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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
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9/09/08 9:30:35 AM#21

I think my first and funniest OMG moment had to be in Altdorf.  It was during CB and I had never seen the city before so I decided to explore.   There I was doing a little travel and look around the city quest and I came around the corner only to come face to face with a Rank 40 Nurgle Demon.  It stomped me like I was just a little street rat.    I think they were testing out event spawns all I know was lke OMG what the hell was that?!

Cities are not super safe havens thats for sure...


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9/09/08 9:33:09 AM#22
Originally posted by solareus

Having npc battling at the start has been done by Vanguard as well with the Orc and Gobline races, so I guess that apsect of WAR didn't pack me like some ohers.

Think with LoTRO when I first stepped out of Archet and saw the rolling hills and flowers with the ruines on the hill and the sky and sun beaming , it gave me that intial aethesic to didcover what is in the game. Rushing through LotRO from 1-50 you really miss out on a lot things.

As far as pvp , until a game can do it like Shadownbane, I really don't consider WAR a full pvp  "omg seige"  or "omg I just lost all my loot to that @#$hole" kind of game  .


Your looking for more graphical OMG Moments.  You should take a flight master go to the city zoom out and around and just sort of take in all the detail.  Altdorf and the Inevitable city are pretty jaw dropping when you take a moment to absorb all the detail put into every building. Just be careful where you walk.

Having jaw droping OMG graphical moments like "water" shouldn't realy be a priority.   Its a nice extra to have when games have it but OMG graphical moments aren't usually what keep most MMO players playing.  I played EQ 1 for years even though the graphics were shitty even back then.


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9/09/08 10:10:59 AM#23

I don't know if you have already, but you should try playing Chaos.  Just about everything in the Chaos area and design made me smile with win.  If I believed in a heaven, the Chaos area is what it would look like.


However, the camp close to Torshafn does kind of look like Deathknell...

  User Deleted
OP  9/09/08 10:30:40 AM#24

Yes i agree, that graphics shouldnt be the a focus, but aesthetics are what pull you into to something and makew you want to learn more about anything.

Playing a Warrior Preist now and the aesthetics of the "hunam" zone are more appealing to me, there is a sense of urgency to get to battle, that is not the feeling I got playing a Light Elf.

I completly agree that graphics should always play second fiddle, and that is why I still believe Shadowbane is one of the great pvp games every made...


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9/09/08 11:52:48 AM#25

Well being in the beta a long time have made me forgot alot of the OMG moments.

But one i will not forget. The first Warband i was in was in tier 2 RvR in High Elv dark elv zone.

clue: There is a gate there.

it made it alot more memorable that the whole warband went through the gate, then raided and took the control points south of it . Just to be caught by an army of order and being butchered to last man under the gate!

something epic about another dead army at feet of this gate.


read how to create a succesfull mmo before posting about GW2. And read tao of ArenaNet before talking about innovation in GW2


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Beauty is at its most poignant when the cold hand of Death holds poised to wither it imminently

9/09/08 12:04:35 PM#26

very good and solid game imo.

Some wow moments from using cannons etc wich is original, but the overall package smells like beeing made by very clever people with realistic objectives.

Seems im gonna stay around playing this for a while. Just wish there were more classes in, like human tanks etc.. maybe in next patches. Would be cool.



The humn tank is the Warrior priest-----------heavy armour +avarage dam + healing.-(pally in other games)------That is the tank.


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9/09/08 12:07:58 PM#27
Originally posted by solareus

Yes i agree, that graphics shouldnt be the a focus, but aesthetics are what pull you into to something and makew you want to learn more about anything.

Playing a Warrior Preist now and the aesthetics of the "hunam" zone are more appealing to me, there is a sense of urgency to get to battle, that is not the feeling I got playing a Light Elf.

I completly agree that graphics should always play second fiddle, and that is why I still believe Shadowbane is one of the great pvp games every made...


maybe for you Aesthetics are what pull you in but for me they're just a bonus.   If the game & the storylines are fun and there's funny things to watch that pulls me in.   seeing sparkling water made of diamonds doesn't pull me in.


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Soul is not a genre, it is where music flows from.

9/09/08 12:32:34 PM#28

A "wow" moment i had was in RvR where my guild and a couple other guilds(prolly 30 of us) were defending a keep in ostland against about 150 order. I stealthed over a hill to get a full view of them and i said "o wow. we gunna have a hard time with this..."

Another one was the first explosion as already mentioned.


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9/09/08 12:45:35 PM#29

You really really must play till at least lvl 10, then maybe you need another class if you still dont like it. You also really really have to go do some rvr in the rvr zones or at least a bunch of scenarios. You also need to at least have played till tier 2 or 3 would be even better. In tier 2 the first keeps appear though fairly small. In tier 3 the keeps suddenlly are huge.

