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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Ymir's Pass Trailer Video  (2:05)

The folks at Funcom have provided us with this trailer video for the recent Ymir's Pass update for their MMORPG, Age of Conan.

The folks at Funcom have provided us with this trailer video for the recent Ymir's Pass update for their MMORPG, Age of Conan.
Duration: 2:05
Views: 10,418  48 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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Mrbloodworth writes: Absolutely stunning. Thu Nov 13 2008 2:52PM Report
crmznoutlw16 writes: Makes me want to play it again...kinda. Thu Nov 13 2008 3:32PM Report
Arioc writes: The one thing I never understood was why their autrumn tree's all are fullbright. They always seem unnaturally bright in the moody lighting of the game. They always stick out like a sore thumb and in this video it's visable how those tree's shaders just need to be tweaked. Oh and the video is cool. :) Thu Nov 13 2008 4:09PM Report
vircoto writes: looks very cool, and im lev 62 so will be a good new zone to explore very happy, looks like the future could be bright for this one. Thu Nov 13 2008 5:26PM Report
Arthineas writes: I agree, it is absolutely stunning. The screenshots look great, but they are nothing compared to seeing it in action. Thu Nov 13 2008 5:40PM Report
Andraaxx writes: Looks very nice, I hope the game play is as good as the video. Thu Nov 13 2008 5:41PM Report
BearShammy writes: Looks very cool! Thu Nov 13 2008 5:43PM Report
Shadowhand writes: Gonna give this one another shot Thu Nov 13 2008 6:22PM Report
BoudahXL writes: Nice. Thu Nov 13 2008 6:30PM Report
jinxit writes: Was that Erling doing the voice over? Another thing on the age of conan info for its game listing retail price and monthly fee still say n/a .... Thu Nov 13 2008 7:17PM Report
DaveTT writes: This zone is Awesome !!! honestly one of the best zones i ever played in a mmo !!! almost started to cry. And i have played so many mmo's its inzane. ;) Thu Nov 13 2008 7:44PM Report
Lieven writes: wtf are you guys on? It looks ok, but it's really nothing special compared to the other zones... Thu Nov 13 2008 8:00PM Report
howardb writes: Looks good. Think I'm gonna resub for the x-mas holidays, unless Mines of Moria manages to hook me. Thu Nov 13 2008 8:51PM Report
Terranah writes: Looks good. But then I always thought AOC looked good. Maybe someday I will revisit the game. Fri Nov 14 2008 2:21AM Report
rocknerd writes: doesnt the voice sound a bit like the sorcerer from the first conan movie??? Fri Nov 14 2008 2:31AM Report
Mitara writes: It does look good, but unfortunately the gameplay is still really bad and they are prolly not going to change that, as it is the foundations the design is build on that is the bad thing. Go here for visual beauty, dont go for having fun. Fri Nov 14 2008 4:00AM Report
kakarotrage writes: This game is bad Fri Nov 14 2008 4:08AM Report
kakarotrage writes: This game is bad Fri Nov 14 2008 4:08AM Report
chriswsm writes: Looks good but I am not sure it is sufficient to drag me back into AOC Fri Nov 14 2008 5:40AM Report
tarlonis writes: Gameplay is fine, dunno what you're ON about... This is a Next Gen game. It is visually overwhelming, if you don't think so, you need more hardware so you can Crank It Up. Fri Nov 14 2008 6:22AM Report
kaa4ever writes: AoC is just another game that proves graphics isnt all. Ill never return to AoC unless they remove the heavy instancing, and thats proberly never gonna happen, so ill just stick to Lotro :) Fri Nov 14 2008 6:34AM Report
ther1ng writes: good looking Fri Nov 14 2008 6:45AM Report
SSJGotenx268 writes: It may be a next gen game, but its still bad. Fri Nov 14 2008 7:14AM Report
Juudaspappi writes: Looks good.. maybe i'll give this another try. Fri Nov 14 2008 7:57AM Report
ed515 writes: no thanks. fool me once shame on you... Fri Nov 14 2008 10:01AM Report
Kosk writes: Game is shite! Never again Failcom. Fri Nov 14 2008 11:53AM Report
solareus writes: Looked slapped together with no cohesiveness to the rest of the game, and wow , still using the same trees. Fri Nov 14 2008 1:21PM Report
xRand0mx writes: Same old same old. Fri Nov 14 2008 1:43PM Report
zeroki12 writes: This looks good. I bet half of the ppl who said this game is bad never played it. Fri Nov 14 2008 3:52PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Hey Solareus, just because you get 3 second Lotro videos with clones - there is nothing slapped about in this update its laid out bare for all to see and try out - feedback is well recieved so far in the community. If you knew anything about the lore its like me telling you MoM is an afterthought add on and nothing to do with the game. Get your facts right. Fri Nov 14 2008 7:09PM Report
