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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: WAR: Elves Presentation + Lighting (29:29)

Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett of EA Mythic give us a one-on-one Warhammer Online Presentation and an early look at the lighting changes in-game. Note: Pardon the loud ambient noise from this very busy event... and it might take a few minutes to load - it's long!

Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett of EA Mythic give us a one-on-one Warhammer Online Presentation and an early look at the lighting changes in-game. Note: Pardon the loud ambient noise from this very busy event... and it might take a few minutes to load - it's long!
Duration: 29:29
Views: 18,482  38 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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midwestnets writes: despoiler is a word. Fri Aug 24 2007 7:55AM Report
Lucifrank writes: There are no pianos in WAR. Great vid, guys. Fri Aug 24 2007 8:29AM Report
Vindicoth writes: Swordmaster looks cool, gah. I guess I won't be able to pre-pick my class, just gonna have to try all the ones I think I'll like. Lighting looks amazing. Definately won't be able to say that looks anything like WoW. Fri Aug 24 2007 8:56AM Report
huxflux2004 writes: they dont seem to have much of an actual progress to show. as time goes by this looks more and more like a huge flop. look at the next booth, AoC has definitly alot to show. Fri Aug 24 2007 9:02AM Report
celty writes: if adding 2 new races, 4 new jobs, all the areas to support the new races, animations to go along with both the jobs and races and improving the GFX engine is not actual progress, I'm not sure what you expect from them. Fri Aug 24 2007 10:08AM Report
deedelechach writes: eff, school pc wont let me view the vid :( Fri Aug 24 2007 12:45PM Report
naldric writes: The guy who said AoC had something to show means, it had videos of ppl glitching and moonwalking while fighting 20 feet away from the target, right? that's far from the progress WAR is getting in a short time. Fri Aug 24 2007 2:37PM Report
Aaronthe3rd writes: Nice AoC troll. They'll continue to tell us how great AoC is months after WAR is released while AoC continues to have its release date pushed back. To think it was originally scheduled to come out about 6 weeks from now is scary when you see how incredibly buggy it is. Try to find some game footage of AoC and you'll see what I mean. Fri Aug 24 2007 3:54PM Report
checkthis500 writes: Actually it was "originally" scheduled to come out about 2 months ago or something like that. It was in the summer. Anyone reading this should definitely watch the very end of the video. The last few minutes have the before and after in-game shots of the lighting engine. Pretty cool to see how much of a difference good lighting can make in the environment. Fri Aug 24 2007 4:57PM Report
Archin writes: The new lighting is dammm sexy! Fri Aug 24 2007 5:40PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: @ Aaronthe3rd & Naldric - where is the best in show award? oh dear... Not a fan of elves but these do look quite good tbh! Sat Aug 25 2007 2:03AM Report
Adendan writes: The reason Mythic don't seem to be releasing so much info at the Con, is because they keep releasing info all the time. Just look at all they've released in like 2 months and it'll be plenty more than any other game has. Sat Aug 25 2007 3:57AM Report
futfo112 writes: i can't believe how rude that british dude is being towards the other guy. i hope he punches him in the face. he's extremely annoying and rude. Sat Aug 25 2007 5:37AM Report
huxflux2004 writes: 2 races+4 classes: yeah right talk talk talk, but nothing to show except some concept power point presentations.! wow, the game got lighting after all. impressive, it must be the first game that 6 months before release did not have lighting. and it really doesnt look sexy. it just looks ...basic. if you think that a scene with just one light is sexy, then you really got to see some other games. You know something? Next booth, they actually let you play the ****ing game, instead of talking crap for 30 minutes. And BTW, WAR was pushed back as well. Sat Aug 25 2007 6:38AM Report
Piers writes: Horrible interview. The British guy is an arrogant prick. Sat Aug 25 2007 7:24AM Report
desperate87 writes: Looks promising. Btw, I totally lost all respect to Paul Barnett after seeing this. He acts like a complete retard towards Hickman in every movie. Sat Aug 25 2007 7:57AM Report
Leucent writes: Lol, it s called sarcasim, he s like that to him all the time like you say, but thats just him. Sat Aug 25 2007 8:51AM Report
Vegetta writes: AOC TROLL - they had 50 machines set up for people to play on. Sat Aug 25 2007 11:31AM Report
butters88 writes: why are all the Conan boi's posting crap here? Go away! We know you don't like, nothing you see will impress you so just leave. Great vid though. Sat Aug 25 2007 1:02PM Report
butters88 writes: omg huxflux you're getting angry cuz someone said the lighting looks sexy... lol wow that's low if your getting jealous that someone liked something in the video, and yet the AoC one was crap. I'm sry but I laughed at you when I saw that. Sat Aug 25 2007 1:19PM Report
Emilin writes: Is it me or the the WAR graphics look way better than they did? Sat Aug 25 2007 1:22PM Report
