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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Dark Elf Sorceress Revealed (3:49)

Check out this movie that reveals some information about the Dark Elf Sorceress that will be present in WAR.

Check out this movie that reveals some information about the Dark Elf Sorceress that will be present in WAR.
Duration: 3:49
Views: 22,377  72 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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slannmage writes: He speaks alot of BS and makes it sound sooo good, then you see it in game and it's not the same. Fri Dec 14 2007 1:34AM Report
expertphp writes: Bla Bla Bla... not interesting... Fri Dec 14 2007 2:13AM Report
m00r3 writes: lol Fri Dec 14 2007 2:21AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Is it me or did he just explain that dark magic works exactly like Age of Conan's 'Spell Weaving' (Which was announced over a year ago) Except in AoC, Demons rip up thru the ground and pull you down to HELL. EMO Sorceress! no thank you. Dark Magic = cut yourself. Fri Dec 14 2007 2:25AM Report
sleeky01 writes: Slannmage: Since they have not actually been placed in the beta yet, how would you know it's not the same? Fri Dec 14 2007 3:50AM Report
Zodan writes: Lot of talk but no show. Fri Dec 14 2007 3:53AM Report
ThomasN7 writes: People want to see in game progress being made not art work. Art can be shown at anytime. Fri Dec 14 2007 5:18AM Report
Terminus-Est writes: Is it just me, or is that guy a complete pain in the arse? Fri Dec 14 2007 6:31AM Report
ArcaSpiff writes: that sounds crazy!!!! Fri Dec 14 2007 6:38AM Report
molg writes: AmazingAvery: So you think they stole the whole thing from AoC and made it just now? I think it's been on the drawing board for quite some time. Fri Dec 14 2007 7:05AM Report
dreadmuppet writes: AmazingAvery...i love how people have no idea how old Warhammer itself is...the tabletop game(which everything in the MMO is based on) started in 1983 Fri Dec 14 2007 7:41AM Report
Stuka1000 writes: AmazingAvery, google the black library, buy a book, something like the Gotrek & Felix omnibus editions and read them. You will find that dark magic works exactly as stated and was doing so in Warhammer while the funcom devs were still in primary school. Fri Dec 14 2007 8:34AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Molg, Dreadmuppet, and eric1000: Im talking about the concept of building spells up into one powerfull one in an Doing this will have consequence. In the genre this is new, all im saying is AoC announced this as "Spell Weaving" along with the fact you can chain spells with players additional a long time ago. Its Funcoms idea for an mmorpg, if it was such a big thing for WH why annouce it now? Sorry hasn't been done in a game before, by the way there were similar saying in the Lore for AoC some 75 yrs ago. Look up Khemi and then WH's Khemri and see who got what from where (just one eg) Fri Dec 14 2007 9:22AM Report
lindhsky writes: Look up Warlock in Dark Age Of Camelot and yes Warhammer is done by the same company that did DAOC. Spellweaving has been in DAOC for a long long time. Either way, all the Upcoming MMORPGs will steal stuff from already launched products and to me that is not always a bad thing. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:39AM Report
Terranah writes: I love this guy :) BS aside though, he gets very descriptive about the concept art which tells us very little about what the actual ingame avatars will look like. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:49AM Report
makii writes: what a whoreson Fri Dec 14 2007 11:44AM Report
Hrica writes: blah blah blah....lots of talk.../boring ... move along AoC video better Fri Dec 14 2007 11:58AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: I don't care if they copied this idea from my grandma's secret recipe book. She looks hot and I can't wait to cyber that, lol. JK! Fri Dec 14 2007 3:15PM Report
butters88 writes: Well I know who I'm gonna be now if I roll a caster. Just gotta make sure I don't blow myself up... lol Fri Dec 14 2007 4:22PM Report
Vevi writes: He has to be my favorite Dev of all time. Fri Dec 14 2007 4:37PM Report
Elikal writes: Talk less, show more! This is all so Blah. His way to explain things was cool in the first few times, but its gets old. It makes me kinda suspicious that we always see concept art only. Fri Dec 14 2007 5:24PM Report
NinjaGaz writes: this loads too slow to even watch :p Fri Dec 14 2007 6:02PM Report
warrioralpha writes: too many crap talk. go to the point. :P Fri Dec 14 2007 6:10PM Report
farudim writes: Strike 2 Fri Dec 14 2007 6:11PM Report
