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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Comic Con Interview with Erling Ellingson (8:49)

At Comic Con, caught up with Erling Ellingson, the Product Manager for Funcom's Age of Conan.

At Comic Con, caught up with Erling Ellingson, the Product Manager for Funcom's Age of Conan.
Duration: 8:49
Views: 19,614  110 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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Braavosi writes: NO stop stop talking NO FUNCOM STOP just stop it STOP IT NOW Fri Aug 01 2008 7:15AM Report
Yucko55 writes: "There are very few things that did not make it for launch. It's not really big features." -Erling Sieging, Drunken Brawling, DX10, etc.. Not big features??? These guys should be sued. It's like paying for a car with an air condition, but you do not get the air condition.. Comic Con, how does it feel when somebody takes a crap right in your face? Fri Aug 01 2008 8:24AM Report
Regnorok writes: Rofl! "There are very few things that did not make it for launch. It's not really big features." Unimportant stuff like Pvp , Battle keeps, Sieges, Dx10 , working cities etc... all the main advertised stuff that didn't make it in apparently isn't that important. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:30AM Report
Rohne writes: You are a LIAR Erling. You should look for a new job now. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:35AM Report
afoaa writes: Erling is like Gaute a PR man. Problem is he is not very good at it so its too easy to see when he sugar coats or lies. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:36AM Report
Rohne writes: Oh... one more thing.. NEVER PLAYING ANOTHER FUNCOM GAME .... EVER! Fri Aug 01 2008 8:38AM Report
Deto123 writes: BS responses like the game itself. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:43AM Report
eF3KTiV writes: I've never seen so much smoke blowin' crap. They launched an incomplete game, they've nurfed upon nurf, they've never once announced that sieging, Battlekeeps, and PVP are not working as intended, etc. The patch yesterday is going to force a ton of players to unsubscribe. We have over 300 in our guild and we are already having several of our lvl 80's leaving the game. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:55AM Report
craynlon writes: well with all that hatred against conan and all the fanboys defending it it will simply come down to economics. if they cant keep people that go back to wow or will go war they are hurting themselves. they have a good game (imho) but without throwing money onto the game conan will be just one mmo amongst others like lotr/ l2/ ddo with a small marketshare but not really the heavyweight they should be. as with ddo the mistakes/ broken promisses made at the launch will give the game a almost permanent bad rep they wont be able to fix later. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:59AM Report
Arawon writes: I'm suprised he dared to show up and actually answer questions.Nothing shames them. Fri Aug 01 2008 9:10AM Report
mrtotu writes: Billing worked perfectly he said!! atleast something worked right lmao! Fri Aug 01 2008 9:24AM Report
Lizante writes: LOL. Mr, Wood, thanks for at least trying to get the Erling Ellison to talk about FunCom's broken promises -- what FunCom promised in AoC that was omitted and/or broken at launch besides DX-10 (Ellison couldn't even admit FunCom lied about DX-10). Again, as posted before, the launch went smoothly. The launch product was and, 3 months after launch, remains a *Closed Beta Product.* Mr. Wood, the question that really matters is "When will AoC be the release quality product FunCom hyped ad nauseum before the game went live in May? Inquiring minds want to know :P AoC cannot continue to bleed subscriptions into the fall, they need to turn this around now by fixing the game now. Fri Aug 01 2008 10:08AM Report
IAmMMO writes: His telling porkies, his body language gives him away. His very edgy because he knows they were taking the piss with the players hyping them up for content that wasn't there or didn't work and they knew it. They knew they had a sub par product and had to use this release window or they wouldn't have a chance at any decent sales at retail going up against the other MMO releases either at the end of 2008 or in 2009. Fri Aug 01 2008 10:12AM Report
