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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » why not Warhammer 40,000?

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OP  12/04/05 1:28:17 AM#1

Warhammer 40,000 defied both science fiction and fantasy by fusing them together into a genre too fantasy-ish to be science fiction but too science fictiony to be fantasy. It's got orcs, medieval-esque language, undead, mages, wizards and guns (including tanks and more). AKA- something NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I am definitly going to buy this game but I played and beat Dawn of War and was very impressed with the creativity of the setting (the plot was a little cliche but the setting was very good).

I cant say I am disappointed because this game will be great but I'm sure many will agree that flying in a land speeder or manning a Dreadnought while slaughtering undead and orcs, using swords and spells while shooting a gun or destroying an evil wizard (with explosives) is alot more original than your typical fantasy MMORPG.

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One for all and all for one

12/04/05 9:48:45 AM#2

There's already too many (or too few Warhammer) Warhammer 40k games out there. And Warhammer Fantasy Battles isn't your typical fantasy world. To me, it is the best and most in-debth out there.


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12/06/05 7:42:06 AM#3

to be honest i would of liked 40,000 universe too. i think most people are more familiar with it.


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One for all and all for one

12/06/05 10:13:23 AM#4

Yes, and why? Because of so many games. If GW sold licenses to more warhammer games then it would be hte other way around.


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12/06/05 11:30:55 AM#5

I think if you are looking at the people that play the Warhammer tabletop game, people are more familiar and love Warhammer fantasy since it's been around longer. 

Oh and if you're looking for a game that has both fantasy and sci-fi, check out RF Online if you haven't.  Doesn't look like it'll be that great, but it has both mechs and magic.

I think that this Warhammer game will set the bar for PvP, since it's going to be mostly RvR which was the strongpoint of DAoC.  And since Mythic is in charge of this one, well we all see where this is going.

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12/06/05 1:25:55 PM#6

Checkthis500, Actually in the U.S. (excluding europe, AND canada)  40K has alot stronger fanbase across the bulk of the US.  However, in New England, the prominant game is Fantasy.  Speaking on tabletop games.

My opinion on this matter is Games Workshop didnt' put the Warhammer 40K license up for bid, they probably just put up the Warhammer Fantasy.  Because of this, Mythic, and the others before them that picked up the license have picked up the Warhammer license.  This is mostly because those in the upper ranks of Warhammer LOVE the fantasy storyline.  And because of this, and the lines previous successes, they're more apt to place more faith in the Warhammer line.

Rest assured, if W.A.R. goes over well enough, you may be seeing an announcement about a 40K MMO.  IMHO, if the marrage between GW and Mythic is as pretty as Mythic says it is, it won't take much for Mythic to bring about another of GW's licenses into a MMO.  In fact, I'd also be looking for other GW lines eventually, such as Blood Bowl, Gorkamorka, Gothic, etc.  And my reasoning behind this is...

1. The more publicity the better, and if people enjoy one, maybe they'll enjoy another, take example from LucasArts.  Especially since some of those titles I mentioned are offshoots of the original two.  Of course don't look for everything to be an MMO, A Blood bowl MMO would probably be tough.

2. I expect a rise in GW games line sales after the release of this MMO, if it goes over well, tabletop games may fluxuate up again, it's only natural.  After the hype goes down, and Tabletop wargames sales level off, I'd imagine one way to spark it up again, would be to release another MMO, with revolutionary styles of gameplay, I.E. 40K.  GW is good at sparking their sales.  They've been good at it for 20-30 years now. (can't remember how old they are now.)  But it'll probably have to come after an expansion or two, just because they'll have to test the market to see if an Expansion will spark the kind of sales they'll be looking for.  if not, they'll go with the new MMO aspect.  Just my opinion.

3. I only hope this game goes over well enough that it will spark some interrest in the story from Hollywood.  It has been rumored that such big names as Robin Williams and Will Smith play the Tabletop game.  I've even heard that in the movie "Enemy of the State" Will Smith sports a copy of White Dwarf Magazine, (GW's gaming magazine for the Tabletop games)   This plus the incomming surg of Fantasy movies since the release of Harry Potter, and LotR, i.e. Chronicals of Narnia, the new D&D movie (heard rumors of it.) And others  I see GW capitalizing on it.  I can only hope.

p.s. No, I don't invest in GW stock, 1. it's too unstable, and 2. I only invest in mutual funds for retirement.


