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StarQuest Online Forum » General Discussion » This game is Hardcore Full PVP

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Joined: 5/16/09
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I am here to chew bubblegum and to kick a$$, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

OP  5/16/09 1:10:00 PM#1

This is a full PVP game. I know that is not what a lot of people are interested in, but there are a few die hard fans of this genre. if it is not for you please do not come into our community, and try to change the game. There are many games that cater to your playstyle out already. This is a dangerous game. You can be taken prisoner against your will. All your hard work can be destroyed in a few hours, and that's the way we like it. There have been too many new players coming in and complaining lately that the pvp system is too unforgiving. Well that's because this game strives for a sense of realism. In space no one can hear you scream, and that's the way we like it.


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Joined: 12/26/08
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5/19/09 4:04:10 PM#2

What is the matter with you?

"full PvP game" "die hard fans"... tsk!
All these phrases shout to any reader is "i am elite, i want to stay that way, at all costs".
I checked it out, and there are hardly any players around, unfortunately!

I have to agree with many, it's a game full of promise and if some major issues are finally worked out
(i understand it's a small dev team so it might take a bit, but should be worth the wait)
then this game could be one of, if not the best.
But as history has not only shown, but also proven, it is not enough to have a good product, you do need customers too.
Do you really think players like you are sufficient to keep such a game up?

And if your answer is "yes", then allow me to point you to the numerous OTHER games that have both PvP and PvE and compare the figures.
You will note that the PvE community is always way larger.

As i said, i tried the game.
It is a good one, but especially the "you can loose all your hard work to some moron in seconds" is what's putting me off, perhaps even driving me away again.
If you are new AND unlucky, you do NOT end up with a decent crew but instead with some asshole taking you prisoner for the rest of your trial time.
And if you then delete your character or die to get out and be able to play again, you are marked as cheater on their forums.
That's some community you are trying to preserve with that post above...
(Not to say they are all that way, quite the contrary, but from reading the OP i have the feeling that the author belogs exactly to that circle which i refer to as the bunch of morons above)

The problem is not the PvE or PvP question, but the low playerbase.
If you would have enough players, the problems i mentioned would not even be that much of an issue.
But because of the low number of players, as a new one you have a really hard time of a) getting into the community in the first place and b) make the "right" friends instead running into the bunch of morons that are out to eliminate you.
It is simply a matter of understanding MMORPG customers to deduct that you need to cater to SOME sense of security to enlarge the playerbase significantly.

I can only imagine what happens when you have actually some "property" amassed, like a decent ship and perhaps a colony or two and THEN "cross" the people like the OP.
It's not only pirates but also the main faction's enemies and even the own military that can end your days at a whim, to some extent even when you are not even online to defend yourself.
Which, i think, is a first - and not a good one.
Because i think it ends your days in a game if you play for days, perhaps weeks, only to loose everything in a few seconds or perhaps minutes.

UNLESS you are lucky enough to find a decent crew (which basically requires you to start a military career in this game), you are basically screwed before you begin.
But if you read their forums, it's full of reports of people infiltrating other factions and busting them from within.
I can only guess that you are one of them, because you are trying to keep that "playstyle" instead to try to change it for the better!

All the problems i mentioned above (and a few i have not mentioned because i have hope they will work those out over time) cause the unfortunately low playerbase.
Which in turn keeps the number of developers down.
Which in turn delays the resolving of the problems.
And so the spiral goes on....


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Joined: 2/03/09
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5/27/09 12:11:46 PM#3

Lol hard core, sure.  This game is not PvP but what they created is more of a PvV system (player Vrs Victim)

Its a great idea, a ton of potential, but a horrible development team and a pathetic, petty small group of veteran players.  Just vist the SQO forums yourself and read up for a bit. 

SQO and the company CTS motto is "If you don't like it take your 33 cents a day elsewhere."


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6/09/09 1:18:47 AM#4


you dont see shit like this very often, the guy wouldnt listen to the captain (again) and got vaporized in his seat, very awesome.




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Gaming should be about fun, not gender equality.

6/24/09 7:06:52 AM#5

Too bad to see a space MMO to fail so miserably as there are so few of them.


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Joined: 12/26/08
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6/24/09 7:34:14 AM#6
Originally posted by Yamota

Too bad to see a space MMO to fail so miserably as there are so few of them.

I would not say that the game failed.
More like, a certain part of the community does (by driving some potential customers away, like by what was referred to above as "PvV" ).

It sure has some problems, even some major ones - any game has those to a higher or smaller extent.
Yes the graphics are mostly sub-standard - especially on planets/ship/house interiors.
But the systems, the asteroids etc - i think even the ships - are nice to look at.
And the UI is useable, for the most part.
(some bulky windows like the in-game chat but the ship operations are good for example)

It's really a certain part of the community (like, to some extent, the OP here) that is failing imo,
by focusing on but one ("their" ) aspect of the game, especially on public forums such as this and with an almost complete disregard to the wishes/playstyle of others.

Despite what the OP might want to make you believe, this game is NOT primarily about PvP, even though the game mechanics allow for much more PvP than is healthy.