The_Hobbit writes: Omg .... He deserves an Oscar for "Best Actor" in the FunCom/AoC movie - A timeless epic tragedie running worldwide. Just sad I guess, so out of touch with reality or just plain lies. How on earth can we trust anyting FunCom say after this ? Fri Aug 01 2008 10:16AM Report
CreepingDoom writes: After all these interviews with Erling, and every one being basically a rehash of previous information where he dances around questions blatently lies, why even continue to seek an interview with this fraud? Fri Aug 01 2008 10:48AM Report
Tuck2000 writes: After that I really need to take a dump my bottom hurts!!! Fri Aug 01 2008 10:54AM Report
ZeGerman1942 writes: the DX10 thing is funny. Considering AoC as showcased as a Games for Windows/Vista title in early 2007 (which was when it was originally supposed to launch) and considering all the screenshots we saw comparing DX10 to DX9. Fri Aug 01 2008 10:56AM Report
Thradar writes: I can't believe people fall for this and still send them money every month. Jeeeeezus. Fri Aug 01 2008 11:03AM Report
Bazanko writes: love the comment on tortage lvl 1-20, "its combining two games " oh yes i get it now :) cheers tortages is finished AOC and lvl 20-80 is beta for the expansion pack. thanks for clearing it up. every thing else he says is complete bollocks. love the body language and the stuttering when he cannot answer a question honestly. Fri Aug 01 2008 11:04AM Report
solareus writes: wow.. just wow. Great Hob John Wood at trying to get him to spill something. Think we need Barbra Walters for this guy lol . Fri Aug 01 2008 11:08AM Report
solareus writes: Job* Fri Aug 01 2008 11:08AM Report
Unfinished writes: Apparently long term donut abuse makes you a compulsive liar. Fri Aug 01 2008 11:42AM Report
cluetocalo writes: it was the first and last time LOLCOM got money from me. Fri Aug 01 2008 11:45AM Report
Capn23 writes: in all fairness...AoC could become a good game, but they would have to become great before Darkfall comes out in order to survive at all. WAR is also going to take a good chunk of their players and former players. They better pick it up if they want to have any chance in the MMO market Fri Aug 01 2008 11:47AM Report
Sabradin writes: lol poor guy ty you mr. interviewer Fri Aug 01 2008 12:19PM Report
Tuche writes: wtf what a bunch of crap Fri Aug 01 2008 12:34PM Report
FomarThain writes: Great job Jon. I am not a FUNCOM or Conan hater but I did stop playing after my free month because it just did't hold my interest. I never felt like I heard alot of hype from Gaute but I love hearing this guy speak. I have heard him now a number of times. He is king daddy spin. Does anyone remember the PR rep for Saddem(sp?) who keep saying that it was buisness as usual in Iraq as US tanks rolled by? lol, This guy reminds me of that. +) Fri Aug 01 2008 12:35PM Report
aurick writes: Well, he was right in that most of the promised features did indeed make it into the game at launch. What he completely avoids is the fact that most of the really big, key features -- you know, things like 200 vs. 200 siege warfare, deep and meaningful crafting, etc. -- were never beta tested and badly broken at launch. In fact, most of them are broken to this day. The really telling point, though, is how he says this was the first time he ever heard the rumor about mature content being removed from the game. There have been multiple threads in AoC's forums on this subject for weeks now, and they tend to get pretty lengthy. Thank you, Mr. Ellingson, for demonstrating just how out of touch you really are! Fri Aug 01 2008 12:50PM Report
dbell1967 writes: Well this is obviously not the popular sentiment but I am quite happy with AoC so far. As far as the Dx10 stuff I can understand folks being unhappy about it but it was announced PRIOR to release date so if that was a deal killer for you then way did you buy it? Fri Aug 01 2008 1:01PM Report
gatheris writes: great interview - not the interviewee of course but finally an interview conducted from someone from this site that actually asked the questions that members from this site would have asked themselves Fri Aug 01 2008 1:30PM Report
Toxilium writes: Another statement from Failcom. Erling has no idea what he's talking about, just saying um and pulling things from thin air. I did not hear the phrase "Class Balance" or "Bug Fixes" once. Fri Aug 01 2008 1:50PM Report
