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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » The Return (impressions after 1.5yrs)

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OP  6/17/11 11:42:27 PM#1

Well. I've been around the block a few times. Back to WoW, Aion, Allods, EQ2, LoTR, PoTBS, RIft and a few F2P games.

I actually had fond memories of WAR. I remembered playing my Ironbreaker in a BG where there was lava. I would knock toons in the lava, and laugh so hard I would start crying.

After a year and a half I though I would give it a go again...


First off, I remember leaving WAR because of all the bugs. I just got so frustraged I left. After coming back I still find...

Oil coming off the castle sideways / Sometimes when I fly from one zone to another I'm without a mount so it looks like I'm flying like superman / sometimes the flight path dude is standing a foot above his mount / I get a weird message bug where my chat only fits have my chat window, then goes back to normal.

So, bugs are still hanging around.      And you know what...


...I'm having the most fun ive had playing a MMO in a long time!

Holy crap is this a fun game. PvP in WAR is a total blast. At this time I think ive come to embrace the bugs. Nope, they're not going away. So, I just consider the bugs a part of the charm of WAR. Kind of like watching one of those cult classic movies. The special effects may be cheesy, but sometimes they're just fun to watch.

WAR is like that to me now. If you're looking for perfection, look else where. But I swear, if you want sheer fun while playing a MMO, WAR just may fit your bill.

I'm sure some of you are gonna burn what i've written, thats ok. But honestly, after some of the "polished" MMO's ive played, WAR has me grinning from ear to ear when I play. Not many MMO's have done that for me recently.


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6/17/11 11:48:23 PM#2

I played WAR starting in beta and through launch for almost a year, and I have never seen any of the bugs you described. 



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6/17/11 11:50:45 PM#3
Originally posted by ironhelix

I played WAR starting in beta and through launch for almost a year, and I have never seen any of the bugs you described. 

 Either have i, and have played on and off since launch. Sounds like either an issue with his own system, or perhaps something bugging out with some add-ons they might have installed.


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6/18/11 2:05:41 AM#4
Originally posted by ironhelix

I played WAR starting in beta and through launch for almost a year, and I have never seen any of the bugs you described. 

 Same, never come across any of these bugs.

The things i'd like to know is did they ever address the collision detection system? Did they fix the stupid geometry bugs which meant you could "funnel" players in doorways? Did they fix the broken capture timers? Did they balance the classes? Did they balance the realm populations?

WAR was fun, but it was frustrating. Too many overly powerful classes, useless attempts at class balance basically over-nerf, buff and counter nerf Mythic style (they never got this right in DAoC either).

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OP  6/20/11 6:21:03 PM#5

yea, its weird. They're the same small bugs I noticed when I quit a year and a half ago. And this is on a new computer with a new install. Also, I have ZERO addons.

But the small bugs are dwarfed by the amount of fun i'm having in this game...dang, its refreshing!


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6/20/11 6:36:00 PM#6

I dont know, I played warhammer online when it first came out and it was fun for a while. I bounced around too, same games but they all seem to have...lost the flavor. My WoW account hacked twice ended that story, EQ2 felt boring amd Roft kist seemed like the same ol. Grabed Mount/Blade series on sale for $10 and left the MMO world 3 months ago, still have not finished all the great mods they got.  No "who can hit keys 3854 fastest, the arrows stick in whatever you shot, grab ammo/mounts/weaps in battles. The community is the best I ever seen and M/B has been the best investment. Give it a go and check out the mods. Some really neat crafting/harvest and learning things in them.


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6/20/11 6:40:14 PM#7

I loved WAR and I would still today  go back if the population could rise, yeah maybe there is still action in t4 but the loneliness of t2 and t3 not only compromises the social aspect but gameplay aswell (the incapacity of leveling RR properly and getting owned in t4)

Unless of course the population seems stable and active in all tiers I would go back..

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8/03/11 12:10:47 PM#8

I was contemplating returning to WAR as well. I quit once I hit level 30 a month into launch.. I just got sick of doing PQ's and Scen's repeatedly! Questing the new area wasn't that bad, but dungeons were a joke.. People did dungeons mainly just for the experience, since they didn't yield any great rewards from killing bosses.. This was the biggest problem for me.. If Mythic made the risk vs reward more worth while in dungeons, then I would have sticked around..

I'd like to know If Mythic increased the PVE playable content from launch, and are there dungeons now that actually yield better then green loot?

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8/08/11 6:49:12 PM#9

I have seenthe bugs you describe (been playing since Alpha and use to help run oneof the major War sites).

They are still present in the game and yes you are right Warhammer is probably the most fun game with support but it's still a very unbalanced game at lower tier (even worse now with no caps on RR and no changes in itemization).


I'll probably go back to this game to after I finish messing aroundin WOW and Vanguard (unless I get into TOR and GW2 beta, then all will be taken off my computer).


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8/13/11 5:11:02 PM#10

I'll probably play once more this one before ToR comes forth...

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