butters88 writes: LMFAO! people complain about Paul talking... If you don't want to listen to the English language, STOP WATCHING! Why the hell do people complain? Man this has just been a hilarious day... I can't stop laughing lol! Keep the stupid comments coming I wanna laugh some more. Fri Dec 14 2007 8:43PM Report
Frammshamm writes: QQ QQ QQ thats all i hear these days. Slammage: What game ever had the in game character look like the artwork.. none.. wow.. tough one there huh? Amazing Avery: yes so the systems are simillar. AoC.. or even Conan the movie (world) were not the first to come up with the concept of posession and destruction by the dark magic that you wield. This concept has been circling in roleplaying pen/paper games for much much longer. So its not a question of who announced what first.. thats just a crap flinging competetion amongst monkies with no arms. The question is who will implement it better and more smoothly into an MMO. The answer is Mythic. If you know anything about Funcom.. you would no that they are two hippie Norwegian guys that absultely know how to presell a game.. but that know nothing about how to release one that works. ANARCHY ONLINE!! just look at the track records. DAoC vs. Anarchy Online. Anyways.. its just a marketing mistake on the part of Funcom. The MMO world is very lucrative but highly competative. Its pretty fuc%ing stupid to announce innovative designs 2 years before your release date because guess what.. yea.. someone will take your idea and make you look stupid. Its not wrong.. its just good business. This applies to all you guys screaming about lets see this.. lets see that. Mythic is being remarkably smart in their approach. Letting you see just enough to get your panties wet and not enough to let on to what they are doing. WoW is dying.. everyone knows that. The fallout from WoW has the potential to make some people very very rich. The industry is ripe right now for another huge game. hell.. even blizzard is working on a new MMO. Secretive and polish is the way to go. You dont want to make any, any mistakes that might cost you valuable playerbase. So stop complaining, all of you.. because each and everyone one of you know that you are still going to try WAR.. despite all this " omg its just art.. we want progress" QQing Fri Dec 14 2007 9:00PM Report
Fion writes: Yea dark magic here is totally being ripped from AoC's Spell Corruption, which has been a part of AoC's design since the very early days. You guys can flame Avery for what he said, but by watching this video, it's totally ripping Soul Corruption. Only in AoC you get dragged down to hell, you don't just get 'boom' hurt by the black magic. One step forward, two steps back on the originality for this game. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:08PM Report
DrowNoble writes: I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure he thinks this class is "cool". Seriously though, I was hoping for something more than 2 concept art and some over-zealous guy talking about how cool the class is. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:52PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: EMO Sorceress.... With Auto Target ty. Point is AoC were the first to put it and name it for an mmorpg. And no, DAoC didnt have anyting like it. @ Framshamm - its kinda obvious this poor video is having. Sat Dec 15 2007 3:52AM Report
butters88 writes: Omg... Avery and Fion, STFU, and GTFO! You sicken me with your AoC fanboism. Holy crap it's so annoying. These sorceresses have been in Warhammer IP for years... why the hell do you think they ripped it off your precious game. For the love of God where's the shut-up! Sat Dec 15 2007 10:52AM Report
butters88 writes: Sry meant to say... For the love of God shut-up! Sat Dec 15 2007 10:53AM Report
Sovren1 writes: A chance to blow yourself up? In pvp, Why would I want to hinder myself against an opponent with a character who kills him/herself? I really hope it's predefined so I can atleast factor in and plan for that disaster. God forbid your the last line of defense and you spit out 5 powerful spells and the sixth spell kills you when you are at nearly full life. Been my exp that PvPers do not like to lose. Duh right? Sat Dec 15 2007 12:42PM Report
vala2008 writes: If i want to really make my game look proffesional i think i will hire this idiot, how on earth did he get a job? should be slivering and slimeing around the magazine stands Sat Dec 15 2007 2:17PM Report
kitsunegirl writes: Guy on the video: Hi! Im a douche! Im making Warhammercrack magic sound like a rip-off of age of conan! Sat Dec 15 2007 2:52PM Report