Razrius writes: Lol, this is just plain wrong, so much lies. Fri Aug 01 2008 2:24PM Report
Mitara writes: 10 million suckers play "gank that guy" in WoW, why wouldnt they love to have new colors to their game???? Fri Aug 01 2008 2:31PM Report
raven222 writes: A Funcom game , mistakes like that are only made once , never aggain , he can lie all he wants now. Fri Aug 01 2008 2:47PM Report
Psymyn writes: LMAO you ppl make me laugh hahaha, everyone is so angry! I am however very surprised Erling isnt getting egged at how bad ppl bitch and moan at this point! Im actually really glad that he admitted that they wont be taking the time to take the nudity away and the more Mature role of AoC after all what would the point in this game be without more blood or more nudity! Fri Aug 01 2008 2:48PM Report
dolphin666 writes: Erling Ellingson is a bullshit artist. What a crock of crap he just spewed. Fri Aug 01 2008 3:06PM Report
Paragus1 writes: Good interview Jon. It must be awesome to fire questions at the Iraq Information Minister. I think some of the BS might have got on your shirt tho, so make sure you wash it ;) Fri Aug 01 2008 3:06PM Report
Teala writes: This interview proves they(Funcom) are totally out of touch with their player base. Thanks John for the interview. It was quite enlightning. ^_^ Fri Aug 01 2008 3:07PM Report
Slythe writes: Thanks for the vid Jon. Check out Old Town while you're in San Diego, there are some good restaurants there. Fri Aug 01 2008 3:26PM Report
BoudahXL writes: Miracle patch!?!? Sieging is minor content?Drop DX10 a week before!?!? I mean WTF a week before you should have a gold in hand not a beta, DX10 was dropped a long time ago... Fri Aug 01 2008 3:35PM Report
baron666 writes: Its..just..painful..almost like watching an animal in pain i cant look at it and i payed 50 box +1month fee for this game Fri Aug 01 2008 3:50PM Report
observer writes: props to Jon for asking the tough questions Fri Aug 01 2008 4:17PM Report
Channce writes: 60 minutes needed to do this interview, that guy from Funcom is lair. Fri Aug 01 2008 4:25PM Report
KlLLERME writes: What a bunch of horse crap from this punk. Billing system worked fine my ass. He forgot to mention that nearly all collectors edition players could not use there keys at launch, and had to wait days for new keys to be sent by email. This guys is a joke, and so is the game. Fri Aug 01 2008 5:14PM Report
ed515 writes: mad props to the interviewer (John is his name i believe) for asking questions that players would ask, good job! Lol @ E.E. for all the blatant lies. Fri Aug 01 2008 5:26PM Report
Nodaed writes: Fair questions but same bull answers ofc. One question I would have asked. Why did Funcom change the orginal search options in AOC ? AOC is the game that everyone will love to hate. And it fully deserves every bit of it. Fri Aug 01 2008 5:28PM Report
mylin1 writes: AoC was entertaining enough, if they start getting some of this stuff in (they have already patched a heap of things) it might start having enough content to make it start to shine. I canceled my account mostly cause I was bored of the mid 20's - game was good enough for a game at release, ive been thru a few releases now and nothing struck me as over the top about theirs. Fri Aug 01 2008 5:41PM Report
solareus writes: "comic con" LOL Fri Aug 01 2008 5:47PM Report
Shohadaku writes: Miracle patch HAHA what a bunch of crap. Goodbye Failcom. I for one am not paying you anymore cash for your bugfilled game. Fri Aug 01 2008 5:51PM Report
heartless writes: I have to say that that was a great interview. It was funny to watch Erling try to squirm his way around the questions. Obviously the answers were full of usual Funcom lies. But it was still worth it just to see him sweat. Fri Aug 01 2008 6:06PM Report
Imjin writes: Wow, his nose is growing. They should be able to land a 757 on it soon Fri Aug 01 2008 7:32PM Report
Devil21 writes: He's basically saying we're not putting all the things we promised in the game. Fri Aug 01 2008 7:33PM Report
Xenosaiyan writes: Funcom failed...and I'd still be playing Age of Conan but I don't have time to play AoC and Warhammer, and it seems like Warhammer is a better game. I just wish Age of Conan could have lasted me till Warhammer came out. ONE THING! Age of Conan has the best questing system I've ever seen!!! Fri Aug 01 2008 7:37PM Report
