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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » What kind of GW games do you play?

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OP  1/05/06 2:42:28 PM#1

Miniatures: Tabletop?  i.e. Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, Warmaster, Epic 40,000, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Miniatures: Boardgames? i.e., Space Hulk, (darn, can't remember now, I just thought of like 3-4 of them, but you guys who play them know what they are.)

Roleplaying? Is there another besides Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game?

Computer games? Dawn of War, Fire Warrior, etc.

or have you never played a Games Workshop game before?


I'd make a poll, but you can only have 8 answers so there's not enough to have all of the options as answerable, so just post what you play if you don't mind.  =)


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Joined: 6/12/05
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OP  1/05/06 2:47:19 PM#2

By the way, I play the following (sorry I forgot to say myself.)

Tabletop - Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000, Battlefleet Gothic, Warmaster, and Mordheim.

Miniatures: Boardgames - Space Hulk, sorry it's the only one I could remember because it's the only one I played.

Roleplaying games - I don't know many people who play roleplaying games, much less anyway who was interrested in them and warhammer.

Computer games - I have played 2, Dawn of War being one, and Chaos Gate being the other.


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1/05/06 4:40:36 PM#3

Tabletop: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, and bits of Battlefleet.

Computer: Dawn of War -- I also played a Warhammer Fantasy game that came out for the original playstation a while ago... I think it was called Shadow of the Horned Rat. It was quite good for how old it was and for the developer that made it.

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Quoting yourself is stupid.

1/05/06 5:53:17 PM#4

Dawn of War.

Thats it. I'd play the table-tops but I already have a bad rep at my school for playing WOW ::::21::

i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there


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1/06/06 12:18:31 PM#5

I play the fantasy RPG. (quite much)

I play Blood Bawl 3.  (40 matchs maybe?  Kinda enjoy it)

I try a few of the others, didn't dislike 40k, but was not my cup of tea...maybe on computer.


Didnt enjoy any computer product about warhammer so far, but I trust Mythic nonetheless.   At worst it would be encouraging quality products even if not for me.

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1/06/06 2:06:22 PM#6

Tabletop: 40K, Inquisitor, Mordheim (RIP), Space Hulk (RIP), always wanted to try Epic 40K.

Computer/console: Warhammer: Dark Omen, Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate, Space Hulk Vengence of the Blood Angels (PSOne), Warhammer 40k Fire Warrior (PS2). Dawn of War w/Winter Assault exp.

Current Games:


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1/07/06 4:44:05 AM#7

Warhammer mainly, Mordheim and Dungeonquest every now and again.

Dark Omen, Dawn of War.

Since my daughters and their friend have grown up, I'm waiting for my granddaughters (2 & 3) to get old enough to paint and play :)


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1/07/06 11:46:40 AM#8

Yay! my list of GW games played :

Tabletop played -

Warhammer 40k

Tabletop Mini -

Space Hulk
Blood Bowl

Game with GW links -

Hero Quest
Space Crusade

both designed by games workshopfor MB games)

Computer games -

Warhammer: Shadow of the horned rat
Warhammer: Dark Omen
Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate
Warhammer 40k: Final Liberation
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

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OP  1/08/06 10:58:28 AM#9
A boy can dream.......course I'm a little old to be considered a boy, but anyway,  Here's to hoping that Mythic's W.A.R. does so well that they have a convention, and if they do, maybe we can all bring our prefered GW armies, models, etc, and play our favorite games with our in game friends that we've never met before.   It'd be awesome fellowship for guilds etc.

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1/09/06 3:03:25 PM#10
I've played 40k but prefer Fantasy. Since DDO blows I am eagerly awaiting another great title release from GW.

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1/12/06 6:06:52 AM#11

Tabletop: Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40k, Mordheim

Pen & paper: Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay

Computer Games: Dawn of War, Warhammer: Dark Omen, Final Liberation, Rites of War

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1/12/06 7:34:26 AM#12

I only played 2 computer games, as I don't know anyone playing tthe tabletop stuff.

One was/is Dawn of War, the other was an older tactical battle game.. Dark Omen I think.


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OP  1/14/06 12:15:56 PM#13

Yea, it's hard to play a tabletop game, if you don't know anyone who does it.  BUT if you're interrested in it.  it's a fun hobby, and challenging in multiple ways.  The way to find people who play IF you are interrested is this.

1.  Games Workshop Website- should have a list of stores that carry their products, and if there's one in your area.  (edit placed here)  If they don't, or you can't find it, call them and ask them at the online store.  The number IS at the website, I'd post it, but I don't want to be advertising or something.

2. Go to that store, Buy something, (doesn't matter if it's Games Workshop stuff or not, but it's always easier to get the attendants to talk to you if you're buying something from their store.)  And ask them if they know of anyone who's playing Warhammer or Warhammer 40K in the area.  If they have a gaming area, i.e. tables in the back room, etc. find out when most of the players come to the store or whatever.  Best bet's are on Friday and Saturday nights, as that's when the gamers usually play.

3. If there's not a active gaming community, there's always the chance you can start one, if you know one person who's interrested in it.  Buy a few figs, paint them up and play Mordheim, Necromunda, Warhammer Skirmish, or something small scale, mainly because figs can get expensive quick and it's always best to start out small.  that way if you don't like the game you'r eonly out $20 or so.  I only say paint them up because it's more attractive to people if they come by the table and you're playing with colorful figs.  Grey plastic, or bare metal looks like army men you get out of the cheap isle at the toy store, and they'll glance at what you're doing and chuckle and walk on.  If they look down at a painted up model, they'll atleast stop and look.  If they ask where you got it, you say, "at __(insert store name)___  and I painted it up."  Whenever people hear you painted it, they'll look closer, and be slightly impressed.   Sometimes you'll get a response like, "I can't paint" or "That's so good, I could never do that." or whatever.  (even if it's not the best paint job, trust me I'm a lousy painter and I get those compliments all the time.)  All you do is say, "Have you ever tried?  It's fun, and relaxing."  *cast made, bobber down, hook, line, and sinker*  All you gotta do is reel them in.  And here's how: "If you ever want to try it, let me know, I'd be glad to get a game with you and help you learn it."

This is how you find/start a miniatures tabletop battle community.  I know it's harder in some areas than others.   And in some areas they're going to look at you funny no matter what, and if you're just not that interrested in it, or afraid of embarrising yourself, it's understandable.  But remember this, most of the people who make fun of those who do things are actually jealous that they don't have the courage to have the kind of fun they see you having.  This includes the guy who said he gets made fun of at school for playing WoW.  They're just jealous that he's having fun and they're not.