Saerain writes: Listen everyone, it is completely irrational to rally behind games like idiotic face-painted sports fans and shout down other games on the basis that they are not your favourite. Take a break. Sat Aug 25 2007 2:14PM Report
Jeehao writes: WAR dosnt show edited clips with special efects as all other companies does. War show what they have got so far. its still plenty of time befor the closed beta. The lightning looks like a bless from heaven, no mmorpg ive seen got that kind of lights. the animations are supercool. Sat Aug 25 2007 2:49PM Report
AranStormah writes: Barnett and Hickman are obviously getting along, and they're doing their own spin on good cop / bad cop as far as promoting the elves in general, which is far more entertaining than a 29min "here's the facts" narrative :) They make for funny quotes. My only complaint are Pauls glasses. I know they're their anniversery thing, and they do have some novelty, but wearing them takes away from the experience that is 'Paul' at his best because you can't see his eyes. They should put in clear lenses or wear them on their foreheads instead ;) Sat Aug 25 2007 5:27PM Report
BrendonB writes: Does Paul Barnett always do interviews high? Sat Aug 25 2007 7:22PM Report
LouiseK writes: That was an awful presentation, that guy has left me irritated by all things WAR. The elves look like the ones in DDO... Nice clip at the end, but all the flash makes me feel they're trying to make up for a lack of anything else. I hate WoW references, but it just screams WoW to me. Will probably give it a go but i don't expect it to get me hooked. Sun Aug 26 2007 8:20AM Report
TehWarsmith writes: Normally I would take offense to the portrayal of elves like that, but because it's Paul Barnett I'll forgive it, and it seems that they're going to be as all elves should be: Rather sissy, but by the time you're done laughing at them they'll have put an arrow between your eyes. Also the Witch Elf was a BADASS. This game is looking fantastic and I fear I'm going to be trying everything. Archmage is all well and good, give us the Dark Elf caster, now. Is it a bad thing that the insane range on that Swordmaster attack made me thing of Sephiroth? Sun Aug 26 2007 12:40PM Report
kspada writes: Wanted to see more and hear less... otherwise it wasn't a bad video. Sun Aug 26 2007 11:22PM Report
Delondial writes: For a random camera man standing in front of a lap top, well done. Your presentations are always a pleasure to watch. The marketing is brilliant. Mon Aug 27 2007 3:43AM Report
Succumale writes: I love it, now only the last 2 classes from DE so I can completely drool away thinking of what class I wanna make first:P I've playd WoW ± 2 years now and I'm sick of it, I think this game is rly different from WoW, I also think that this game "fixt" some stuf that WoW could have done better [like the questsystem]. I hope we get to see more of these great revealing vids soon with Paul ofc.:P And I rly don't think u can compaire AoC and WAR, they both have they're strengths and weaknessen but they are 2 rly different games. Mon Aug 27 2007 8:10AM Report
Quicks1lver writes: damn they need to have great classes left if im going to switch from witch hunter to (insert upcoming classes here). Lewt hat, rapier and off-hand musket pistol, how cool is that? Mon Aug 27 2007 8:43AM Report
in4sit writes: Ok, is it just me or the guy in the sunglasses really needs to go!, or he needs to shut up because he totaly blew this. As far as the game looks,.. Don't really know, looks like WOW to me but I did fast forward a lot of this because of the guy in the glasses. Mon Aug 27 2007 9:01AM Report
Succumale writes: I'ts you:P I've seen ± 20 vids with him in it and all where good because of him. U just have to get to know him a little ^_^ Mon Aug 27 2007 9:22AM Report
fuzeblu writes: That was hilarious, even though the high elves are made to look like pansies. Meh. Tue Aug 28 2007 7:37PM Report
evenchin writes: i just don't get it, :P people that don't like Paul barnett, ( sun glasses guy) Seriously he is like the guy that makes this game fun! he is interesting to listen to.He is British, and every "episode" he 's in he makes me laught. Warhammer Rocks, btw its not going to be like wow, its like wow is The Beatles and this game is Led zeppelin ;) its going to be like but just like upgraded version.. this game is all about killing, and having fun while doing it, if u wanna go around picking flowers this is not the game for you. Fri Sep 07 2007 3:49PM Report
Smackr writes: Thumbs up for the lighting ^^ it realy seems to get alot more "spice on the screen". nice elves to Oo but I still think "WAR is a old game even if its over 1/2 year to launch" because I seen it all before only in different MMOs... I'm holding on 2 the games that shows me the new and not so tested things!! But to hell with me! I don't think anyone who is going to play WAR will get sad over that "smackr" don't want to play anyway :b Tue Sep 18 2007 9:15AM Report
Hokie writes: Awesome video. Glad I found it. To those who think Paul is picking on Jeff...he is! ROFL!! They work well together. Jeff explains the mechanics/premiss behind the class/race(can build up power for massive attacks), and Paul explains what is cool and fun about them(looks f'n hot while she slits your throat). Sun Nov 04 2007 9:49PM Report
Anderin writes: The description lied, its not a long load it buffered in less then a second! Oh and the game looks 30 minutes more awesome :) Sat Aug 02 2008 4:07PM Report
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