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Spellborn International
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 04/23/09)  | Pub:Frogster Interactive / Mindscape / Acclaim
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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The Chronicles of Spellborn Videos: New Trailer (6:47)

To celebrate the latest stage of beta testing, Spellborn has just released new video. You’ll see the starting zone located on the Parliament Shard, Hawk’s Landing, just outside the city of Hawksmouth.

To celebrate the latest stage of beta testing, Spellborn has just released new video. You’ll see the starting zone located on the Parliament Shard, Hawk’s Landing, just outside the city of Hawksmouth.
Duration: 6:47
Views: 21,347  57 comments
Game: The Chronicles of Spellborn
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Gotrede writes: It seems to me that TCoS is going to be a sleeper hit. Fri Mar 07 2008 2:36PM Report
BadSpock writes: Honestly, this looks amazing. Absolutely frick'n amazing. This is the kind of combat a next-Gen MMO needs. Fri Mar 07 2008 2:37PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes: Its not a trailer....Its an ingame video Fri Mar 07 2008 2:41PM Report
Rubakai writes: my lord this looks nice, just got better and better as it went on Fri Mar 07 2008 2:44PM Report
Saurus930 writes: It looks really great, but the sound effects are terrible. Less plip plop and more sword clashing and agonizing screams please! Fri Mar 07 2008 3:06PM Report
WootNation writes: Very nice, but my only concern is if its popular... and by popular I mean atleast over 300k or 500k subs. The quality looks great, its just that people know more about stuff like Warcraft and Warhammer and less about this... sad. Fri Mar 07 2008 3:14PM Report
Mariner-80 writes: Am I the only one that finds the weapon tracing (visual) effects and combat sounds to be overdone? Still and all, the game looks pretty fun. Fri Mar 07 2008 3:26PM Report
qombi writes: Looks like another solo play garbage mmorpg similar to WoW yet which tries to even worsen the genre further by making it like a console game. Fri Mar 07 2008 4:30PM Report
qombi writes: Where was the group of players fighting monsters? All I seen was someone running around in a action paced solo play mode. I can't play by myself offline, and do not need to pay a online fee to do so. Fri Mar 07 2008 4:31PM Report
Cablespider writes: Good stuff! I'm glad cry babies that have no clue what they're driveling about, like qombi, won't be playing. Fri Mar 07 2008 4:48PM Report
Tidwell32 writes: Although i dont think this game will even compete with age of conan, it's nice to see developers straying from the click and watch combat system. there may be hope for the MMORPG genre Fri Mar 07 2008 4:56PM Report
downtoearth writes: Tid AOc is craptastic instance play potbs and there how instance it is and just as much zoning its bassiccly a WoW clone with diffrent combat and 2 extra features Fri Mar 07 2008 5:13PM Report
Celestis1000 writes: Looks good to me. My only concern is there is still some room left for quake style circle strafing and bunny hopping which is not realistic in ANY way. Fri Mar 07 2008 5:59PM Report
Celestis1000 writes: I'd like to add that at one point the character fighting was "walking" while fighting. That part seem very cool and REAL. Walking around carefully choosing the right time to strike is much better than RUNNING around like a monkey. Fri Mar 07 2008 6:00PM Report
kikutaknight writes: looks wikid to me. worth a try at least :) Fri Mar 07 2008 6:12PM Report
Pietoro writes: I hope the US release isn't too far past the Euro date... I've been waiting for this game since '05! =P Fri Mar 07 2008 6:27PM Report
downtoearth writes: heh dont worry youc an play euro version as well Fri Mar 07 2008 6:39PM Report
germanicus writes: this is similar to WoW... Fri Mar 07 2008 9:13PM Report
Shakkles writes: ZZzzzzzzzzzzz It IS the click and watch combat system. The fact the main character walks around during it doesn't change a thing. Fri Mar 07 2008 10:12PM Report
Shifty360 writes: I do not follow this game, but I am bufuddled as to how everyone can shout WoW clone. WoW looks nothing like this game. Sat Mar 08 2008 1:18AM Report
daemon writes: Looks like a hit already. Lovely atmosphere. The world really looks alive and everything looks so smooth. Nice graphics, a good story, beautiful spells is all we need and all this at not the cost of performance. Sat Mar 08 2008 2:48AM Report