Azrile writes: props to the interviewer for asking good question. But wow, is that guy out of touch with what the players think. Absolutely terrible game. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:10PM Report
RansomDenton writes: So many people hate him, hate the game but he says PVP is the number one priority which is why many hated it at launch. I think he is a bit out of touch which translates to "there are big issues but ya I cannot speak about them" still they seem to be fixing the game in my opinion. Fri Aug 01 2008 8:35PM Report
googajoob7 writes: the feeling i m getting is age of conan might be worth playing when it drops in price and maybe when a lot of these problems get sorted out . as it stands conans not a good mmo . perhaps he should be afraid for his job . hint hint Fri Aug 01 2008 9:54PM Report
severius writes: LOL Erling won't cop to the fact that the only reason that the content thins out is because of one simple fact: They had enough content from 1 to 80 then a couple weeks before launch they decided people leveled too fast, so they slowed it down which of course left the game devoid of content where there once had been plenty. Also funny how he takes the words of the ravenous fanbois (which have been proven wrong) in quoting the term: "Miracle Patch". Keep seiges and raids weren't launch features? They aren't major features? What about blood money, drunken brawling and more? So glad i do not pay to play this p.o.s. Might become worthwhile when it goes ad supported free to play :P Nice how at the end he says that they may cut the maturity down in the future but that he doesn't know of any plans to do so :) Fri Aug 01 2008 10:23PM Report
tarheels1612 writes: Great Questions Mr. Wood. thanks for not throwing soft balls questions at him. He seemed a little nervous for some reason, hmmm.... Fri Aug 01 2008 10:56PM Report
Loke666 writes: Oh, Please... All salespersons and marketeers in the worlds lies in interwievs (well and all the time they open their mouths). If you think different, youre either one of them or have never met anyone. He actually lied less than I expected. And sieging are working now FYI. Fri Aug 01 2008 11:17PM Report
Obiyer writes: As someone that was really looking forward to AoC -- hoping to get started in the next few days if my new build goes okay. Most of the problems I see are temporary ones such as the addition of new features and I think Mr. Ellingson proves this. As per my experience with Funcom which I can get from Anarchy Online, I have a feeling most of you will be pleasantly surprised in the long run. Then again, I hope that Funcom will give AoC the same dedication that their previous game had in terms of content and the way they interact with the community. Anarchy Online did have a bad launch from what I've read and it recovered splendidly. Funcom are industry veterans and I forsee them taking the necessary actions as stated by Mr. Ellington to deliver a good product. It might take awhile is all. Sat Aug 02 2008 1:16AM Report
Vesavius writes: Best MMORPG interview I have ever read. Good job. Gotta love Obiyer below me... No offence friend, but you will see once you have played this game for 1-2 weeks why people feel like they do about AoC. Right now, you have the comfort of ignorance. FC has admitted openly that L1-79 are simply solo ez mode non-thinking practice for L80 raids and PvP... The reason content is sparse? They simply don't care about the inbetween game (L21-79) at all. AoC is simply crap. Great interview though, kudos. Btw, I agree with the personal boycotts against FC for how they have 'misprepresented' and failed this game. At least the billing system was working well at alunch though eh Erling? Hilarious. Sat Aug 02 2008 1:46AM Report
Elmoren writes: I realize English probably isn't his first language. But I stopped watching this after about a minute. I don't care what else he has to say. It's clear he's saying whatever he has to in order to keep whatever people are left on board from jumping ship. The stuttering, playing with his hands, avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, etc, is all telltale signs of total horse shit being thrown at your face. I wont resubscribe to AOC, ever. I don't care what they do to the game in the future. I won't give people who do what Funcom did with a game release more money. /rant off Sat Aug 02 2008 1:59AM Report
