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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Videos: Pre Alpha Footage (1:21)

As part of the July assets update EA/Mythic have released this video showing off some pre alpha footage from the upcoming WAR MMO.

As part of the July assets update EA/Mythic have released this video showing off some pre alpha footage from the upcoming WAR MMO.
Duration: 1:21
Views: 13,176  50 comments
Game: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
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tachgb writes: It couldn't arrive sooner enough ! Thu Aug 02 2007 5:01PM Report
phjille writes: This video is pretty old isn't it? Looks great anyway! :D Thu Aug 02 2007 5:31PM Report
LittleBlue writes: Okey that sucked and dropped my hype for this game Thu Aug 02 2007 7:16PM Report
jamescq writes: im buying an alienware JUST i can run this PERFECTly :D Thu Aug 02 2007 7:22PM Report
tonyshado79 writes: looks like sum n64 graphix.. Thu Aug 02 2007 7:32PM Report
Tenebroso writes: I am sold. I was considering buying an xbox 360 to play AoC, but DAMN, i m buying a PC now so i can also play WAR. Damn it again. Damn that looks nice. Thu Aug 02 2007 8:53PM Report
Darwa writes: Was that a video for WAR or the next WOW expansion? What a letdown :( Thu Aug 02 2007 9:05PM Report
Shalud writes: This game is gonna be amazing, can't wait. A rather weak video though but who cares? Thu Aug 02 2007 9:15PM Report
ChrowX writes: Destructible environments in a detailed setting like that.. This game is going to be rediculous Thu Aug 02 2007 10:28PM Report
bezado writes: Holy World of Warcrap footage?? Dumb question but does anyone else see the stupid resemblance to this and WOW? Yeah so people say Blizzard stole Warhammer artwork and blahh blah blah!! But has anyone ever thought that Blizzard was the first to put the art onto the screen in a MMORPG called WOW?? Yes Blizzard had the MMORPG artwork and models before Warhammer the MMORPG came to us, I like to see people back this question up. Ok go fanboys take a stab at it. Blizzard created these cartoonish graphics first and it seems everything I see here from Warhammer is an exact clone to Blizzards WOW. WOW sucked hardcore after the first year, why would you play a game that reminds you of World of Warcrap? Thu Aug 02 2007 10:37PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Interesting sneak peek, have to pause that video and view frame by frame. Thu Aug 02 2007 10:54PM Report
valeon writes: Bezado, you are completely wrong. The styling for this game is based off of the figurines, which have been around since the early 80s. It is NOT copying wow. This game looks completely gorgeous. I cant wait to play. Fri Aug 03 2007 12:19AM Report
shienarier writes: Please don't explain to bezado why he would play this game. I don't want to risk having him on the same server as me. Fri Aug 03 2007 12:46AM Report
trubbel writes: That was pathetic. And people say this is 'beautiful'? Hah! It looks absolutely horrible. Nothing new here either. And Bezado, yes Blizzard was the first to put this sort of graphics into an MMO. Fri Aug 03 2007 1:18AM Report
Drughi writes: do u really know what PRE-ALPHA even means? Fri Aug 03 2007 1:35AM Report
pal18 writes: for PRE ALPHA it looks great, can't wait until it's released Fri Aug 03 2007 1:53AM Report
guidisel writes: this is AWESOME ,, .. ///greenskins-idea from warhammer and not warcraft /// Fri Aug 03 2007 3:16AM Report
ChaulsinNL writes: Same here, can't wait! Fri Aug 03 2007 4:12AM Report
makii writes: looks bad Fri Aug 03 2007 5:08AM Report
Devour writes: The general response to WAR:- "OH NOES IT LUKS CARP I WISH IT HAD BAD GMAEPAYL N GUD GARFIX LIEK GALD WARZ!11!!!!" Fri Aug 03 2007 5:42AM Report
Micro_angel writes: why does this video looks bad? im not a WH fan and im not gonna buy it but i just cant understand why people are saying crap of this video... Fri Aug 03 2007 9:02AM Report
METALDRAG0N writes: IM amazed at the number of people saying this looks bad!!! I think its worth saying again that this video is PRE ALPHA!!! You all really need to learn to read. Fri Aug 03 2007 9:06AM Report
Raunu writes: This is a PRE-ALPHA video. The textures are still low-res, the animations are not fleshed out, the lighting system is not in place. When WAR releases and you see the finished product, then you won't be saying it looks horrible. Fri Aug 03 2007 9:12AM Report
pauw writes: use to play a mmorpg with no grafic's at all and it was fun :D Fri Aug 03 2007 11:41AM Report
ruffkin writes: This is bad graphics for 2008 year. Amen. Fri Aug 03 2007 1:43PM Report
atziluth writes: The graphic comments are coming from AoC and other fan boys of other games. There are few games out there that can show graphics as good as that for PREALPHA. Some of the newer beta screens are really starting to look great and they do not even have the lighting system in yet. It has already been proven that WAR has vastly improved graphics then most MMOs out to date . Fri Aug 03 2007 2:11PM Report
Archin writes: I think it looks amazing wven tho it is a PRE-ALPHA video from many months ago!! Come on Aug newsletter can't wait to see the lighting tool!!! Fri Aug 03 2007 3:23PM Report
Amarao writes: This site attracts a good amount of dumb assess. This is PRE ALPHA its amazingly old and still looks damn good for a pre alpha vid. I'm tired of fanboys just saying "Oh, fuck logic, AoC is the best because it had -insert sad amount of knowledge- and the others suck because their not AoC". Fri Aug 03 2007 6:53PM Report
junoreactor writes: [Quote By Ruffkin "This is bad graphics for FOR 2008 year, amen"] Well little man, Please go to (NAY SAYERS TRY THIS) look up "w.o.w. Alpha" . Alpha to release its like comparing half life 1 to half life 2. like comparing KING KONG 1933 to KING KONG 2005. Fri Aug 03 2007 7:12PM Report
