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Silkroad Online Forum » General Discussion » Is there a SRO alternative really?

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Joined: 12/28/09
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OP  12/28/09 9:32:16 PM#1

 Hello, I'm a new user to the forum, but played SRO legit for a couple of years (2+ at least). I left the game over six months ago, but now I am having cravings. Due to bots, full servers, and all the problems that SRO has, I am looking for an alternative to this game, but I am very specific, since IMO Silkroad Online actually nailed gameplay in some aspects.

COMBOS + chain attacks (basically the same thing)

The good things about SRO are a huge open world to explore, the ability to chain attacks without waiting for your turn (no 'cooling' time or pauses in between attacks), very fluid animations, and fast action attacks when new skills are learned.

WoW in comparison moves in slow motion. In fact, when you jump in WoW, you can see your character 'floating' down to the ground. In SRO there's no jumping of course, but the action is fast paced and grinding actually is satisfying (to a level).

So, what alternatives there are where there's a huge open world (no need to 'follow the path' to get from A to B), and attacks can be chained so there is no waiting in-between attacks?


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Joined: 12/08/09
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1/13/10 3:21:23 AM#2

Silkroad has the best combat system in the entire history of any MMO, but it's community & creators are a piece shit. No..there are no alternatives, yet.



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Joined: 6/16/09
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1/22/10 5:22:05 AM#3

They just said they got rid of all the bots. Is that just moer of their lies or is the problem really solved this time?


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Joined: 5/03/08
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1/23/10 4:47:59 AM#4

Aion is the closest thing to Silkroad...  although still not as good as the original SRO. I tried out Scions of Fate 3 years ago and it was pretty close to it in my opinion also, not sure how it is now though. Graphics are more cartoony but still had a fun asian feel to it.

I played Silkroad from spring 2006 until spring 2009. SRO still has a place in my heart as the greatest MMO. It still saddens the hell out of me to know Joymax is a piece-of-shit greedy ass company that cares about one thing and one thing only; money.

Silkroad Online 2 was announced for late 2011, however. It was posted on a Korean news site. I really hope they don't screw it up this time around.


Good luck.


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Joined: 7/10/06
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2/11/10 4:38:17 AM#5
Originally posted by Silver_Leaf

They just said they got rid of all the bots. Is that just moer of their lies or is the problem really solved this time?


nope, is still full of bots


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Joined: 3/28/07
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4/13/10 11:41:14 PM#6

silkroad is still one of the best game out there ,being one of the few truelly trying hard to be global help them a lot

last time i had tried to play this game, the issue wasnt is it nice is it fun etc!

the issue was are we able to get in!its not just bot by the way, ton of player play this game

add the bot and you get the idea.

i m downloading right now see if i can logon or if its still impossible like it was and as always been since its lunch!

if they found a way for player to login i think i ll be playing this a while,since i always wanted to play it but server were always full!


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Joined: 3/23/09
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4/27/10 5:11:42 AM#7

may be Lineage 2 is a half alternative of SRO but not F2P (u can play on russian official server for free), Archlord is nice combo system and it's free, a little bit slowest game from SRO but free and good alt.

i hear that you can enter in SRO always if you have premium account, or somthing


Apprentice Member

Joined: 5/09/10
Posts: 9

5/09/10 12:49:35 AM#8

Years down the track now from the original deluge of botters, there is still NO change whatsoever ... in fact if anything it is worse now ... I recently downloaded the 1.2Gb client in order to have another look only to be unable to login to the game at all!

In terms of an alternative, I've yet to find anything with the same 'feel' to it (I love the oriental characters/spells/setting) so personally I'm probably going to go back to WoW ...


And DON'T!!! believe for an instant that a 'premium' account will get you logged in any quicker ... being unable to use an account which I had purchased silk with was the original reason I left SRO ...


If and until SRO and JOYMAX become separate entities i think it is unlikely this will ever change ... such a pity ... potentially a truly great game buried under a mountain of incompetant or uncaring administration ...


Thank you JOYMAX ... 'fun' is NOT a dirty word ....


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Joined: 5/16/10
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There is no stranger danger then the danger of this stranger

5/16/10 12:13:32 PM#9

Sword of the New World allow u to control 3 characters at one time and Rappelz is really close to Silkroad



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Joined: 3/28/07
Posts: 7989

5/16/10 12:17:41 PM#10

yes sro has a system that do a loop login !it is made that way aimed supposedly at botter(without much success i might add)

i wish they would boot that system!


Apprentice Member

Joined: 5/09/10
Posts: 9

5/19/10 3:38:57 AM#11

I'm trying Perfect World at the moment ... the setting and look of the game is at least similar to SRO, but I still really miss the three way hunter/thief/merchant conflict ...


WHY? OH WHY, Joymax? Did you kill the fun?!


Novice Member

Joined: 1/18/07
Posts: 41

5/26/10 7:27:18 PM#12

I left SRO over a year ago..due to bot's and joymax's refusal to do anything about it,  I loved this game way back, and do miss playing still. For the past year ive been playing Perfect world, it close to SRO, and its well worth a look.


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Joined: 12/15/07
Posts: 666

5/26/10 7:39:42 PM#13

The alttab you should try would be; Sword of the new wolrd online or Perfect World till LOCO online come out, both have nice graphics and good game play. Yeah SRO was a very nice game back then till they fuck up, I mean how can you let  your own damn game that was better than EQ2 go to shit? just left us wondering.

LoL same question for SoE by letting Swg go to waste.


Advanced Member

Joined: 12/15/07
Posts: 666

5/26/10 7:47:40 PM#14

OH man... I also miss my "got luck money making" travels  in SRO, that was insanly fun to do. You would have to take some odd shortcuts to get pass the player robbers or if you was like a god like me :) just stand and owned them all... I miss that.


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Joined: 7/24/08
Posts: 14

7/15/10 10:44:47 PM#15

im currently in between mmo games, looking for something new to play, but i keep remembering all the pure fun i had with this game. it really just breaks my heart to see what this has become. i think we should sign a petition to destroy the bots!


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Joined: 5/01/04
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8/26/10 6:46:24 AM#16
Originally posted by Lord_Deems

Silkroad has the best combat system in the entire history of any MMO, but it's community & creators are a piece shit. No..there are no alternatives, yet.

And what is so great about the combat system that makes difference from the 90% of the F2P's ?