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BioWare Mythic
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 09/18/08)  | Pub:Electronic Arts
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

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Joined: 10/24/11
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9/29/13 7:18:56 PM#21
I wouldn't stress over it too much, if there are enough people like the OP, I have no doubt a private server will pop up somewhere that they can still get their fix.  I agree the game doesn't deserve to stay in the realm of the living, not with so many others out there to choose from now that are drawing attention and players, and those still to come.  It had its run, it failed, let it die with some dignity.

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Joined: 2/01/12
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9/29/13 7:21:16 PM#22
Good luck ..but to tell the truth it was a bad game from day 1...poorly executed by hacks.. and driven off a cliff by knucklheads..RIP deserve a rest..

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Joined: 11/30/11
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9/29/13 7:22:17 PM#23
Personally i really hope it burns into ashes. The warhammer IP is a amazing IP to work with. Hopefully it gets passes around and a much better new MMO gets released out of it. Warhammer Deserves better.

Because i can.
I'm Hopeful For Every Game, Until the Fan Boys Attack My Games. Then the Knives Come Out.
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Joined: 1/15/11
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9/29/13 7:29:33 PM#24
No, i want this game to die so someone else can make a warhammer game.

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Joined: 9/26/11
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9/30/13 12:51:57 AM#25
Signed up! I hate it when beautiful realms disappear. They need to make it f2p and make the code public so players can fix the game.

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9/30/13 12:59:15 AM#26
Originally posted by hikaru77
Originally posted by tawess
Not worth saving. Even a F2P conversion would not bring in enough money for them to fix all the issues it has.

Even that is still the best PvP MMO out there. 

It is

But there is apsolutely no will on part of developers to invest in the game. They want it dead , IP reneval is just convinient excuse.


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Joined: 10/13/04
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9/30/13 1:01:58 AM#27
Just let it go. It's better off gone to pave way for a fresh take on the IP. Just pray it won't be like the baton pass of SWG to SWTOR.

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"It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver". - Niccolo Machiavelli

9/30/13 1:05:20 AM#28
signed. I would play it and enjoy it as F2P.


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9/30/13 4:12:15 AM#29

It seems that there are people that would rather play deeply flawed, but present and real WAR(mostly because of IP/PvP I guess). 7

Then there are people who would rather wait for a different and, hopefully, better Warhammer game in the future by saccing the actual WAR(I'm in this group). 9

7: those who think like this value static developments and present state to anything else. And #7. Nurgle.

9:us who think like this understand that it is better to sac the imperfect(let alone faulty) things in the present so we could have better things in the future. Planning, predicting and sometimes even manipulating is what we like. #9: Tzeentch

And they do clash often in Warhammer! Nurgle's static ways vs Tzeentch's dynamic ways.

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Joined: 7/10/12
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9/30/13 6:21:53 AM#30

Won't sign it. I only signed up to the facebook page just because ..., you know. ;-)


It would have been nice and fun to have the game up and running in maintenance mode for two more Years, till CU goes live, but it won't be the case. SEGA won't bother to put up a server just for us, makes no sense. They aren't in the core RvR business so whatever they would do or try will just be failure for us, the remaining playerbase.


We need to get over it and let the game shutdown on the 18th so SEGA can make a new one for the Warhammer IP fans and friends.


What this entire Warhammer online AoR episode has thought us.

1. Don't link core RvR games to a licensed IP. The playerbase is way too small so you have to compromise and insert PVE and sPvP stuff into your game to be able to pay the bill.

2. PVErs, sPvPers and RvRers don't mix well. Make your choice which group you want in your game and focus on them.

3. Don't advertise something that's not true.

4. Communication with your playerbase is a MUST. It's when Keaven and Kevin started to communicate with us that the playerbase grew again and we all thought we were finaly, after 4 freaking Years, on the right path.


RIP Warhammer online AoR!

Till then, see you on the battlefield.

Nidwinqq rr100 Magus (badlands) till the 18th of December 2013


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9/30/13 7:29:10 AM#31
Originally posted by Boneserino

I am still waiting for Earth and Beyond

Fastest shutdown of an MMO in history I believe.

I wish you luck.

Nah, others shut down a lot faster:


If you like Earth and Beyond, google it. ;)



There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein

  User Deleted
10/02/13 1:05:25 AM#32
Originally posted by nerovipus32
No, i want this game to die so someone else can make a warhammer game.

The Old Republic needs to die with it as well and never let EA touch a good IP again. 


  User Deleted
10/02/13 8:28:28 AM#33
Originally posted by DrDream

Mythic doesn't wanna renew its license, and sega owns it now help to try to save this awesome game! Sign for love and F2P conversion!

Absolutely not. As much as I loved my time in WAR (7.3k hrs total) it needs to die.

Your reasons are also utter rubbish to be quite frank. SEGA has tasked their one-game deal to Creative Assembly (CA) and recently CA has destroyed it's reputation among the loyal fan-base. Rome 2 was a complete disaster and their studio director, Tim Heaton, revealed that the company builds games for Metacritic. While a Warhammer: Total War game would be in perfect in theory, CA would be the only company capable of making Greenskin's refuse to WAAAGH! because of their bull**** A.I.. All these attempts to mimic the tabletop into video games have failed and are getting tiring. While Gorwe and I disagree over what Warhammer is, I side with his thinking about just giving us a solid RPG in the setting and to stop trying to adapt the tabletop into a video game.

The rest of the reasons you gave are, to put it nicely, born from inexperience. WAR suffers from numerous problems and a F2P transition would not be the "magical fix". A F2P shift would boost the population in the lakes significantly, but it wouldn't be long before people left in droves because they realized that all the same problems, content, and mechanics are still there. WAR was released 2 years too early in an attempt to recuperate $$ lost by Mythic when EA took over during it's development; it has since been playing catch-up, trying to fix problems caused by an early launch. Sadly, some of those problems are still there, 5 years later, and WAR never received any real expansion (LotD was not an expansion) making it a game that has sat stagnant for half a decade in a market that is evolving each year. The game needs a complete and total relaunch if it were to try and make a comeback.


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10/04/13 3:12:53 AM#34
Yeah, Maahes and I disagree about what should be the core design of a Warhammer game. I am more of a PvE story->PvP endgame, while he is more like EC story told through the PvP with little PvE. Anyhow, both would work and you want to know why? The STORY. Having a Warhammer game without a story is on the same levels of stupidity as having a LoTR game without a good story/narration. This version of Warhammer(Fantasy) is especially fertile for RPG development. I will end my post with a theory:

The only Warhammer(either) game that really succeeded was the DoW franchise and that is because they were not trying to copy TT(not even in the 1:5 ratio). Meanwhile, all the Warhammer games that used TT reasonings etc were good games at the very best(mediocre on average).

That's why we need a good Warhammer Fantasy RPG-be it TES inspired, NWN inspired or Diablo inspired. To avoid the TT tropes and achieve success. Because this is the truth after all:

TT is just one view on the franchise and it has its tropes, narration etc. Books are another view with their set of rules. Games are Third view with yet another set of rules, tropes etc. Now why do they equalise Warhammer video games with Warhammer Tabletop is beyond me...
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