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8/13/08 9:17:14 PM#21
US Order Guild
PvP - PvE


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8/17/08 4:23:22 PM#22

Guild name: Disciples of Destruction

Server: U.S. Core rules

Faction: Destruction

Guild website :

Other: Mature Family/ Friends casual guild


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8/26/08 4:35:41 AM#23


Faction: Destruction

Rules: Core

Region: NA


Type: Casual - Hardcore, Mature players

Playing > Nothing
Awaiting > Sigh..
Wishing > Shadowrun Online


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8/28/08 7:01:18 PM#24

All the guilds listed above pale in comparison to Legion Noir. 

Join us at     Besides,  we have an awesome website with mature and helpful members.


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8/29/08 7:51:36 AM#25

The Plague is the Warhammer Online guild of Old School Gamers. Old School Gamers has been around in one form or fashion since 1999. Members of OSG are team players and are 18+. We expect to enter the Warhammer World with extreme prejudice as we carve our way through the digital landscape! Members for our team are always being accepted. While guild membership is separate from OSG, we hope that everyone who joins will want to be a part of our team. We are a multi-gaming group first and foremost with varied interests and something for every gamer out there!

Guild contact : Balti

baltimorecopd Xfire Miniprofile

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8/30/08 6:19:10 AM#26


The Black Tempest

EU RvR-RP, Destruction, All Careers and Races welcome!


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8/30/08 11:18:57 PM#27



Deus Vult (God Wills it)


Deus Vult is an U.S. Destruction hardcore guild currently looking for players who excel at MMOs. DV is made up of a group of friends that have been playing MMOs for 5-6 years at least and we would like to add more to our little group. We are all quite professional at certain games that we've played in the past (some of us have won money for games all the way from Counter-Strike to World of Warcraft). All of us have raided end-game in WoW and have had a top team in a bracket in PvP. Sorry to drop WoW in this thread, but it's the easiest way to show our abilities to you.

A lot of us started in UO and especially DaoC. We know what's going on and we are going to be tearing through RvR zones while taking keeps for ourselves. As of right now we will be primarily doing RvR until we know more information of raids and such.

What this guild is looking for is the following :

* Ventrilo with Microphone (don't be a mute)
* Maturity
* More than a general knowledge of how MMOs work.
* Sense of humor and no thin skins.
* Ability to assess multiple types of situations that come by us.
* Most importantly, don't suck.

As of right now we are in the process of putting up our website. However, if you are interested in a guild that will dominate the one of the most popular servers come release and fit the criteria, feel free to app on our website. We will be more than happy to give you our ventrilo and give you a little interview on your past games (most importantly being MMOs) and among other small questions of what you'll be doing in Warhammer.

We're looking forward to see anyone who's up for the challenge. We are a fun bunch but we have more fun dominating. If you are like us, then by all means, inquire.



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9/01/08 1:36:29 AM#28

Lets keep things simple:

Guild Name: Legion of Malice
Guild Faction: Order (The underdogs)
Server: US Open RvR - Specific server is to be determined.
Guild Type: PvP focused
Guild core play times: 9:00 p.m - 2:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time
Voice Chat: Ventrilo - Required. We are all friends here, we want to get to know you.
Guild Website:
Guild Forums:

1) We have been in closed beta quite a while now. It will not be hard for us to help new players get their sea legs.

2) We pride ourselves on being friends in and out of games.

3) We started this guild to grow our small community of friends. We are about quality not quantity. If you are tired of getting lost in all the cliques of huge guilds we may have a home for you.

4) We are a friendly adult guild (18+) that realizes life comes before games. At the same time we are committed to the games we play.

5) We are an experienced group of PvP minded players. We will run organized groups that focus on the PvP aspects of the game. We will not ignore PvE, we just choose to put more effort into PvP.

We look forward to meeting you!



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Shut up

9/01/08 9:23:37 AM#29

Agony | AG | Agony Gaming

(we'll wear one of these tags if others aren't available)

  • We’re a US/EU RvR based guild and we’re openly recruiting for open beta & launch.
  • Collectively there are about 7-9 of us starting and hope to expand our #s. We have all played mmos for about 8 years either with or against each other.
  • We’re looking for core players who have Ventrilo downloaded and a mic in their possession.
  • We’re not into RP
  • We have a dedicated Ventrilo server...a mic is required.
  • If Red Eye Mountain stays a core server through launch and isn’t open PvP or an RP server, that’s where we’ll call home.
  • Come create an account, fill out our simple application, and we’ll get back to you within a matter of minutes or an hour.


MxO Vet – 04-06
COV/COH – 04-07
WoW – 04-07

waiting for war.