ruffkin writes: To junoreactor: Im not little man:) and its my point of view. i dont like the graphics cos i know they can be better in nowadays! But gameplay can be fun, so i'll give it a try anyway! Sat Aug 04 2007 8:21AM Report
imaslackster writes: Some of you people saying that they ripped off of wow... lol that's just hilarious. The warhammer lore and artwork from the table top game have been around well before even Warcraft 1 came out. Not only that, Blizzard is now stealing a mass amount of ideas from WAR and DAoC to put into their next expansion. Sat Aug 04 2007 4:54PM Report
neosurfeur writes: Omst tiem past most player begone to be angry, and disapointed, some about graphique other about comparaison with WoW, on design, gameplay, artwork... Still I thinkk like them a bit dont make yourself illusion, the game was classed " most anticipated game only, its not like they got best presentation or best technologie used or innovation title ect... " Seriously like I say more time past and more that game lost is title of anticipate game. Sat Aug 04 2007 7:31PM Report
Umbroso writes: For all of you people, especially Bezado, who obviously don't understand the term "Pre-Alpha", please stay away and don't play WAR. Those of us with a clue would prefer that we don't have to deal with you. Sat Aug 04 2007 8:30PM Report
Conkerturd writes: LOL....early pre triple alpha footage. What a about something recent? How about something that doesn't resemble WOW. Oh, that must be as close as they can get because the current state of the game is an even closer copy of WOW. This game is setting new standards for fanboi overhype. WOW2!!! Sun Aug 05 2007 1:40AM Report
ruffkin writes: "please stay away and don't play WAR. Those of us with a clue would prefer that we don't have to deal with you." I cant understand such posts. Why you people so angry? Are you Psychos? Some times i think that is your company and you are loosing profit. This is just insane... Sun Aug 05 2007 2:40AM Report
NightsirK writes: My god, this place is ripe with idiots. Someone compost them. Anyways, brilliant footage! Really can't wait to see how these zones will look in the final game.. And I'm curious about the meaning of those Orkz choppa down dat treez ;D Sun Aug 05 2007 10:44PM Report
Saurus930 writes: For pre-alpha it looks ok. I'm not a great PvP fan, but I'll check this game out anyway. Wow Stole this and that from lots of other games so it must be a crappy game. And by judging a game from pictures on the net I can see that Wow is the same game as EQ so I won't play it. Mr Clueless Mon Aug 06 2007 2:22AM Report
Sacrified writes: for the last time, do your homework ****ers, WoW isn't warhammer online!! Mon Aug 06 2007 9:38AM Report
endzo writes: can u really cut trees on this game? Mon Aug 06 2007 10:50AM Report
Pyro240 writes: LoL, guys did u know they started creating this game 10 years ago ? but it wasn't good back then, when they were half way creating this game, they stopped cuz it was a crappy game and now since 2004 they started again! so FUCK WoW, WoW stole warhammers artwork! Tue Aug 07 2007 9:30AM Report
w00dzman writes: I WANT INTO CB ON THIS :D!!!! Tue Aug 07 2007 4:10PM Report
Smackr writes: still not excited.I don't see something brand new of what I seen so far of the game. btw this pre alpha video is weary similar to the other MMO"WoW"Everybody knows that wow is the real clone from Warhammer but still wow was 1st to make a mmo look like that, realy disapointed that they did not come up with anything new/else.the pvp and rvr reminds me also a little about DAoC.I'm looking forward to the games that bring me something new...until now I would say that "WAR is old even before it launches" Wed Aug 08 2007 10:18AM Report
Sovren1 writes: Even though he is misguided about where Blizzard got their the ideas for the artwork they have in place, I do agree with him on one point: Why the hell would anyone want to play a game that reminds them of WoW? This IP came first, the artwork first, but it can't get away from the comparison. If you hate WoW, won't this remind you of it? Hopefully gameplay answers that. Wed Aug 08 2007 10:55PM Report
Sovren1 writes: And by saying this IP came first,art work came first, I am speaking of the warhammer franchise. Wed Aug 08 2007 10:56PM Report
Jeehao writes: For all who says this game are exactly like wow, How can you tell what the game are like by just lookin at a few bad made gamevideos? Warhammer got plenty of time until release and it already looks more fun than world of warcraft!! There are MUCH more to do with the game and there are plenty of time left. and when the closed beta starts they will fix the problems with the game and it will be PERFECT, I do realy hope we don't have to play with the wow nerds with a cocky mouth about warhammer online right now Thu Aug 09 2007 9:44AM Report
Darowen writes: How is this look like WoW? WHO looks alot dirtier, nastier than "Lets make orcs look pretty" WoW. Dont judge a game, based on graphics. This game, will kill WoW. Just watch. Blizzard wont know what to do then. Sat Aug 11 2007 12:15AM Report
Darowen writes: Oh and orcs, LOOK LIKE ORCS!! Mean GREEN AND NASTY!!! Sat Aug 11 2007 12:16AM Report
sphyco writes: this game looks awesome it also looks a hell of a lot better then warcraft Wed Aug 15 2007 10:29AM Report
Timetheos writes: I am so looking forward to this game! Wed Aug 22 2007 11:30AM Report
Darcey writes: The Chronicles of Spellborn - looks quite nice with that unreal engine. Tue Oct 02 2007 9:52PM Report
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