Pluto69 writes: @the AOC guys: Dark magic has been part of roleplay games forever. Also that it has a negative impact on the caster is a well-known side-effect of dark magic/black magic. In some guys you just cause some damage to yourself. It was definitely not invented in AoC. lol. I think I've played computer games with the 4 elemental magic types plus light/white magic and dark/black magic already 15 years ago and in pen and paper rp's or fantasy story that self-destroying black magic is probably common much longer. Saying that AOC has invented that is probably like saying WoW has invented Orcs. Lol. And yes, nevertheless I like the idea. If I ever play a that offers it, I play such a class. Black magic is usually the most destructive form of magic in such games and walking on the edge is cool, or not ? Sat Dec 15 2007 5:35PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: No offense but Conan Lore has been around 75 yrs... Barnett just took the spellweaving faq on the AoC site and read it out - minus the fact you can't do it with other players in warhammer. So when I say see the same properties portrayed by barnett explanation its obvious to me. No wonder they left this class to near last to explain. Some of us have memories. Sat Dec 15 2007 6:15PM Report
kitsunegirl writes: Whether or not the guy is just reading the AOC site, hes still annoying. lol Sat Dec 15 2007 6:50PM Report
vala2008 writes: yeah he is annoying and to think i will pay his wages.....not a chance Sat Dec 15 2007 7:07PM Report
Xantonos writes: In this video, he not only revealed ripping off Age of Conan, but he also managed to spend most of the time throwing superlatives like "super great.. awesome... kick ass etc" with little substance to what he was actually saying. Does he always talk like that? Sun Dec 16 2007 5:38AM Report
butters88 writes: Omg... the Conan boys actually followed you Avery. You see what you've done.... You and your minions! Sun Dec 16 2007 9:50AM Report
kitsunegirl writes: The guy in the vid drank redbull shortly before doing this... Redbull! It gives you diarrhea of the mouth! xD Sun Dec 16 2007 2:18PM Report
Kurganxy writes: Why do the AoC people even come here? If you dont like the game, fine, dont play it. God knows AoC has its own problems. And for the record, i Used to be in the AoC boat, till i learned more about WAR. and i have to say, Its looking to be much more promising and exciting. Jeez, these forums have the most trolls ive ever seen of any. Sun Dec 16 2007 2:41PM Report
kitsunegirl writes: Oh Im not an AOC person... I just find this guy annoying, and so its amusing to poke fun at him. ;P AOC does look fun, warcrackhammer Ive seen, it doesnt appeal to me. Right now Im a Spellborn person. :) Sun Dec 16 2007 4:24PM Report
vala2008 writes: As we finance the industry I would say we have a right to be critical and that is the point to having a comments section to the video. If you cant deal with peoples views then what is the point in being able to read? Sun Dec 16 2007 5:10PM Report
Kurganxy writes: If you want to be critical about the game in question, fine. But i scrolled down, and just about every post mentions AoC. As for Paul Barnett, i find him really funny to watch. Ive watched a bunch of the videos hes done, and have laughed out loud on more than one occasion. People on this board just love to find something to complain about dont you. Sun Dec 16 2007 11:15PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: @ Kurganxy, if you read down, you will see that paul barnett basically takes a description for an innovative part of AoC and trys to put a warhammer stamp on it, as this is the case. Which is wrong, and people can have an opinion with reasons to back it up to the contrary, as it is a public forum. Sorry if you cant deal with that... Sun Dec 16 2007 11:20PM Report
SempaiEclipse writes: This how Sorceress and locks should be.. The more black use the batter chances of you dying by your own hand.. I love it, the nailed this class, IMO.. Mon Dec 17 2007 1:14AM Report
Fion writes: "Why do the AoC people even come here? If you dont like the game, fine, dont play it." Who says I don't like or won't play the game? I can be critical and have a complaint with a game, or a member of the development team, (this guy does nothing but pump the game, but never gives any real info for example,) and be looking forward to another game more so. But that doesn't mean this game (or any other for that matter,) doesn't interest me. I'm still interested in what we get out of this. Maybe not as much as AoC, but by the gods that doesn't mean I must hate WAR. Mon Dec 17 2007 2:10PM Report
Sp00sh writes: Sounds pretty cool! I've always loved Dark Elves in everything! Mon Dec 17 2007 7:01PM Report
Luppi writes: Seriously - those developers are crazy! Wed Dec 19 2007 12:36PM Report
