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Flyff Forum » General Discussion » A starters look at FlyFF

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OP  10/22/08 7:24:44 AM#1

FlyFF, love it or hare it, it is becomming one of the big names in MMO gaming. Or at least it is sometimes.

I take no credit in being  FlyFF player, I spent about a week, tops on it. It just was not my type of MMO (none are for some reason 0_o). However from my short time playing and analysing it, I can clearly see FlyFF has an interesting approach to the noraml MMO structure.

You start by creating a character, not too detailed however it gives you enough variety to creat a decent looking character without having to spend real money, yet still leaving it restricted enough to make you want new hair or faces later on.

When you have created your character you start without a job or anything realy. Luckily there are local NPC's to help guide you on your way. A little built in guide trys to pop up and help however for me, this never worked too well. It constantly froze and starting out on this new MMO it was a little confusing. Luckiy you pick up on the gameplay pretty quickly and there is a fair space of time to learn.

After you pick up on the basic controlls and have a bit of a look around you then (should) go and do some quests. Nothing too deep, just kill this or that and get me this or that. It gets a little boring however watching your character slowly grow keeps you amused enough to keep on going. as you level up, your attack patern expands and you get access to new skills (which i personaly advise NOT to get, more on that later) which are a little on the useless side however it never hurts to unlock new content.

Leveling up was a little on the tedious side till you could advance to your next job. Making you grind up to level fifteen before you advance to your first job is more of a chore than any game i have ever played before. FlyFF has 2 unique and very liked feature that once you hit level fifteen you cannot over level, which may seem like not much at all however it is nice to know they are thinking of you. And the best and one of the most unique features was that once you hit the big one-five, you get to reset all your stat points. So you don't have to build your character to be a mage from lvl 1 all the way through, you effectively start the game at lvl 15 with no misstakes possible to be made, bar financial problems. not only do they give you a stat reset, they also give you a little starters kit, concisting of a fiew free cash shop items, mainly, a skill reset. The reason I suggest not to use any skills to get to lvl 15 is because this skill reset can be used when ever and the points you accumilate as a beginner do not go away. meaning you can instantly get a couple of spells to start you off and if you mess it up later, or just want to respec, they allow you to do this.

Another friendly fiew free features are the ability to open up shops, change your hairstyles and colours, faces and fly (for fun). Whilst this is great in the start, larer on you are still spending real money to get experience, change outfits and for many, many other feeatures. Sadly the kindness act at the start does not overshadow the greedly little hands of the gpotatoians. The cash shop is vital, a FREE MMO cannot be FREE unless the hosts can be paid. And it is nowhere near as neccessary or expensive as some other MMO's out there however it is still there and still plain old annoying.

Another let down feature of FlyFF was the grind, it is pretty bad and pretty simple. FlyFF is effectively AOE grinding from the moment you get your first AOE, to the moment you quit. Whilst being a slight over-exadgeration, it is still waht most of the grind concists of. Despite the grind, it was fun to play and you could use your skills skillfuly to pull of some damaging combinations, killing the enemy(s) quickly or the mana-efficient way of not using skills.

FlyFF's most redeeming qualitys were the graphics and design. For a free MMO with fairly low detail, characters and monsters looked great, as did the terrain and buildings. The animation was as fluid as water (disreguarding FlyFF's terrible water effects and affects) and they looked great and although cartoonish, the graphics suit the game very well. The design of FlyFF was my personal favourite. The amazing looking armours and weapons made you want to keep on playing, if only to get far enough into the game to see another character walking along in those sexy high lvl armour sets with there insane looking weapons.

FlyFF is quite easily one of the best 3D MMORPG's, which is quite sad for the MMO world. But who knows? Maby the PVP is exceptional and worth the time. this is just a look at the start of FlyFF. If you would like to add your game experience, it is encouraged and much appreciated. Also, any missing information, be it vital or so minor a vet FlyFF player may not have known it will be very much appreciated. After all, alot of MMO's do the same thing and it is the little features that draw us in, and I know FlyFF managed to have alot of them.

played WoW, GW, RO, MS, Thang, RS, RAKION, PWI, Atlantica Online, FlyFF, RF (I'll miss RF) and a fiew more.


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10/04/09 3:04:26 AM#2

TL DR man, i thought that would be like a newbie's thoughts on the game not an article


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10/05/09 7:30:58 AM#3

It's a fucking review from last goddamn year, wtf is your problem? Necroing a bunch of old threads? It's not even actually bad like the usual incoherent drivel posted here. You must have the attention span of an 8-yr old CounterStrike player if even that measly summing up was too much for you. Go back to school.

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4/27/10 6:30:34 PM#4

i enjoyed playing flyff,and miss the older versions. If im not wrong, they even lowered to exp rates once. Well might be just me,but when i quit for around 6 months? Came back and i got alot less exp from monsters.

If you don't have cash shop items, you most likely will go nowhere. Servers are empty or just full of shops, arena shops, which is really bad. The last time i saw a gknuckle for sale,it was clean and the guy was selling it for 800mil!

800mil. You can't get that with the low penya rate on flyff. At level 59, the most penya you can get from a monster is around 100. if not more or less.

Flyff was my favorite game back then,i really enjoyed playing it with my guild,the communauty was really cool and fun,i remember getting a friend to play and he still had lots of fun playing it C:

What i liked was upping you skills,using them until they lvled (Even thought that could be very long,and i believe they changed it to the actual system because it was glitchy)

The downside of it most likely,is that they keep adding new places, most of them you need to pay for.

(Example: Azria, Coral Island)

Or high leveled place that no normal geared people can go to. <- May differ since they raised the lv cap to 129.

(Example: Shaduwar. And Valley Of The Risen<- name differs by versions.)

The worst thing they did was to change power dices into suns/moons. The price changed a whole bunch, and from what i remember, they were worth as much as 1~5mil on aibatt server.

It's sad that such a good game was killed,because of a greedy gpotato. Permanent pets are like 54$.

Good thing that cs is tradeable,what would happen if they were not tradeable? Nobody would be rich unless they camped all the bosses. But who would buy these drops. Because they wouldn't have the money for it xD

Yes i know, im posting in something really old,but i wanted to express my gaming experience.

Monsters drops like. 3 penya? Woohoo. Only 199 997 to go! What about your armor now? 2mil plus tax. Woo hoo. How am i gonna afford that?

Overall flyff was my favorite game along with maplestory and rose,maybe even funner than both of them, but now sadly i must say i can't stand the original version because,it's full of bugs,random crashes, the money rate is really too low compared to the game, how the heck are you gonna do your job advance if it cost 200k?(That might have been removed).

It's a good game, if you can afford the cash shop items.


Oh yeah and dont forget. The G of Gpotato stands for GREEDY!


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7/04/10 4:06:12 AM#5

FlyFF is fun and it would last for some years for sure. FlyFF was one of the 1st flying MMORPG out there.

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8/18/10 2:41:00 AM#6

FlyFF is continuing to grow in popularity and is still my number one MMO choice!

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