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OP  12/29/05 4:17:03 PM#1

I've heard quite a few people who are interested in the Warhammer Online game but haven't played the table top games so aren't aware of what the background to the world of Warhammer is.  Thought I'd give a basic summary, and hopefully others can fill in anything they believe I've missed.

Firstly the world of Warhammer.  The world map is loosely based on Earth, with the human Empire being placed where you would find modern day Germany and the other major human realm; Brettonia where you would find France.  The Empire was founded by the great warrior Sigmar who joined the barbarian tribes together and drove the Orcs from the Empire.  To this day the church of Sigmar is the main religion of the Empire.  The Empire is now ruled by Emperor Karl Franz.

A world map can be viewed here:

The Warhammer races:

Empire - The invention of gunpowder is one of the main things keeping the Empire secure as well as the fanatical witch hunters and inquisition.  Military units include musketteers, cannons, and rank and file troops such as spearmen and helberders.

Brettonia - The army with a strong French theme, heavily based on the stories of King Arthur.  Army mainly composed of heavily armoured knights.  Their code of chivalry leads them to dislike magic and range weapons.  They do train their knights to ride several different creatures such as pegasus and griffons.

Skaven - The ratmen army.  Shorter than a human but much faster breeding, they live in a tunnel network that covers the majority of the old world.  Using the tunnels they can appear suddenly, pillage towns and return underground before the military can rouse against them.  Military units: Rat Ogre, doom wheel, storm vermin.

Green skins - Orcs, goblins and hobgoblins.  The leadership of the Orcs goes to whoever is the strongest, and is kept as long as the leader survives any challenges.  Known as low in intelligence but great in strength, the average Orc will overpower the averge human in hand to hand combat.  Relatively weak in magic and missle weapons, only supported by shamans and unusual warmachines (such as goblin launchers).  Goblins are weaker but more numerous, using cunning and traps to defeat their enemies.  Hobgoblins are half breeds, taller than goblins but weaker than Orcs, intelligent enough to have decent archers and good cavalry.  Military units: squigs, wolf/boar riders, trolls.

Dwarves - Very stereotypical, mountain dwelling, massive mining and manufacturing, very strong and hardy warriors.  Shun magic but do use runes to imbue weapons and armour with powers.  There are also their evil counterparts known as Chaos dwarves.  Corrupted by the chaos gods, they raid the human lands to capture slaves to work their mines.  Military units: Dwarves: gyro-copter, many types of cannons, slayers.  Chaos Dwarves: bull centaur, blunderbuss, cannons.

Undead - The great lord of the undead, Nagash, holds sway over a realm located in the modern day middle east.  Vampire Lords have several castles throughout the border princes (modern day Greece/Turkey, the southern borders of the Empire) and far to the south in Araby (Africa) are the armies of the Mummy Tomb Kings.  Necromancy is outlawed throughout the human lands, but many mages follow the dark arts for the power it brings.  Military units: Zombie dragon, liche, wight, wraith, banshee.

Chaos - There are 4 gods of Chaos: Slaanesh (pleasure, lust), Khorne (war), Nurgle (disease) and Tzeentch (mutation), their followers are varied and range from simple cultists to gigantic greater deamons.  There is a chaos portal in the northern wastes through which the armies of chaos can enter the world, the further north you travel the more twisted and dangerous the lands become.  Military units: Bezerkers, beastmen, bloodthirster, hell hound, dragon ogre, chaos spawn.

Elves - There are 3 types of elves in the Warhammer world, High elves (ancient race of power mages, skillful warriors and dragon riders.  Small numbers based almost wholely on an island called Ulthuan.  Similar in style to the elves of The Lord of the Rings), Wood elves (classic forest dwelling hunters, great archers and one with nature) and the dark elves (due to being driven from the old world they now operate mostly as pirates, taking slaves and sacrifices for their dark god).  Military units: High elves: Silver helms, dragon prince, white lions.  Wood elves: treemen, dryads, hunters.  Dark elves: hydra, corsairs, couldron of blood.