ninfanlink writes: For those who have no clue... the game has gotten a shit ton better. Alot less bugs, they changed some important things and are adding sooo much! Wtf is with these they used the same tree bs.. welcome to mmos. Every mmo uses the same shit. wow, lotro, eve etc.. so stop bashing the fucking game and get a life! Fri Nov 14 2008 7:52PM Report
sprigganny writes: Look there is nothing these guys can do to get me back. It was one of the worst launches besides Vanguard so. You only get one chance to do it right and Funcom failed. Fri Nov 14 2008 10:08PM Report
ramothin writes: Your wrong about WOW, LOTRO as well as some others MMORPG having bugs on release day. The few bugs LOTRO and WOW had were fixed within a few patches. As of last month Age of Conan STILL had not fixed the memory leaks that caused system crashes and I STILL had broken quests that were not fixed. AGE of Conan lost it's chance to become a PLAYER in the MMORPG world it WILL NEVER GET US BACK!!!!!! Fri Nov 14 2008 11:24PM Report
xpiher writes: If you don't like instancing then you won't like AoC. If you can get over the fact that when a game has great graphics in order to have it playable it'll have to be instanced, like engaging combat, and interesting quest story lines, and intense PvP then AoC is for you. BTW the zone is amazaing, the drops and armor graphics are phenomenal. Best instance to date. Fri Nov 14 2008 11:28PM Report
xpiher writes: To one of the posters. The bugs WoW had and class imbalances were a part of the game for at least the first 6months, same in Vanguard, same in LotR:O Fri Nov 14 2008 11:31PM Report
suehuang writes: I have get the update news from 4usale, and I believe it will be better with less bug . Sat Nov 15 2008 12:12AM Report
suehuang writes: I have get the update news from 4usale, and I believe it will be better with less bug . Sat Nov 15 2008 12:12AM Report
suehuang writes: Better than I expected Sat Nov 15 2008 12:13AM Report
DevilHawk writes: Several months later and they add in content for lvls 40-50 when end game players are starving for something to do. Just a heads up people, this game has been out for what 6 months or so, and there are players with multiple level 80s because thats all there is to do.. grind a new toon. End game = DEAD. And FunCom puts focus on mid levels instead... sheesh. Sat Nov 15 2008 7:09AM Report
Elikal writes: AoC sure is the best looking MMO, no doubt, but if "better than expected" becomes a masure, damn I am going to participate in the next Olympic Games! Sat Nov 15 2008 11:48AM Report
grimfall writes: They should consider hiring some professional voice actors. This guy was pretty blantantly tried to hide a Scandanavian accent. Sat Nov 15 2008 3:06PM Report
zeroki12 writes: the reason why they are focusing on mid levels is becuase at one point the amount of quests drops so they needed to make a new area for quests. Probaly in the near near future end game content will be released. Sat Nov 15 2008 3:29PM Report
Boodram writes: still waiting for some brilliant mind to bring something more thrilling than the past button mashing crap. Sat Nov 15 2008 7:14PM Report
Saurus930 writes: Isn't he supposed to sound scandinavian then? This is a place up north, would be stranger if he sounded like a guy from texas? Mon Nov 17 2008 10:14AM Report
EvilGeek writes: If your not a player who needs to rush to endgame and enjoys experiencing well written quests and a great lore then AoC can't be knocked, if your an endgame addict then wait until next year when they've added more content. I left an unplayable, frustrating AoC after the first 2 months, I've returned to a much more enjoyable experience, when its done right it is extremely good quality. Ymirs looks incredible, my alt will be visiting it properly soon. Tue Nov 18 2008 9:54AM Report
Wolfkrone writes: The voice actors should be European, as Ymir's pass is a Cimmerian area they should of possibly gotten a Scottish voice actor, as Cimmeria is Scotland. Thu Nov 20 2008 10:07PM Report
Naej writes: ill go look back AoC... this game was my favorite game until Endgame... but yeah, i was kinda Antipating that lack at first, so there was no issue for me there. Give them time, and you'll get your money worth... Fri Nov 21 2008 12:00PM Report
Capernicus writes: Cimmeria is Scotland? really?, i hazard a guess that i need not explain the intense stupidity of such a comment. The voice acting is blatantly aimed at sounding true to the original movies where the wizard talks us through the adventures of Conan. Could have been better, but at the very least they tried to remain true to the lore of the story. As for any of the locations representing real world places, that's just gay, if that were the case they world have called the world erm Earth maybe?. Scary that these peep's walk around freely reeking havoc with there deluded naivety. Wed Feb 11 2009 6:35AM Report