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9/01/08 11:04:11 AM#30

Tyranny is a Destruction based guild made up of experienced and mature MMO players. We intend to create a strong presence in WAR, topping whatever server we end up on.

We feature 3 elements: Hardcore, Casual, and Helpers. The Hardcore element is the strong foundation of the guild, fighting for our presence and receiving all of the benefits of being a member of Tyranny.

The casual element is for the largest portion of our member base, made up of those who cannot meet all of the requirements of a hardcore member or who do not want to. Nothing is expected of these members except to be active in a given 30 day period or give notice on extended leaves.

The Helper element is a special brand given to either Casual or Hardcore members who are most interested in helping out new and old members. Helpers are expected to be the first to respond if someone asks for help, but by no means are they required. These members are extremely important to getting new members up to speed and getting other members to higher levels faster than any other guild on our server.

While we will not strive to be the largest guild, we will strive to have a better organization, with more member perks, and better tactics than any one else.



Contact: Sovereign

US Destruction Guild, All Classes Welcome!


  User Deleted
9/03/08 3:44:50 AM#31

  Dawn of the Phoenix

Server: U.S. Core rules

Faction: Order

Guild website:

Recruitment: Open, 18+

Description: Dawn of the Phoenix is a newly formed Order guild with an emphasis on tight knit groups and a friendly atmosphere. We aim to have roughly 50-60 core players who log on regularly, with a mix of both casual and hardcore players. We are most likely set for the Mad Dog server. There is a structure and leadership in place to help keep everything moving forward and going as smoothly as possible, but ultimately it's player to player interactions between guild members that we feel are key to success. We're all here to kick back, have fun and work together-not to add any more stress and drama to our daily lives! On the other hand we will be organized and coordinated when it comes to raids, large-scale pvp events, and circumstances where such efforts are not only advantageous, but required for certain goals to be achieved in game.


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9/04/08 5:37:14 PM#32

                                           SQUIG PRO QUO






Squig Pro Quo 'SPQ' are recruiting for all sorts. We're hitting the ground running with 25 members stolen from our WoW / Lotro/SWG and AoC guilds. We know our MMOs very well and nearly cleared the WoW Black Temple for what its worth. Then we realised there was more to life. Anyway we're all bored to death with WoW and want to have some fun concentrating on PVP/RVR. We fall under the so called mature grown up bracket, huge Warhammer fans, like to have a laugh and the usual stuff. We'll be in the open beta so you are more than welcome to join us and say hello. We'll be recruiting from the start. You'll be joining a solid group of friends who know each from many other MMOs some even way back to SWG. We currently consist of Brits, Scandinavians and Dutch there's no restriction we even accept people from the Isle of Wight. Everyone is welcome as long as you like to have fun and a laugh and like winning!

Squig Pro Quo is part of the Sunfall umbrella of MMO game guilds. If you plan to game on Euro English servers, like the evil destruction side check out our forum and say hello. We'd love to meet you. Forum link below.


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9/04/08 9:36:19 PM#33


-1.a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence. be a match for; rival.

United States Hardcore RvR (PST)

<Paragon> was created specifically for Warhammer Online. We are a collection of hardcore gamers and their friends/family from many previous MMO titles. Some core members have been playing with each other for over ten years, and most recently have come from World of Warcraft and Age of Conan.

With over a decade of leadership experience, we strive to be the best on our server and the world. Inquire about our WowJutsu. Very selective and very elitist we make the necessary sacrifices to be the best; and require every new member to do the same. Our paramount mission is to be the best and promote an aura of excellence. We are professionals who will never settle for second best; and have many accolades under our belt to prove it, from Ulitma Online to Warhammer.

Hardcore experience is a must but if your someone who has had to carry the weight of others, now is your chance to be among peers who do not need to be spoon fed strats or encouraged to do what it takes to be prepared... we're veterans of the genre and only except members with similar experience.

Pledging starts now, put your applications in, interviews begin Sept 7th

More about Paragon:

Many of us play easily more than 40+ hours a week in preceding MMO's, as we have a strong passion for gaming. Many of us probably spend at least 5-10 hours blogging or participating in some form of Meta-Game on top of that. Whether we have no lives or not is really a subjective assessment; and really no one cares at this point, we've all been told we have no lives by somebody. Some players hate on hardcore gamers and hardcore gaming but we sacrifice a lot to be on the top... health included, especially on opening. Paragon indeed has its spectrum of members in the guild, as we have a long history and many friends / family that migrate with us, but our core must fulfill requirements and perform at an expected high level of play to remain core. Warhammer is not the first MMO for anyone in our guild, everyone has played at least 3 years of MMO's before WAR; even our casuals.


