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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » Warhammer? Worth playing!?

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OP  6/09/11 9:15:00 PM#1

Is it worth GETTING into. its not a lost cause is gonna go under any time soon? i dont wanna sink my teeth into it and well ya. Any info, feelings about the game and its population would be appreciated. A populated server means i can find a grp fairly easly in peak hours.

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6/09/11 9:31:49 PM#2

Probably not at this point.  I don't follow the game as much as used to, but it's been a very steady decline since it's release and EA is not going to pump anymore moolah in to the game at this point.  There are only two US servers left and one is not doing so hot from my undrestanding (Badlands, which oddly was the most populous server some months back).  Gorfang I believe is a little more hopping.  I mean, they still haven't even updated the main page in almost a year.  They took the realm war site down months ago to hide how poor the population was.  They have maybe two devs working full time on the game, if that, and no forseeable content updates.  DAoC/UO get more attention from EA than WAR. 

Regardless, it can still be a fun game if you have got a group.  It's a pointless endeavour to play the game solo at this point.  If you don't mind playing an unsupported game with a community that can be elitist, have at it.

The game has an "endless" trial that lets you experience T1 level range, which arguably is probably the best tier.  Try it out, see what you think.


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6/09/11 9:48:38 PM#3

I have a rather biased opinion of this game nowadays. I really loved it then I really hated it. Population should be ok(not great) but some nights while in t2 and t3 can be disappointingly barren.

I'd say take worstlucks advice and try the endless trial. IMO it really is some of the most fun you can have in a tab target pvp game. Though longterm the Renown grind to rank 100 might be a bit daunting to a new player.


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6/10/11 2:20:28 PM#4

Based on my personal experience, I'm currently in tier 3 on the Badlands server (I've heard the other US server, Gorefang I think, has a healthier population), the population is fine most evenings and nights. I play Destruction, we usually have multiple warbands up and running in the lakes, and there are normally is at least one Order warband running around somewhere. My only gripe is that people are more focused on gaining Renown than fighting, so you'll have Order in one zone capping an empty keep, while Destruction is in another capping an extra keep. Every once in a while, the two clash, or you'll run across some smaller warbands just looking to mess around, and in those cases the game is at its best. The pvp can be truly fun at times, but farming empty keeps for renown is kind of annoying at the same time.

To Mythic's credit, all pvp sets up to sovereign are available from a vendor for gold, so the gear gap and the grind are much more bearable to new players than they used to be. The grind is still there, though, but it's pretty much a reality of any mmo these days. Personally, in all my years playing WoW, my favorite moments were usually world pvp battles for the sake of nothing than just fun, such as Southshore v Tarren Mill, and Warhammer Online is about as close as you can come to focusing on that style of game play.

My plan is to go back and do most of the pve and exploration that I've skipped while pvping once I hit rank 40, but from what I've seen the quests are pretty decent and the world, while not as big as others, is fairly interesting. Like I said, though, if you plan on sticking with the game, your best bet is to pvp your way to level 40 so that you can at least be competitve once you hit the maximum level.

All that said, my advice is to give it a try. The endless free trial is pretty substantial, and its free, so all you have to lose is time. The game tends to get a lot of hate (not saying some of it isn't deserved) on most boards, so your best bet is to just check it out for yourself. If you decide to upgrade, you can do it with the click of a button, and all you need to do is subscribe and download the full game client. There is no box fee if you go that route, so even if you want to try subscribing for a month and decide you don't like it, you're only out 15 bucks.

All in all, the game can be quite enjoyable, despite its flaws. I would say it is worth a try, if nothing else.

  User Deleted
6/11/11 7:45:19 PM#5

My problem with was was similair, it was the people/mechanics of the open world RvR that ended up killing the game for me.

After T1, there was really a lack of a constant "front line" in open world RvR.  In T1 i knew at any time i could walk out to the RvR areas and find a pack of order vs chaos face to face, pvping.  It was never ending and quite entertaining.  However after that, for T2 and T3, it seemed to be a constant game of avoiding the other side.

Choas was always out numbering us, as such, order warbands seem to continue a process of keeping tabs on where the chaos zerg was and then capping somewhere else.

Often people would beg the warband to confront, defend, or hunt down the chaos zerg.  Usually it was met with either "make your own warband this is for RR grind" or "no dont give them skirmish victories"  Often when the one RR grind warband would fill up, there wouldnt be enough players for a second warband, and you would just follow them around randomly joining the public group to see if a spot was open.

It really wasnt a huge deal for T2, but by T3 it just got obnoxious.  At that point the scenario grind had been all that i was really doing.  The pve was empty, the PQ's empty. 

Some of WAR's scenarios were by far the most fun ive had in an instanced pvp minigame, they were phenominal, other scenarios were less fun but most were top notch.

I cant vouch for endgame, perhaps thats the games shining moment, but from what i saw from T1-T3, T1 was the most fun and active.


but yeah i had some good fun playing a bright wizard, shaman, and zealot during my stay.  It just was missing the RvR that the game was built around.  PVE wasnt very fun or even very active, and that left scenarios, while those were great, it seemed to be all that there was to do outside of T1.

If i heard some good things about T4 and endgame i might take a look at comming back, at the time i think everyone said it wasnt very populated, and end game guilds were very picky about who the let in, meaning they had to have the best of everything but really no means to aquire it, since it was under populated aside from them.

Not sure how it is now, i can imagine the game could (ans should) run on one server.  perhaps that would jazz up T2-T3.

A shame they never figured out a better way to induce RvR conflict.  All they needed to do was select one cap point to be a special cap point for a short time, for like triple renown, and thus both sides would want to fight over it, rather than avoiding eachother.


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6/16/11 12:47:45 AM#6

I had a great time in T3 on Gorfang during my free 14 day return. There were warbands every night. I thought the game was much improved and probably one of the better MMORPGs out there today. It was way better than Rift at least.

I might sub for it again if I didn't have so many other games and just not enough time to justify a monthly sub fee. Plus, I can just play the T1 free forever, which is plenty of fun and always busy.

So yeah, it's definately worth playing. Do the free trial and see what you think.