You also really need to visit more zones, do you know you can visit all zones which belong to your side, order or chaos, by flying there from the warcamps. Warcamps are near the rvr zones. This means you can go to any rvr zone, and pve zone and quest there etc,  belonging to any race as long as they are on your side. Any scenario, every race pairing has a diffrent scenario, coz maybe the scenario which belongs to your race isnt fun. For instance i dislike the dwarf one coz i keep getting lost there lol and its not much open space.

Before lvl 10 or prob lvl 20 you hardly seen anything yet of class developtment. Only at  8 and higher do you get your first tactic and morale and only 1 while at 11 you get masteries which give new skills etc and at higher lvl you have a whole bunch of morales and tactics to choose from. Not to mention before lvl 5 or so you hardly have any core skills to show you how cool your class can be. For this at least be lvl 10 and then stll you hardly see what the game will offer you tactical class choices wise.

Also masteries at lvl 11 means nothing, only at 16 or so will you get your first skill from it. Then later at even higher lvl you will really learn the values of the different skills and will have to make choices in which tree to invest.

PVE is good in this game but unless you try the RVR and i mean really play it, not try it for a few games and be done with it, then you might not have any OMG moments. RVR is what this game is about and you wont understand it unless you play it. Scenarios however fun will not show players what rvr is about. There will be no huge keep fights with 100 vs 100 and no alliances sounding the alarm and no keep defense or taking and whatevere more in scenarios.  Or fast organized keep raids to assault keeps while noone suspects anything.

Tier 1 is only to show you what lies ahead, nothing more. It only shows you the tip of the iceberg so to speak.If you do like the  rvr already now, after playing some in the rvr zones, itll only mean you will fall in love with this game once you experience the higher tier rvr.

I know this game isnt daoc and according to many daoc, dark age of camelot, has better rvr but all those daoc fans have been looking for anything comming close to the rvr quality daoc had to offer and still talk about it with fond memories because 5 years later nothing has even come close to this sort of endgame. Untill warhammer online from the same company, mythic.

 If you never experienced rvr before and do like the game at early lvls then a few months from now most likely you wil be like those daoc guys who experienced true rvr and know no pve endgame can be as fun as this.


Be patient.

  User Deleted
OP  9/09/08 1:09:18 PM#30

THe targeting is pretty annoying for , special in RVR.  I don't see how not having a cycle target or target next is a a problem. For me to get frustrated at the targeting after 4 hours of RvR is really taking me out of see any "omg awesome" moments in that aspect of the game.

Also the fact they have decided to not allow my logitech mouse and keyboard to work with the game is another "omg this is annoying" momment....


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Here to end your arguments.

9/09/08 1:52:21 PM#31

Mine was when I first started the empire tier 1 PQ when I first got in beta and saw the huge ogre crash down the trees I thought that was pretty cool,  they need to make more PQs in the starter areas epic like that.

No such thing as luck, just believing in it is what makes it real to you and really...thats all you need.

Im on nobodies' side but my own.

  User Deleted
OP  9/09/08 3:00:30 PM#32
Originally posted by Acesplayed

Mine was when I first started the empire tier 1 PQ when I first got in beta and saw the huge ogre crash down the trees I thought that was pretty cool,  they need to make more PQs in the starter areas epic like that.

That sounds awesome ! I like the public quest system as well, it is pretter .. wait for it ...... "awesome"


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9/09/08 6:32:35 PM#33

Originally posted by solareus
There is a lot of great content , but nothing that really hooks me . RvR is fun I did some of that already, but like with LotrO, when I fisrt stepped into that game and saw water " omg awesome"  you know , I know  people will argue War , rawr.. so far im waiting for an Omg moment , VG had a few at the early start like the Wood Elf starting area.
Think WaR is a great game but they should have spent some more time on that intial start area to create that "hook" for the new player.
One thing that is almost "omg" is the world light , it gives the entire game a satin look, very nice.

The starting experience in this game is quit horrible, and after having creating an awesome Tutorial experience in Dark Age of Camelot, I would not have guessed Mythic would have done War in that way.

But I guess it's the best they could have done, with only 40 levels in the game.

I cancelled my pre-order after playing the Open Beta for a bit, though, because the game did not meet my expectations which built up after reading countless reviews during the Closed Beta. I also encountered several bugs that blew my mind because I can't imagine these types of things making it into Open Beta without being fixxed. No show-stoppers, but very annoying.

For example, the UI is very big, I wanted to resize it.

After resizing the UI, the text became unreadable. After making the text bigger, everything that I'd type in the chat window wouldn't appear in the "I" textbox while I was typing it, it would appear in the chat window.

