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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Video of the Month: Inevitable City (1:30)

The video of the month for WAR is a preview of the an area in the upcoming MMO called Inevitable City.

The video of the month for WAR is a preview of the an area in the upcoming MMO called Inevitable City.
Duration: 1:30
Views: 12,656  52 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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Cablespider writes: Yeah....ummmm?! I'm not feelin' it. Fri Dec 14 2007 1:10AM Report
expertphp writes: weak Fri Dec 14 2007 2:16AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Frodo! The EyE is looking at you. Wasn't much going on in that video. Fri Dec 14 2007 2:17AM Report
Lobotomist writes: Is it just me , or is WAR showing less and less polygon graphic as we go down the road towards release. Judging from this and last vid of the month - WAR graphics are on par with 2002 NWN. Not necesseraly bad thing, since it is obvious they opted for performance, but than again will be released end of 2008 not 2002 Fri Dec 14 2007 2:47AM Report
buden-ninja writes: All of this just adds to the monster hype that is WAR. Fri Dec 14 2007 3:30AM Report
vulgrin writes: Has this game peaked already? I was really looking forward to WAR, being a long time WFRP player, but the more and more I see, the less I want to play. Hmmmph. Fri Dec 14 2007 6:25AM Report
Kenny3000 writes: um much respect for the warhammer series i have...IT A WOW CLONE...there i said it(Goes into the corrner and cryes) what we really need is a Warhammer 40K mmo now that would kick so much @$$ Fri Dec 14 2007 7:55AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Runescape graphics in parts. Fri Dec 14 2007 9:23AM Report
Pyuk writes: Do they have lighting artists at Mythic? I mean seriously, 2002 called and wants its graphics back. The more I see of WAR, the more disappointed I get in its visuals. Low pollys are fine - WoW does it successfully - but there's something to be said about art direction and lighting. Fri Dec 14 2007 9:51AM Report
Kukkis writes: As a notification, those graphics aren't the real ones what'll come to the game. Those graphs are used in videos and beta. Fri Dec 14 2007 9:55AM Report
Pyuk writes: HAHAHA! You're funny, Kukkis. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:07AM Report
Hives writes: IT A WOW CLONE?? Umm... So WoW is a Horizon crafting clone? I love when people try and compare games just to find out it's all been done before but the new players to the MMO market think WoW evented everything. Fri Dec 14 2007 10:39AM Report
Hives writes: invented Fri Dec 14 2007 10:41AM Report
Thatim writes: So interesting. I mean like wow! L33t grapichs not a WoW lookalike really inovative! Sigh, who am I kiddin.. This just doenst work, we all know it isnt it. But that didnt mean its a bad thing, but it is a WoW clone with different accents on which is important and what isnt. Fri Dec 14 2007 12:15PM Report
spaz1337 writes: quit comparing WoW to WAR you losers they are two completely different games now stfu. WAR looks great keep up the good work EAmythic Fri Dec 14 2007 1:19PM Report
butters88 writes: W000000T! Avery you stink! Runescape lol, I think a 3 year old can make a better comparison then that... Fri Dec 14 2007 4:27PM Report
Elikal writes: Kingdom of Sky with WOW graphics... *yawn* Fri Dec 14 2007 5:31PM Report
Monasax writes: Well There isnt much going on in there .......... Fri Dec 14 2007 5:50PM Report
polskichlop writes: Apparently, no one sees the little caption at the bottom of the screen that says "Work in Progress." And stop comparing WAR to WoW. Its hard to make a MMORPG that ISNT like WoW because WoW encompasses almost everything that an MMORPG can have. So maybe you should just give it a chance and stop being so judgemental... Fri Dec 14 2007 6:00PM Report
Frammshamm writes: maybe if you guys knew more than a retarded chipmunk you would undertand that these areas have not had the lighting implemented yet. I think they reiterate this about 10-15 times in various podcasts. Do one of two things. Stop watching and posting.. or just watch and shut up. You all just hit CTRL + V to paste the same crap whenever a new WAR video comes out.. but you know you are going to try the game when it releases. Only then are you qualified to make a judgement. And if you arent going to try it.. why are you all bothering to still watch videos.. shouldnt you be QQing over Fury or trading cards at Legends of Norrath.. or better yet.. dont you have daily quests to grind out..lawl at you Fri Dec 14 2007 9:08PM Report
