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Sony Online Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/08/04)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

EverQuest II Videos: Station Cash Mounts Video (0:43)

Sony has announced the release of their Station Cash mounts for EQ2. Checkout this video of the new player mounts in action!

Sony has announced the release of their Station Cash mounts for EQ2. Checkout this video of the new player mounts in action!
Duration: 0:43
Views: 5,207  29 comments
Game: EverQuest II
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Deewe writes:

Your money is welcome @ $OE.

Thu May 20 2010 6:27PM Report
Khors writes:

Honestly.  Someone who pays for this is sadder than a Star Trek Online subscriber, let alone a lite-timer.  Darkfall has better graphics and animations than this pile.

Thu May 20 2010 8:06PM Report
Shastra writes:

Sorry Khors but i have to laugh at you now.... ahahahah..ahahahaha... thanks for the joke.

Thu May 20 2010 8:10PM Report
elusivex writes:

Honestly.  Someone who pays for this is sadder than a Star Trek Online subscriber, let alone a lite-timer.  Darkfall has better graphics and animations than this pile.

Can anyone translate the  half ass attempt at English above?

By the way,  the mounts are not  bad looking honestly.

Thu May 20 2010 8:47PM Report
boognish75 writes:

Stuff like this makes me finally thankful my wife moved my toon to the bazaar server, I can sell stuff to get the money to buy the mounts, essentially not spending a dime.

Thu May 20 2010 9:55PM Report
miked9022 writes:

there are plenty of free mounts that look better than this

Fri May 21 2010 12:12AM Report
bezado writes:

Wasn't it easier to get mounts thru the card system? Why buy

Fri May 21 2010 12:43AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

There are 6 different mounts, 3 different styles of mounts (the ones you see in the video) that come in 2 categories. "Melee" oriented or "Caster" oriented. The melee oriented mounts give +5 to all melee accuracy type (for hitting things easier, and +5 is a can get 10x that from AA's half the time...for FREE). The "Caster" version is +5 to each casting school (less resists, again..+5 is's like +0.05% (NOT 5% for you non-math oriented individuals) to accuracy.


Additionally, these mounts are +60% runspeed. Not a very "MUST HAVE" mount, but it's 5% more than the Recruit-A-Friend Mounts (technically free). It's actually easier, and FREE, to get the 68% runspeed mounts from the Rime Faction in Kunark (Kylong Planes to be exact), and it looks cooler (An Icey Unicorn looking horse).

Add in the 5% horse speed npc from your guild hall + 10% Horse speed from AA's and you got yourself a +83% runspeed horse for FREEEEEEEEEEEE (technically 40plat once you get the faction, but that didn't cost you a DIME of RL cash).

Fri May 21 2010 2:31AM Report
huntard writes:

Thank you Blizzard, now everyone thinks that its ok to charge $25 for a stupid looking mount!

Fri May 21 2010 7:31AM Report
expresso writes:

Maybe these "everyone" should think for themselves?

Fri May 21 2010 7:38AM Report
Player_420 writes:

It is true, thanks to Activision, a mount now costs as much as a Expansion pack......this will only hurt the MMO genre, and people looking into MMO's will be tempted to pass it up because they don't feel like spending $50.00 box, $10-15 a month, $10 pets, $25 mounts.....thats no fun

Well we can all agree at the very least AoC isnt doing this

Fri May 21 2010 10:55AM Report
TheTooke writes:

@ Player_420

Just give it time, AoC might follow suit if it's profitable.

Fri May 21 2010 1:07PM Report
Mysk writes:

Oh look, night elf mounts!  Complete with a generic quasi-epic repetitive drumming sound track to get you all excited about them.  Yay you.

Fri May 21 2010 2:15PM Report
Player_420 writes:

@ TheTooke

That would suck :(...but yeh don't see why not if this is becoming normal....

Its slowly feeling like GW2 is the only thing to save MMO's

Fri May 21 2010 3:18PM Report
snotgobb writes:

Why not WOW has done it and how successful was that.

