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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Hyborian Insider #2 (4:29)

This particular installment is all about PVP, covering the minigames, PVP experience, levels, and items, a couple of the playfields, and even a brief glance of siege PVP. Hosted by Funcom's own Erling Ellingsen, this video also features some exciting new footage (some might even say overpowering new footage!) of some of the PVP Minigames in action.

This particular installment is all about PVP, covering the minigames, PVP experience, levels, and items, a couple of the playfields, and even a brief glance of siege PVP. Hosted by Funcom's own Erling Ellingsen, this video also features some exciting new footage (some might even say overpowering new footage!) of some of the PVP Minigames in action.
Duration: 4:29
Views: 15,812  56 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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Praxus writes: Looks great, can't wait till open beta. Fri Apr 25 2008 4:18PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: Looks just awesome. Fri Apr 25 2008 4:41PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Best MMO to date. Fri Apr 25 2008 5:11PM Report
neosurfeur writes: sick Fri Apr 25 2008 5:22PM Report
tazarconan writes: hope the battle style/combat system is as much manual as it can gets .. death bored from automated wow-like comabt style Fri Apr 25 2008 5:37PM Report
Enforcer71 writes: Nice video, too bad I already watched it yesterday Fri Apr 25 2008 6:06PM Report
adderVXI writes: im so looking forward to this but i hope theres more overland pvp than people standing around waiting in queue. Fri Apr 25 2008 6:07PM Report
Kamelot83 writes: Can't wait till it comes out! Fri Apr 25 2008 6:09PM Report
Shohadaku writes: This PVP is more like a Call of Duty then a MMO. EVE will remain my PVP game. Fri Apr 25 2008 7:01PM Report
Psy700G writes: looks VERY awesome, finally a mmo where theres some skill involved instead of just click player and hope u win crap...even the archer system...aim and shoot...yes this looks likes it gona be a sweet one! Fri Apr 25 2008 8:27PM Report
adavis72 writes: 25 days........ Fri Apr 25 2008 8:38PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Their PvP mini games is almost exactly like Guild Wars except for Siege Warfare and those blood trails which isn't a bad thing. I can't wait to try Drunken Brawling. Fri Apr 25 2008 8:42PM Report
Fion writes: Tazar melee combat and 'over-the-shoulder' ranged combat is completely manual. Spellcasting is pretty much like other MMOGs, but we've not been able to try Spellweaving yet. That should help a tun. Fri Apr 25 2008 11:33PM Report
Hardas writes: man I get all giddy thinking its less than 25 days now Sat Apr 26 2008 1:05AM Report
Felle writes: Rofl Call of Duty, only because the ranger is using FPS mode? they can use it normally and they are the only ones who can use it. Sat Apr 26 2008 3:04AM Report
Datcyde writes: meh all the characters look like they are sliding on ice Sat Apr 26 2008 7:06AM Report
actionfitz writes: mmm. cant wait for 2nd of may. got into open beta, 12.5gb client downloaded in work over night lol. locked and loaded :D Sat Apr 26 2008 7:38AM Report
tazarconan writes: i know Fion,thnks for telling,also know u did hard work to make something diferent from the other boring stuff its out there..i think ppl including me will reward your efforts,so will all the comunity..P.s. try to enchance adventuring in outdoors.... Sat Apr 26 2008 8:22AM Report
Cardova writes: Lol..... why have people been looking forward for this? This just seems more of WoW with an M rating and "new" combat system. Sat Apr 26 2008 6:01PM Report
jazimo writes: i think its goingt o be like gothic 3 but better=) but actionfist where did you downloaded it? Sat Apr 26 2008 7:26PM Report
tollmart writes: Yeah lets all wait in a queue lol Sun Apr 27 2008 5:29AM Report
Bama1267 writes: mini pvp games .... yawn . This game was supposed to be built on siege warfare , dot friggin tell me Im gonna spend most of my time in a friggin BG and call that PVP. Sun Apr 27 2008 6:27AM Report
Oltzu writes: Great Sun Apr 27 2008 6:27AM Report
Fion writes: Bama Minigames are meant for a little side fun. The end game Sieging will be much more involving and 'important' to those that enjoy PvP. Sun Apr 27 2008 2:32PM Report
alphaJR writes: The "dress" for these videos is very interesting. More videos like this are to come in the near future I believe. I must say I am very disappointed there are mini games in age of conan. Sun Apr 27 2008 4:26PM Report
