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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Hyborian Insider, New Content, DX 10 and More! (7:21) has received an exclusive English version of Funcom's most recent Hyborian Insider. In it, Erling Ellingson tells us about some of the new content that is being added into the game as well as some information on (and a good look at) some of the DX 10 features that are planned for the game. has received an exclusive English version of Funcom's most recent Hyborian Insider. In it, Erling Ellingson tells us about some of the new content that is being added into the game as well as some information on (and a good look at) some of the DX 10 features that are planned for the game.
Duration: 7:21
Views: 15,760  112 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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quesy writes: what WE want, lol, thats a bad thing dude! Mon Sep 15 2008 7:21AM Report
kakarotrage writes: Funny thing: They work on these things but the important stuff which they promised still isn't in the game + a simple thing like making the client available for free for anyone who wants to try the game isn't available... lawlers..amatures Mon Sep 15 2008 7:42AM Report
Mirandel writes: And what exactly is this "important stuff they promissed and still isn't in the game"? Mon Sep 15 2008 8:02AM Report
slipline writes: This guy still has a job? I quit believing anything he said 4 months ago. Mon Sep 15 2008 8:07AM Report
antaras writes: adding stuff without fix the wich is broken to fuck, way to go guys /carebox for failcom Mon Sep 15 2008 8:25AM Report
sidfu writes: u guys are stupid they are adding stuff and fixing at the same time thats what all games do even wow does it add stuff and fix bugs at same time Mon Sep 15 2008 8:33AM Report
Lorekthewood writes: Jesus people... if you have nothing constructive to say then shut up. Yes Funcom failed in many areas, but it's not the worst game of all time. Grow up Mon Sep 15 2008 8:35AM Report
nakuma writes: yeahs all those things are good and all, but these are things that should of been avialable at launch or at least most of them, let alone it should been a far more stable game rather than this blotchy mess they have now. quite a shame they had their chance, so now i figure this game may overtime bleed more subscribers if they dont get their act together. ive resubbed and its a ghosttown on deathwhisper. Mon Sep 15 2008 8:38AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes: Very, very Anarchy Online Shadowlands look. Mon Sep 15 2008 8:39AM Report
Clada writes: I love this game, been playing for a few weeks now and can't get enough! Mon Sep 15 2008 8:45AM Report
Clada writes: I love this game, been playing for a few weeks now and can't get enough! Mon Sep 15 2008 8:45AM Report
Clada writes: I love this game, been playing for a few weeks now and can't get enough! Mon Sep 15 2008 8:45AM Report
corpsman77 writes: Could very well be the biggest MMO flop of all time. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:19AM Report
Kataal writes: the PVP update and the actual FIXES for the game should have been the main focus, as those basic issues are causing people to leave a LOT more than dx10 or random dungeons. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:33AM Report
mscouts77 writes: FunCom..... putting the F U in fun since AO this video is a JOKE! they are adding more graphics?!?!?!? this is beyond STUPID... AoC will for sure be the BEST looking FAILURE EVER to be released as an MMO.... WTF cares about twice the graphics when current players can the the F'ing memopry leaks dealt with... I cant say anything more negative because words just do not express it. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:35AM Report
Battleskar writes: Just another example of what happens to a game when it is released with the "release now and fix later mentality".You can sense the sound of urgency in this guys voice,so we know now they are feeling a little desperation by the last couple of video's that have been released. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:44AM Report