So while I was trying to type to people, if my chat window had text in it, I would not be able to see what I was typing, and whatever was on the last line of my chat window would become unreadable because it was text on top of text! Lol. I sent feed back on it, and then exited the game and uninstalled it.

I do like the "World at War" concept, but it seemed cheesy to just throw players into it seeing as how confusing it is. I remember when I was doing the first quest I stood there for about 30 minutes waiting for a mob to be free because I thought all the NPCs hitting them were other players. There were no tooltips or anything in the game to let the new player know that the village guards were attacking the mobs and not the player. I stood there not hitting the mobs because I didn't want to be rude and Kill Steal anyone.

I also do not like RvR games becasue they do not allow you to kill idiot players on your side...

Alot of DAoC players in this game, I can only imagine what type of cesspool the community will spawn into in a couple/few months.


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9/09/08 6:35:46 PM#34

To the OP, it looks like you were hoping for a some nice eye-candy and that's not something you will find in WAR. 

Graphics are more like 2nd gen WoW.  AoC has the best character models I've seen to date but the game performance suffers horribly as a result.  I agree LoTRO has many moments where you just stop to appreciate the scenery (I loved the stream just outside of Bree for example).

First moment I said 'cool!' in WAR was launching myself from a catapult to the top of a keep.  But what really got my heart pumping was the RvR.  Slugging it out against other players while trying to complete a PQ at the same time, watching your health bar slowly going down as the next wave arrives and you start to retreat and just when it looks like I'm toasted - someone on my side moves up and starts healing me and the tide of the battle turns. 

It's a totally different form of excitement than what I normally get from pve content.  I was the FD puller for my guild back in the EQ1 days and there was huge pressure where a bad pull could erase the efforts of 60 players - and that still didn't get my heart pumping like the pvp/rvr experiences I've had. 

  User Deleted
OP  9/09/08 7:34:05 PM#35

THe graphics are better then a lot of you are letting  on . So far in the Human area i've seen some pretty awesome thing that finally made me say "omg awesome" Check out the sand and imagine it with Hi res and AA :


WAR is on par with LotRO artistically as well as aesthetically with great game performance. That water there rs better then VG water.

This game will get very high 80% and some 100%'s throughout the industry. Game critics have been waiting to fixx there WoW folly for over 6 years, WAR is the lick sob that will let them.


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Cynical? Me? Never.

9/09/08 7:37:10 PM#36

Honestly, scenery on a computer really isn't something that I would ever get pumped about. My "OMG" moments are just the concepts of the game. I love the fact you can RvR and gain levels, and get great gear or you can PvE all at your own pace. To me, that is priceless.


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9/09/08 7:39:40 PM#37

my favorite OMG moment was when i realized that with a shield and sword i could manage to kill things as a tanking class and have fun....


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No, Imperial commander, Nair does not come in wookie size. We do have an ewok 6 pack though

9/10/08 10:48:39 AM#38

Well, my first OMG moment (as well as a friend's) was when we saw how individual the loooks of each character type was over the 20 types.

Second for me was the fact most items can be dyed and at least in the initial levels, use talismans to modify the equipment.

Third was the forementioned explosion in the High/Dark elf Tier 1 senerio. I laughed hard after being vaporised by it. Now I enjoy popcorn seeing how many others are caught off guard by it initially.

The most recient one is in the High elf zone, when I went to this small, out of the way camp, to relay some orders to the commander, about the humans with their cannon there. I shall paraphrase his comment

"The humans have decided to send us one of their great cannons manned by some of their best from the school of Nuln.

May Isha have mercy on us all.

Maybe you should go over to them and make sure they have it pointed at the right elven camp"

Having played Warhammer and reading their fluff for years, I thought this little piece was exactly right as to the attitude of the game. I laughed hard at this.

I do hope you enjoy this game as much as many others out there do. Take time and explore the areas. They are truly different in both attitude of looks and feel. Like you said, to the humans, war is a rushed feeling and event. To the elves, with thier long life spans, war is something to deal with and get on with their lives.


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9/10/08 11:04:19 AM#39

Thats what i love about the quests in this game, 90% of them are war related and feels completely tied in with the storyline.  I have seen very few quests ask me to do something not really realated to the storyline. (really can only think of the repeatable wolfbane quest to kill 25 wolves)

The best part about the WAR quest sytem is its optional....if you want you can hit max level/rank by only RvR'ing, youll also have no loot penalty by taking one route or the other...very smart idea.

my first OMG moment was very was stumbling upon the chaper one PQ in the chaos vs order map on order side... it was my first pq encounter, after killing the mobs with 15 other people all of a sudden a giant troll appears and knocks down two huge trees right in front of me....was unexpectedfun as i was really just going from point a to point b, all of a sudden a fun pq imbetween.

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