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12/10/05 6:51:46 PM#7

The first and formost reason “they” are doing War Hammer over 40k, is Fantasy games just do better then SciFi games, they just seem to click better with the MMO audience.

I think War Hammer 40k would make a good foundation for a MMO, but at the same time I like the idea of a War Hammer classic MMO as there are really no “dark” MMOs out there, the War Hammer universe will give a good start point for making a really gritty and dark MMO which currently doesn’t exist. Not to mention, even though it’s not sci-fi, the creativity of the creators of the War Hammer universe far surpasses anything out there, making for a really original “Fantasy” MMO.


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12/11/05 1:15:00 PM#8
I'm a Veteran 40K real life player and i'm starting Fantasy at Christmas. As a Veteran GW Player I am glad a Warhammer game is coming out like this. I personally wanted a 40k one when I saw this advertised a while back but now i'm into Fantasy aswell I can't wait ! I just hope the Dark Elves are in it, Druchii forever !

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12/11/05 1:16:59 PM#9
Also 40K has had its fair share of online games, DOW and DOW Winter Assualt. Time Fantasy got a go.

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12/11/05 4:12:17 PM#10
I would prefer 40k but will take what we can get!

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Be yourself

12/18/05 3:55:23 AM#11

Originally posted by OrigigiNomad
Yes, and why? Because of so many games. If GW sold licenses to more warhammer games then it would be hte other way around.

BS. We are sick of fantasy games... We want GUNs and TANKs and SCFI MMORPG!

Again... Elves ::::16::

Every time I read your post, I die a little inside...


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12/18/05 7:30:51 PM#12
I hope they do a 40K not because its better but because it can provide another type of gameplay.  But ive said it before and I'll say it again, if they make 40k they had better not make it have turn based combat.  Guns and turn based combat dont mix.  IMO.  Its gay and I wont play that way.


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12/21/05 1:23:38 AM#13

Personally I think it's a wiser choice to go with 40k from a business stand point purely so as not to have to contend with the monster known as WoW

there are NO decent deep future MMOs right now, Anarchy online - try as it might is an ordeal to play for newbies, eve isn't really on the same wavelength of "MMORPG" either

to be honest WAR40k would be more successful IMO

and for those of us saying there aren't enough normal warhammer games, there was a plethora of them in the mid90s, they stopped making them most likely because it just wasn't too profitable, though I'd wager if they were made now it'd be the other way around, what wiuth lord of the rings making everyone humpb fantasy's leg.

edit: as for standard warhammer being the most in depth system, I'd say Warcraft is very in depth too, the random crap i've learned playing WoW is enough to write an encyclopedia.

edit edit: oh yeah, and after playing WoW so long, fantasy can kiss my arse, I'm completely fed up of it. (however I am still bandwagonning for DDO)


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12/26/05 11:07:56 AM#14

For the same reason for they made WFRP. The 40k universe brings too much codicies and regulation with it. In the beginning 40k was subtitled "Rouge Trader". Rouge traders were supposed to be the free acting start for a roleplaying game in that universe that is filled with insane legions. ::::25::

Ther is simply not as much freedom as in Warhammer.
I guess no one would love to start a career as a grunt wherever in that universe.
It's better off as a Tabletop or an RTS.


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12/26/05 8:40:37 PM#15

I would have perfered to have this set in the 40k universe.

Playing as an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor ftw!

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12/27/05 12:00:39 PM#16
They do have that imperator engine just sitting around, some of the screens of the centurions look like Terminator Marines.

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12/28/05 1:43:47 AM#17

this game looked way to much like wow the first time round, I think 40k could have made a bad ass mmofps like planetside but better :)


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12/28/05 3:58:13 AM#18

I would also prefer 40K but I'm still stoked none the less


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12/30/05 12:00:36 AM#19

thought there was a fantasy warhammer RTS as well... that sucked really bad... er was flawed pretty bad I think. Thought i saw it for sale for like $0.99 in a bin at a few major computer stores here.

there are more then enough fantasy mmo's... they need to go with warhammer 40k

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12/30/05 12:26:14 AM#20

Give a quick search for "Warhammer" at, and you'll find that there is a new Warhammer RTS under development that will be released a short while after Warhammer Online. Looks like Games Workshop is really trying to gain a role in the media entertainment market.

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