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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Siege Test Video (1:39)

Here is a little teaser video of sieging in Age of Conan. It was Frapsed during a QA test-run.

Here is a little teaser video of sieging in Age of Conan. It was Frapsed during a QA test-run.
Duration: 1:39
Views: 5,653  15 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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A.Blackloch writes: Looks a bit messy but hey, war is. Can't wait to join forces with some guild and run down all you peasants. :D Thu May 15 2008 4:20PM Report
DNiskanen writes: shadowbane anyone? Thu May 15 2008 4:33PM Report
Ascension08 writes: That better not be the real framerate. Thu May 15 2008 5:01PM Report
Vesavius writes: This looks very cool to me. AoC is gonna fly, despite those hatebois and shills who have plagued the game's forums. Remember... everyone on the interweb has an agenda, including probably me. Fri May 16 2008 2:23AM Report
kramster writes: How on earth are 48 players going to defend these huge places? Still looks cool. Fri May 16 2008 5:33AM Report
Jupsto writes: awesome Fri May 16 2008 9:40AM Report
andreibaru writes: This video is a GD joke. Theres like 7 people here and some stupid Fing NPCs. LOL at people beating on the door with their mounts.. LOL at all of 2 trebs working.. LOL at the joke this game is already and will become. Do you morons at funcom not ever learn anything? If you want to know what a seige is.. log onto Shadowbane RIGHT NOW.. and go to a CN vs. NA bane. This game had problems in OB where you were essentially in a demo mode with framterate and crashing ( even on the best of comps).. this video.. in fact . this game and company is nothing but FLUFF. Looks pretty in controlled environment.. and it looks like you suckers are spreading wide for the fluff machine.. Looks like SB is still the only half way decent PVP game and thats just GD pathetic. Have a nice day drooling over how much more badass your char will be if you could only get past lvl 13. Fri May 16 2008 11:53AM Report
Player_420 writes: ima go play SB now... I love the GPX in AoC and the gameplay looks fun But if its gunna be 48v48 why the heck wont they tes and show us that 48v48 works? This was small, controlled, and it wasnt rly sieging.. I wish I could spill some stuff about WAR and why WAR pvp/siege is way better :( Fri May 16 2008 3:21PM Report
demonic87 writes: WAR PvP is a load of BS and instances, you just jump around like a retard, or just stand there clicking a button while in between auto attacking. Sounds fun to me *sarcasm* Fri May 16 2008 3:28PM Report
Kilrain writes: Firstly never go by a vidoe for frame rate ideas, secondly seiging is about destroying the othere people stuff, who cares how many people are there to fight. The idea is to demolish their stuff and screw their moral :D YARR, the way I see it the fewer people they have at the battle the better. Need I say it again? YARR!! Fri May 16 2008 7:07PM Report
Incantation writes: I have been anticipating this game for a while now. Like all games it's sure to have problems out of the gate. And like all games I'm sure it will evolve. I am not too sure why people like andreibaru feel the need to write such malicious text. I believe that every game deserves a fair shot and most MMO's offer a 30 day free period(although you have to buy the game). While that may not be enough time to experience all aspects of the game it does allow for plenty of time to experience the basic features and environments of the game. To pour so much negativity into a post is not only poor taste it's pathetic. Especially when you consider the possibility that this individual hasn't even played the game (but he could have a beta account) and that even though he has royally bashed this game before its official release he very well may buy it and play it. In fact I am unsure as to why someone who has so much disgust for a game that isn't live to the general public is even posting about it. I think there may be a possibility that this individual would need a new pc to play it and this makes him sour. If this game interests you read as much as possible, watch as many movies as possible and do your home work. But DO NOT make your judgement based on a negative fool! Make your own assessment. Sat May 17 2008 2:00AM Report
chryses writes: How can anyone slam this video? Graghics look amazing, animation even better and it has a feel of a real battle and not a bunch of idiotic emotes with oversized cartoons wacking each other. Adult looking game and I can see some epic battles being born out of it. I just think all the flamers either have crapped out rigs or worried AoC will steal half their guild members. There are plenty of gamers to go around so I am not worried... Sat May 17 2008 9:45AM Report
XxjagoxX writes: Bottom Line is... Every game looks like another.. Warhammer-WoW... Guild Wars- Aion.... City of heros/villains-Chapions online... Do i really need to go on.. And Btw Everyone steals ideas from games thats been great... why? you ask? Because they worked great in other games!! Listen theres nothing out there nor has been thats really standing out and taking control of the PC MMO market that makes anyone say " Damm i cant wait to play this!" yea we have all the clones and look alikes.. But c'mon people WoW is Old. GW's is Old. Everquest is old. CoH Is Old... Hell pretty much all the Good MMO's are OLD!!! Theres nothing in the market that stands out and is truly something new, grabs me by the neck and screams Pay a monthly fee and play me!!! it's all re-hashed ideas with a new name.. Sit down and think... Name somthing thats not like anything else that turned out great and has or had a chance to dethrone WoW and the few other top MMO"s... My last hopes was talbua rasa and perhaps Pirates of the burning sea... Both Failed me as being somthing Kinda new to do...and has no chance @ dethroning anyone. Sun May 18 2008 9:48AM Report
Rhoklaw writes: Well, I don't want to get into this too much, but just like WAR, I think this is a step backwards in sieging. I don't care for WARs battlegrounds and I certainly don't care for AoC's 48x48. It reminds me of PvP in Planetside to some regards. When are we going to get a game that is realistic and PvP frontier is uncapped and wide open? Oh wait, we already have Shadowbane and Dark Age of Camelot. So, in return for prettier graphics? We got games with worse gameplay? AWESOME!! Mon May 19 2008 12:33AM Report
theCandle writes: Hey xXJagoXx quit posting this same message for every game you tool. This game looks fantastic and if it's not your thing then maybe just head to the game out there that suites you. Not really hard, if you're uncertain then try to wait for reviews, and a trial down the road. Mon May 19 2008 6:09PM Report