actionfitz writes: Sorry Erling, but its my opinion that you guys should have waited to launch you're game until you had all these features in-game and working. Im not talking DX10 - of course you can take your time tweaking that, taking your previous statement about the mistake made with the game box at face value... the game still looks astonishing for an mmo player. But for gods sake wise up... lack of evenly distributed and diverse content in a game released Post-Warcraft is really unforgivable. Expressing dissapointment at the admittably player reaction to AoC show serious naivity on your (funcoms) part tbh. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:54AM Report
actionfitz writes: just want to add that I for one would love an excuse to re-suscribe to AoC. But the current gameplay is so far from ready to stand on its own against the likes of WoW that i dont see that happening for a long time, and unfortunately Gamers aren't a forgiving lot. FC have already exhausted a tremendous anount of our goodwill. I accept your earlier apology about the 'Issues' in AOC. I just hope that 'Secret World's management team can apply the hard lessons you and the AoC devs have hopefully learned. Mon Sep 15 2008 10:00AM Report
Dodo385 writes: Holy shit, swinging trees and better underwater lighting. Sign me up Mon Sep 15 2008 10:04AM Report
mxo_cosa writes: as actionfitz said I would LOVE a excuse to resubscribe to age of conan, but think ill wait atleast 4 more months before I give it another go. Age of Conan is THE biggest disappointment ever, for me as a gamer. Hopefully they can turn it into the game it was supposed to be. Mon Sep 15 2008 10:20AM Report
mxo_cosa writes: As actionfitz said I would LOVE a excuse to resubscribe to age of conan, but think ill wait atleast 4 more months before I give it another go. Age of Conan is THE biggest disappointment ever, for me as a gamer. Hopefully they can turn it into the game it was supposed to be. Mon Sep 15 2008 10:21AM Report
Threetowns writes: ROFL Right! I belive you! Mon Sep 15 2008 10:26AM Report
DthRevan writes: Give it 2 years, maybe all the features he is showing us now will be in the game Mon Sep 15 2008 10:40AM Report
Tingtong1 writes: This guy is a waste of bandwidth, All these "features" is what gamers expected at release... 4months later they are still "promising" and they are even trying to scam whatever playerbase they have left on an expansion. It's sad really, This is #2 in All-Time MMO scams when Dark and Light was #1 Mon Sep 15 2008 10:41AM Report
Qmire writes: ".... in the future...." I don't think FC will live that long.. Mon Sep 15 2008 11:10AM Report
Sabradin writes: people can handle the struggle at lvl 55, as long as theres something to do at 80 (there isnt) Mon Sep 15 2008 11:16AM Report
haggus71 writes: @Mirandel: High level content, the PvP system, working seige warfare. The last two were cornerstones of how they sold the game. When you get wrong the stuff people bought the game for(and considering more people were on pvp servers than rp pr pve, that is what they bought it for), you have failed. People have a right to say what they want about the game, since we BOUGHT IT! We bought it with expectations they fed us, and they failed to live up to them. Mon Sep 15 2008 11:24AM Report
kosmicfoo writes: sounds like the minimal system requirements will be increased Mon Sep 15 2008 11:42AM Report
stefanakis writes: People have the right to express their opinions , good or bad , AoC is a failure so far , but IF it gets fixed lots of ppl will come back and take another look , including me . Calling ppl stupid for their opinion is beyond immature and irrelevant , we understand your anxiety and that you dont want your game to die , but u need to be constructive . Beeing here and posting a comment means I care , take the hint Mon Sep 15 2008 12:01PM Report
WazMeister writes: I give em credit for putting these vuideos out and updating their customers on whats coming etc. I think it's good that he can still put on face and be professinal even though all us geeks slag him off. I think they realise whats wrong and they will fix/add it but it all takes time. What worries me is it runs like shit now on top end machines, I just bought a 4850 for DX10 but got af eeling it run even worse FPS and performance with dx10 on. The engine needs more perfromance and tweak patches. Anway thumbs up, awesome stuff love AoC, addicted to it! not sure what it is but im addicted to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mon Sep 15 2008 12:03PM Report
