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Castle Thorn Software / Nexeon Technologies | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 09/21/07)  | Pub:Castle Thorn Software / Nexeon Technologies
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Subscription
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Comments from other members who rated StarQuest Online

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Mgoodman writes: I have been playing the game for around 7 months and can honestly say I have never had such an amazing experience as this game has given me. I have waited ages for a game like this where I can come up with a way to get out of a situation in game and actually do it because the developers really have thought of everything (well almost)! Everyday I get aboard my ship with my fellow crew members and everyday without fail something new happens, not because the developers planned it that way but because they gave the players the tools to make all these unique situations happen, it is the player interactions that make the content in SQO not quests or grinding. I have played many mmorpg's and nothing has come close (despite what some will think of the graphical look of the game). ok, I admit, the game will not be for everyone but if you can ignore the fact that the game does not (graphic wise) look like it was made for the eye candy type of player then you will be surprised at the endless possibilities this truly "sandbox" style game has. What you do in the game is truly up to you.. Be a ship commander (in starfleet), Set up your own colonies, set up your own corporations, explore planets, create and sell chemicals, find new races etc..although you can do this in other mainstream titles, the fact that I can finally be a avatar and not a ship was a big selling point for me. I can now walk around corridors, go to my quarters, sit at consoles and control the ship , go to the teleporter room to beam down to a planet, dock with starbases, put on my ev suit and find a cure for when one of my crew brings back a deadly virus from a indigenous race that he encountered, tweak the ship and change parts to get the best results for your tactics when in battle, basically all the things you can do in some of the other big games but from a avatar point of view and most importantly for me, with my buddies! ; ) The other big selling point is how much the community has really shaped this game. Not only do our suggestions actually get taken on board by the devs and implemented (new functions and content every week, nearly all from forum discussions) but the players shape the game by what they actually do in it! We have alliances, corporations, pirates, bounty hunters and supremely powerful alien races all run by players, this leads to all kind of unpredictable situations as everybody trys to make their way in the milky way which is very big (and I mean over 17,000 star systems big). This all leads to you having to really use every possible detail in the game which in turn keeps the game evolving, high skill levels are not all you need either to win, ship fighting is real time and action based with skill levels playing their part but not being the only thing need to win.. since it is free for a month, I would recommend trying it, granted this has not been a bias review but what can I say.. I love this game! All I have tried to do is give you the incentive to do what I did almost 7 months ago, don't be put off by your first day in game most people are up in space having fun! join the forum and find a good crew to get you going, if you want your own ship then some big corporations will give you one for helping them.. once you have one and you get your own crew and maybe a few colonies as well, then you will find your actions will shape this game in way not possible in other games! hope to see you in space! Mon Nov 24 2008 1:28PM
Maj_Science writes: System-wise the game was stable and I have no complaints regarding the support staff. However, I can safely say that for a majority of gamers, this is not the game you're looking for. Team-work and community are the names of the game here, you need both to get anything done. If the community was good or even capable of doing a TF2 kind of teamwork, it wouldn't be so bad. However, the community isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure there's a few gems here and there, but there's at least one egotistical asshole and ten kiss-asses for each gem you dig up. All in all, the game reminds me of work and that's a good sign I've stopped having fun. Thu Oct 30 2008 10:10PM
ZeroMinutes writes: This is a game for grownups, not whiners and crybabies. Big risks = BIG rewards, and what you do counts for something ! Tue Oct 21 2008 3:23PM
UtahJazzMan writes: I have found my sci-fi mmorpg home :-)No grinding, no quests, just a galaxy wide sandbox to play in....very cool ! Tue Oct 21 2008 11:46AM
WDSnav writes: Well I thought it would be a nice game to play and I bought 3 months of it after my trial expired and I now regret that decision, this game is just terrible. I have many reasons to explain why. First of all I would like to focus on the game client, the game client has never been stable for me and always lags, freezes, and crashes. My computer is not crappy either; I am able to run many other games on max graphics such as World of Warcraft without any issues. All of my drivers are up to date and I do scan for viruses and do maintenance. I thought these problems would clear up real soon but they didn’t, I even, tried reinstalling the game. Despite the client giving me all these problems, I thought that maybe the game-play would substitute for them. When I first started the game, the experience as a new user was terrible and the only reason I decided to pay for it is because I was desperate for something better after playing too many MMO’s that are like World of Warcraft. It literally took me about four days just to be able to find a ship to get on. I then spent the rest of my trial being trained on the consoles