Jamkull writes: how asinine, WoW had lots of content all the way to level cap on both sides. this guy does not have much experience playing mmos or games for that matter. Because he says the reasons they didn't add DX10 compatibility is to make for more efficient code, but DX 10 in of itself is much more efficient than dx 9... so um, yeah, this guy seems pretty aweful clueless. why does he even have a job there? Sat Aug 02 2008 3:45AM Report
Arskaaa writes: yes,yes we,we, and,and,so,so... Serius, learn to talk and drop some weight. Sat Aug 02 2008 5:16AM Report
malterik writes: Good interview, real good questions, this game is only going to improve Sat Aug 02 2008 9:54AM Report
egg20001uk writes: It made me laugh my arse off when he said "The game worked perfectly when it launched" Like hell did it. The crafting didn't work the Sieging didn't work there were broken traits and broken spells. I guess this is FunCons version of perfect.... Sat Aug 02 2008 10:51AM Report
cluetocalo writes: This greedy Failcom Pig got only dollars in his eyes. Sat Aug 02 2008 11:13AM Report
krieblood writes: No AOC did work Well for a launch i will give you that compared to other games that launched crashed down for a day for repairs that didnt happened . i like it not much after 80 till pvp is put in but Darkfalldont let me down. Sat Aug 02 2008 12:05PM Report
reLeAseroGer writes: Try fixing the the Memory errors and gray maps.I am glad he dont sell used cars, thats one hell of a dodgy salesman Sat Aug 02 2008 5:34PM Report
saohc writes: You can tell hes lieing about at least half the stuff hes talking about. Sun Aug 03 2008 1:43AM Report
TheHavok writes: Jon did a great interview. Its always nice to see people not sugar coating things and getting the straight facts that the public is so interested about. Sun Aug 03 2008 1:45AM Report
Haradeas writes: Like yucko said alot of important things qwere not implented at launch. End content bosses ? I giggles when he said that... it was the main reason I stopped playing it. 85% of the end content bosses were bugged -_- and if they were not bugged to coudnt be defeated lol xD But like every other mmorpg it will improve alot in the next few months and maybe I will even play it again ;) Sun Aug 03 2008 4:46AM Report
Gurgle writes: i rofled :D Sun Aug 03 2008 5:49AM Report
Stick01 writes: Im actually enjoying Aoc. I really enjoy the combat system and questing. Yes it has problems, but all games do at launch. Sun Aug 03 2008 6:39AM Report
SBE1 writes: I love how seige fighting must be such a minor issue not to make it into the game at launch. I know for a fact that they NEVER tested seige battle with players in Beta (because they claim they didn't have enough people). That's crap, there were plenty of people in beta but they just relied on NPC simulations to do the seige testing. So sad. I cancelled. Funcom pissed me off. Sun Aug 03 2008 8:43AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes: Everything is fine here, nothing to see, move along. Sun Aug 03 2008 11:06AM Report
N3oN667 writes: What a crock of shit. Sun Aug 03 2008 11:24AM Report
Arthousesig writes: Good interview skills, typical Funcom response. They're even censoring their own forums now, you can't write anything negative that hits too close to home Sun Aug 03 2008 1:10PM Report
Arthousesig writes: lol found another good link on a guild website Sun Aug 03 2008 3:23PM Report
choyadavis writes: I like AoC a lot, but that interview was just emabarassing. Sun Aug 03 2008 7:07PM Report
Enigma writes: wow.....he was pulling a LOT out of nowhere in that interview Sun Aug 03 2008 10:31PM Report
DomPerignon writes: Mr Ellingson, who are you trying to fool? Yes; the launch was very succesful but why don't you talk about the players who have left the game? This interview is just 100% B.S. Sun Aug 03 2008 11:46PM Report
Sinistrad writes: I have a sneaking suspicion that man is partly responsible for completely ruining the game for me. Way to go. EPIC FAIL Sun Aug 03 2008 11:55PM Report