paintchips writes: Totally awesome! Cant wait to see how awesome the NPC armour looks in DX10. Who gives a monkeys about the PvP patch? When basic loot elements are missing from the PvE game. Seriously why play a game that dosen't reward you at all? Mon Sep 15 2008 12:08PM Report
PK4Gold writes: hmmm... 4 mo. 2L8 Mon Sep 15 2008 12:08PM Report
Jamkull writes: you would have thought they learned from their AO experience of releasing to early. but i guess not. so 6 months to a year from now we'll finally have the game they promised. Mon Sep 15 2008 12:11PM Report
kaylee writes: After all the time spent waiting for this game, it has been a big disappointment for me. Mainly because of all the memory leaks and bugs. A pretty look, broken game features and missing content does not equate to a fun experience. I have had enough of the paid beta testing. On the bright side though, I now posses a game machine that can run any game out now and in the near future, lol. Mon Sep 15 2008 12:22PM Report
Torvac writes: fc guys seriously need a reality check. tbh i doubt their investors fall for this shit anymore, bye funcon. and i hope we wont see ellingsons lying face anymore soon. this stuff is not additional stuff players wanted, its stuff you axed pre-release and start to finish now to look busy instead of fixing your crap game. Mon Sep 15 2008 1:06PM Report
Douhk writes: What's sad about this is that they've realized their mistakes way too late for it to honestly matter. These are things that were all hyped to be in at launch, which was 4 months ago. You'd think they'd have made some vast improvements by then but I've seen none. I don't understand how anyone trusts this company anymore. Maybe it will be where it was originally promised in a year from now but even so I simply can't stand that these guys think it's ok to do that. Mon Sep 15 2008 2:49PM Report
Reinier001 writes: liar liar pants on fire :P Mon Sep 15 2008 2:56PM Report
redavni writes: lol fanboy rage. Anyone who subscribes to an mmo the first few months deserves what they get. Thanks for helping them out with the beta testing though guys. It will make for a much better game when I get around to buying AoC next year. Mon Sep 15 2008 3:07PM Report
Evelknievel writes: Just get the PvP system working properly. I could care less about trees,sunlight and underwater effects. Mon Sep 15 2008 3:23PM Report
afoaa writes: Its too little too late. As a lifetime ReH fan I feel so disapointed at what FunCom did to this wonderful IP. Hyberia is about a wast world where you always want to go over the horizon for new adventure, where you chop of head of scores of lesser men and not two persons of importance is similar. In AoC you are boxed into small playgrounds. There is nothing to do and at high lvl you hide from mobs hoping you can trick a solo one to come after you because 2 mobs will be death. There is nothing heroic about the game, there is no adventure and there is no point to anything in the game. Mon Sep 15 2008 3:34PM Report
fwhite writes: This game looks like the best I have seen since WoW launched 3 years ago. In addition, I am a Robert Howard fan and the plot-lines he is talking about, from gang warfare to slaying gods, is the stuff in the Conan stories that people expected from this game. All the other upcoming look like copies of previous games. This looks fresh (at last). Mon Sep 15 2008 3:45PM Report
calranthe writes: what were we promised ? A mature adult game with mature content, all we got was lots of men making female avatars to check out female parts. In beta they had working AI driven brothels? Where is our pub brawls ??? What about a pet class where your pet can actually take and keep agro, i'm not asking for it to keep agro if I cast a damn spell but its really nice for the lowest hp class to send in pets and see the enemy bypass them totally and run for you... Mon Sep 15 2008 4:05PM Report
nellson writes: I will be playing this game in a few more months..By then,it will rock...And all you people that played it when it initally came out,your loss.....This game is going to look/play beautifully in a few more months..... Mon Sep 15 2008 4:09PM Report
BoudahXL writes: Nice presentation all around, I think most of us would like to see/hear memory leak fix being work on before anything else...No matter how beautifull your game is, if it crashes me out all the time I won't see it! Mon Sep 15 2008 4:47PM Report