Electricdawn writes: I think this guy is awesome. You can tell he's not taking everything dead serious, he just wants to have fun! And the, how did he call them, "emo-goth" sorcerers do look very cool. Let's see how they transfer from artwork to the real game. And btw, everybody has the right to express their opinions, but that goes both ways. So, if the $GAME fanbois want to express their hatred, fine, go for it, but don't get aggravated when the others fight back. Just my two euro cents. Thu Dec 20 2007 6:50AM Report
Dremac writes: Another WAR video...another waste of my time. Seriously...I don't care what that dude thinks is funny. It isn't. I don't want to hear what he thinks. I don't care. Show the fucking game or gtfo. Thu Dec 20 2007 7:47PM Report
Electricdawn writes: @Dremac Ooooh...feels like someone got a serious ego problem here. Sheesh, take a chill pill. It's a friggin' GAME, no really! ;c) Fri Dec 21 2007 5:03AM Report
checkthis500 writes: I think Dremac actually cares. I mean he cared enough to watch and comment on it. :p Good info about the new class. I really like the concept art for all the classes so far. Fri Dec 21 2007 12:53PM Report
bytu writes: I TAKE IT HE HAS CLOCKED THE GAME? Fri Dec 21 2007 5:30PM Report
Bafucin writes: Pfft.. Artwork for WoW look nice... but ingame it becomes a ugly cartoon. WAR look like WoW so screw this! Sat Dec 22 2007 4:38AM Report
wilq writes: one thing. dark elfs do not hawe male sorcerer, becouse of prophecy that male sorcerer will kill malekith Mon Dec 24 2007 3:10AM Report
K.o.v.e writes: What is that goof talking about dark magic being like russian roulette. Lmao I may not try the game just cause of that guy :P Mon Dec 24 2007 10:19PM Report
Jetrpg writes: wilq is incorrect about his statement about sorcs not being male Malekith himself is a male sorc. However, Malekith does kill all male sorcs at birth, thus they do not live to be old. If in the ip of the game Malekith is out of the picture or take place before he started doing this then there is no IP issue. Wed Dec 26 2007 8:48PM Report
futchmacht writes: Ok all you CoA guys are retarded... Spell WEAVING.. is the ADDING OF MORE THEN ONE SPELL to increase the dammage or effects.. which in turn can backfire and cause damage to you... Dark magic does damage to you the MORE you use it... its not even close to the same... spellweaving is like casting fire and ice together to make a new type of damage spell.. where as dark magic is using arcane magics of death and destruction. and the more you use it the more powerfull it gets but if you use it to much it will kill or hurt you... Tue Jan 01 2008 1:44PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: From Age of Conan FAQ on main website: 7.3 What is spellweaving? Spellweaving is the art of combining multiple spells into one big spell. The player will start the spellweave by activating their spellweave ability. This places them in a trance-like state where they cannot move and the only actions they are allowed to perform are adding more components to the weave. Once in the spellweave the player can add as many spells into the weave as they can manage or want to. The maximum number of spells that can be called into a weave is dependant on the players level. Deactivating the ability will then cast the spell and produce the results. 7.4 Are there any dangers associated with spellweaving? Very much, yes. Spellweaving is almost a balancing act. How much power can you summon forth without incurring some ancient curse or other mysterious ailment? The risk of this depends on how powerful a weave you are performing based upon the power of the spells you are trying to combine and their level. Stray too far beyond what you are capable of and you will run the risk of incurring one of these side-effects! Using more mana than what you have can also be devastating. 7.5 But can you spellweave as much as you want? Yes, but there are penalties if you are spellweaving too much and too often. The other element to spellweaving is a characters magical burden. Every time a weave is performed they incur a magical burden, a debt as it were that weighs upon them. If too many weaves are attempted consecutively, or you attempt a weave that pushes your limits to the burden, you will increase the chance of incurring ill-effects on the next weave. This burden naturally decays when a caster is not in a spellweave. Again No offence but there are similarities with the 'war dark magic' The fact that you can build spells together is a direct copy from AoC and hasnt been in anyother mmo before in this way. After both games release. If this has been on the drawing board some time why have they waitied 2 years for a simple explaination of Dark Magic (prob cuz they wanted to wait sometime after AoC announced it so it would clash) but as I said some of us have good memories... Kinda funny like the war devs now announce keeps and siege weapons too. This are fundamental parts of the game. Thank god the similarites pretty much stop there. Watch the video again and listen to barnett read off the AoC FAQ... Tue Jan 01 2008 2:30PM Report