with little action to participate in. While being trained on the S.S. Lagooner on the tactical console, I saw the ship blow up right before my eyes for no reason. I was locked out of the console and I know it was not my fault and the ship was never restored and I now know that these ships are not easy to get and you have to get a lot of materials for them, I would have been cussing at the administration without caring about a permanent ban if they did not restore my ship which I had worked to get for months. Well things seemed to be getting better when I met someone named Nick Jackson who was in control of a ship and I worked on his ship for a while and finally got to participate in some action and get to do things. Well unfortunately I still didn’t know how to completely play the game so I met up with a generous player named Frank Jones who let me onto his crew and we spent several nights of him training me and me getting to learn a lot of new things about the game. Well after a newbie was left on the ship overnight, the newbie shot at something he shouldn’t of shot at and got the S.S Benevolence blown to pieces and the crew was now flagged for piracy. Shortly after this event, Frank Jones quit the game which was a sad event to see him go… After that happened, I met back up with Nick Jackson and joined his crew again. Well I finally had saved up enough money to buy my own Duchess. I was very dissatisfied to see that there are no medium-sized ships so you either have something really small and shabby or you work forever to finally get a huge ship. I used my ship to go to Xanadu so I can buy some equipment for my character. Well after not getting to see any nice action every since I started playing the game, I found a newbie and I decided to kill him. I was taken to some prison planet and I mined until my sentence was over. Even after that, I am not stuck somewhere and no one knows how to get me out of here. I have even talked to veteran players which have no clue where I am, Nick checked Xanadu and I’m not there. Well actually, that was only the first part of my life going to hell, for some reason, some FFO is turned off and my ship got blown to bits while I’m stuck in some place not able to do anything. After seeing two people having their very nice, huge ships blown to bits which they had to spend a lot of time getting, and having my own ship blown to bits which took me a while to get, I am finished with this game. This game has finally reached the end of my patience and I finally got pissed off enough to go post this complaint. I also think the administration are tyrants, Frank Jones got banned for something that happened on Google Talk which is not even in the game itself, not only that but he got banned for 2 weeks! By that time I would have already probably found another game to play; that is a very extreme punishment for a player who has played for 1 year and 1 month. This is just a game where I kept think it’ll get better; it has to get better with all these good reviews about it. Well, I have been giving the game a chance for a while now and it still hasn’t got any better and it was just an utter waste of my time and money. I do not care if I get banned for writing this post, I am finished with this game and I also hope to post this review on some game review sites. Thank you for reading my review, and hopefully you’ll decide to quit (or not play if you haven’t started) before your waste any of your hard earned cash or time on this game just to see your hard work be blown to bits. Tue Sep 09 2008 5:30PM
KILLkip writes: Best game ever xD Ps. If anyone wants to see the replies to WDSnav's rambling :P Fri Aug 22 2008 9:00AM
danuis writes: Its a good game! heres a small rating The gfx aint good,but the rest makes up for it.and why just play a game for the gfx? Sound...battle sound and music is good and mostly for me at the right timing.the walking gives me headaches though. Roleplay-most people stay in their roles!its great! value-good Fun,great!for me :D community is great,people help out all the time lags a bit on the downside,but the performance is good Customer service-maybe its cause these people themselves were gamers,i dunno,but its GREAT AS HELL Sun Aug 17 2008 8:50PM
Wallano writes: Great game! Thu Aug 14 2008 6:16PM
Vogon writes: I played EvE for 2 years, SWG until the NGE, DaoC, WoW, and City of Heros. StarQuest is nice because it blends space travel, Planetary action, PVP, and crafting to make a complete game experience. I've been playing StarQuest Online for about a month now, and it really becomes addicting and very immersive, once you get past the relatively steep learning curve. The Graphics are old school and kind of klunky. The sound track has 2 tracks the recycle, but aside from that, the game has impressive depth and is very RP oriented. SQO is primarily an open ended "Open competitive environment", with limited access to scripted missions, allowing the players to pretty much do whatever they want.There is open PVP, except in starter zones. Most of the Game content needs to be experienced from space, and you need a ship to get there. Making enough money to buy a starter ship is relatively easy, with a little guidance. The player community is very mature for the most part, and answers questions posted in the forums rapidly. Customer service is great, and the developers respond to the desires of the community. They have an ongoing suggestion forum to suggest game content, and the recent ship combat upgrade was the result of player suggestions and forum polls to determine what the players were looking for in the combat system. All of those people that were waiting for StarTrek Online should give this game a try, and roll Fleet characters. If you were into PnP Traveller, there are also a lot of similarities to the civilian characters. 2 suggestions, If you Play StarQuest, read the game forums for hints, and get a gtalk account. Fri Apr 04 2008 5:32PM
k2newb writes: How do they keep making so many crap ass games?!?! Who funds this stuff? Thu Feb 14 2008 6:05PM