Major69er1 writes: Wow 4 months later and they are still promising things they promised back then, nothing has changed!! All this was supposed to be done before launch. Mon Sep 15 2008 4:51PM Report
chillsan writes: Smoke and Mirrors FTW! That whole video was nothing but illusions even I know how to use photoshop or video filters. "Please provide us with your contructive feedback and we'll be sure to read it" and close your thread. I don't trust a businessman who doesn't tailor his suits. Those sleeves were driving me crazy. Mon Sep 15 2008 4:55PM Report
SBE1 writes: Same old same old. I don't know, adding more PvE content? hmm, not really something I care about. Making a visually stunning game even more stunning? Well, it would be nice but at what cost to FPS? Hard to tell if I ran DX10 would it cut my FPS in half? Is that something people can handle in PvP? Oh wait, I keep forgeting, PvP is just a "minor" issue. I quit because to me PvP was the "major" issue and it is just borked. 95% of his presentation is geared towards PvE players, yet most of the players (initially) were on the PvP servers because it was marketed as a PvP game. Good luck Funcom, you're going to need it. Mon Sep 15 2008 5:49PM Report
neosurfeur writes: 4 month isnt that long ? for those who say 4 month ?? ITS NOTHNG 4 month for this result Mon Sep 15 2008 6:39PM Report
pasarmalam writes: All you guys do is bitch about Aoc. U got to play a game for couple of months.Don't like it quit and stfu. Mon Sep 15 2008 8:11PM Report
lakoka writes: Dont know but its the best gameplay in a mmo i,ve ever seen and I project replaying when it will be finished beceause they released the game to get money, not beceause it was finished. Anyway, playing WAR atm ;) rock on!!! Mon Sep 15 2008 8:30PM Report
Fion writes: AoC has a lot of innovative features and the first 40 or 50 lvls indeed rock. Now if only they could fix those last 30, add the pvp content, introduce better end game pvp and crafting.. and they'd have it made. WAR is about to hit, but unless your a fanboi you'll likely find it an over-hyped, super-linear, clone (and they said some of AOC's zones were 'stick to the path' linear.. they had no idea.) I'm not playing AoC right now, I'm waiting for it to be finished basically. What is there and is done are some extremely well done combat mechanics and innovative gameplay. When the rest finally hits.. I'll be playing AoC from then on. Mon Sep 15 2008 8:55PM Report
Zakor writes: They got what they deserved for lying to us by advertising wrong info on the boxes... If at least, they would offer a refund for those who bought that false advertised game, I'd be glad to give it another try in a year or so. But they are too greedy... so funcom is now doomed for that. Gamers don't forget. Learn that. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:09PM Report
M1sf1t writes: Wow I can't believe they are still using the same fat googly eyed used car salemen for their video. Mon Sep 15 2008 9:38PM Report
socrates656 writes: I agree that wasn't right about the false advertizment/lies, but damn you guys seriously need to get over it and move onto another game, because that issue was months and months ago. I myself will not be going back to AoC ever again simply because the crafting system was terrible, but guys seriously.... shut up already and let the people who want to enjoy the game enjoy it. No one cares about your issues you had with the game and its false advertizing. Im over it, Im playing a differnt game that i enjoy.. why arnt you? you guys whining and complaining sound like emo wife. cheers -Socrates Mon Sep 15 2008 9:52PM Report
Rebn77 writes: Erling - Du ata smegma! Mon Sep 15 2008 10:10PM Report
Wotan1105 writes: Funcom = Worst MMO management in MMO History. Avoid like the plague. Bunch of idiots, this douche is in the top 3 as well. Mon Sep 15 2008 10:12PM Report
krieblood writes: Same empty promises its like a broken record. Woo make the game run before you add more stress. Rated Fail for Failcom Tue Sep 16 2008 12:47AM Report
Dreamion writes: Nice, cant wait for it Tue Sep 16 2008 12:52AM Report
alien1984 writes: I found it amusing towards the beginning of the movie they showed a monster that looked exactly like something out of anarchy online. They are not creative at all... Tue Sep 16 2008 1:30AM Report
