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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/08/04)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
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Everquest II Forum » The Tavern (General) » EQ2 TOV expansion, Nov 12

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OP  10/01/13 2:55:36 PM#1

pre-ordering TOV gives you instant access to COE expansion

price 39.99 standard   59.99 collectors


 collectors edition perks:

Ethernere Enclave Prestige Home
Darkcrow Etherwing Mount
Painting: Tears of Veeshan
Potion: 1 x 2 HR 100% XP
Shissar Custodian Plushie

from keynote at SOE Live

- 10th expansion, Tears of Veeshan, 9 dungeons, 1 overland

- signature quest

- missions

- new dragon aas based on historic dragons, new aas start at lvl 10

- aa limit raised 20 to 340

- new mercenary slots, can store more than 1 merc

- T4 Guildhalls

- Dungeon finder will be improved

- match maker for battlegrounds will be improved

- new priest pet class, the Channeler  (has mechanical pet), wears leather, uses bow


story: Kerafym on the loose

new overland area, Broodlands w many dragons, each dragon will have an influence on the local area

Highkeep comes to EQ2  (been taken over by pick claw goblins)

TOV comes to EQ2 -- flying fortress in the sky w 20 bosses, largest dungeon in game,  flying mounts supported


TOV Slides from SOE Live

other TOV info


 info about the new priest class at eq2wire  (pics at link)

Channeler class - Dissonance is the equivalent of Savagery.

  • Has a Construct (golem) pet that can intercept damage. Not fully a pet class.
  • The Construct reduces damage of groupmates, which can be parsed.
  • Construct’s health is based on Channeler’s stats.
  • He can’t die, he just stops absorbing damage at 25%, gets worse at absorbing damage as his health drops. Construct cannot be attacked by mobs, can be in PvP. Cannot be healed by normal heals. Only the Channeler can heal the construct.
  • Construct has 6 appearance slots, 4 ability slots.
  • Channelers can go out in the world and pick up appearances.
  • Construct doesn’t need to be skilled up like Beastlord Warders.
TOV beta begins Oct 15


Joined: 7/26/03
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OP  10/01/13 7:24:22 PM#2


If you attended SOE Live, then you get the Standard edition free, and there will be an upgrade option to get the CE.


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10/01/13 7:34:42 PM#3
Nadia, I am amazed how good this game still looks. Now I have my presto chango level 85 and will resub and preorder the new XP. Thanks for the info. 

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10/01/13 8:50:48 PM#4

Got an email from them about this xpansion.

Imo, it's a very shallow one, only the amount of dungeons suggests it's more than a content patch.

Will be skipping this one, not even close to be worth the price, imo.

  User Deleted
10/01/13 9:59:35 PM#5
Originally posted by Netspook

Got an email from them about this xpansion.

Imo, it's a very shallow one, only the amount of dungeons suggests it's more than a content patch.

Will be skipping this one, not even close to be worth the price, imo.

While one overland zone is disappointing, the raid / dungeons are pretty massive. Also a new class is a nice bonus.

Its more of the same, it obviously isn't going to convert anyone that wasn't interested in EQ2 already.



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OP  10/10/13 7:12:03 AM#6

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10/10/13 7:19:19 AM#7
Originally posted by Ppiper
Nadia, I am amazed how good this game still looks. Now I have my presto chango level 85 and will resub and preorder the new XP. Thanks for the info. 

I agree, for an old game the graphics are stunning. I'll be pre-ordering the collectors soon now that I'm back playing. :)



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OP  10/10/13 3:21:00 PM#8

EQ2 Producer Letter: TOV

Open Beta is being prepared now for Oct. 15 and launch is coming on Nov. 12!

In ToV, our next epic chapter unfolds! Kerafyrm, the great, evil prismatic dragon, has stolen a powerful artifact known as the Tear of Veeshan and slain Yelinak – Norrath’s wisest and eldest dragon. The New Combine Army that united Norrath’s peoples is fractured and powerless and it is said that Kerafyrm’s plots now reach far beyond Norrath. In fact, his plans are rumored to reach beyond time and space to all existence! You and your allies will be all that stands in his way.

The story begins in our overland, Vesspyr: The Eternal Broodlands, as you reunite with Yelinak who will unravel a story of horrors that will lead you down a path to thwarting Kerafyrm’s dark intentions.

Vesspyr is a the location in Ethernere – the Norrathian afterlife — where all dragons pass when they die. There will be several well-known and interesting dragons found here in addition to Yelinak, including Harla Dar, Darathar, and Lord Vymm. Vesspyr connects to 9 dungeons with a variety of advanced solo, heroic, and raid instances with Shissar, Bixie, High Keep, Nexus, and Temple of Veeshan themes. There’s a lot of quests and missions too that will reveal the local storylines in each dungeon. Our designers will start digging into these themes with you really soon in some articles online.

Let’s not forget the arrival of the new Channeler class with the expansion as well as lots of new items created with our new Itemization plan. The design team added some items on Oct. 1 in the Djinn Master and Pirate Kings dungeons that give you a sneak peek into the plan that’s coming (more on that here: As we head into Beta, the team will likely post the bulk of the Itemization plan online for your reference.

ToV will introduce new Dragon-themed AAs for each archetype, as well as raise the AA cap to 340. Crafters will get new recipes, including tradeskill apprentice recipes, as well as a new tradeskill quest line! And as part of our content update available to everyone, we’re adding Mercenary slots and the Tier 4 Guild Hall too!

There’s details to come, but we wanted to introduce the expansion now and invite you to join us for Beta on Oct. 15! More news and details on the ToV features will be coming soon!

P.S. Don’t forget Nights of the Dead creeping up on Oct. 15 too!

Sincerely, always,

Holly Longdale
Sr. Producer
EverQuest II


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10/10/13 3:35:28 PM#9
Originally posted by Nadia

more info on PreOrder items

Thanks for the pics. I was waiting for this to decide which edition I am purchasing. I really wanted a traditional housing setup. I like the mount, merc, and goodies, but I'm not sure about the grotto. I'm more of a decorator and achievement collector than a build from scratch type, at least in EQ2, but it still might be worth it. All but two of my characters are Fae, so it would really fit them racially.

If anyone is considering purchasing Gold as well, make sure you do it before October 15th because there are a few goodies you get for purchasing a recurring subscription (I don't think Krono or timecards count).

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10/11/13 6:31:49 AM#10
thanks for the links and info. this is a game i come back to often enough to consider the expac.

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OP  10/15/13 7:40:02 AM#11


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OP  10/30/13 7:44:36 AM#12

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11/09/13 7:15:15 PM#13

Hey all,

I have a few questions I can't seem to easily find the answers to :

1. Will there be a new starting area, to support channeler or will you be rolling into existing zones?

2. What level range is the new overland zone/new content in general?



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OP  11/09/13 7:26:28 PM#14

there is no level increase


I'm not sure but i believe the new content is for levels 92 - 95


there are no new starting zones for the new class