baron666 writes: xdonaldx learn to turn off caps lock first then do not type at all please we heard so much of this 'If you dont like it do it yourself 'bullshit.. Th?s is buisiness ,we are customers ,they are the provider ,customers expect from a product at least what it says on the label.. Have to love this needy fanbois defending their game so blindly. Dear customer we overbooked our plane and now we have to kick you out of this plane at 20000 feet we are a new so this kind of glitches are expectable ,you should have expect this and bring a parachute,and no we cant refund your ticket. (xdonaldx voice fade) try to run a flight agency you noooobbss....... Mon Aug 04 2008 6:28AM Report
Kletnik writes: SHAME ON YOU FUNCOM, SHAME ON YOU. How much more lies Funcom can put out. Lairs DX 10 that is printed on the box is not implemented in the game, 3 MONTH AFTER LAUNCH Lairs PVP XP is not in the game 3 MONTHS AFTER GAME LAUNCH Erling, you can put this before launch video you know where Lairs 1500 armor sets WHERE FUNCOM WHERE Memory leaks, zone crashing, unable to explore beyond "little hill", instanced game, every single zone will welcome us with LOADING SCREEN if it doesn`t crash, even when you enter an Inn LOL Nerfing every single class instead of BALLANCING them FFS 3 MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH female assassins still attacked 25% slower than male (I don`t mean white damage, because they nerfed all wepons too, bloody idiots) Crafted armor is a JOKE, level 40 items are better than level 80 items Raids are SAD, loot is SAD, 7 days RAID DUNGEON LOCK for couple of purple drops for 24 PEOPLE, ARE YOU JOKING ?! Raid dungeons are crashing, BOSSES got "STUCK" Siege battles L O L after 3 months Friend-Guild interface A LOL Small world if I can call it that Guild storage bank is the size of the personal storage and it is already a joke and you can not expand it LOL FUNCOM Buddy keys after 2 months were enabled and only collector edition buyers has got them and they distributed digitaly with your private info send to a "buddy" And on the box there is no mention that you will get buddy keys after 2 months and that they are not in the box printed on a piece of paper like every normal game does. Exclusive items like cape are now distributed via email. The list can go on and on with other problems and game engine bad coding. You have polish, coded nicely 1st 20 levels in Tortage so the rest of game reviewers can think that the game is wonderful and finished. Nice move, realy nice. Best advice I can give you is to wait 6+ more months for this mess of a game sort out. SHAME ON YOU FUNCOM, SHAME ON YOU. Mon Aug 04 2008 7:29AM Report
Arthousesig writes: I prefer to just laugh at their lies after seeing this: Mon Aug 04 2008 7:37AM Report
Neuronome writes: He wipes his hands nervously, as if trying to wash away the lies like so much imaginary blood. Even Shakespeare himself would point out Ellingson's Macbethean tell... "Out, damn'd spot!" Mon Aug 04 2008 9:44AM Report
MoLoK_ writes: A very good and brave interview by Jon WooD (?). You really asked open ended questions and Erling made a fool of himself. The PR-dude also revealed that he NEVER reads the offical AoC forums, which is part of why this game still sucks. Once more, great interview! On the spot! Mon Aug 04 2008 1:21PM Report
wlados writes: I enjoy every new high-quality MMORPG. Conan has it hard-times because of so hyped hyperhigh expectations. The game will be polished. After a year i will play it. I promise :-) And looking forward very much to WAR. WAAAAARHGH Mon Aug 04 2008 1:38PM Report
barfman writes: Fungone is desparate, period...can you hear the hesitation in his voice? Their lies continue to cover previous lies that were to cover the lies before launch. Nothing but lies, PR lies, and more lies. I believe they think the player community to be complete morons. How anyone can continue to play this game after all their misdirection, lies, and manipulation of a world player base is beyond me. Mon Aug 04 2008 10:12PM Report
thePREdiger writes: very good questions!!! i liked the interview. I played AoC but stopped due to poor game design, broken promises, gamebreaking bugs and their general lack of getting their priorities right. Tue Aug 05 2008 2:38AM Report
auutumn writes: This idiot has been making fake promises before and after launch! He has no place leading a team as their patches are bogus...everyone has introduced new bugs 7 performance issues. After 2 months, they still haven't fixed 75% of the existing game crashes. The have no technical or customer support. They lie and mislead the community just so they can get our money and I'm quitting for good! Tue Aug 05 2008 1:55PM Report