AbAStein writes: Where was this guy and those informations when game started ??? Because not talking and populating lies 2 community ppl start to talk all sorts of stuff ... i guess FunCom strategists finally learn a leason how to address community and most importand no more fixed promises abaut dates and stuff "we will...". It's seems 2 me that those "issues" abaut AOC is finally turning in the right way but the question is: How will this game handle a collateral damage of those bad decisions? Tue Sep 16 2008 3:24AM Report
Blaze007 writes: Is MMORPG.COM owned by Funcom ? Why every few days there are movies/interviews/articles about this pity game? And every of those movies is full of bullshiet pro misses we heard before. Content coming, full of features, more of this, more of that etc. AoC is very AVERAGE game at best, and repeating thousand times that the game is grate will not change it. Tue Sep 16 2008 3:42AM Report
ZeGerman1942 writes: Interesting - player's want more level 55 content! That is new to me. I thought players wanted PvP fixes and the PvP patch as well as high end content. Looks like none of this will make it out this week, which means it comes in after Warhammer releases. Too bad so sad. Tue Sep 16 2008 3:47AM Report
Woodcock writes: I think this guy does a terrific job. He's wel spoken and well dressed and he is confident which I probably cannot say from most of you negative bitchin nerds who cry like little babies when they dont get what they want. Yes there are some things that went wrong but I'm having a great time with AoC so why cant you. Tue Sep 16 2008 3:56AM Report
wishmaster71 writes: awesome Tue Sep 16 2008 5:11AM Report
Megera writes: I couldn't care less about PvP content - more pve content is a good thing. I like the game, i like the look, i just wish it ran better on my computer - they've fixed a lot of things. I really don't count a game done until its been out over a year - you just can't playtest something without opening it to the public. Tue Sep 16 2008 5:25AM Report
DthRevan writes: LOL PVP Update has been pushed back again!! Tue Sep 16 2008 6:02AM Report
arctarus writes: Well done Mr. Ellingson and FC. If you could continue down the path of what you are showing us and bringing it to pass what you have promise, i will come back to the game. Keep up the good work guys, and truly hope that all of you have learn the lesson. cya Tue Sep 16 2008 6:47AM Report
Deewe writes: AoC looks good and will be really nicer. PvP... how about Pve content? Also the UI needs serious lovin' Last, just redo crafting. Tue Sep 16 2008 7:23AM Report
Deewe writes: AoC looks good and will be really nicer. PvP... how about Pve content? Also the UI needs serious lovin' Last, just redo crafting. Tue Sep 16 2008 7:23AM Report
biplex writes: Another pack of Fat Lies, from Erling "Fat Lier" Erlingsen. Who cares about underwater caustics, when there is no underwater content :) Adding lvl 50+ content? Now? When everybody leveled to 80, or quit the game? And WHOA! more level 40 content! Who needs that - you go through those levels pretty quickly, and with current state of the game there is no point in going back. But why do I even bother writing this? I won't be giving any more money to the company which cheats their customers. Tue Sep 16 2008 8:16AM Report
Lethality writes: Does he remind anyone else of Augustus Gloop? You know, the little german kid that fell into the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory... hmmm Tue Sep 16 2008 8:19AM Report
Shadowhearth writes: DX10 is nice, but we need something more that will make game better not graphics. Better gear models, some pvp rewards. good pve base. Tue Sep 16 2008 8:26AM Report
Arawnite writes: Too little, too late. No sub money from me ever again. Tue Sep 16 2008 8:26AM Report
JeroKane writes: And here we go again. More Soon TM. While you guys are waiting for this Soon TM. We are having a blast in WAR in the meantime ;) Tue Sep 16 2008 9:05AM Report
Jupsto writes: graphics look good already. performance is still terrible, even on my high end PC. low settings is worse frames a second than high settings. game crashes every dat. sort it out! make zones bigger, less instancing rather that lighting effects no-one will use. Tue Sep 16 2008 10:27AM Report
