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Everquest II Forum » The Tavern (General) » People still play?

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OP  4/08/14 12:15:24 PM#1
Or is this game dead? 

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4/09/14 9:22:27 AM#2
I just started back this past Saturday after 6 years and am loving it. I'm on Permafrost server and there seem to be a good amount of people playing, especially during peak hours.

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4/12/14 1:01:50 AM#3
Originally posted by Viadric
Or is this game dead? 


It's pretty much dead and has been since 2009 or so.


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4/14/14 2:24:04 PM#4
Just stayed again 2 weeks ago. There are a ton of people playing in every zone I've been to Far far far from dead.

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4/14/14 2:39:20 PM#5

You asked this same question about SWTOR and never showed your face on the thread again. People answered you earnestly in that one you should at least go back and acknowledge their efforts.


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4/14/14 3:52:54 PM#6

1. Yes

2. No



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4/14/14 3:59:52 PM#7
Originally posted by Keylogger_007
Originally posted by Viadric
Or is this game dead? 


It's pretty much dead and has been since 2009 or so.

Not really.  It's not WoW numbers but it's still pretty lively for it's age.  Some servers are better than others for sure but there are plenty of players overall.  It's biggest issue IMO is how top heavy the latest expansion's gear has made the game.  Pretty much everything you earn before the newest zone is pretty sad compared to everything you earn after.  Given how absolutely huge this game world really is that's a shame.


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4/14/14 4:08:59 PM#8
EQ2 isn't dead, and it's actually a pretty good, under-appreciated game.  There is a lot to do, good crafting, and a good story.  And they have continued to add to the game, despite it being free.


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4/14/14 6:52:47 PM#9

People still play. I see tons all the time and it also depends on what server you are on.

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4/15/14 1:01:08 PM#10
Originally posted by Viadric
Or is this game dead? 

Has this question ever NOT been a troll?

If asked on the forum of a dead game, the answer is obvious. If asked on the forum of a not-dead game, it's still obvious.


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4/16/14 7:56:24 PM#11
Check the official forums, that will answer any questions you have about the state of the game.


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5/20/14 8:18:00 PM#12

Do people go around solo doing quest or do they group up and do things?


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7/14/14 2:34:51 AM#13
Originally posted by Jockan

Do people go around solo doing quest or do they group up and do things?

If you have friends or are in a guild, then you can easily find a group.  


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7/15/14 7:11:52 PM#14

grouping mostly occurs at endgame. though this still includes level 85+ as this is the level of the 'heroic character' you can purchase. occasionally there are new player guilds forming as well as progression guilds which do group for lower level dungeons.


however, quite honestly, most content can be accomplished with a mercenary and a smart playstyle. thing is there is tons of content. i've been playing for years and still haven't seen or done it all. if you're looking for a solid mmo that offers leveling with a bit of leeway in character builds outside the 'choose one talent tree' type then you might enjoy this game.


or if you're a crafter and window decorator who enjoys a robust crafting system that still has some relation to the economy, in spite of the f2p store, then this might also be a game you would enjoy.


one note, if you do the f2p option and decide to continue playing it is highly recommended that you spend the 5bucks on a Store purchase to elevate your account to the next account level. as with Rift this has been a successful method of keeping most farmers and spambots out of the game.

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7/25/14 1:45:59 PM#15
Just started playing again 2 weeks ago. Im part of a multi game guild and we have a very active EQ2 group. They raid all the time and my wife and I have been having a blast playing a real old school game that has tones of modern features. Click here is you are looking for a guild to play EQ2 with.

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9/11/14 10:36:24 PM#16

I had a Defiler (healer shaman) and it was too slow soloing on her when I tried to come back a few years ago.  Is soloing better for healer now or not?



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9/11/14 10:47:25 PM#17
Originally posted by Broomy

I had a Defiler (healer shaman) and it was too slow soloing on her when I tried to come back a few years ago.  Is soloing better for healer now or not?



Healers are still slightly slower due to lower over all DPS. Just grab a Merc though and leveling is a lot quicker. You should be able to take on packs of yellow con mobs.

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9/15/14 2:13:26 PM#18

Hi There,

this game just caught my attention. I am up to try it out. SInce you mention, that the gaming experience depends a lot on  the server: Which one would you recommend?  Since i would love not to play alone all the time...hope you got me...




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9/15/14 2:51:58 PM#19
Originally posted by Belgath      server: Which one would you recommend? 

Antonia Bayle is most popular server


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9/15/14 3:19:15 PM#20

Thanks Nadia.

I just created a char there and made a few steps...more tomorrow :-)

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