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Everquest II Forum » The Tavern (General) » The Official "We're Angry at SOE" thread

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7/04/06 10:06:58 AM#21
 I am not an SOE hater.  While I definatly do not agree with their every move,  I can understand most of it.  Except of course for SWG,  but it has always been my opinion that that mess was more due to Lucasarts than SOE.  SOE built a nice niche game on a very limited budget, and Lucasarts expects to get major numbers of subscribers.   After the first few months when people actually saw the game subscriptions started dwindling and everyone has been in a panic since. 

  As for their other games, some changes I have loved, others I have hated, but you can usually see the rational behind them, even if you don't agree with the solution.


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7/07/06 2:45:39 PM#22

I love the game and fully support SoE.

Most of the issues some of the cry babies in this thread pointed out exist in every single game out there, and will continue to take place whether you like it or not.

  User Deleted
7/08/06 9:31:22 AM#23

Not really hating SoE but after being banned from their forums a few months back after pointing out that certain high post count posters also were a moderator and therefor closing down any thread that was a disagreement with those high postcount posters (dont we all love kendricke) i just had enough.

EQ2 was fun, now its just one big instanced world where everybody can play safe. High level raids are to few. Itemazation is very bad and so on and so on. They might make money with there games but the day SoE gets struck by lightning i will hold a big party they are a disgrace to the gaming world.


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7/09/06 1:48:59 PM#24

Originally posted by Stradden

Hi Guys,

It seems as though there has been quite a bit of SOE hate recently, and it has gotten to the point where it is taking over the forums for SOE games. As a result, I am creating this sticky where people can vent their frustrations on this subject.

Please do not continue to hijack other threads with this issue. Also, remember to have a look at our Rules of Conduct regarding what is ok to say and what is not.


Jon "Stradden" Wood, Community Manager

Why is this topic in the EQ2 section????

This is a place for LIKEMINDED people that PLAY EQ2 to gather and talk etc.

It's like having a PETA office inside the Mac Donalds building...

Personaly I liked it better when people created own topics if there were having problems with SOE. Why they even bother to instead of doing it on the official forums is beyond me...


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Pounding out aggression, Turned into obsession...

7/12/06 10:05:30 AM#25
the official forums of EQ2 are such garbabge, that alot of mmo players come here to get away from all the bs and what not, and use these forums for info and such.  If EVERYONE is such big SOE haters, why not post it somewhere they might auctualy see it..."as if they read their player feedback on their forums anyway"...but, this is not really the place for a SOE topic...its  EQ2 forum.

Im not always happy with what SOE dose to their games, and how they condone things yet never do anything about it..."such as the plat farmers"...but i do not think this is the place for it to be brought up.  And if your really not that happy with SOE, STOP PLAYING THEIR GAMES!  I bet over half the people that have posted here and /spamed SOE still plays one of their games...or still pay for their subscription so they dont lose their lvl 70 toon they "worked so hard on" yet refuse to play because they are unhappy with a nerf!

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7/14/06 6:16:12 PM#26
I hate SOE, but I really like EQ2.

I throw up a little every time my CC is charged.

Can't WAIT!


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7/17/06 12:30:24 PM#27
I don't hate SOE but I don't like them very much either.
After what they did to SWG and the old players I just have a hard time trusting them, and that's the biggest reason I don't play EQ2 anymore.
EQ2 is actually a really nice game, except for the instances and nerfes... ah well, I guess I'm just hurt.

Sorry SOE, but you did it to yourselves.


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7/19/06 2:06:38 AM#28
Fire smedley and the take his salary and hire real customer service reps and developers who want to make extra content and not nerf the game into oblivion.  SOE is the worst of the worst.



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7/19/06 3:30:18 AM#29

Good thing about SOE it takes games that some like and saves them from the junk heap of failed MMORPG's 

Matrix should have died, SWG should have died,   Unfortunately SOE keeps mediocre-poor games on life support instead of letting them die a swift merciful death.


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7/29/06 9:36:32 AM#30

I'm angry at SOE too!!

I played EQ2 since around two months after it opened. Lots about the game was great, good graphics, gameplay, nice crafting and lots of variety. Grouping was fun and i really enjoyed my class (troubador). Over the course of the next 18mths everything changed completely.. roughly every three months or so i would find my class had been changed so much i had to completely relearn it. I persisted through sheer bloody-mindedness if nothing else, but recently decided enough was enough and cancelled.