musicmann writes: Honestly for me atleast, AOC would have been with it's stellar graphics and lore the best mmo to come out in a very long time, if it wasn't for all the damn instancing. If they would have made Hyboria more open and free and not so damn linear and closed in, it would have surpassed pretty much every other mmo on the market that's out now and in the future. Tue Sep 16 2008 10:28AM Report
expertphp writes: this game is bored, there's no group instances. you will play alone most of the game Tue Sep 16 2008 12:44PM Report
woodwhisper writes: # Woodcock(posted Tue Sep 16 2008) `I think this guy does a terrific job. He's wel spoken and well dressed and he is confident` Well, seeing as he's well spoken and well dressed and earns loads of money, he must not only be doing a stellar job but knows what he's talking about. bravo. Nice name btw Tue Sep 16 2008 1:11PM Report
nightphantom writes: "Is MMORPG.COM owned by Funcom ? Why every few days there are movies/interviews/articles about this pity game? And every of those movies is full of bullshiet pro misses we heard before. Content coming, full of features, more of this, more of that etc. AoC is very AVERAGE game at best, and repeating thousand times that the game is grate will not change it." -Valador Wow, that was one of the stupidest thing's I've heard in a very long time. 1st, 400,000 people still play AoC. That's a LOT of people. Second, going by you're logic, is also owned by Blizzard, and Epic studios. No, it's not. Stop being a sniveling little kid and get over yourself Tue Sep 16 2008 2:48PM Report
LoboMau writes: Lovely Graphics!!...But...I will return to this game only when is ready...maybe 2010!! Tue Sep 16 2008 3:59PM Report
Willot writes: Honesty I still enjoy playing the game. But they need to get the PvP going and get it right the first time (and they know it, hence the patch getting pushed back again) and they REALLY need to fix crafting!! They also need to rebuild thir fanbase and prevent the ones they have from getting birddoged by warhammer. How? they need to lower thier subscriptions to like $9-$10/month. At least then your players can say at least im not paying $14.99/month. Tue Sep 16 2008 4:18PM Report
castiron3 writes: Level 30 content is the most needed for leveling concerns. But whats needed most are those small things (player housing, silly games, etc) stuff to do when you don't feel like killing stuff. Also the crafting is atrocious and definitely needs an overhaul to add another thing to do when bored with killing. Tue Sep 16 2008 8:00PM Report
IamThFEAR writes: Truly pathetic, is this all you have to offer us Funcom? This game is so hated right now for so many reason but the #1 reason being they promised us a revolutionary game and it ended up being so mediocre. And yes those sleeves are driving me crazy, are you serious Funcom come on is this a joke??? This game will be free within 12 months... Tue Sep 16 2008 9:50PM Report
svarteryttar writes: Ive accually have had a realy fun time leveling a couple of chars up to 60-80. Ofc the game wasnt realy ready. But get over it. Those who play it now thinks its fun and also have a fun time. You who are so dissapointed why are you even looking at this movie? Wed Sep 17 2008 10:16AM Report
Mahrtiir writes: Why is it that I always feel like I need to go take a shower after watching this guy? Wed Sep 17 2008 10:33AM Report
brezel writes: sure, the game looking good and this is also a important point (general game credibility) but no one want playing a benchmark. there just must be a balance between the graphical realisation and the basic game content to make a good mmorpg. failcom focusing now to adding more graphical realism into the game (blinding), but we all knowing the very sloppy gameengine with all the bugs and performance problems... script based "content" ... sounds for me like a neck fracture :D Wed Sep 17 2008 10:58AM Report
krieblood writes: LOL starts off with a lie. Yeah we have put a lot of time and effort really hardly done anything. Wed Sep 17 2008 12:35PM Report
Howler54 writes: Say what you wan't, but those DX 10 graphics are just amazing. And I really think you should stop bashing this game, it's getting old guys.. Wed Sep 17 2008 7:22PM Report
sysadmin writes: Does anyone still believe in failcom? Thu Sep 18 2008 8:43AM Report
sysadmin writes: Does anyone still believe in failcom? Thu Sep 18 2008 8:43AM Report
