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Spellborn International
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 04/23/09)  | Pub:Frogster Interactive / Mindscape / Acclaim
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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The Chronicles of Spellborn Videos: Inhouse Combat Stress Test Video (3:57)

With the European release date set for the first quarter of 2008, the Chronicles of Sepllborn has been running a series of stress tests. Here is a video of some of the combat action from the latest test.

With the European release date set for the first quarter of 2008, the Chronicles of Sepllborn has been running a series of stress tests. Here is a video of some of the combat action from the latest test.
Duration: 3:57
Views: 12,659  50 comments
Game: The Chronicles of Spellborn
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Mrbloodworth writes: That looks fun! Hope the lag isn't bad. Thu Oct 25 2007 6:58PM Report
Sabbicat writes: Ah ya. That was underwhelming. Thu Oct 25 2007 11:52PM Report
crmznoutlw16 writes: the combat is really impressive Fri Oct 26 2007 12:09AM Report
tweakthem writes: this game will be the best thing to be invented besides sugar frosted flakes. Fri Oct 26 2007 1:42AM Report
Gidion writes: fur balls? Fri Oct 26 2007 2:47AM Report
Melkrow writes: what's with all the weapon looks annoying. Otherwise seems OK. Fri Oct 26 2007 3:44AM Report
Zodan writes: Looks like a rave party. Fri Oct 26 2007 6:06AM Report
Rayana writes: Turned up the gamma quite a bit, but I can hardly see anything? 0.o Fri Oct 26 2007 6:12AM Report
Cubbuns writes: Every toon looked the same, They said somthing about toons being distinctive. Not sure if it was the lighting in that video, but it sucked. Fri Oct 26 2007 6:17AM Report
gatheris writes: could they have held this in an even darker area - don't think so Fri Oct 26 2007 6:29AM Report
Thecrow12345 writes: I hope they take out the slashing "wind" graphics for every freaking swing. Fri Oct 26 2007 7:09AM Report
Lowlander writes: Looks frantic and fun, I think they will need to put in something to punish those with bad connections to stop those that deliberatly lag to avoid being hit. Fri Oct 26 2007 7:18AM Report
Hellrise writes: sucks indeed :p Fri Oct 26 2007 7:30AM Report
pmdewit1 writes: Can't wait, looks like alot of fun! Fri Oct 26 2007 7:45AM Report
Cyberalien writes: For an alpha it looks really fun. The trailings and korean game hit effects have to go though. Fri Oct 26 2007 8:49AM Report
kyds3k writes: i LIKE the weapon swing effects! Fri Oct 26 2007 9:13AM Report
Crezax writes: That actually look like a lot of fun. And for the people who didn't notic the message ontop: The Animations and Effects are _Not_ final. Fri Oct 26 2007 9:16AM Report
Ghostworks writes: wow... anyone else can't wait for something other than WOW???? That looks really fun. All you haters are probably EQ players...blechh!! Fri Oct 26 2007 1:18PM Report
dalevi1 writes: This looks smooth in playtime, but I can't make anything else out. The encoding is very good, but the darkness really lends nothing to deciphering what is going on. It *does* look like a fun battle to be a part, but as for showing off the game, it really does little for me visually. Only a comment, if they can deliver on their intentions this will be a fun time. Sat Oct 27 2007 12:03AM Report
Thatim writes: Well, lets make this clear: It was shot during NIGHT time and on some computers the movie get displayed darker then it actualy is. Further more they WILL change effects from weapons before release. A community manager said that on the official forums. Sat Oct 27 2007 3:47AM Report
giskard73 writes: I like that items don't infer bonuses. It's based on player skill. If someone plays more than me and knows how to target or move better, that's fair. If they bought a twink off EBay that's B$. I like what they're doing here. PLUS we can wear whatever we want which will allow more unique styles which American gamers crave. Sat Oct 27 2007 9:17AM Report
Einh writes: Darkfall is gonna be wayyyyy better lol Sat Oct 27 2007 1:53PM Report
Pietoro writes: What's the point of a video that's too dark to actually see anything? Sat Oct 27 2007 4:45PM Report
sumuji writes: Not to be too judgemental but looks pretty boring. All I saw was repetative melee weapon trails and peoples' hands glowing. Just a slow combat, FPS-type game with a sword? Sun Oct 28 2007 5:51AM Report
Dutch57 writes: so we won't see Einh,Pietoro;sumuji see playing this game ..fine we can miss players how like the juge a book by the cover and to lazz are to take more time to read about the game . Sun Oct 28 2007 6:51AM Report
