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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Altdorf Gameplay Footage (1:45)

Check out this game play footage from Altdorf, the Empire capital city.

Check out this game play footage from Altdorf, the Empire capital city.
Duration: 1:45
Views: 16,277  45 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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Violentsin writes: I just want the game to be done... I'm so sick of waiting. Looks great, can't wait. Tue Nov 13 2007 3:44PM Report
gatheris writes: well, that was boring... what was the point Tue Nov 13 2007 4:26PM Report
Vesavius writes: boy, this game is starting to make Dungeon Runners look good! Tue Nov 13 2007 5:10PM Report
ValUkr writes: this is going to be the biggest flop in the world Tue Nov 13 2007 5:38PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Seriously, people are going to be disappointed. Tue Nov 13 2007 5:49PM Report
Shadin writes: And now I've Completly given up on this game.. Though I still hope others will enjyo it. ^^ Tue Nov 13 2007 6:08PM Report
asa119 writes: sorry, but this is 100% a WoW Clone. And WoW sucks, therefore WAR sucks Tue Nov 13 2007 6:23PM Report
Lunar_Knight writes: I'm not a Warhammer guy, so I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that but...that city looked really sterile. All the buildings looked exactly like each other with very little variation in architecture. And the combat and fighting does look a lot like "you know what game". Tue Nov 13 2007 6:52PM Report
Leucent writes: WOW clone rofl get a grip Tue Nov 13 2007 7:00PM Report
Leucent writes: Oh btw nda safe comment i know for a fact it s good thats all i m saying Tue Nov 13 2007 7:01PM Report
Gidion writes: Dunno i think it looked cool. And if im not mistaken it looked like they were showing some destructible buildings in that vid Tue Nov 13 2007 7:03PM Report
heroatheart writes: I thought it looked pretty cool. And I dont see how anyone can say the combat looked like WoW?! it only had a quick flash of characters casting stuff or swinging stuff. some people... Tue Nov 13 2007 7:05PM Report
xSaintx writes: Asa119, your logic is seriously flawed. You might want to think about your points before leaving worthless comments. Secondly, towns, cities, villages or any society structure, usually share some type of consistency in their architectural design. Sure, they're somewhat similar, but it's only to show some consistency. A town with none would look something like one who's inhabitants are anarchist clowns. Tue Nov 13 2007 7:11PM Report
gamegeek1 writes: Obviously many of you don't know very much about WAR. First the combat is relatively like WoW from what I have heard and seen however it is in no way a WoW clone. If you are referring to the newest WoW expansion which has destructible buildings like WAR. WAR announced that it was going to have destructible buildings far before the new WoW expansion was announced, most of the common buildings look the same. To differentiate them from the important ones like the bright wizard collage(tall tower with fire) and the temple of Sigmar(domed building), that and the fact that the WAR team is going off of GWs explanation of that Altdorf should look like which is a very dark monotone medieval looking city. Some of the monotone however is the fact that in the video there is no shadowing which in a 3d game is what truly adds depth... Tue Nov 13 2007 7:58PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: A gameplay video with 10 seconds of gameplay ? Why even bother. I want WAR to be successful for the people that like it but everytime they show something it just makes me cringe in such a bad way. Do they even know what mmo gamers really like ? Tue Nov 13 2007 8:21PM Report
JoeJustJoe writes: It's giving you a small taste of what the city looks like, all these negative posts about WoW Clone...WTF are you talking about? I've played WoW since release (quit recently) with 3 lvl 70's (2 rogues and a mage) WoW does NOT deliver good PVP, Warhammer will dominate by taking WoW's PVP player's. It may look like WoW to an inexperienced gamer, but it has a much darker tone than WoW will ever have. Tue Nov 13 2007 9:05PM Report
nmaxlak writes: Does anyone want to point out Warcraft was based one Warhammer? Also this isn't a WoW clone, you only say that because WoW is a medieval, fantasy style game. If you don't like the game don't say 'Wow this game is going to suck' there are plenty of logical people who see that the game is going down a different path than WoW. And the city looks rather bland because they are in Beta guys, quite saying it looks like crap. Tue Nov 13 2007 9:13PM Report
todeswulf writes: To all the Retards claiming WAR is a WoW clone. Tue Nov 13 2007 11:59PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Yeah, it really does look like crap "since it's in beta". You actually think they can do some major improvement to it before launch? I'd really like to see that. Bash bash. Tue Nov 13 2007 11:59PM Report
azador writes: It says "WORK IN PROGRESS" at the bottom because it's um, a work in progress. The game isn't due until march. It's November. It doesn't look amazing, nor am I defending it, but rather, pointing out the obvious. You actually can't bash a game that you haven't played yet. You sound like children making judgments over food that you haven't tasted. Wed Nov 14 2007 1:19AM Report