When i first rolled my troubador, we were one of the top classes for soloing and had a very respectable dps. This went back and forth through various live updates, and now we are arguably the worst soloing classes with very very low dps. Fine if that was what i wanted to play... but it wasn't. I'm not knocking class balancing, but putting all those hours of work into developing my character is frustrating when you end up with something completely opposite to what it was originally. I mean imagine in real life if you were a policeman for 20 years then got told you now had to be a nurse...

EQ2 would still be great if SOE developed some kind of vision and stuck with it. I like to have some kind of consistancy in online games, too much messing about from SOE means i'll never go back now.

And don't even get me started on the crafting revamp...

  User Deleted
7/29/06 12:54:42 PM#31
Well, I don't hate SOE, and understand what they did from a business sense was to chase the WOW market. My hope is they will recognize that Vanguard is a different market segment, and leave it alone to compete with the Age of Conan in the mature market. Teenie boppers (and I have 2, though I told them to get a job) are generation XS (excess). They want their fun, and they want it now. They blow through it, and are quickly bored, running back to mommy and daddy to buy them their next fun fix. A very fickle market segment that wants everything handed to them outright in the cradle for nothing. I played EQ 2 until I became too bored wth it as a dumbed down WOW clone. I was never concerned with hitting the level cap, I wanted relaxation, enjoyment, and escape from everyday reality. Let's see, when I come home from work, I can turn on the local news and hear about the murders, muggings, rapes, and robberies in the giant metropolis I moved 50 miles away from, then wait for the world news to see the story on who's killing whom today....or I can turn on the computer and escape all the real world bullshit by playing EQ 2. Example, my druid, Beka, is out alone exploring the waterfront area in Desert of Flames, when she comes across a magic bottle. Ah, we all know if she rubs the bottle a genie will appear, but what then...So she rubs it, there's a fun conversation, she's transported into the bottle and given some combat challenges. Boring, in the dumbed down EQ 2 she has a 95% chance of winning the combat challenges, but wait, I can put them on hold and explore the marvelous graphics inside the bottle. Darn, the harem girls are non-interactive, so I talk at them, and go through a series of e-motes, take screenshots of this really cool looking locale. Okay, fun over, back to complete the combat challenge (yawn), which Beka wins, hands down, no problem, no challenge. Guess what, Beka is offered a choice of 3 different magical doo-dads of super nerdiness. No deal I scream at the computer, I want a harem girl outfit in either teal, purple, or pink! Beka would look so hot walking around Freeport in a harem girl outfit. Not to be SOE screams back at me, the magical doo-dads of super nerdiness will help you hit your level cap, so that you can buy the expansion we are hyping for next year! Crap thinks I, just like real life, hurry up and level, I'm late, hurry up, gotta run, no time to smell the roses. Please leave Vanguard alone...pretty please....I really want to stop and smell the roses.
  User Deleted
7/29/06 2:17:01 PM#32

...and now, the same story as above about the genie and the bottle as told thru the eyes of the 13 year old adolescent that is EQ 2's target audience....

"Dude, I zoned into this cube dude, it was soooo cooool dude, all the sides were the same color. Dude, I had to waste 2,439 blobs to get to the boss dude and win the 'Greatsword of Major Nerdiness', dude, it was so cool, took me 5 minutes to complete."

Why SOE even bothers to assign graphic designers to EQ 2 anymore is beyond me, the WOW refugees don't appreciate any of their work anyway. It's "dude, I'm at the entrance to Runnyeye, let's go get to the boss". then complain because the access quest to the Runnyeye end zone takes to long. If I could count the times I had to lead players by the nose to get the quests that were in between the begining and end of the Runnyeye dungeon....they run through and see nothing.

Please place a warning on the front of the Vanguard box that says "Moms, game contains full frontal female nudity, not for your sons under 18 years old". Then you can assign the graphic artists from EQ 2 to Vanguard, and just let the bops grind away in single colored cubes. Randomize the colors though, they'll think it's graphics detail.

