fallout 3. Sun Jul 13 2008 11:55AM Report
tp1hobss writes: All I have to say is that they have done a fantabulous job keeping the public abreast to their ideas, the classes, the changes, the scenery and the concepts. I've not seen an MMO, to date, take such a keen interest in their audience. Sure, WoW tended to its flock after the fact...but Warhammer has gone above and beyond and if one were seemingly interested in subbing (once live) but curious about mechanics, cities, pvp, pve and playability, all one needs to do is sit down and find all the informative videos Warhammer has brought to the forefront. Not only that, but the guy's funny. I like him. Tue Aug 05 2008 11:50AM Report
Jeehao writes: It's Fun to see all people who are bashing Warhammer for havin things WOW has, WOW will always have the same weak graphics, WAR looks like some fresh air, I don't care if the game looks a bit like WOW. its still a new game, And will probably be more fun than WOW where all you can do is go instances and pvp in boring unbalanced arenas where horde always win for some reason.. And the constant grinding for reputation to get flying mounts and everything.. I have no experience of playing WAR yet but it will probably be more fun than easy WoW and way cooler graphics on weapons/armors, Thats what I want Sat Sep 06 2008 1:34PM Report