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BioWare Mythic
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WAR (Warhammer Online) Forum » General Discussion » Hating war is so cool I might quit

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OP  4/14/13 9:04:00 AM#1

....yes, it's so clearly obvious that I'd have to be somehow mentally deficient to continue.

Well, actually no. This is the best MMO I've ever played and I still log in almost daily and still loving it. The buzz I get from running in open RvR and even instanced PvP scenarios with my guild is unmatched in any game. There's nothing else like it and I've been playing mmo's for a long time.

I read a statement on these forums that provided an insight into how influenced forums are by "popular opinion" or the ever powerful "mass mind" ...

And to all those saying CD was bad in WAR... Yes, but the game would have been worse without it... And holy shit imagine that game being worse! =D Still managed to enjoy the fuck out of the RvR though, crazy game.

"imagine that game being worse!" and "enjoyed the fuck out of it" in the same paragraph. Sorcery, witch craft or fucking voodoo? You decide. Whichever it is it's so strong on these boards that merely stating that you like warhammer online is enough to have your mental capacity and ability to make any future sane statement questioned. People go around saying the opposite of what they think for fear hive mind will come and ruin their life, job prospects and chances of ever again having sex.

So do yourself a favour now, uninstall war and pretend it never happened (and delete the screenshots) before the masses come to get you.


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The only luck I had today was to have you as my opponent.

4/14/13 9:14:07 AM#2

it must be strange being the only sane human in the world.


I'd hate it. I'd rather be insane like everyone else...


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It's time to cook.

4/14/13 10:11:08 AM#3
Mmm, I must adjust my cook as Eraserhead is really off his nut. New batch coming soon.


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4/14/13 10:14:45 AM#4
Originally posted by Eraserhead

So do yourself a favour now, uninstall war and pretend it never happened (and delete the screenshots) before the masses come to get you.


Did that long time ago, thanks anyway for the heads up.

If it's not broken, you are not innovating.



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4/14/13 10:17:39 AM#5
Warhammer fans that are struggling with population, but love open world pvp and love sieges...go get darkfall's launching tuesday...still has some issues but overall a great game.

"You're either with us or against us"


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OP  4/14/13 10:22:25 AM#6

Originally posted by Torgrim

Originally posted by Eraserhead So do yourself a favour now, uninstall war and pretend it never happened (and delete the screenshots) before the masses come to get you.

Did that long time ago, thanks anyway for the heads up.

It's not to say that there aren't people that this game is not for and they just genuinely don't like it so don't continue to play it, as with any game.


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It's time to cook.

4/14/13 10:40:45 AM#7
It's a shame this game doesn't go F2P as that would draw in a lot of people which is obvious enough but bring back old players who didn't think the game was worth the sub fee but are willing to drop the occassional few quid into the cash shop, therefore giving the game a new lease of life.


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4/16/13 6:41:50 AM#8

Why do you want me to uninstall it bro?

Dream on, anyway. The only way to have me stop playing warhammer is if Mythic pulls the plug and that's not going to happen anytime soon.


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4/16/13 6:51:18 AM#9

i loved war a lot

it had so many good things  and i could never understand why people quit

i played it  for at least a year and i  onlyi left in the  end  because of the  lack of other people to play with

that game could have  done well as  a b2p or  f2p with a good cash shop for neat items 

if this happend i might of still been playing it  today


i have  so many good memories of war  it was a really really fun game



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4/16/13 7:03:35 AM#10

The problem with F2P is that it's not a priority at all for the actual playerbase, far from and there's even a huge amount of players that just don't want it to go F2P at all for very specific reasons. And as they finaly understood that they should listen to us and not to you guys the priority of what needs to be done is at the moment

1. Completely stabilize the actual new cloud servers to get rid of some odd issues

2. Finish class balancing by showing so classes some deserved love (SM/BO on PTS now with some small changes for BW/Sorc and the LotD talis issues)

3. Kick off the second part of the brand new live event so we move on with the Legendary Weapons introduction.

4. Fix bugs

5. T7 sets for alternate appearance.


All this will keep Mythic busy enough with their limited ressources.


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4/16/13 8:14:50 AM#11

Maybe it's fine for people who are level capped and have a high enough RR. But to start this game and grind through the mid leveling was extremely tedious the last time I tried it a couple of years ago. That was just before they raised the RR to 100. I think I made it to level  30ish. And I play at GMT +9, so there really weren't many people on. It is hard to level that way. And the pve is intensely sucky, especially if you have to do it alone.


So I'm not saying WAR is a bad game. I'm just saying it would be a lot more fun if more people played it. I'm also saying, I think it would be hard to bring new blood into the game because of the reasons I mentioned with the horrible suckyness of making to max level and then starting the RR grind with 0 gear. I'm not saying I'm entitled and gimme now. But at this stage in the game's lifecyle, it doesn't seem worth it for new players to start.


If you are max and having fun, I'm happy for you. Stick with it and enjoy.


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OP  4/16/13 8:36:57 AM#12

Levelling and getting gear that makes entry into t4 not impossible is easier than it used to be. I do have RR92 WP, 91 kobs and 86 bw. I started a new Chosen a couple of months ago which is now RR81 and I didn't grind hard. The tedious part of this game is pugging because it can be frustrating playing with a group of people who either don't have the experience to know how effective team play is or are just bad at games. Try to find a guild that does sc/rvr as a group to minimise that.

Double RP bonus from RvR pack, double RP from pocket items, +50% from current event items, +10% stackable when anyone on your realm hits RR100 (often) plus other bonuses. Getting renown is much faster than it used to be. They also introduced worn sov gear RR70, identical almost to rr80 sovereign except for granted ability. It makes playing in t4 managable while you continue to get new stuff. Getting lvl 40 should not be your priority. Stay low level and play rvr/sc for renown so that you can get worn sov for when you get to t4 orvr. So RP first, XP second.

Edit: population; The EU server is very active, always fights happening. I don't know so much about the US server (they have all been combined into these 2) but my limited experience of playing there with a newbie WH which I only really started for crafting is that those servers are quieter than EU ones but as I said I've only gone into t1 rvr.

My advice for this game is get rr70 asap and bypass as much of t1-3 as you can and get into t4 where the vast majority of the action is.


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4/26/13 2:58:05 PM#13

as a "hatah"... I am glad you like the game. I was realy excited for the game and bought a new computer just to play it, about a week after launch, solo leveled an IB (the best leveling experiance in any MMO), with axe and board it was just the right combo of fun and challenge. I couldn't do alot of PvP as the server was light (Middenhiem), after I hit level cap and started to PvP as my primary activity, is when I started to hate the game.

        The the mergers started and the game went down hill fast (for me anyway). I went to the forums believing that my imput may help or even be acknowledged.. The opposite of what I thought should happen , happened. I tried other classes and all the trade skills , hoping that a positve change would come and the game would be fun for a solo/PUGer, they did not.. I went back to play free tier 1, (as a RP) it still was "bad" (imho).

   The hate this game and games like it (SWTOR)generate is due to the fact that  they nurtured such high hopes due to their IPs, that have such large fan bases, it was maddening to see them(the devs) play to such a fractional minority and ignore the much larger part of the fan base. To me, it was like they wanted to fail, and every descions was trying to give this game a deathblow.


  BUT I am still gald you enjoyed and continue to enjoy the game, at least someone got some satisfaction from that cluster f***.