Hardcore people who are fanatic about the genre are who we are looking for, because we don't want to waste any time while we raid. We want people serious about content, serious about progression and serious about character development to apply and will not take anything less. A guilds raiding success is based on how productive your structured time is... two guilds spending the same amount of time on content can have two very different outcomes. We play seriously and are rewarded for it, it is a game, but during raids it's all business. It's business time!

I personally work in the Online Gaming space, and MMO Gaming has become my biggest hobby and is part of my occupation. So, I personally have spent the last 11 years in the genre, and log in easily 42+ hours a week, for the last 6 or 7 years. I attend E3 almost every year, except last year, and I went to PAX this year, yesterday, to speak to Paul Barnett myself, and I have my pics with him and video on our site for those interested. Im a genuine fan of the genre and the community subculture and want to be with hobbists who are just as passionate. Maybe I should've said,

"Looking for Alpha Nerds"

We have yet to accept a single app yet from this site, and this is only one avenue among many paths we've taken for recruitment and we still need to see more apps from players that are like us and share the same enthusiasm for the game and genre. And, we dont accept applications... until we see people's in game performance. Oh and regarding our name, it's serious I guess but, we take ourselves seriously... my motto is,

"It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle"

The hunt for solid, hardcore members has begun but this is only a small step. Hope I've cleared some things up. Again, we're not trying to be anything we aren't but we're not looking to spoon feed folks, we want already trained and experienced raiders as we will not take the time to teach simple principles like: Pathing 101, Aggro Management 205, Healing Rotations 352, or Line of Sight 102 classes.


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9/07/08 4:34:22 AM#34

 All Out Assault


POC: Allomein


Guild Focus: Realm vs. Realm

Server Type: Core Ruleset

Server: Tyrion (Subject to Change)

Guild Website:

Recruitment status: Open

History: AoA is a multi-game guild that has been around since 1996. MMOs AoA has been active in include Star Wars Galaxies, WoW, DDO, Tabula Rasa, LOTRO, POTBS, and AOC. AoA currently has thriving LOTRO, POTBS, and AOC divisions and smaller numbers of players in other MMO's such as WoW and DDO. AoA currently has members testing two games; Warhammer Online and Stargate Worlds. AoA is also active in a broad range of other games including shooters like Team Fortress II, as well as consoles. When you join AoA, you are not only joining a great guild in a particular game, you are joining a community of gamers. That sense of community and longevity is what makes AoA special. AoA is seeking mature players. We recognize that as adults, we have lives and don't have requirements about leveling at a certain pace or making certain milestones by certain dates. Our real requirement is that everyone has fun, is helpful to their fellow guildies, is active to the extent their schedules permit, participates as part of the community, and that everyone contributes to the WAR division's goals and objectives as best they can. Our WAR division will be very focused on RvR, and we would like to attract players that share an interest in having a lead role in that aspect of the game. AoA will enjoy every aspect of the game be it PvE, PvP, or economy - but our goals and objectives will be focused on excelling in RvR and our events and officer structure reflect those objectives. Along those lines, AoA will play a lead role in alliance building, offering up tools to facilitate alliances such as forums and our large vent server.

AoA believes that it is important to "know thy enemy." As a result, we remained undecided on which side we would ultimately choose during beta and encouraged our members to test all the races and classes in both Destruction and Order. We have made our selection and have decided upon DESTRUCTION.

So if you are like-minded, looking for a group that is driven by a belief that games are meant to be fun, interested in joining a community of gamers, and want to play a lead role in RvR for WAR we would love to talk to you!

How to apply: Head on over to the AoA forums, register, and make a post in the "post here for access" thread, or contact me in game, or in these forums. You can also hop onto our vent and join our warhammer channel to talk to us. See information in my signature.

We are also interested in potential allies. Feel free to visit our site or email at

All Out Assault War Division Leader


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9/08/08 9:56:19 AM#35

BKB (Black Knight Brotherhood) is recruiting for members in Warhammer online.

BKB is an older experienced guild. Many of the members have played together for quite a while. BKB is looking for mature and responsible players to help the guild grow in Warhammer.

Visit this site for more



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9/10/08 7:32:43 PM#36

The Hammerfist Clan


Our recruitment thread here on these forums: [Click Here]



Guild Name: The Hammerfist Clan
Guild Website:
Main Time Zone: [USA]
Guild Leader or Recruiter: Brakkish
About Us:

We're an adult kinship looking for mature members age 18 or older. We're more of a social/casual guild than hardcore. How you choose to spend your gaming time is up to you. Dictating how and when you need to play is not our style.
It's our goal to provide a friendly, stress free environment in which to enjoy the game. If you are looking to join us, some things you should keep in mind are: We value friendship over loot and hoarding. Guilds can be an excellent place to meet new friends and share good times and experiences that keep with you for years. Squabbling over loot has no place here. Providing a decent environment, void of riff-raff and distractions is an A-1 priority in any MMO we play. Leaving the drama behind and entering a world of fantasy and fun is what it's all about.

