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Everquest II Forum » The Tavern (General) » Welcome to the world of Everquest II - Features List

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8/09/07 9:53:36 PM#21

u're really great!


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9/09/07 2:27:54 PM#22

I just started playing last week and I am really enjoying it so far. I tried this back in the beta stages and just couldn't get in to it. I'm so surprised at how good this is now and how smooth it runs on my system.

I have a question about the SOGA models, how do you go about using them? I think they look fantastic in those screenshots and I would really like to try them.

Edit: Figured it out. Thanks


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9/20/07 12:41:48 PM#23


Originally posted by JK-Kanosi

You definitely have a nice game here. However, that long list of things I am behind on is exactly why I won't play EQ2. I've tried to get into it after Kingdom and then once again after Fae, but both times I felt way behind on the power curve and my daily responsibilities doesn't allow for me to play catch up on what I've missed for the past few years.

This is why I am playing LoTRO. I have a chance to start while the game is still new and there is still an abundance of players to group with at lower levels. Plus, I can grow with the game vs having to catch up with the game on top of the constant release of expansions and adventure packs that SOE releases. That's another thing that irks me about SOE, they nickel and dime you for every bit of content they put in the game. Turbine is know for giving free content upgrades. You may argue that EQ2 has a lot more to do in LoTRO, but you don't hear any LoTRO players complaining about a lack of things to do while leveling up.

Anyhow, I wish I would have played this game from the start. Good luck to you guys and happy adventuring.

You don't need to have been playing from day 1 of the games' release to get into it. Every day I see new players coming into the game, and old players rolling new characters. I myself have maxed out my basic account with 7 toons, of which only 2 are at the endgame at level 70. I don't know where you get the idea that you need to have played from day 1 of EQ2s release to fully appreciate it. New FREE content is being released all the time. Just a few months back we had the city of Neriak reintroduced to the world of Norrath. And it wasn't just a second evil city for disgruntled Freeportians to move to. Several new players have rolled new toons and started from there. The same happened when Echoes of Faydwer was released last november with the fae city of Kelethin.


I can see the appeal of starting a new mmorpg from the moment it's released, but I really shouldn't let the fact that EQ2 is now over 3 years old bother you. In that 3 years the game has gone on from strength to strength. New content, a better more stable engine, and loads of new players to boot.

Come join us!


And to the OP; Outstanding work on this thread! Nice job!

Currently returned to Norrath after disliking Hyboria.


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9/25/07 11:16:18 PM#24

whoa informative



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10/18/07 10:01:12 AM#25

since SOE gave their site a facelift,

there are no longer 2 different trials


both trial links send you to


SOE also has a new purchase link


EQ2 Wiki deserves mention for Quest/Class info



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11/17/07 5:26:15 AM#26
Originally posted by Distiler

You know what, I would love to play this game but it is damn hard to get it :(

Yes I also tried direct2drive all in one compilation but it says I can't complete de order because "Your order has been temporarily placed on hold, pending additional verification." Noone contacted me even I opened two tikets at their support page. I won't buy it from SOE page because I'll have to pay triple for the same and there are no stores in Spain with Echoes of Faydwer (box version with other expansions in it).


Anyway good informative post. Thanks.

Not even an online-store?



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12/19/07 12:23:54 PM#27

adding  to this faq thread


Hardware Guide for EQ2 Computers



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12/21/07 10:59:04 AM#28

2 good spots to find info or ask questions regarding PVP


SOE PVP forum


EQ2Flames PVP forum



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12/24/07 12:11:36 AM#29

Nice resource thread. You should, however, mention that the list of PvP title bonuses you linked (this one) is complete fiction and meant as a fun thread.

The names of the titles are right, but there are NO special perks or whatsoever linked to those titles. They are just for showing off.



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1/03/08 7:46:32 AM#30

EQ2 Game Lore



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1/03/08 1:46:41 PM#31

re-posting this here for easy access
this question comes up alot - what class to play

Originally posted by DarthHoob
A quick breakdown of all the classes ....


Guardian, Bezerker, Shadowknight, Paladin. All plate wearers, solo extremely well. Guards & Zerkers are the main tanks of the game. SKs have an array of spells to cripple mobs. Pally's heal as well as dish out damage.

Bruiser & Monk. Leather wearers, still solo very well, and get a bad rap cos they lack the plate armor of other fighter classes, but don't let that put you off. They are excellent tankers.


Swashbuckler & Brigand. Excellent soloers, and good stand-in tanks (some raid mobs actually go down better with a swashy tanking!).

Assassin & Ranger. More of a support class both of these, but still able to solo.

Troubadour & Dirge. Commonly known as buffbots ingame. Able to solo but work better in groups due to the nature of they're buffs. Troub's mostly debuff the mobs, Dirge's mostly buff the groups.


Conjuror & Necromancer. Excellent soloers. Both these classes have 3 pets. A tank pet, scout pet, and mage pet. Soloing with a tank pet is a one man group, and I have managed to solo extrememly well with both. The Necro has the edge over the Conjy imho, but that's just a personal preference.

Coercer & Illusionist. Solo fairly well. But have the reputation of being 2 of the hardest classes ingame. Coercer's turn mobs into temporary pets, illusionists mesmerise mobs. Both excellent additions to grouping and raids.

Wizard & Warlock. Insane damage from both of these! Able to solo very well, but will die very quickly if it all goes tit's up!


Fury & Warden. Great soloers. Fury is the most played healer class ingame. Do outstanding damage for a healer. Wardens not far behind them.

Defiler & Mystic. Good soloers, though both considered quite hard to play due to the nature of they're heals.

Templar & Inquisitor. The plate wearing healers. Templars struggle at soloing, but can take a lot of damage so get there in the end. Inquisitors have the edge over templars as far as damage per second is concerned.

My advice, try anything! If you don't like it try something else!


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4/14/08 2:55:41 AM#32

This thread is a perfect "newbie" resource, you have alot of things here. Soem things i didn't know. Can't let this go to waste. This needs a definite sticky.

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5/09/08 12:37:53 PM#33

another helpful thread at Fires of Heaven


[EQ2] The Ultimate Newb Thread



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2/19/09 2:20:25 PM#34

Class Guides and more, at TenTonHammer



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3/23/09 7:54:33 AM#35

ingame Guild Recruitment tool



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3/26/09 12:41:26 PM#36

FAQ: Finding the EQII Manual and Other Helpful Info



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2/03/10 1:42:12 AM#37

hi all,

i played everquest 2 briefly last year for a while. although i love the lore and game mechanics, i find it extremely confusing for a newbie. i'm thinking of reactivating my account again, but is the game still as active as before?




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11/29/11 8:23:04 AM#38

not a feature

but a recent posting of many EQ2 fansites


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