Muirin writes: Game is turning out nice, hope this MMO can bring me back to the genera. Sat Dec 15 2007 1:50AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Watched it again to be fair. Still found it boring and unworthy of video of the month title. Yes its still in beta and the graphics aren't finished but I mean "come -on!"!! I had more fun watching my laundry spin around in the dryer. Sat Dec 15 2007 3:56AM Report
mrbizarro writes: I love the Warhammer IP, and I have to say that was weak. If that's the best they can do for a city of Chaos then they should be ashamed. Sat Dec 15 2007 11:36AM Report
vala2008 writes: warhammer fantasy roleplayb was the first game i played about 25 years ago. then it went to war battle which put out chunky and quite geeky looking figures. its a shame to see that the online game has followed suit and hasnt captured the warhammer essense. the beholder looking left and right, in time with the music, for instance shows a geekish level of mentality to the game developers who also seem that way when they are in interview. im a great fan of the warhammer world but wont get the game i dont think Sat Dec 15 2007 2:12PM Report
oddbod writes: lame. WAR graphics look less stylized that WOW and less realistic than EQ2. Honestly they look last generation already, and it's not even out. Sat Dec 15 2007 3:22PM Report
Invictus84 writes: This Looks like Garbage. Sat Dec 15 2007 5:13PM Report
Speiberbob writes: erm Video of the month? =.= its ta hype ! No realy lets hope the bad graphics will pay for the INCERDIBLE mass battles pvp without lag Sun Dec 16 2007 6:43PM Report
Fion writes: VIdeo of the month? IMHO the recent AoC trailer with the old man talking about his past, blows this away, by a long shot. Still, I'm keen on exploring this city. Looks like it could have some interesting things to discover. But yea, as many have said, it is rather bland. Having odd angled walls and an eye on a door doesn't necessarily make it chaotic. IMHO that's perhaps the most basic form of chaos. It could have been radically more imaginative. Mon Dec 17 2007 2:17PM Report
Dreawing writes: ummmmmm... by anychance do you guys know wat it means when it says work still in progress.. ?? it means they haven't finished the city yet and it will look really nice when they done with the thundering sky, and the eyes are pose have smoke coming out of them and all the lighting effects. so i wouldnt be talking intil they show the real city. Mon Dec 17 2007 6:48PM Report
TheHavok writes: Is it just me or does this remind anybody else of HELLFIRE PENINSULA? Tue Dec 18 2007 12:42AM Report
Fion writes: If as some claim, it's imcomplete and unlit and we shouldn't complain because it's not done. If that's the case and they don't want us to complain then I suggest next time they wait to show it off in a big video until it's done. Instead we get an uninspired, re-hashed video that we shouldn't complain about cause it's not done? No, it doesn't work that way. Tue Dec 18 2007 1:28AM Report
vala2008 writes: Very simular to the hellfire penisula. not realy like the chaos cities envisioned in the books. this will be a more comedy type game i think....maybe laughable. Tue Dec 18 2007 4:36AM Report
gatheris writes: AOC is certainly looking better isn't it Sun Dec 23 2007 9:23AM Report
murphys123 writes: I am really hoping WAR turns out to be a great game, but their videos (esp this one look like complete garbage. I am sorry, but the work in progress excuse doesn't play anymore this close to release. Sun Dec 23 2007 5:14PM Report
hitec7 writes: this is like a bad wow clone im waiting for AOC... Mon Dec 24 2007 5:09PM Report
grazzt writes: was that it. grrr... Mon Dec 24 2007 10:13PM Report
Ponico writes: I see where it's going and I can sense that they want to be low end friendly but humm... I don't know, for some reason it doesn't catch the attention. Fri Dec 28 2007 9:36PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Ewww. Sat Dec 29 2007 3:31PM Report
