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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Age of Conan: Unchained Videos: CG Movie (2:38)

Funcom has released this CG movie for AoC.

Funcom has released this CG movie for AoC.
Duration: 2:38
Views: 22,198  56 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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macson1983 writes: I'm sorry, but was that Arnold??? hahaha Thu Jul 12 2007 5:05PM Report
bezado writes: Ok that was to gay, that was Arnold, WTF they thinking? Thu Jul 12 2007 6:03PM Report
Agathu writes: That was not Arnold, not even close. I can't wait for this game to come out. Thu Jul 12 2007 7:10PM Report
koira1 writes: that was no Arnold.. if you mean THE arnold from the movies Thu Jul 12 2007 7:14PM Report
nvrsbr writes: The Conan in this game had nothing to do with arnold.. conan was around long before that steroid using pos. /QQ Thu Jul 12 2007 7:37PM Report
daadamo writes: Will you guys PLEASE put Arnold out of your mind with regards to AoC. Read the books, or at the very least pick up a couple of the comics. And it was NOT gay, it was very cool, so get back to your WoW character your too young to play this game anyway. Thu Jul 12 2007 7:56PM Report
Draxonfly writes: Nice Vid, like the battle part best.. love the arm.. A lot of people only know of Conan from the movies, instead of telling them off, educate them.. Go out have a search around for Conan, there is a whole new(old) world to explore... Thu Jul 12 2007 8:07PM Report
FE|Tachyon writes: Same people posting junk here, are crawling the Warhammer forums posting their excitement. Thu Jul 12 2007 8:09PM Report
varangian writes: looks great. I am sooo ready for this game to release! Thu Jul 12 2007 8:09PM Report
walleyealx writes: AHHHhhhhhh!! SO AMAZING Thu Jul 12 2007 9:17PM Report
diaboyos writes: Everything looked great except his hands were slightly too large proportion-wise. Thu Jul 12 2007 9:37PM Report
Koolaider writes: CRIIIIPES! How deliciously violent. Thu Jul 12 2007 9:42PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: The movie looks good, considering it's not in-game footage. The game should prove interesting though. I admire the dismemberment and blood, very nice touch. Thu Jul 12 2007 9:42PM Report
Paks writes: Loved it! Each time I see it I just get all tingly inside! Thu Jul 12 2007 11:03PM Report
schlitzie writes: I've seen MMO's come and go...from EQ well onto WoW...I've also been a table-top RPG lpayers for MANY years...this is the breath of fresh air that MMO's have been longing for quite a while IMHO. I am also a long time fan of the Conan stories, read the comics as a kid, read the stories as a teen as well as watched the movies as a teen (the TV series was WAY wussified)...THIS is the game I've ached for online, nothing yet has even compared to this, that is if the game lives up to the hype which I hope to Crom it does Thu Jul 12 2007 11:11PM Report
mrwise writes: That wasnt Arnold, that was Conan... duh... Fri Jul 13 2007 12:45AM Report
DownMonkey writes: Frankly, as much as I think the game looks great a very small part of me is holding his head in his hands when he thinks about how much I loved the violent pulp 1950 short stories (Red Nails if one of the best stories I've ever read, even Tolkien quiet liked them), and how the "lolz ths game is about pwning teh noobz!" crowed are going to pee all over it. Fri Jul 13 2007 1:13AM Report
Sp00sh writes: That was so titties! Fri Jul 13 2007 2:08AM Report
Saurus930 writes: Some people are so eager to prove their stupidity. I love the hyborian setting, but I do hate all those leety-lol-kids that's going to spoil it, that's the number one concern for me. Fri Jul 13 2007 3:32AM Report
Sacrified writes: Good game, good hype, good graphics, good gameplay, but something still tells me not to buy it... Fri Jul 13 2007 3:34AM Report
boinged writes: Ouch, right in the neck! Fri Jul 13 2007 4:35AM Report
nebulez writes: Only time will tell if this game will be good or not i do like the setting hope the movement with wasd and combos plus gameplay will be good to... not just a simple hack & slash... Seen some fights on youtube and wasnt impressed at all :( Fri Jul 13 2007 5:00AM Report
Brynn writes: If you want the mature release, you will have to buy the German one. North American release has the real maturity removed, meaning the risque reality that people in this country can't handle. ;) Fri Jul 13 2007 5:17AM Report
Digna writes: I'm not sure who did the voice over for Conan but reminds me of a voice I heard in either an anime series or a console game. That said, it's very hard to tell about a game from a non-ingame movie. Time will tell. Also, the 'lolz noobz...' kids will never leave. New ones keep getting generated. I agree that getting them to read more would help but some things are nearly impossible! Fri Jul 13 2007 5:58AM Report
magnusp writes: If the game has the same grim setting and feel of impending doom as this movie this could be great. Fri Jul 13 2007 5:58AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes: Awesome movie, and no, it's not Arnold Fri Jul 13 2007 9:41AM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Nice CGI. Now how about some in-game movies of PvP combat using the game engine, not just PvE gameplay videos? Fri Jul 13 2007 10:36AM Report