kerlon44 writes: This game looks to be the best mmo to come out next year and from watching this video, it is clearly my most anticipated mmo!! Wed Nov 14 2007 1:57AM Report
Lobotomist writes: Is this NWN1 ? ... :) I mean seriously , this footage looks strangely similar to NWN1 (released 2002) city of Newerwinter ! Amazing Wed Nov 14 2007 2:54AM Report
antoniuspius writes: It will fail! Wed Nov 14 2007 10:20AM Report
MetaSeven writes: The Warhammer world was created in the 80ties and it features a »Holy Roman Empire« based medieval setting with some steampunk elements, green and massive orks, exaggerated proportions (armors, shoulders, weapons etc). Warcraft, in fact, was hugely inspired by that. Secondly, the gameplay of WOW is in the legacy of EverQuest (and it's predeccessors). The video looks okay, though it doesn't make me want to write home about it. Wed Nov 14 2007 10:29AM Report
butters88 writes: I absolutely 100% do not understand how that looks like crap to some people... It looked great, and it even said 'Work in progress.' Wed Nov 14 2007 1:45PM Report
Vesavius writes: The problem is that everyone got their knickers in a twist based off one (admittedly) cool video at the start, which obviously had nothing to do with the actual game but inspired people to a massive extent. Now we have this... The truth. Like I say, makes Dungeon Runners look good lol. Wed Nov 14 2007 2:02PM Report
Toufas writes: Rofl kids think that wow was the first rpg to use this combat system :P Wed Nov 14 2007 3:57PM Report
Maedusa109 writes: As I always say...if you think its crap don't play it. Games that were accused of looking like crap not only went on to sell well, some are, point of fact, still doing well and are still around. Wed Nov 14 2007 7:54PM Report
Archin writes: This looks amazing, did you see thjat lazy old Dog ? :D I really like the detail in the Tudor style buildings too. The game is going to be N1 of 2008. Thu Nov 15 2007 5:18AM Report
Archin writes: You wanna know why people say It looks crap? they have either spent hours playing one game and put them selves into a state of denial so 'its ok ill keep playing this game' or they think 'its 2007 all games need to be DX10 now' all views are from narrow minded assholes who are better off staying away from WAR imo. Thu Nov 15 2007 5:21AM Report
Spitfyre1 writes: Not even close to wow. Its a clone of DAOC....made by the same people. And DAOC has the best PVP in any mmo bar none. Thu Nov 15 2007 7:59PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: buildings look quite good, nice detail, combat still looks a little slow though. Thu Nov 15 2007 8:14PM Report
Jester135 writes: why does everyone compare every mmo that's coming to wow? What would be the point of making a new mmo if it's gonna be just like wow? Do these people have issues? Just go play WoW if you're waiting for another game just like it or go play lotr online Fri Nov 16 2007 9:04AM Report
Loke666 writes: If this looks like WOW than whos rip-off who? I played pen and paper RPGs in this city in the 80s. Its look right but it need shades and a bit of tuning. Graphic isn't WARs best point, if your after that Conan or GW2 will be your game but it have quite a lot interesting gameplay features. And the world of Warhamster is way better than warcrafts, every inch of it is mapped. And I guarantee theres no magical aliens... Fri Nov 16 2007 8:47PM Report
kspada writes: Going to reserve my opinions until after I've personally played the game... looking forward to it! :) Mon Nov 19 2007 1:40PM Report
dsebutchr writes: No Trollslayers = The SuCk nuff said... Mon Nov 19 2007 3:13PM Report
felatio writes: warhammer was created over 20 years ago so the warcraft franchise is the clone/ripoff. The game will also be based off of DAOC and that is the all time greatest RVR game. This will blow away wow's pvp even when you're lvl 1 but all the carebears may still like wow better cause raiding is so "hardcore" Sat Nov 24 2007 5:38PM Report
elondor writes: i honestly don't see how anyone can consider DAOC's pvp superior to ANY mmo's pvp, it was a zergfest and only botters with high RR were worth anything, sorry, but mythics pvp team is horse shize Sat Nov 24 2007 9:47PM Report
ltdaryth writes: I want to see some proper combat sequences instead of this scripted crap.. Lets see some beta footage!! Tue Nov 27 2007 4:53AM Report
vazzaroth writes: People that only get their WAR info here on MMORPG are sadly mis/uninformed. Last time I checked, they didn't even update the the newest beta news. And comparisons are stupid. Stop it. Fri Nov 30 2007 2:31AM Report
Ottomar writes: This game is highly interesting compared to others. Sure the graphics aren't special in any way but I know these guys know how to make an interesting game. Best games I've played never had the best graphics. Fri Jan 04 2008 8:49AM Report
frumbert writes: yawn Sat Mar 29 2008 6:15PM Report
Vladalf writes: I once watched some beta footage of a necromancer (?) that was fighting with some orcs versus some dwarfs. The pvp looked so darn nice. Tue Apr 08 2008 2:36AM Report
Grail3r writes: The game play better have something amazingly great... because this game looks FAIL! Sun May 25 2008 6:37PM Report
TimM92 writes: what?.. why even advertise this footage? This isn't even real gameplay. It's just overviews of Crappy environment. It makes the game look bad. Sat Sep 19 2009 2:16PM Report
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