Sterkt writes: Just want to remind everybody, since it appears some didn't seem to get this fact, that this are level 1 characters, with 5 spells. When they reach 50, every class will have each 40-50 different spells each, which will make this battles even more fun than they already look. The fact that it looked fun and they were only level 1 shows how kewl this game is going to be ;> Sun Oct 28 2007 7:34AM Report
gpsxsirus writes: To further what Sterkt said, these are all level 1 characters with starting gear so of course they are going to look pretty similar. Sun Oct 28 2007 9:00AM Report
butters88 writes: How does that look fun one bit? Sun Oct 28 2007 3:08PM Report
sumuji writes: Dutch57- What can I say? I call it like I see it. They should be the ones trying to impress me so I would get interested enough to do research. The video is on the front page afterall, I didn't go searching for it. Sun Oct 28 2007 4:39PM Report
arielstarfir writes: Looks like WoW. So not-wow. 8-) Mon Oct 29 2007 8:13AM Report
Speiberbob writes: *click click click bunnyhop bunnyhop? sorry to dark to make out anythnig Mon Oct 29 2007 5:42PM Report
someforumguy writes: lol@ the stupid comments about this video. If you listen to the narrative voice you will understand that they are not trying to impress you. It is just a video showing a stresstest with lvl1 characters in a starting area. Those comments are so typical for this website. Mon Oct 29 2007 7:21PM Report
Ponico writes: The weapon trail is nice but it's also a bit too much at times. However, I think that this is actually a refreshing look. Not saying no one else did it but it does feel like RUIN. Mon Oct 29 2007 7:34PM Report
SpikeDX writes: sepllborn eh? Mon Oct 29 2007 8:23PM Report
satojin writes: Given lag isn't a big problem, the game may be fun, however I think Darkfall might overtake it. TCoS to me atm looks too much like rapid clicking. Mon Oct 29 2007 8:58PM Report
Warblaze writes: dang, this looks very promising and fun! Never looked into this game before but after seeing this, i'm definitely going to check this game out! Mon Oct 29 2007 9:55PM Report
Speiberbob writes: Na sorry, but a pvp game where you jump around like this... just to goofy for me ^^ Mon Oct 29 2007 11:53PM Report
ravenglade writes: Rapid Clickfest: Not at all. Do some research on their combat wheel. Weapon Trails: I believe these are to be toned down. Bunny Hop: I hope a penalty/limitation is set on this. Remember. What you're seeing here is Level 1 pvp free for all. Level 1. Imagine any other MMO at lvl 1, then look at this. Tue Oct 30 2007 10:04AM Report
Blacknd writes: I can see perfectly what is going on and how they look. It's your comps people, not their game. Tue Oct 30 2007 1:59PM Report
sumuji writes: I lol@ fanbois with blinders on myself. OMG this game is so awesome 111!eleven!!! More like a FPS if everybody holstered their guns and tried to kill with a knife. stab,stab,hop,hop,stab,hop,run backwards,hop,stab /yawn Tue Oct 30 2007 5:53PM Report
Athela writes: For alpha testing, the video looks fine, very clear. They do say they had everyone in their office just create a character and start hacking, surprise all the jumping around. I like that they do away with the dice rolls. It might be interesting to see how targeting really does work. It sounds like its more to do with aim and technique. We'll see if they can pull it off. Tue Oct 30 2007 8:03PM Report
tarvik writes: cant wait for this game but i really dont care for the weapon trail...reminds me of will ferrell from old school lol Tue Oct 30 2007 10:18PM Report
morycce writes: no one reads these comments do they? Wed Oct 31 2007 7:25PM Report
morycce writes: this is the best LEVEL ONE battle I have ever seen in any ALPHA mmo ever. Wed Oct 31 2007 7:27PM Report
MarlonB writes: Bunnyhopping will not increase dodge, and afaik will negatively influence your character. Thu Nov 01 2007 2:05AM Report
mikevrk writes: /yawn spell, jump, jump, jump, chop, chop... quite boring I'd say... Sepllborn ? no, thanks... Sat Nov 03 2007 2:04PM Report
Zerocyde writes: Hi, I'm gonna hate this game based on trivial semantics just like everyone else. Am I leet now? Sat Nov 03 2007 9:51PM Report
Speiberbob writes: hmhmhm... so jumpin is bad? If you have a fps targeting, it would be the natural gamers thing to do to avoid blows, and thats just the thing that would hold me of this game. It got many interestiong features though Sun Nov 04 2007 9:00PM Report
jusagamfrek writes: Excellent demonstration actually. I'll be the first to admit I figured this game to be a dud capitalizing on the mmo craze, but after some research and watching its progression, I'm coming around. Get this game on your radar - it shows outstanding potential. Wed Nov 07 2007 11:19AM Report
twayne writes: the ignorance in these comments is typical. What you say is bad about this game, is basically in every game so what are you doing on this site? do us a favor and leave the gaming to us who actually want to have fun than try to be the coolest MFer in a pixelized world. Mon Nov 12 2007 2:24PM Report