HackMick writes: Ok so i was kind of exited about TCOS b4 but I am really exited now! this looks awesome. Skill in combat! mebe all those hours playing fps will count for something in a persistent world! Only crit I would have was the running movement on the player looked a bit spastic, mebe thats on purpose? ;) Sat Mar 08 2008 2:49AM Report
coffee writes: looking good, as some have said, yes its like wow... in that... the animation are wonderful, not stiff and awkward, the enviroments look rich and detailed and above all it look like a fun game. go CoSB. Sat Mar 08 2008 3:39AM Report
swede2 writes: Game looks lame to me ,about the same as the rest of the crap thats already out there. Sat Mar 08 2008 7:32AM Report
Ryowulf writes: I liked everything but the sounds. Why was musical notes playing when people are hit? Sat Mar 08 2008 11:05AM Report
rejad writes: "I liked everything but the sounds. Why was musical notes playing when people are hit?" The sounds were from magic effects. The one that made the sound whenever they hit was probably due to the Life Tap spell, which I am assuming is a state you can put on an opponent so that every time you or one of your group hits them, you get healed a little. Looks cool. Sat Mar 08 2008 1:49PM Report
fagercraft writes: @WootNation You do realise that very few games have over 300-500 subsciptions. Atleast in one area. But yeah games should atleast be able to fill 1-3 servers to medium to stay interesting (excl special cases like EvE and such with super servers) On the trailer, the game reminds me of Rune, but in mmo form. The graphics are good, i am not so fond of the character models thou, however animations seems good. And too ppl saying its auto hit game like WoW and similar.. you gotta time your movement so your aponent will miss.. that is not AFK auto hit system. In wow if he swings the dices will rule if it hits.. here its the player. Definetly a game i will try out, then again i dont mind paying the cash to try it heh.. Looking forward to AoC and Aion more then this thou, however its up there with warhammer on the looking forward to list for me :D! Sat Mar 08 2008 1:51PM Report
Gayia writes: the game looks great and pretty original. I wish people would stop comparing everything to wow as if wow was the first of all things mmo. Sat Mar 08 2008 6:15PM Report
jopy writes: TCoS looks f-ing amazing! Sat Mar 08 2008 8:05PM Report
inseptra writes: well said Gayia Sat Mar 08 2008 9:54PM Report
Solamnus writes: If you think this game is similar to wow, you dont know anything about this game. Devs of this game tried to make somethingdifferent from other mmo`s and when i watch this movie, i see they done something rly original. If you think this game is lame, pls continue to play wow and grind gear to win forever... Sun Mar 09 2008 5:55AM Report
mindmeld writes: Still not impressed hard do see if it takes more skill than gear beased on video. Have to test it out first though before i can fully judge it. Sun Mar 09 2008 6:13AM Report
Avalon1976 writes: This MMORPG looks really worth paying for I have been playing WoW since it launched and believe this to be totally different from WoW which is a very good thing since WoW is becoming the MMORPG to play if you dont know how to play a MMORPG it is like the mmo for noobs this looks like a something I will play.. (CANT WAIT) Sun Mar 09 2008 11:42PM Report
Avalon1976 writes: I would like to add if WoW was your first MMO you really cant say your a true MMO buff .. I got my MMO fix back when everquest was first released .. This so far is way better than WoW .. as are alot of mmo's out there .. Sun Mar 09 2008 11:52PM Report
bestiacorpus writes: TCoS > WoW. They have WoWish visual content which is great. They need more fluid and enhanced physics animations --can still be fixed. Need more camera angles. NO STICKY TARGETTING! OMG WINNER! Mon Mar 10 2008 12:57AM Report
LostMK writes: # Avalon1976(posted Mon Mar 10 2008) * I would like to add if WoW was your first MMO you really cant say your a true MMO buff .. I got my MMO fix back when everquest was first released .. This so far is way better than WoW .. as are alot of mmo's out there .. --------- EQ was not the first good mmo either you fucktard... Mon Mar 10 2008 7:48PM Report
deadmilk writes: How are people saying this looks like WoW? WoW hurts my eyes to look at. This looks great! Mon Mar 10 2008 10:13PM Report
darkxiao writes: this shit is retarded.. wtf is that stupid little crosshair thing.. i didn't know this was an fps. reminds me of a rip off of aoc Mon Mar 10 2008 11:10PM Report