Grozfox writes: wow all you morrons doing the useual gripeing hahaha. Look it doent matter first off WoW is thee most boreing easy MMORPG out there L2 is so monotonus its just drab anymore AoC never tried it but i hate conan so bugg off what is he a He-Man clone haha. Look I like this game and will be playing it not because it looks great or is new but because I am a fan of the company and its line of games. So whine some more about how it will look like crap or what ever, half of you that complain will still play it if only for awhile lol. Oh and just to clarify what he was saying with the russian rulette thing is that in the game as you cast dark magic theres a chance it will backfire and harm you. So happy new year take care and see you in the gameing world. Wed Jan 02 2008 11:15AM Report
zlayzer writes: I completly agree with Grozfox =) I've already converted 2 hardcore no life wow players to Warhammer fans ^^ And btw most of you who play WoW and say that you will never ever play WAR Will play WAR later when you hear everyone saying how great it is. Wed Jan 02 2008 9:51PM Report
TheShad0w writes: Grozfox, before you slag off Conan as a He-Man copy, check your information first. Conan was written in 1932 and He-Man was created in the early 80s. Next time when you slag something off make sure you're correct so you dont look like an idiot. Thu Jan 03 2008 7:01AM Report
dsebutchr writes: No Trollslayers = The Suck Thu Jan 03 2008 3:21PM Report
khartokhar3 writes: the guy make u feel like u watchin a shoppin tv :S Sat Jan 05 2008 10:26PM Report
Razot writes: yawn! we have seen thia crap before just in different games and names.... Sun Jan 06 2008 5:20AM Report
darknights writes: ok to all you War fanboys. don't say how great a game is till you actually play it. i was all hyped up for vanguard 3 years ago then i got in the beta.. and well we all know what happened to sigil. sooo stop trying to bash other mmos. war seems new but it does look like a wow clone. but it also has more features. AoC has a new combat system in witch you don't have to just right click and then go off and do whatever and come back the enemy is dead. so dont diss untill you've played. I'm stuck playing wow. they keep tyring to add END game stuff but they keep failing. do i want to spend days to get attuned to the new instances? no. but i do like to go out and kill stuff but hey im on a low pop pvp server so i get to go out and kill alli once a week in nagrand because no one is ever there. yay!!! warcraft makes me whana /killself Sun Jan 06 2008 5:33PM Report
Vehei writes: I just wanted to say to the spell weaving fact of negative effects, that in fact it could of possibly been stolen from Warhammer. Im not saying warhammer online but the table top game where the more powerful a spell you tried to cast the more likely it could backfire on you. Should probably do a little more research on a game based off a tabletop game which they're basing all of their development off of. The more you know. :D Thu Jan 17 2008 3:14PM Report
olah3 writes: that guy cracks me up the podcast would be boring if he wasn't in these things Mon Mar 03 2008 10:54PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Bottom Line is... Every game looks like another.. Warhammer-WoW... Guild Wars- Aion.... City of heros/villains-Chapions online... Do i really need to go on.. And Btw Everyone steals ideas from games thats been great... why? you ask? Because they worked great in other games!! Listen theres nothing out there nor has been thats really standing out and taking control of the PC MMO market that makes anyone say " Damm i cant wait to play this!" yea we have all the clones and look alikes.. But c'mon people WoW is Old. GW's is Old. Everquest is old. CoH Is Old... Hell pretty much all the Good MMO's are OLD!!! Theres nothing in the market that stands out and is truly something new, grabs me by the neck and screams Pay a monthly fee and play me!!! it's all re-hashed ideas with a new name.. Sit down and think... Name somthing thats not like anything else that turned out great and has or had a chance to dethrone WoW and the few other top MMO"s... My last hopes was talbua rasa and perhaps Pirates of the burning sea... Both Failed me as being somthing Kinda new to do...and has no chance @ dethroning anyone. Sun May 18 2008 8:57AM Report
rozcarzo writes: Most ridiculous comment ever noticed. \/ Wed May 21 2008 9:28AM Report
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