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Castle Thorn Software / Nexeon Technologies | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 09/21/07)  | Pub:Castle Thorn Software / Nexeon Technologies
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Subscription
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StarQuest Online Forum » General Discussion » This game is gonna Flop!

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Joined: 6/27/06
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OP  7/22/06 9:29:31 PM#1

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Joined: 6/26/05
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8/09/06 9:21:05 AM#2
I can't believe in 2006 developers are trying to feed us this crap. Wake up! It MAY be a good game, but with those graphics your not gonna get many people to even try it.

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Joined: 8/09/06
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8/13/06 3:49:37 PM#3
This game will for sure sell more boxes than Wow

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Joined: 12/23/06
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12/25/06 12:58:44 PM#4
I'm pretty sure theres a GFX overhaul in store for the game before release. But right now it is a beta, they are testing the mechanics of the game, not the graphics. Also, graphics can be... expensive. And honestly I dont mind the graphics right now, they arent super glitched, they are just old school.

I suggest not judging any game by just its graphics, thats how all of these crappy korean games pop up so fast. Boasting slave labored gfx and the same old designs and engines as every other craptastic korean game makes me sick of most mmos, this game is way different. The development is pouring its talent into it, they care about the game. They will have it looking sharp by the time of retail, I am sure.

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Joined: 11/12/06
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12/31/06 11:41:13 AM#5

hate to say it, but by saying judging a book by its cover may sound an ole saying... but this game wont sell out. its gonna be 2007 soon, and why put up with the old designs?!?  a computer geek would play it but it wont be enough.


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Joined: 1/15/07
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1/15/07 12:55:20 PM#6

Well this game probobly needs some moemntum. I'm prety sure that the more people play it and support it the father along it will go. So eventually it might have much better grahphics. Which would attract more people. Then the game will later update the graphics. Then it just repeats.

At first it looked bad to me due to the graphics but the game play makes up more than enough for that. So this game seems to be in a good position to succed but it's just a little rocky right now getting there


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Joined: 3/27/04
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2/22/07 7:27:28 AM#7

flop or not...what annoys me the most is that ppl rather judge games before they have even tried it....

I love space game, and been waiting for 1 since ENB was canceled by EA. the graphix there wasnt great, but the game sure was imo.

I prefer playability over graphix any day of the week!


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2/27/07 5:11:57 PM#8
Then come play with us zulor !

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If it aint broken, don''t fix it!

2/27/07 5:14:08 PM#9
Your being fuzzy. The developers obviously isnt trying to compete with the big boys. It's a game for the specific few who like the idea and i dont think anyone is making a major investment in it?
Havnt read up that much but this is what i think would be the thing.

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Joined: 2/12/06
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4/16/07 2:26:30 AM#10
A game like this is bound to have very... "unsafe" policies... and explore less popular game choices in the line of perma death, language barriers or no PvE.

I think I wanna try it just for kicks! Who knows, it may have a fun community and be hilarious for a little

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Joined: 10/03/06
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5/25/07 3:20:52 AM#11

It occur to anyone that this game is a blatant rip off of Star Trek?  I mean i'm sure it's a well built game but why must they completly rip off another franchise?  Also, just how big is the dev team workin on this?  From the looks of the site it looks like just a group of geeks workin in their basment.



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Joined: 5/19/07
Posts: 7

5/25/07 8:39:46 AM#12

What makes you think its a rip-off? I've played it for a year and I didnt feel like if i was in startrek or anything. It has it's own story, own plots, own ship designs, own interiors, own races, own politics, and so on.


I would love to hear your more detailed opinion.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 5/11/07
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5/25/07 7:10:52 PM#13

Geeks working in their basement?

This comes from the guy who's just looked up a game on a (and lets be honest) pretty nerdy site. Decided he didn't like said game based on one or two little things without even trying to play it and then logs in and insults it's designers on a public chat board where he can hide behind a forum name?

I'd think twice before insulting people if I were you. Besides, at least they're doing something that's making a growing community happy. All you're doing is annoying people with your ignorant insults.

Feel free to say that you don't like the graphics or the concept but there's no need to be so rude.


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Joined: 2/12/06
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5/25/07 11:54:13 PM#14
If anything it reminds me a little more of SpaceQuest... man I'd love to see a 2D sidescroller MMO SpaceQuest... anyways...

Ted... you're not even making an argument... you haven't stated anything except your attempt to distance yourself from ...nerds in their basements...?

Da heck have u done lately?

I'd love to be involved on a project like this ...
Heck if you and him show up at Ubisoft, MS Studios, Bioware, Blizzard or Cryptic... who do you think they'd hire first?

If he owns his own basement he probably owns more than you, and you and I both know I'm right.

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Joined: 10/03/06
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5/28/07 1:09:43 AM#15

No, I haven't played this game and i don't intend on trying out, but from what i've seen the interior ship designs are very similar to star trek.  Yes, the space quest games do copy off of star trek a little bit but from the video and the screenshots it looks like a star trek game with a different name.

Sorry if i'm bashing the game, i'm just stating my impressions from looking at the trailer.  That IS what most people do before they buy/download a game is it not?  If they like how the game looks then they'll buy it, if not then they won't waist time with it.

As for the "basment development" thing, okay i might have been a bit harsh with that.  If they're listed on this site then they're obviously a semi-professional company.  I haven't following this game so i don't know how long it's been in development but from what i've seen it looks like it's just in the early stages.



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Joined: 6/01/07
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6/01/07 12:42:03 PM#16
Omg the Little vid is out of date by far. Trust me on that and it only shows the inside of a Tico ship thiers more then a Tico in this game. And yes the Tico has little Startrek look to it kind of. Acouly looks more like Startrek Orginal then any other show. Still not the point you are bashing a game you never even played. Your baseing all your arguments on a Vid. Come on time to grow up. If you don't got something nice to say just dont say it. Rose i do have to agree with you he probly doesnt have a life if he spends time bashing work that he probly can not do him self.
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