Lizardmen - An ancient race of creatures in a Aztec theme populating the jungles of Lustria (modern day South America).  Known for controlling dinosaur like creatures to lead their armies.  Military units: bowguns, triceritops, T-Rex, slaan mage priest.

The extras - There are several armies that have been written but never officially published, such as the Norse (vikings with many snow beasts such as yetis and mammoths), Cathay (Chinese, including serpent like dragons, martial arts and skillful samurai) and Araby (Arabic armies including camel riding cavalry, whirling dervish and magical genie).  These other lands are often mentioned as exotic places that heroes have travelled to, but due to the distances it is a rare thing for a citizen of the Empire to ever see them.


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12/29/05 4:44:42 PM#2
You play the table-top game? i play Warhammer40k after i collect Imperial guard, I will collect Empire. Choas beast is i thing you left out, they are a indevual team that the Chaos endure and worship.

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OP  12/29/05 4:57:42 PM#3

Personally I play a large undead army, and have also played Necromunda and Epic.

The chaos beastman army, while a seperate army list, is still part of the chaos realm.  They are based in the same lands, follow the same gods and are often lead by chaos lords as per the more demonic armies.  I know there is also a new Ogre army listing, but I have not read this so am unsure where they fit into the world and whether they are considered good, evil or neutral.  Anyone able to fill this gap in my knowledge?


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12/29/05 5:01:02 PM#4

Wood elfs often have a gothic punk look.  They are nature oriented and you may find the usual tree huggers, but their elites warriors are generally gothic-punk dressed, in a natural ways.  Wardancers have been known to withstand unbelievable odds and actually make it out of the battlefield after a defeat, in a pure stray of death (especially against the orcs-like creatures).

Chaos have more factions, many are nearly unheard of.  But Malal for exemple is a Chaos God who turn against every other Chaos the Chaos expension book (can't recall the name) the focus is on the 4 big names, but they never put an errata about Malal as far as I can tell.  Malal is 1 of the 3 Chaos God at release, they never work on him and they add two more...

Some High Elfs are "nazi-like" and try to purify the world of all non-elven races (they inspire Birthright in D&D).

Sigmar is the main church of the Empire, but is he even a God?  He is a great hero and in the basic Warhammer book he doesn't even grant any powers to his followers.  Illuminas, Ariankas and Solkan are the Law idea if they have a follow up in the expensions, didn't recall reading them but I am not much a big fan to know every details anyway past the basic book.  Many Gods in the book, it is as developped as many other setting...big pantheon.

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12/30/05 2:58:38 AM#5

Great posts ::::01::

Yes you're right Sigmar is not a god as such but is worshiped as one - check here for some more info.

Here are a couple fo natable highlights.

Sigmar is the deified, legendary founder of The Empire. As befits the epic stature of this great warrior-statesman, Sigmar is worshipped both for his martial prowess and for his role as the Father of the Empire -- a symbol of national destiny and unity of purpose among the various conflicting power groups of the Empire. Statues and paintings depict him as a muscular, bearded giant of a man with long blond hair bearing a massive two-handed Dwarven warhammer and seated on a simple throne with piles of Goblins heads at his feet.

Sigmar represents both the heroic exemplar and the common man. Admired for personal courage and strength in arms as well as military generalship; Sigmar is also a unifying leader and founder of a nation out of disparate, hostile tribes.

Interestingly the followers of Ulric see things a little differently...

The Sigmarian Heresy: A minor heresy of the Ulric cult holds that Sigmar is not divine, but merely a legendary hero with great -- perhaps Daemonic -- spiritual powers, and that worship of Sigmar is at best a grave error, at worst a form of Daemon worship. This heresy is outlawed within the Ulric cult, but a significant minority, some reputedly of high cult status, conspire to promote this heresy.

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12/30/05 4:20:03 PM#6


Nice post. I have a question I would like to ask you, if you could contact me on aim (Scott3lwood) or my email (, it would make it much easier.


