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OP  6/29/06 8:14:07 AM#1
We'ze Da Boyz ar' rekruitin more orcs an' gobba fa' our tribe!

Now for something my boss wants to say:

Name: Da Boyz
Realm/Faction/Alliance: Destruction (For Da Greenest only!)
Recruiting: Orciez and Gobbos only! Join or Die

“Me be Scuby. Da luckest uv all da gobboz. Me’ze be indestruccible, so’z me bin aroun’ a goodun uva long time. Anywayz dis be da camp uv da boyz, da baddest orcz aroun’. Now, yer mebee wonderin stuff like why yer care, but I’ze tell yer, a greenskin lik’ yer ard self won’ nevvur find a betta ‘ome. Let me take yerz on a toor.”

"My name be Rak Twoblades. That be the head gobbo 'round here. He give yas a good
toor of da camp, and yoo'ze like it, stay! Of course I only be talkin to the true greenskins out there! I'll let 'im git back to givvin youse that toor...if he be actin up, or stealz anythin, just let me know. The squigs been gettin mighty 'ungry."

Da Boyz are a greenskin guild devoted to the pursuing of orciness. This includes the destruction of all non greenskins (eventually), most notably those of short stature and great beard. It also includes being the biggest and baddest of all the orc tribes. Finally, we aim to have fun being typically orcy in our lack of empathy, care, sanity and predictability. (In character obviously. We are all (relatively) sane and nice people in real life.)

This guild aims to be a haven for all of you, who, like me, love the Greenskins and a good Waagghh!!! The guild will consist of orc type roleplaying, which means simply...there are no rules! Da Boyz will focus on the 3 C's of orc life: Combat, Combat, and more Combat! As a guild, Da Boyz plans to lead many raids and participate in the war against the Humies, stunties, and elfies. PvP/RvR will be the main focus of the guild, as will roleplaying. However, this does not mean that you need to be an expert role-player to join. Anyone who wishes to join can join, as long as you attempt to rp a least a little and have a positive attitude. To repeat myself again, Rping will be encouraged...but not strict. Would it really be orcish to make rules and procedures?

For now, to join, just state your interest in this thread. From there, head over to the roleplaying forums and participate in any rp with the heading "Da Boyz". That way members can better get to know you and vice versa.


Da Boyz are structured on a simple basis. Might is right. The toughest orc is in charge. The next baddest is next and so on. Below the orcs are the goblins. These are run on the same basis, but sneakiness and treachery are also used often in attaining rank within their ranks. Further down are everything else. This includes trolls, squigs, wolves and boars, which are used as property (and often food) by the orcs and goblins. Finally, too low to even be considered a part of everything, are the snotlings and vermin squigs, which run rampant in the camp, getting in the way, stealing things, breaking things and making nasty messes on your boots when you step on one.

Aside from the normal order is the shaman squig. This massive and hairy squig is the tribe’s mascot and good luck totem. Without it, the tribe would surely fall apart. Every so often, the shaman squig will eat a goblin. On very rare occasions it spits them back out. Any goblin spat out is marked by the gods and will become a shaman. On the even rarer occasion it eats an orc, the orc will also become a shaman. Due to the size of the squigs throat, it is actually unable to swallow an orc, meaning many orcs marked as a shaman are less than impressive in power. Shamans are all equal, and do not have a position of rank. However, being the blessed of the gods, they are held in high honour by everyone.

If you want to advance within Da Boyz then you must simply defeat the orc above you. This will take the form of an unarmed (ish) duel, where the two greenskins will beat the living snot out of each other. Afterwards the tribe will vote on who wins based on role playing talent and overall orciness.

Current Hierachy of Da Boyz:

Warboss: Me (Rak)
Bosses Advisor:
Big 'Unz: Grunge (Luy22), Thrakka (Wyvern), Kazgut (Kazgut)
Gobbo Boss: Scuby (Bob)


Skrom was an orc. One day after a battle he got hit in the head by something large and blunt, and fell unconscious. His tribe, being as they were, left him lying naked after stealing his stuff, and carried on without him. Skrom woke up a while later. Finding himself alone, he began his wanderings of the world. Being quite large, he gathered a rag tag bunch of greenskins until it formed a small new tribe. Also being rather eccentric, Skrom kept changing the name of his tribe to attempt to find a name favoured by Gork and Mork. As no one knew what he was calling the tribe, they knew themselves simply as ‘Da Boyz’. Eventually the tribe found a large squig sitting on a hill. Taking the strange creature in, they suddenly got lucky. The massive, fat and incredibly hairy squig became known as the shaman squig, and is the most important thing there is to the tribe.

Shortly after this, Skrom disappeared. Why, it is not known. Where, it is not known. However, the tribe likes to believe their old boss has gone to see Gork and Mork, and that it was time for a new boss to lead the tribe.

Then disaster struck. The shaman squig was stolen by a jealous rival. Without it, the tribe would fall apart. They lacked a boss for the moment too. If any of the competitors for the title of warboss wanted to gain reputation, they must act correctly through this situation, and more importantly, save the shaman squig!

Edit: New site up check it out:

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7/01/06 2:57:04 PM#2
Oi Boss! I 'ere be Karzol, an' from now on I'll be fightin' alongside ya (and possible with ya). If ya got's a problem whi' tha' I guess ye'll haffta' kill me.

Yeah, what I'm saying is that I would like to join the guild. Sounds awsome.

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OP  7/02/06 5:58:46 AM#3
cool just get in to our forum and go in to Members Application and let us know you want in :)

Ps. and altough i like it, i'm not the boss :P

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7/02/06 6:03:53 AM#4

Hehe, nice. :) Especially the bit about the shaman squig.


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7/14/06 2:46:02 PM#5
My MTG MMORPG Petition