GerardAtJob writes: Let's hope low details are for better RvR support (no lag)... And as a Daoc/War fan, I agree... weak :( Mon Dec 31 2007 8:26AM Report
meatsim writes: WoWish Mon Dec 31 2007 8:25PM Report
andeh91 writes: I agree. I like Warhammer, and I loved it when I was younger, but this looks weak - I'll probably try it anyway, tho Tue Jan 01 2008 12:29PM Report
dsebutchr writes: No Trollslayers = The Suck Thu Jan 03 2008 3:22PM Report
Stellos writes: The poor quality of the video and the fact that the game is in development doesn't sway my opinion like some of these uber idiots....WAR will look amazing when finished and it will run nice on good systems. If you want killer graphics that are going to look HD then play VSoH, but before you can even play it you better buy a new expensive computer. WAR will look good. Most of these videos you can tell are poor quality videos just from the surrounding static and poor resolution. That won't translate into how the game appears on your monitor. Sat Jan 05 2008 1:29PM Report
Ephimero writes: An eye in the top of a tower, dang that's new. Sat Jan 05 2008 4:37PM Report
phjille writes: I've been following this game for a long time.. but even I thought this was weak. I was hoping for a better first impression, I guess I can just hope that they will polish the game more and add more content to this city.. I didn't find it the least bit "chaotic". Sun Jan 06 2008 9:00AM Report
howardb writes: Game looks like crap, but the playability might be good though. To be honest it doesn't even look like WoW v2.0 more like an expansion. Gfx isn't all though so I sure hope it plays better than it looks. Sun Jan 06 2008 4:22PM Report
NecroHelium writes: Guys, these graphics are beta graphics set in a very low resolution, minimum graphic quality settings, and the lighting hasn't been implemented into about half of the areas yet. And the ones you've seen that are lighted are only currently lighted with point lighting. The artists are currently working on the environmental and ambient lightings. Tue Jan 08 2008 1:48AM Report
undead17 writes: what your seeing is old very old the stuff you will see in a one or two months will blow your socks off, trust me on this part Tue Jan 08 2008 9:24AM Report
undead17 writes: what your seeing is old very old the stuff you will see in a one or two months will blow your socks off, trust me on this part Tue Jan 08 2008 9:24AM Report
frumbert writes: these levels look like they are designed to solve a purpose, not like it's some living breathing world. If I were a monster, why would I spend eternity standing around doing nothing waiting for some hero to come and slay me? Sat Mar 29 2008 6:22PM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Bottom Line is... Every game looks like another.. Warhammer-WoW... Guild Wars- Aion.... City of heros/villains-Chapions online... Do i really need to go on.. And Btw Everyone steals ideas from games thats been great... why? you ask? Because they worked great in other games!! Listen theres nothing out there nor has been thats really standing out and taking control of the PC MMO market that makes anyone say " Damm i cant wait to play this!" yea we have all the clones and look alikes.. But c'mon people WoW is Old. GW's is Old. Everquest is old. CoH Is Old... Hell pretty much all the Good MMO's are OLD!!! Theres nothing in the market that stands out and is truly something new, grabs me by the neck and screams Pay a monthly fee and play me!!! it's all re-hashed ideas with a new name.. Sit down and think... Name somthing thats not like anything else that turned out great and has or had a chance to dethrone WoW and the few other top MMO"s... My last hopes was talbua rasa and perhaps Pirates of the burning sea... Both Failed me as being somthing Kinda new to do...and has no chance @ dethroning anyone. Sun May 18 2008 8:57AM Report
Pyro240 writes: everyone saying it looks like crap, STFU.. you obviously don't know that this game is in beta, and none of the graphic stuff is implemented yet. there is no blur, no lighting, nothing. when the game is released all of that will be in the game and it will look way better. and this is old, the city looks way better now, trust me.. I'm in the beta, and they polished the city a lot already and probably do a lot more. Thu Aug 21 2008 10:58AM Report
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