  User Deleted
7/29/06 4:32:38 PM#33

sorry for the rave, but it's hot here, and I have nothing to do as I await a decent here's what I'd like to see from SOE and EQ 2:

Rather than waunder into the Sprawl, walk around and thru the Giantslayer Bashers, pick one out, setup the best angle of attack, and eventually kill him while his buddies look on (yawn), why can't we try something like this:

Envision a ship at sea, with a group of 6 playrs, NPC's on the oars and acting as crew on the deck (waundering non-aggro NPCs like the Giantslayer Bashers) when a sail is spotted (lookout heard yelling "sail off the port bow). A PC orders the Captain to bring the ship about, and to the beating of the oar drums the distance closes. The other ship spots us, catapults ring out, ballista shoot, fire arrows cloud the sky, PC archers shoot, around our heros NPC's drop, some PC's take damage, but still the distance closes. Ram, then grappling hooks go out (PCs can participate), both ships crew NPCs aggro to each other (Guild Wars does this with NPCs), and each sends boarders to the other's ship. PC's can jump to the other ship (spacebar, timing, not automatically easy), grab a rope hanging from the mast and swing over (Errol Flynn style) or stay and defend the ship. Vicious fight on blood soaked decks between NPCs with PC help, winner takes it all, captives for ransom, treasure, at least one ship sinks (didn't put out the fires, did we?).

or, picture the party emerging onto a balcony overlooking a cavern. Down in the cavern the evil priest prepares the dagger to sacrifice the victim chained to the stone altar, while the evil acolytes look on, singing praises to the Dark One. The party leaps down, or swings down on ropes/black curtains, onto the altar. The priest/acolytes aggro as the party attempts the rescue of the victim. The melee breaks out....maybe the PCs can win this fight, maybe this time they have to break the chains and run for it with the victim. Experience is earned by successfully resolving the situation.

This is what I'm talking about in making the game exciting. Not experience grinding to level, but feeling you're participating in a high fantasy adventure. Characters walk through the zone and trigger a situation, not a monster or a group of monsters. It's like writing a script, or a play, only the NPC vrs NPC comflict is real, and the outcome can be diferent each time the situation is triggered. If the PCs stand off too long trying to figure it out, or prepare a plan, the balance shifts against their side. Maybe the victim is sacrificed and a demon is loosed upon the players. Maybe have randomized situations triggered in that area for replayability, maybe randomize the trigger area also. Maybe next time there's no victim being sacrificed, but you swing down into an empty cavern, goofing around, and wind up in a gobin ambush (the little buggers were hidden in the room). Maybe the floor gives way and you plummet into a snake pit. Maybe random monsters patrol the area too, and the party can have unplanned for adds. Maybe the next update fills the cavern with water.

Not all content has to be added in expansions, current content can be changed for variability. When the players know what to expect...(yawn). The Giantslayer bashers were there 18 months ago, and guess what, they're still there (yawn), only now they don't aggro (yawn). I can do the same quests with my new character that I did with my level 70 character, how exciting! (not). Replayability value - zippo - new content for high level characters is what you're depending on to keep the subscriptions up. But that new contend is "kill 10 squirrels like the ones in enchanted lands, but these just do more damage". (yawn).


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[Insert Tool lyrics]

7/29/06 4:55:06 PM#34
heh, I had no clue that they did that with everquest, my experiences with SOE were my first three MMORPG's unfortunately, Everquest for the ps2, Planetside, and SWG, all three of which were huge disapointments.

Your argument is like a two legged dog with an eating disorder...weak and unbalanced.


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7/29/06 5:19:02 PM#35

Originally posted by olddaddy

Rather than waunder into the Sprawl, walk around and thru the Giantslayer Bashers, pick one out, setup the best angle of attack, and eventually kill him while his buddies look on (yawn),

Try that today.

  User Deleted
7/29/06 7:00:09 PM#36
Hey, Celestian, I've only been gone a month, and about a month ago is when I went thru the Sprawl. So, what change did they make? Do the Giantslayers aggro again? Or are they replaced with something else? Is there a situational encounter along the lines of the high fantasy adventure concept I talked about, or a kill 10 of this, 15 of that change? Not arguing with you more like hoping SOE is getting the player message and making the game more exciting.

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8/01/06 10:45:35 PM#37

Why I hate SOE .............

First off i do not hate SOE, but I do dislike some of the things they do.  I am a long time player of EQ and EQ2, i keep paying so i dont hate them yet .............. well eq2 was canceled, but ill get into that.

First off I have met some SOE employees at various game conventions. Most were nice, some seemed to be yes men, all and all no real problems there.  Developing games is my hobby of choice, so i play many and find the good and bad and think of ways to make them better.  I usually go into the forums of these games and spit off a few ideas on how to improve this that or the other.  I am used to the few people who say it wont work and such but EQ2's forums are the worst i have ever been a part of. 