Baio2k writes: minigames are side fun and not the main focus of PvP. God you people are dense. Sun Apr 27 2008 5:54PM Report
demonic87 writes: I dont mind the Minigame thing, it gives you something to do. But the fact that they give you a PvP level and can farm it for PvP game is what really ruined it for games like WoW. I think outdoor PvP should go towards your PvP level and Minigames are for gear. Sun Apr 27 2008 6:16PM Report
GazMc writes: Man i hope they dont reward people much for grinding minigames. It will ruin world pvp. Exactly as it did with WoW Mon Apr 28 2008 4:39AM Report
Leucent writes: Lol another lame attempt at pvp Mon Apr 28 2008 8:58AM Report
Guitano writes: Freaking sad, AoC is 100% WoW clone. AoC is (NOT) a PvP mmo. Anyone who (thinks) AoC is a PvP mmo is a PvP noob. Mon Apr 28 2008 9:51AM Report
|DarK| writes: I have a question for ppl like call this a wow-clone. Have u even played wow? This game is nothing like it, and the way it's played is not even similar. Can't wait to try it out Mon Apr 28 2008 1:38PM Report
demonic87 writes: Any retard who says this is a WoWclone need to get outside more and actually use there sense and eyes. WoW WASNT THE FIRST GAME TO HAVE INSTANCED PVP. WOW TOOK MANY THINGS FROM OTER MMOS. And Age of Conan is SOLELY trying to be as much of a PvP mmo as possible but still let in for the PvE as in raiding and such. Mon Apr 28 2008 5:39PM Report
checkthis500 writes: "... where DOZENS of people go head to head." Did that make anyone else laugh? I think this shows what they really think their game can handle. If that's what they think siege warfare is, I feel sorry for this game. Mon Apr 28 2008 7:21PM Report
tylerwick writes: Just to comment on the "PvP noob" comment.. Have you ever played PvP in real time? WoW is not real time it is timer based which in the long run leads to no "real" tactics. If you think AoC is noob PvP than you are mistaken. Drop the WoW comments, it is nothing like it and never will be. Mon Apr 28 2008 9:55PM Report
crmznoutlw16 writes: This game is not really "real time" like they claim it to be...I'm not an AoC basher or anything but don't let this mislead you...The combos you have to stand still to execute and the fps mode for range is useless in seige pvp. Casting is pretty generic, granted spellweaving hasnt been implemented yet. Mon Apr 28 2008 10:15PM Report
Guitano writes: WoW PvP: . Arenas, make world PvP dead . Item based . Gear based . No skill to own . Grind for PvP points to get items and gear. You need two sets, 1 for PvE, 1 for PvP. AoC PvP is JUST LIKE WoW PvP! What is wrong with you people? Your in freaking denial that AoC is a damn WoW clone a to z. You guys will soon see that you are playing WoW2. I know one of you will say.. AoC has sieges... so will WoW in the next x pack. I hate WoW, I hate AoC and I hate WoWHammer. I hate all the WoW clones on the way out or in the works. Shame on mmo makers for having no skill in making mmo's. Thank god we have a few real PvP sandbox mmo's in the makes with 2009 release dates. Your pathetic if you think you have PvP skill when it comes to playing a cheap as WoW clone! BITCHES! Tue Apr 29 2008 2:08AM Report
MadProg writes: this game is so far ahead of WoW it is untrue. stop the crying cos ur a wow fanboy and no wow is fuk all compared to this Tue Apr 29 2008 10:39AM Report
Thatim writes: Lol what a douchebag. But the game is more like WoW then most people think. But why is that a bad thing? WoW is the biggest moneymaking game ever. Boehoe. People crying about it are well... Tue Apr 29 2008 12:24PM Report
krovix writes: Whats with all the WoW clone comments?? Just because one aspect of AoC is some what like WoW, does not make it a clone. If anything AoC PvP is more like Guild Wars PvP. AoC is not WoW, nor is it a WoW clone. Definition of a clone is the exact same thing as the former. If I used the word clone like you guys do it, I can go ahead and say WoW is a clone of EQ or UO or Eve. AoC brings more to the table then just PvP and siege warfare. Saying AoC is a clone of WoW before the game even drops is stupid, even those in beta have yet to fully experience the game. Tue Apr 29 2008 5:01PM Report
Guitano writes: Sick WoW clone! Wed Apr 30 2008 12:11AM Report
WikingDK writes: Funny to see how kids react when people says this is a wow clone. Off course its not, but again there are some points of the game that looks like wow, and so what? wow os a great game, maybe this will be too - only time can tell. Wed Apr 30 2008 12:38AM Report