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12/31/05 8:15:19 AM#7

Personally I started with orcs and goblins when I was 16.  Met some friends at the pizza place I worked at and they introduced me to a all night gaming session we had every saturday night.  One friend sold me about 1200 points of orcs n goblins for 5 bucks but these were the older models.  I spent like a month straight chain painting the things.  They were fun for a while (especially in the old rules that doom diver had a freaking nuclear warhead attached to him with direct hits) but eventually I moved to Chaos.  I did mortals since they were bad enough to deal with.  Got that army to about 6000 points including the 2 headed dragon and rider, A group of chaos warriors for each god (4 groups total), a group of halberdiers, 2 groups of maruaders when the new box sets came out, and about 30 knights.  And a little mage to prance about, the fat bald guy in a black robe no name just how the model looks.

Then we moved to 40K where I was originally going to get tyranids while one friend wanted to play dark angels space marines but he bought a Baal class predator and later realized that was a blood angel only vehicle so he gave it to me so I made the blood angels.  Later on I started a Tau army too but didn't do much with it.  He traded me his dark angels for my tau so that gave me 2 land raiders, 1 land raider crusader, 2 whirlwinds, 2 predator annihalators, 2 predator destructers, 2 Baal predators, 5 Rhinos, 1 razorback, 6 landspeeders, 1 landspeeder tornadoe (was actually the dark angels special character I just made him a fancy looking regular tornado), 4 bikes with a heavy bike, 2 heavy squads, 2 scout squad (one entirely snipers), 13 regular squads, the infamous death squad, 10 jump troops, 2 blood angel dreadnoughts and one regular, and all the special characters.  I was able to setup to fight any army after that :)

Then I picked up the fantasy dwarves box set with some added gunmen in blisterpacks but only manage to paint one unit so far.  Later sold that to a friend.

During this time I have fought wood elves, dark elves, undead (before the new edition), skaven, bretonnia, even against my own orcs and chaos, and empire.  Through all this chaos has been undeafeted.

For 40K I've fought against Empire (this was hard to fight a seige warfare army when the person playing is a mortar specialist in the army), dark angels, dark eldar, eldar, chaos, and necrons.

Necromunda was hella fun.  We'd have 8 hour games when we got 6-10 people playing at once.  When you add 3 box sets worth of scenery along with personal made scenery over a pool table it got insane.  Didn't care at all for the expansion though.  2 of the high tech guys could take out entire mobs and the sewer gang burned out too quick.  We also tried mordenhiem (city of the damned box contents.  Read it thats what it says on the side of the box :)  )  which was ok but not great.  As for rpg's we've done warhammer which is our all time favorite, D&D, Aliens (like the movie, game is almost impossible to find though), rifts/heroes unlimited, robotech, legend of the 5 rings, vampire, and the weird west.


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1/02/06 12:17:21 PM#8

Originally posted by Wertbag

Undead - The great lord of the undead, Nagash, holds sway over a realm located in the modern day middle east.  Vampire Lords have several castles throughout the border princes (modern day Greece/Turkey, the southern borders of the Empire) and far to the south in Araby (Africa) are the armies of the Mummy Tomb Kings.  Necromancy is outlawed throughout the human lands, but many mages follow the dark arts for the power it brings.  Military units: Zombie dragon, liche, wight, wraith, banshee.

Great Post Wertbag, I only MUST say this, all of the background was under 5th edition of Warhammer, I quoted this, because I wanted to fill in the 6th edition changes.

Nagash is now "sleeping" the undead sleep, assumed to be in his Black Pyramid.  The ruler of the mainstream Undead is Settra the Tomb King.  Ruling from his dead city of Nehekarah (not sure if I spelled it right, I could look it up, but I'm lazy)  Their Military Units include, Liche Priests, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Horsemen, Bone Giants, Tomb Scorpians, Carrion crows, Bone Chariots, and Skull Catapults.

Split off from the Undead rule are the Vampire Counts.  Divided up into (at the moment) 5 different Vampire Bloodlines, Von Carstein, Blood Dragon, Lamia, Stragoi, and Necharch.  Their Military Units include, Zombies, Skeletons, Gouls, Black Knights (a.k.a. Wights), a Black Coach, Fell Bats, Necromancers, Wraiths, Banshees, and Spirit Hosts (formerly Ghosts).

I'm sure I forgot some units, that's just the bulk of them.
Good post, thanks  =)