Guild category: RvR
Roleplay: Optional
Voice: Yes, Ventrillo
Recruiting members status: Open to friendly adults 18 years of age or more.
Server type: RvR - Core Ruleset

For our current status in the Realm War on the official War site, click here


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9/11/08 5:04:55 PM#37

Knights of Alliance: Obsidian Order

Main website:

Forum webadress:

Chapter Leader: Ramsonne

Allegiance: Destruction

Recruitment: Open

For additional questions contact "Nobody" (That's his name, not a joke) on our forums and he'll be glad to answer anything you want to know.

What makes us different? (short version):
KoA members have been gaming together online since UO in 1997. We constantly pick up new members which keeps things fresh. This means our numbers are typically large and our members are all vested in the goal of providing a fun, competent group of people to play with in whatever games we play. Testament to this claim is the fact that we have earned a spot in the Warhammer Online Guild Beta. In Warhammer we are a tightly regimented, aggressive, and large RvR force intent on taking and holding Tier 4 keeps.

Long [-winded] Version:
KoA is more than a gaming guild. With a history that extends back to the earliest days of MMORPGs, we are a group who values the long-term, quality relationships that develop from membership in KoA. Our membership is generally older and mature. Being vested in the guild after years of building relationships lends to a greater sense of pride and belonging. For these reasons, KoA members tend to work hard at making us all successful in whatever games we play. We have had great successes in most of the games we've played. Largest membership numbers in games like UO, SB, and Vanguard. Completing the more difficult end-game content that many guilds cannot in games like WoW. We took the #1 spot for our server in Oil Empires one of the two rounds we played there.

Our leadership has a proven track record for even-handed judgement and competence. And each of our chapters benefits from the out of game infrastructure that assists KoA in outperforming most other guilds. Namely third party voice programs, forums, server hosts, website hosting and design, extensive contact information databases, etc.

The KoA Warhammer chapter will again make us a decisive force in global outcomes in our gaming venue. We have a well-organized, para-military structure intent on engaging Order in ruthless RvR. Our community forums are very active and we encourage potential recruits and friends alike to open up the lines of communication with us there. We look forward to hearing from you!



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9/13/08 6:30:55 PM#38

REGIMENT NAME: Second Foundation
SERVER: Pheonix Throne
REALM: Order
BATTLECRY: Give me Liberty or give me death!

The Second Foundation idea is inspired by masonic, hermetic, and buddhist principles and Traditions. A guild is more than just one person; But, maybe it can begin with an idea. I am looking for a few individuals who are willing to help each other, and the guild grow and evolve, in whatever capacity they wish. I feel that I need to find, at least six , other like minded people who think that maybe this is the answer to what they want.

The purpose of Second Foundation is to fascilitate, inspire, and support free minded people and activities. The primary mission, is to encourag, and help each other, as we explore all aspects of Warhammer Online, with joy in our minds and love in our hearts. The point, so to speak, is to create a mechanism to help us enjoy the game more by helping us find, and assist, other like minded people.


2P1K3 Xfire Miniprofile

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9/14/08 1:39:44 PM#39

Come check out the:
Penance website.

We are Order and Open RvR.

See our recruitment site at Warhammer Alliance here.



Penance: Swearing, binge gaming, jail, drunken MMO domination, bar fights, and terrifying farm animals. Yeah, we do it all. See for yourself.

"Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come."

-Matt Groening


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9/18/08 12:08:21 PM#40


If you're not into being a blood-lusted torture-porn addicted sex slave of the god of murder then Witch Elf isn't for you.


Main website:

Forum webadress:

Chapter Leader: Atychia

Server: Volkmar

Allegiance: Destruction

Recruitment: Open (6man team base)

Limits: 17+, Must not take everything seariously

Small group of people playing team base forms~

AkA My team consist of (Mara, WE, Sorc, DoK, Zeal, Chosen Team Flank 1)

We Demand Sacrifice is not only the guild name, it is a code that all guild members shall follow. We demand sacrifice not only from our opponents in their inevitable slaughter, but also from our guild in complete cooperation and dedication to the team and furthering the guild's ambitions.

All members shall be treated with the same dignity and respect, as this is the way it should be.

Let the focus point of this community be the utter destruction of anyone who stands before us and the camaraderie given life by effective coordination.



Msg me in game "Soju" if want more info were not forcing the use of forums or anything like that all we ask is for you to get a mic and vent <3

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