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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » Cannibalism: Will this game eat DAoC

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OP  1/16/06 9:01:49 PM#1

... I think it will. I also think DAoC is one of the better fantasy games on the market, with fantastic graphics given it's age. Why kill that game?


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1/16/06 9:48:26 PM#2

DAoC is probably my favorite MMORPG as of yet, and I will continue to play it until it is shut down.

The thing is, you have to look at it from Mythics perspective. Aside from the Mythic Realm games (Magestorm, etc.), Mythic only has Dark Age of Camelot to base business off of, and unfortunately the community is fading from it to go to more new age games.

The first option Mythic had is to release an expansion for DAoC. This would be unwise though, because the community wouldn't grow very much, unless the expansion opened up many new features, which even then wouldn't gain too many more people.

The second of which is to make a DAoC2. This was probably high on the list for Mythic, but they probably ended up deciding that they didn't want to be known as the DAoC Company.

This then lands us with Warhammer Online. It is still fantasy and continues with the RvR system that made DAoC so successful.

Don't take it too seriously that Warhammer Online will be a DAoC2 though, because Mark Jacobs has repeated that this will not be DAoC with Warhammer graphics, but will just take the basics that make DAoC so great, and apply that to a heavily Warhammer influenced MMORPG.

My 2 cents on the topic.

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1/16/06 10:00:33 PM#3

Its true the DAoC community is slowly fading. I'm not sure if its revivable or not at this point, but there is still a customer base that is committed to the game, and Mythic keeps creating expansion packs, updating and changing the game environment.

I'm thinking that when WAR goes live, they will offer an account package, reducing the price to have accounts in both DAoC and WAR, much like Sony does with its games. Will people want accounts on both games? Certainly some will.

My big question is this: what on earth will DAoC offer after WAR's release that WAR cannot provide? If they create even a stronger PvP environment than DAoC has, I think the only reason to stick with DAoC would be if you have high level characters there you aren't willing to give up. Also, there are players who truly love DAoC and will play it until the day it dies. So, I think some will continue their subscriptions regardless of what WAR offers.

One final thought- its possible that the idea Mythic has for WAR's RvR won't be anything like DAoC, and some of us will not enjoy it. I hope not! But its possible. For those of us who love 8v8 / group vs group pvp, there may not be a place for us in WAR. Only time will tell.


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1/16/06 10:51:13 PM#4

I think there will certainly a migration to Warhammer from DAoC as it seems likely that the game is going to appeal to DAoC players.

As you say, hopefully Mythic will offer 2 for 1 deal so we can keep our DAoC account active.

Will DAoC wither and die? Rather depends on how Mythic keeps developing the game I guess, and whether there is something unique about DAoC with repect to Warhammer.


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1/17/06 12:17:29 AM#5

Honestly I think DAoC will be available until Mythic as a company is no longer. Take a look at all of their starting games, such as magestorm and spellbinder. They have very little community playing those games, but they still keep the servers up and maintained.

When it gets to 3-4+ years from now, they will start combining realms until they are left with 3 or so, which should keep the population steady for a while after that.

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1/17/06 11:52:20 AM#6

Being a former SWG/EQ2 player (ok, so I played EQ2 for like 3 weeks or some crap, but anyway)  I feel mythic has watched SOE, and seen their ability to have two successful games, and the potential for what they could have been......(if SOE wasn't so self centered, which mythic thus far has not shown me to be.) 

SOE had a great opportunity with their two games, to being the best on the market.  First they got Everquest, which already had a name for itself, but they actually improved it at first.  Then they got the Lucas License.  Came out with a great game (in the begining, boy did it go downhill....anyway)  Then they came out with EQ2, and had a great start as well.  Then they changed leaders, stopped fixing any sort of bugs, and pretended they didn't exist.  Then their CS went WAY downhill.  (which was a feat for them considering they already had a bad reputation with customer relations.)  Let's face it, if SOE was run properly, they could be a leader in the MMO world right now, but they're not, they suck, blame Micheal Jackson and moving on....

Mythic could easily make Warhammer become in the top 10-20 MMO's  (I think it can happen.)  And if they do, DAoC has an increadible storyline, and plot that I seriously doubt they'll want to drop.  So look for eventually a DAoC2, that could put either one or both to shame.  However there is publicity behind Warhammer that doesn't come with DAoC.  And it's on an international scale.  (Warhammer is HUGE in Europe.)

Just my $0.02


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OP  1/17/06 1:53:03 PM#7

Yup Warhammer is a strong trademark, and it's a good idea for Mythic to go for that instead of creating something new.

DAoC is getting old and Mythic has probably learned alot. Maybe they can create a bigger success with a warhammer game, and attract more new players than they lose from DAoC.


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1/18/06 2:35:52 AM#8

Originally posted by Erxi

... I think it will. I also think DAoC is one of the better fantasy games on the market, with fantastic graphics given it's age. Why kill that game?

Because no matter how highly you think of DAoC, the number of Subscribers is going down and there isn't much Mythic can do about it. Some people have played it for years now and no matter how good something is, at some point you get bored of it... and it's hard to get new blood into a years old game.

They have to think as a Business and if they don't come up with a new product their revenue will go down steadily until they'll go out of business. Sure, WAR might hurt DAoC a bit, just like Warcraft and some other games did, but at least those customers moving to WAR will still pay their subscription fees to Mythic and not some other company. So while this might not be good for DAoC it will certainly be good for Mythic as a business.


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1/19/06 2:26:13 AM#9

You should consider two things.

One by going with the warhammer universe they have a game system that has been around for awhile (currently in its 6th rules edition about to release a 7th i hear) that has already been developed and balanced for pvp. That balance is one thing that many people complained about in DAOC wether rightly or wrongly it is something that can be debated. But thats the point, with this universe already in existance and prebalanced that issue will be dead on start up.T

here is a clear advantage of making WAR instead of DAOC 2.... two fan bases to draw on as potential players. 

The other thing to consider is that it will draw a lot of warhammer fans who never played mmorpg before and might even get them to try and play daoc as well if they like WAR. especially if they have slower computers that are not up to running WAR yet.Which leads to another consideration that chances are good that the required specs for WAR will be higher than DAOC and thus not everyone will be able to play it and they will have to continue playing DAOC untill if ever they upgrade their computers.


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1/30/06 1:04:46 AM#10

Yes..Why develop a new MMOG? DAOC unfortunately don't have the playerbase it once had.. What do game companies and Devs decide to do when this happens? Make a new game better than what they have out now.. After a while,people get bored of the same thing. Most ppl normaly move on from game to game after 2-3 years,depending on that game.. After WoW and EQ2 went live,DAOC lost alot of people.. When Warhammer Online goes live,WoW and EQ2 will mostlikely lose alot of their current playerbase..  Theres nothing like starting fresh in a completely new game and world to explore..Thats what makes MMOGS so fun..

Most People currently loyal to Mythic will probably leave DAOC for War Online, but some wil still come back to DAOC periodically..  Me personally,I'm waiting on Vanguard,AoC,and The Chronicle,but we'll see what happens this time next year as of how good warhammeronline is shaping up

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