Right now I will tell any one this .............. the community in eq2 is great, some really awesome people in that game, the community in the forums is very poor though, avoid them at all cost. The forums are very biased, and its all about the dollar it seems.  As a poster posted all ready, there are fansite/communitysite members there that are really smug and controling of the system in those forums.  If you disagree with them, they will nail you to a cross if they can, ive seen them countless times be completly rude to posters who did nothing but ask a simple question.

A list of the posters to avoid :

Kendricke / ChaosUndivided / Mawie  ----- Casters Realm Fansite employee's

These posters are very smug towards anyone who does not agree with them.  They will harrass you, report you multiple times over post that arent even offending or off topic, bait you into arguements ( so they can report you ), the list goes on, ide suggest looking thier names up in the forum search for a better idea of how they act.  The scheem is, Kendricke is the main instigator, if he had to lay low, he would then send mawie or chaosundivided in to basically bait people into a trap to lead them to an offense, how ever small it may be then report them.  I believe he even used his guild members as more report buttons, if you see Legion of the White Rose in thier signiture ............. look who thier backing almost saying the same exact thing and attacking the same way.

With out getting into a huge drawn out explanation, basically if you go against them your account will be ban permenatly.

Aslo watch out for these two moderators :

StaryEyedElf / Echgar  ----------- SOE EQ2 Forum moderators

Stary and echgar both have threatened me through 5 tells.  Warning me to not talk about a certain topic or I will be ban.  A topic that Kendricke / ChaosUndivided basically did not agree with.  The topic of being able to solo in an MMO and progress.  Stary baited me a few times, 7 to be exact, once calling out my forum handle to rile me even further.  They left post in heated debates about this topic from some ungracious posters, knowing i would post in defense of others.  Stary is the more pathetic one, she will bait then get echgar ( the higher up mod) to handle the situation once everyone is riled up and fighting and both are extremely biased against the "soloing crowd".

What happened is everytime some one mentioned a way to make this possible, Kendricke and his bots would come in and derail the subject.  No longer was it a constructive thread at that point.  Then of course others started to defend thier point of view, then choas would come in and tell every one how stupid they were ( not joking).  Then a full blown fight breaks out and people get warned, ban, perma baned ............... this happened over and over again for several months, ide say about 40 + threads total on this one subject alone.  But guess what, they didnt get banned, but any one who got hot headed once on the " solo " side of the debate sure did.

The other part to this dislike is that the game can be so much more involving and fun.  We all know money and time constraints are what kills alot of the " fun " in game developement .......... but someone in charge of eq's design is a real screw up.  I would take you through the time line of repeated bad design desions but you can read thier forums for that info.  The devs thier listen, this i know, they have taken many good ideas from the community and made it fit into the game.  The problem is i think there are too many employees there that know eq1 hardcore, and cannot simply adapt to eq2 casual.  I also think they have alot of new developers or just the wrong types there that is also mucking up the game.

I really wish i could explain alot of this in more detail but its just not worth it.  Basically until i see some people removed or punished in some way, i will not be going back to EQ2, I will also not suggest others to play it.  For those devs in EQ2 who did listen or just did thier best to make a great game, thanks for trying ......... sorry your having to put up with all the other bs.  My theory is if a company lets smug, assinine people, attack thier customers and generally be rude to most thier subscribers ................... then why should i pay to support thier jobs to just continue this problem ........?

Btw my forum account on EQ2 is permently ban.  I did nothing but try and help the game become more enjoyble for a large portion of the eq2 player base ( playerbase portion proven by SOE's own poll ).  I had to get rude and crude just to get past your professional posters.  You continue to let some favored posters, post very rude and unjust comments to others with no punishment.  You have banned my forum account, and have lost a few others in doing so, i guess some of my friends thought it was time to leave anyways. Thank you for reading.


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8/08/06 9:12:16 PM#38

So young So Angry. 


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8/24/06 11:45:29 AM#39


Way u hate a company?!
It can’t bee easy to fulfill every player out there.

And there are allot of player trying to cheat their way to get stuff for free!
And there is hard to se which type every player is!

U cant think that there 1 and foremost thing is not to try to get every once play time to bee as good as possible!


Sorry my bad English!



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8/24/06 1:50:09 PM#40

Originally posted by Aelia


Way u hate a company?!
It can’t bee easy to fulfill every player out there.

And there are allot of player trying to cheat their way to get stuff for free!
And there is hard to se which type every player is!

U cant think that there 1 and foremost thing is not to try to get every once play time to bee as good as possible!


Sorry my bad English!


SOE has this thing where they tend to ruin any game they touch.

Ex. EQ
Ex. Infantry
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