darkxiao writes: although it looks alright Mon Mar 10 2008 11:10PM Report
WagenMan writes: You know, the world just might be a better place if we didn't have user comments... see below for examples. Tue Mar 11 2008 11:19PM Report
Thatim writes: Guys, first of all, this concept is older the AoC one. Second of all, AoC wasnt able to pull of the trick, so it isnt in the game anymore. Third, there are penaltys for bunnyhoping, so that isnt a huge deal. Please read some info about the game first before you go bash something. I aint doing it too right? WAR LOOK IS WOW CLONE! Oops yes I did. Who stops me? Wed Mar 12 2008 12:59AM Report
mutantmagnet writes: "Am I the only one that finds the weapon tracing (visual) effects and combat sounds to be overdone?" You weren't the only one but after some discussionn with others who played the game already and my own introspection it's better this way. In this video you could see you can play in first person mode. But unlike other games you can't see your weapons so you can't judge distances. The weapon traces instead make up for that. In another video the weapon traces have really long draw distances. This allows you to plan ahead if classes have unique traces. As for the sound other people have said when you actually play the game it is no where near as obnoxious and it actually helps on a subconcious level. Wed Mar 12 2008 8:20AM Report
Micro_angel writes: It looks fine. I mean AoC rocks but this game looks pretty good. Spells are nice too. I´ll try it Wed Mar 12 2008 4:45PM Report
panther1o8 writes: finaly a game where if i hit you in the arm it will do arm damage!! and i cant actualy aim at your head and it do damage ther! im so sick of this shot you in the foot and it killed you crap Thu Mar 13 2008 9:13PM Report
snow74839 writes: throughtby Sat Mar 15 2008 8:59PM Report
koentjue writes: this looks totaly great im gonna try the game Sun Mar 16 2008 9:21AM Report
shakaama writes: Guess i'll be the unpopular person who doesn't jump on the band wagon. First of all, I've been waiting for this game for a long time. After seeing this video though .... looks like the are trying, too hard, to reinvent the wheel. I'm sadly disappointed by what i see. I won't be buying it. Wed Mar 19 2008 3:21AM Report
cyberpupi writes: This post is for shakaama: After so many years of gaming i still cannot blieve ppl who just judge a game for what they see, is time for u to know my friend that sometimes things are suppose to be played first insteed of being "sadly disappointed" for what u see. As for the game, i cannot wait to give it a try, looks very fluid but again i never judge a game for a video. Sat Mar 22 2008 9:10AM Report
arobi writes: From technical standpoint I dont think they can pull off this real time combat and dodging with alot of people on screen at once, technology is not at that lvl yet and connection speeds are not good enough. Although DnD Online did it very well it only works because it is all instanced. Mon Mar 24 2008 8:50AM Report
Thatim writes: They already pulled it of. It is proven, see other movies. 30 people fighting against each other from normal computers, scatterd all over the world. TCoS did what AoC prommised. Ha! Mon Mar 24 2008 9:20AM Report
Heruka writes: omg Wed Mar 26 2008 9:28PM Report
Douhk writes: Nice combat system, just heard about this recently and now am actually considering looking more into this. Looks like WAR and AoC aren't going to be the only next-gen games for competition. The actual walking and graphics themselves seem a little wonky but then again, this is beta... a lot better than what WoW looked like in the beginning that's for sure. Fri Mar 28 2008 9:25PM Report
shakaama writes: like i said I would be the unpopular person by making my comment. and i'm quite entitled to judge from what i see. that's the point of them putting out the video "please see our video and see if you like what you see" i don't like what i see, nuff said. I see nothing new. Wed Jun 25 2008 3:26AM Report
Pyro240 writes: nice combat system, can't wait to try it out =) Wed Aug 27 2008 5:06PM Report
lilyeti writes: Why does evreyone think the combat is good? It's exactly like WoW except you have the ability to move while auto attacking. Pathetic. Wed Oct 29 2008 8:22PM Report
Luxidius writes: Gotta be honest on this one,the game looks pretty bad.Ill try it out anyways though. Tue Nov 18 2008 8:35AM Report
avalon1000 writes: "You know, the world just might be a better place if we didn't have user comments... see below for examples." Simply the best comment ever.... Fri Apr 17 2009 10:32PM Report