zindel writes: The part I love is when Erling is defending AOCs sparse content and tries to rationalize his statement by claiming WOW released in the same manner. THE ONLY dungeon that was semi compareable to the 14x (original released) level 1-50 dungeons found in Warcraft, was Sanctum, and that is being very charitable. The combat system and class design in AOC is so weak and broken it's not even funny. Classes lack strong definitive roles and utility, which means team strategy and tactics in AOC are essentially reduced to a small group of different colored humans with analogous abilities, racing through boring voids of space as fast as possible and monkey F'ing everything in sight by carefu....haphazardly mashing buttons. This game sucks and will never be great because the foundation of combat and classes are weak, unvarying and don't allow for anything meaningful or interesting to happen. Wed Aug 06 2008 3:28PM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Excellent Inteview Jon/MMORPG.COM. Interviews like this before the game convinced me to stop following it. Interviews like this after the luanch convince me I made the right choice. Thu Aug 07 2008 10:08PM Report
Rudydog writes: WOW just WOW thanks Jon, your an excellent interviewer. Im sorry but Funcom just cant help themselves even if they tried. Again thankyou MMORPG! Fri Aug 08 2008 10:15AM Report
Byggin writes: Don't watch it, waste of time. Sun Aug 10 2008 4:59PM Report
Reinier001 writes: This guy is flat out lieing so much it isnt even funny. Mon Aug 11 2008 8:51PM Report
GinoMontag writes: They really know how to spin things around. Even comparing content to the the WoW monster, a huge mistake. If you ever get another interview chance, mention PVP class balancing and see how bad he chokes up. There is no worthwhile content at 80. The dungeons are on a weekly timer and players that are still subscribed log in a couple times a week. Even popular servers are seeing massive decline in the playerbase. Mention server merges too if you get the chance :) Tue Aug 12 2008 4:03AM Report
Ghost12 writes: Man what a joke.... Tue Aug 12 2008 10:32AM Report
xxlilDevilxx writes: Is funny how he said they put in the magical patch right before launch, the preformance is 100% spin around. So let me guess, the game is EVEN WORST without that patch? WOW WOW WOW Tue Aug 12 2008 11:07AM Report
P4ulo writes: Dont be fooled by the looks of this game. Its a real dissapointment. Tue Aug 12 2008 3:55PM Report
rowlow writes: What a liar this guy is, dont buy the game guys! Wed Aug 13 2008 8:23AM Report
woody1974 writes: AOC Rocks for alot of people, so ignore all the negative comments, AOC is better than WOW ever was and ever will be. Funcom don't worry about the nay sayers, alot more of us that think the game rocks over the number of complainers. It is a very small number of haterz compared to those of us who understand and are patient. Wed Aug 13 2008 9:16AM Report
silkworm writes: AOC is so craptastic, it makes some people extremely delusional... check woody1974 below Wed Aug 13 2008 10:01AM Report
thark writes: Hmm...So..What do you guys wan't him to say..??? -We are sorry, all went wrong and the game is just going down the drain..?? Seriously, no market dude would ever be really truthful.. Ofcourse, he will say that all is well and the game is fantastic.. Honestly, I think he did a rather good job in answering those questions.. And Yeah..Drunken Brawling is a small feature and considering the game looks as well as it does, even DX 10 is a small feature.. Wed Aug 13 2008 3:44PM Report
HorrorScope writes: "That's the first time I've heard that rumor (laughs)". Yeah right... Thu Aug 14 2008 7:57PM Report
Paske writes: Great game, really. Shame it was fun for a week and then - just wasnt fun, at all. RIP AoC. You could have been good ... Thu Aug 28 2008 6:04AM Report
DthRevan writes: LIE'S!!! Maybe Funcom should give the game to Blizzard and let them fix it! Sun Aug 31 2008 10:25AM Report
NUGGRUGGABUS writes: what a fucking tool... roflmao i always knew this game was gonna be shit bcuz it was being made by the same dbags who made AO also i bet most of u asshats are the same douchebags who where talking shit about warhammer on youtube vids saying that aoc was where it was gonna be at... u look pretty stupid right about now don't you Mon Sep 01 2008 1:27AM Report