Mitara writes: Erling does seem a little bit untrustwhorty.... and the focus on Funcoms choice of fixing things, seems way off.. Its already the best looking game out there, why spend more time on improving that even further? Especially when three is such a lack of content, especially around 50 yes, but more around 75. But nothing is done there. You need a new producer !! wait.. I guess Craig is there now, so... CRAIG wake up, change the focus to contents, contents, contents !! Thu Sep 18 2008 10:11AM Report
littlesin12 writes: Hey! Just becuse he likes his own style doesnt mean hes a bad guy/ funcom is a bad company!hey! complainers?! do you go upto a stranger in the street and say "OMG!! YO DRESS WRONG! YOUR SLEEVES FREAK ME OUT!!!" omg loosers, get a life away from the computer and why dont you complainers make a game thats better the AoC and prove that you can do better before complaining about others? complainers! get a freaking life!!! Thu Sep 18 2008 4:12PM Report
DthRevan writes: littlesin12=fanboy Fri Sep 19 2008 9:44AM Report
Wizardry writes: It's nice there adding a lot of new areas and have some nice detailed models,but like so many developers they miss the point of content.It is nice they added a lot of story lines but CONTENT is NOT just mapping.The DX 10 content is very nice but for the most part,it is all DX anything,DX10 just takes physics to a more extreme level.I am not sure any player would notice the advanced physics DX10 offers over DX 9.They are showing some effort with there,good job. Fri Sep 19 2008 5:33PM Report
CukyDoh writes: @Wizardry: DX10... Physics? LOL! Sat Sep 20 2008 7:48AM Report
CukyDoh writes: @Wizardry: I hadn;t watched the video when i put that last comment, so now I see why you said it. But that guy :S He's using totally the wrong terminology. Sat Sep 20 2008 7:54AM Report
Kevarious writes: At least the graphics look nice, but there really wasn't enough content, patches or active players to keep me in. I'm glad I finally cancelled my subscription for a lot of reasons. Plus, the crafting is a joke...I spent hours leveling up what I could get/make for armorsmithing and ended up with weak stuff that I could've just gotten from quests/auction. I was also pissed off that I couldn't have dx10 from the start when a friend and i built new computers and preordered the game. Sat Sep 20 2008 12:42PM Report
Rakuji writes: Graphics don't make the game. End of Discussion. Gameplay and game content make the game. I can play the most cartoony looking game but as long as the gameplay and content are awsome I will love it. But that is just me. P.S. Stop Focusing on Graphics and get to making the GAME better!? Sat Sep 20 2008 6:13PM Report
gitawego writes: AOC has been improved a lot since the latest patch. You should really try it out! Sun Sep 21 2008 9:38AM Report
jimmy123 writes: The game is getting better. I'm sticking with AoC i like the combat system alot. It and i do think the game will continue to improve. Sun Sep 21 2008 10:40AM Report
Sanny writes: Nice.. hope my Radeon will be enough to handle this. Mon Sep 22 2008 10:06AM Report
mosern writes: I'll resub when they have Drunken Brawling implemented. Because this feature probably isn't that high on the list, it means that when it comes out the rest of the game is much better. Tue Sep 23 2008 5:04AM Report
Mordacai writes: played for 2 months, was glad I saw this and checked my account to make sure that I HAD infact unsubscribed to it. Looks like they have a long road ahead before its in a gold state. Tue Sep 23 2008 1:56PM Report
zoolicious writes: Funcom should stick to making Screensavers !!!! lol Wed Sep 24 2008 12:38AM Report
Ashyrnor writes: This guy should totally take lessons from Paul Barnett Mon Sep 29 2008 6:12AM Report
freakworld writes: Were 80! not 50! Were stuck on dead servers! Were is stuff for 80's and transfers to better servers? Also the pvp update was sad. The gear is just crap. Tue Sep 30 2008 1:10PM Report
DthRevan writes: Fuck You Erling, you lying scum!! Fri Oct 03 2008 4:25AM Report
zeuseason writes: Too little too late. Fri Oct 03 2008 6:17PM Report
Valentina writes: Nice. Sat Oct 04 2008 1:06AM Report
vbabic writes: Very nice, great work Funcom. Mon Oct 06 2008 3:36AM Report
Dicehunter writes: That DX10 content sold it for me looks astonishing :D Fri Nov 21 2008 1:22AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: Tarantia commons is now a level 75+ zone Mon Dec 08 2008 7:12PM Report