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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: Bar Story Trailer (2:34)

"Now I bare many scars, but I will walk no other path..."

"Now I bare many scars, but I will walk no other path..."
Duration: 2:34
Views: 12,954  42 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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eric_w66 writes: Beta Invite please ;) AoC is one of my last hopes for MMORPG's... Thu Dec 06 2007 10:42PM Report
Prophesy writes: This is everything a true fan could ever want. Realistic combat, changing world events, graphics to cry for, and the satisfaction of watching a head fly off the body. Warcraft, you will be missed...may you rest in peace. Thu Dec 06 2007 11:10PM Report
Sinuous writes: Now that's a wicked trailer. That Assassin combo move was brutal. Best trailer from AoC yet! Thu Dec 06 2007 11:18PM Report
Cablespider writes: yawn.... Thu Dec 06 2007 11:23PM Report
Arawon writes: Is it March 25th yet ? Thu Dec 06 2007 11:46PM Report
AmazingAvery writes: One of the best yet shown for AoC, No Spaceships, Orcs, Elves for Fairies - awesome! Simply Couldn't put this in teen title... Thu Dec 06 2007 11:47PM Report
keolien writes: very nice movie. Fri Dec 07 2007 12:10AM Report
todeswulf writes: Hell F'in yeah!!! Now That's what I'm talkin about!!!! I will build a PC just for this game. Fri Dec 07 2007 12:47AM Report
felle1337 writes: Finally a game that I can look forward to... down with WoW. Indeed coolest trailer so far of AoC Fri Dec 07 2007 1:16AM Report
OlG-fr writes: AoC is my last hope for MMORPGs as well. Great trailer. Still, too much sfxs for mundane magic (buffs etc). WoW looks like Blizz played in the minimalist approach, which sound wrong. Fri Dec 07 2007 2:54AM Report
gatheris writes: now that's how you do a video even if you're not interested in Conan you still gotta go - hmmm - might be interesting Fri Dec 07 2007 6:45AM Report
balle68 writes: my guts says this is gona be good Fri Dec 07 2007 7:23AM Report
Sovren1 writes: I'm impressed, nuff said. Still want to see some baddass armor though. Fri Dec 07 2007 7:25AM Report
Grakel writes: Amazing, just what I needed to see after deciding not to buy PotBS. AoC is the only one left to look forward to. Fri Dec 07 2007 8:28AM Report
Playa10 writes: That is a very well done trailer, it gets you kind of pumped to play the game. Fri Dec 07 2007 9:05AM Report
Arskaaa writes: Very nice video. show cool combat and great lands. Fri Dec 07 2007 9:19AM Report
DAS1337 writes: Uh, one of your last hopes? It looks like WAR will be every bit as good as advertised. This does seem good enough to at least keep an eye on though. Blood , guts and heads flying are a unique touch. Fri Dec 07 2007 10:24AM Report
Mariner-80 writes: Wow, bloody. :-) Looks very interesting though, I must say. Fri Dec 07 2007 1:42PM Report
A.Blackloch writes: If only I could enter cryosleep and wake up once the game is out. I hate this waiting. With all these sh*tty MMORPGs around and in developement, AoC is the beacon of hope. Fri Dec 07 2007 4:23PM Report
zxny writes: I just jizzed on myself...Not even my G/F could have sped that up... Fri Dec 07 2007 7:25PM Report
daemon writes: Awesome video 10/10 but sadly the game is far from what this trailer wants you to think atm. They got tons of work, tons of polishing and I dont see this making it by summer fall 2008. If they release early and make the same mistake as others it will ruin it. Fri Dec 07 2007 11:43PM Report
lliberty writes: let's see... did he really mean "now I *bear* many scars.. " like, as in carry them proudly, or the way it was typed... "I'll drop trouser and show you".. ? As for "changing the world events", keep dreaming and don't wake up, or reality will make you wish for a nightmare. It's another grind fest with pvp thrown in the way to distract you from the boring sameness. Count on it. It's called Business and it's how they make money. . Fri Dec 07 2007 11:54PM Report
Tetsuosan writes: Awesome trailer :-) lliberty, you seem to have gotten things a bit messed up for yourself. It says: "Noe I bare many scars, but i would walk no other path..." What it means: Now his body is filled with scars but he would not have done anything differently... Sat Dec 08 2007 6:04AM Report
boinged writes: Yeah it's a typo in the caption although with the amount of nudity we're promised it could be correct :) Lots of nice shots of real combat, different locations and citadel building but with a dramatic story to pump us up. I can't wait! Sat Dec 08 2007 6:29AM Report
jinxit writes: Just for once i'd like to see a vid on this site that doesn't continualy buffer :( but anyway freakin awesome, marry me funcom Sat Dec 08 2007 6:52AM Report
RoveMcBurns writes: Until a 'couple days ago I wasn't really watching AoC intently... This trailer has made me want this game... a lot. Gore + Sex + Twitch Combat = Win. Sat Dec 08 2007 7:37PM Report
Cyberalien writes: Awesome trailer, very well done.. However the game might be a whole different story.. Sun Dec 09 2007 2:39AM Report
Rainbird writes: Fuck yea! Can't wait, must play :S Sun Dec 09 2007 6:18AM Report
Clavat_Mage writes: Since everyone will be a (I assume) human, this game looks a little dull to me. Hopefully it'll have some interesting classes to mix it up. Otherwise, every single player is going to look like some dirty kilted steriod case, or a vacant, big breasted bimbo wearing something oxymoronic like "Heavy Leather Bikini Armor". Sun Dec 09 2007 11:14AM Report
AmazingAvery writes: I guess the poster below me hasn't seen the character creation screen... Sun Dec 09 2007 2:46PM Report
Maldach writes: Say it with me, Borat!! Oh da baybeh!! AoC. Cannot wait. Sun Dec 09 2007 8:32PM Report
Dasildir writes: waiting for this game more than 2 years..cannot wait anymore!:) AoC is the best mmorpg ever Mon Dec 10 2007 2:08PM Report
Targrim writes: This game looks so awesome. I cant believe iv been wasting time with WOW time for a real MMO Wed Dec 12 2007 9:31PM Report
Monasax writes: OMG DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM if that was game play and not movie Play iam in Fri Dec 14 2007 6:46PM Report
rexkramer writes: Decapitation and blood spatter FTW! Sat Dec 15 2007 12:15PM Report
vala2008 writes: Looks an awesome game that will be something that has a lot of game play. i really hope they provide a RP server one that prevents idiots from jumping around all the time (or a way to cut their heads off if they do...goes for farmers as well). Sat Dec 15 2007 2:22PM Report
cosmo3366 writes: This game looks freaking amazing. game play look a lot different from the normal grind fest. waiting for this game will be tourtue Wed Dec 19 2007 2:30PM Report
Micro_angel writes: I need this game!!! Wed Dec 19 2007 4:45PM Report
Shifty360 writes: Good trailer. I just hope vampires like MMOs. If not I would be worried. Mon Dec 24 2007 8:47PM Report
mezlabor writes: That was game play footage. THeres going to be an Rp-pvp server with free for all pvp. Tue Jan 01 2008 6:06AM Report
Schonk31 writes: I can not wait for this game to ship. Sat Feb 02 2008 9:50PM Report
someforumguy writes: Wow! This game's artstyle looks amazing! I wont upgrade my pc just for some nice graphics though. Hope the gameplay will be awesome too. Mon Feb 04 2008 9:55AM Report