Fri May 21 2010 3:47PM Report
elocke writes:

AoC seems to be doing it to me.  Just look at the sign up page for your account.  All those deals that have extra characters,mounts, bags etc.

Honestly, as long as I can still play the core game without HAVING to buy these things to compete they can sell em for $50 for all I care.  I'm not the schmuck falling for this stuff.  I'm still playing the core games and having a blast with the already numerous amount of "free" mounts, etc.  

Some other fellow wants to buy em?  Fine by me since it doesn't affect me.  

Sat May 22 2010 8:04AM Report
Getalife writes:

Thank you elocke. Nice to see some sensible people in here. This mount in no way gives anyone advantage over other players and still so much whinning. I guess some people are just too busy worrying about how other people want to spend their money even when it has zero effect on their gameplay.

Sat May 22 2010 11:24AM Report
Isane writes:

This is a little sad.

Sat May 22 2010 5:07PM Report
Votan writes:

Games are a business if there is demand for this stuff and money to be made you are going to see it in every game.   Personally I see nothing wrong with it providing that you can get the same or better in game.


What will kill this type of stuff is when it is the "best" gear, mount ect in the game is only on a cash store that would cause me to cancel and move on to something else.

Sat May 22 2010 7:08PM Report
Vesavius writes:

I actually have a lot of respect for the core game of EQ2, I like it.

These mounts for £19 though? They can fk off... just another nail in the name of EQ as SOE continues to debase that once great franchise.

Play to achieve over Pay to achieve.

It's moves like this make make me dread seeing EQ Next.

Sun May 23 2010 4:30AM Report
Getalife writes:

Ehh? over pay to achieve? you achieve nothing other then a cosmetic mount which sucks compared to mounts that you can buy in game. Add your guild bonuses to ingame mount and you won't even look twice at the item shop mounts.

Sun May 23 2010 3:35PM Report
Vesavius writes:

getalife, buying in game rewards is pay to achieve.

these are in game rewards by definiton.

I dont even see the debate.

Mon May 24 2010 8:41AM Report
Shastra writes:

Rewards which you give some kind of edge over other players is what i would call trying to achieve something you can't do in the game. So ofcourse there is a debate because people are misinformed regarding the mounts. they are pure cosmetic and nothing more.

Mon May 24 2010 8:49AM Report
Velorum writes:

Thank you Shastra, saved me the effort of typing that....

Mon May 24 2010 9:45AM Report
Vesavius writes:

'Fluff' is as much an in game reward as 'stated' items.

It also dosent make any difference if a cash shop item is achievable in game or not in the statement 'Pay to Achieve'

Like I say no debate. Just people justifying their poor pay to achieve approach to gaming and their support of this king of profiteering nickle and dime revenue model.

Mon May 24 2010 12:21PM Report
Vesavius writes:

meh... typos galore... but to be clear I meant '...this kind of profiteering nickle and dime revenue model.'

Mon May 24 2010 12:24PM Report
Getalife writes:

No one is nickel and diming you because you can ignore it and it will have zero effect on your gameplay. maybe you should first understand what nickle and diming really means?

Mon May 24 2010 12:35PM Report
Vesavius writes:

  • To drain or destroy bit by bit, especially financially: nickel-and-dimed the project to death.
  • To accumulate in small amounts: "nickel-and-diming a substantial bankroll together" (Newsweek).
  • It seems I do actually understand it, which clearly makes me belive you do not.

    The fact that you can ignore it in this case (ignoring things like finite dev resource going into the CS rather then the larger game and the whole Pay to Achieve thing) dosent mean it isnt a nickel and dime cash drain aimed at the already sub paying user.

    In other words, they are charging for content with their cash shop that should be already achieveable by PLAYING the damn game, seeing as the users already pay a sub to PLAY the damn game.


    Tue May 25 2010 2:23AM Report
    Malvious writes:

    lawl i bought one, i am i cool kid now?????!!!!

    Wed Aug 04 2010 3:21PM Report