MisatoTremor writes: Well I think my predecessor who said this is not a WoW clone are indeed right. As said before, callinc AoC a WoW clone would mean you have the call WoW a clone of many other MMOs. In fact the list of features "taken" from other games wher longer as the list of unique ones at launch of WoW. But why not? They took some the best part of other games, left out some of the worse mixed in a few own and it was a great game to many people. AoC also brings in well known features but has very unique ones, too. I think this could be a great game, but if it really will, we all will only know a few months after launch. Wed Apr 30 2008 6:18AM Report
falconhand writes: Big lol at Guitana and the other wow lovers. Calling a new mmo a wow clone is foolish. Wow was not new also. If you want to call AOC a clone it will be a clone of Dark Age of Camelot, in that game we had excellent pvp sieges etc and I hope that AOC will be a improved Dark Age of Camelot. But for the rest lets wait for the release and then give our comments. Thu May 01 2008 6:42AM Report
Earley writes: My CE is on Preorder, me and my two best gamer pals are so ready to get started on this game! Fri May 02 2008 10:02AM Report
Zakane writes: Falcon is right, WoW took a allot of its own ideas from EQ and others before it. How MMORPGS work. Now back on tobic, AoC will be a delight for me the combat system while not completely original is fun and forces you to think about what your doing - if the person is shielding to the right and you strike them there you won't do as much damage. This is great there always something for you to do instead of just pushing a special skill and thats it. Sat May 03 2008 1:08PM Report
kitsunegirl writes: lol at the bunny-hopper. I hope he was the first to die. xD *hates bunny-hoppers* Sat May 03 2008 6:08PM Report
Sp00sh writes: This looks so tits!!! Sat May 03 2008 7:31PM Report
Jeehao writes: *Warhammer online* will hunt this game down. ive tried this beta, sure it was alot of bugs and was not the release client but.. From what Ive seen the gameplay aint Funny and the game has loadingscreens written allover itself :/ And the PvP. YOu just running alround Jumping and hopes you will win. Characters are sick unbalanced with dmg. I can't realy see how the game Ive seen will take over the market. The graphics are boring even when they are so good Sun May 04 2008 1:19AM Report
sickness6 writes: EPIC! Sun May 04 2008 10:46AM Report
SinfulOne writes: pvp system like wow, but more advanced. i think archer system will not be work properly (what about lags?) CS? xD Sun May 04 2008 12:49PM Report
kambei writes: I bet the people who call games like this WoW Clones, don't even watch the video thats being presented. They're not clones. A game that has some of the features of other games doesn't make it a clone. The devs must have thought that, that feature was innovative. Thats great! AoC has even another feature similar to Tabula Rasa. The real time combat. But is anyone calling it a TR clone? No. Just WoW, lol. Its funny to see people so hyped up when something looks similar to WoW. Tue May 06 2008 8:49PM Report
jhalel writes: For once I would like to read a post where the intelligent, thoughtful comments outnumber the emotional idiots using big words they don't understand. However, after having read every comment here I realized that Guitano dashed my hopes to the ground by commenting too many times. Thanks, G. To the point: I played WoW religiously for almost 3 years and you know what? I am not calling AoC a clone. How can anyone base a conclusion on a video? I am reserving judgement for release day. Even then I will need to play through most aspects of the game to have a full appreciation of how I really feel about the game. Wed May 07 2008 8:38PM Report
jhalel writes: Oh, and to the guy who said 'this is so tits!' rock, buddy! I love that. See? We can all have a little fun here. Wed May 07 2008 8:41PM Report
CeLL1978 writes: Wow, just like Guild Wars arena combat, nice... Fri May 09 2008 1:09PM Report
Lynneh writes: Guitano.. if you would come to norway and oslo, i would torture you until i die of old age.. you would feel so much pain that you couldnt possibly pronounce wow clone.. i would chop off your arms and legs and make the bleeding stop just so you would feel the pain that we feel from your incredibly retarded posts.. I definately hate you more than anyone else on this planet. That is all, thanks. Wed May 14 2008 4:15PM Report
Mike_L writes: Lynneh, You're a 15 year old Norwegian making threats on the internet. Judging by your endless line of useless comments you REALLY take things to a new level when it comes to stupidity and being pathetic. Fjell abe. Sun May 18 2008 5:48PM Report