drizzt1666 writes: Dont worry so much folks! As Fc did with AO they will do the same with AoC. The little I-1337 kids wont play this game bc its complexity, or if they will, they wont reach even to the mid levels. Simply bc you have to do rp to advance. And I-1337 kidos arent famous from their RP addictism. Fri Jul 13 2007 10:43AM Report
gatheris writes: absolutely pointless - how about an in-game video of combat with characters that are 20+ in level. Fri Jul 13 2007 1:42PM Report
unherdninja writes: Finnaly a more gory mmo im sick of hitting a guy and see shiny colors come out of him. Fri Jul 13 2007 2:14PM Report
Clavain06 writes: digna, sounded a bit like the guy who voices Optimus Prime to me but I doubt thats who it is. Fri Jul 13 2007 8:10PM Report
Skullmuffin writes: Nice but let see some gameplay Sat Jul 14 2007 5:54AM Report
Yukari_Momma writes: It seems like a very creative game, but being a female gamer having played females in games (mainly for roleplaying), I can not see this as being a female friendly game. Girls will most likely be more a minority than ever, plus the universe encourages objectifying of women. I know it's probably been an overdone arguement.. But the people that harass girls on WoW with "u cyber? me 2g" will be even more present in this game, no matter what it's complexity. We have only to look at first person shooters and their "tea baggers" to know that making a game harder than hack and slash does not keep the bad people away. Sat Jul 14 2007 1:01PM Report
Flummoxed writes: While you're waiting for the game, read the original UNCENSORED Robert E. Howard's Conan short stories in "The coming of Conan the Cimmerian" by DEL REY Publishing. The DEL REY series has the unedited / uncensored versions of Howards stories. Nice big books with illustrations. Sat Jul 14 2007 2:28PM Report
Sain34 writes: That video actually made me want to play this game less. Sat Jul 14 2007 11:37PM Report
Micro_angel writes: whats the matter with you guys?? i liked the video... cant wait till its ready to play!!! (yeah arnold show me your muscles LOL) Mon Jul 16 2007 6:50AM Report
daeandor writes: Yay a cinematic trailer... /yawn Mon Jul 16 2007 12:06PM Report
Corto writes: Too bad they didn't post ingame footage. Useless movie tells you nothing about the actual game. Mon Jul 16 2007 4:10PM Report
exidna writes: Very nice cinematic,dark and gory us Conan universe should be.And btw YUKARI_MOMMA what about girls harassing boys on WOW with:"me girl,you little boy give free gold and epixs!" :) Mon Jul 16 2007 8:08PM Report
Yukari_Momma writes: Both you and I know those aren't really girls, Exidna. :P But it's fun to laugh at the guys who fall for it! Tue Jul 17 2007 12:04AM Report
Scorpp writes: They said that their version is not based off of Arnold a long time ago. Tue Jul 17 2007 11:05PM Report
janfebmar writes: Micro_angel : this game is based on the books, not the movies.. Wed Jul 18 2007 1:45AM Report
Smackr writes: nice cinematic. Makes me wanna start read my old Conan-comics again ^^ Wed Jul 18 2007 6:06PM Report
Gokki writes: I'm gonna try out conan if i'm invited to beta, but since u have to aim manualy like Planetside, the game would be depended on good ping. so i have no high hopes for this one. hehe Thu Jul 19 2007 2:25PM Report
ishomishu writes: Finally, after years of FPS blood and guts will I be able to do fatalities on you newbs and Pwn mmo players that have no aim skilz. Bow before your gods you worms, we are coming and you will do our bidding. If you resist the last thing you will feel is your head separating from your neck. Fri Jul 20 2007 7:51AM Report
DragonSpear writes: this, for me, without any doubts, is the most anticipating mmo of all! awesome trailer, btw Sat Jul 21 2007 8:17PM Report
shakaama writes: this did nothing to progress your understanding of the game at all. Sun Jul 22 2007 1:31PM Report
frumbert writes: Soooo, what is the game about? It is a game right? Not just a CG movie about ... well, I wasn't really interested so I don't really know what it's about. Would be good to see some GAME PLAY Mon Jul 23 2007 3:25AM Report
Taywoven writes: ONly thing I see wrong with this trailer is at the end when it says I have to WAIT till 10/30 Mon Jul 23 2007 3:22PM Report
Haradeas writes: - Really didnt like the Nvidia symbol at the end of the movie :S Because I know 3D mark fraud is over but still I notice that a game just runs a bit slower with a rather good ATI card and faster with a bit sucky Nvidia... Hope soembody is gonna benchmark :) - You will always have kiddies in a mmorpg, its like weed ;) But Conan will be +18 so there will be ALOT less kiddies. *cheers* - Love the comics and just for fun gonna watch the conan movie :p Wasnt there a new conan movie in production ? Tue Jul 24 2007 6:22AM Report
Beery writes: Sorry fans, but I'm definitely not looking forward to this one. All fighting all the time? Women as virtual slave-whores? Everything about this game screams 'pre-teen wet dream'. No thanks. The WoW fanbase can have this game. I'll wait for something a bit more thoughtful to come along. Tue Jul 24 2007 2:06PM Report
slapstik89 writes: yea, that video to be honest was just a waste of time. It may have been alright if it was part of a kids animated movie...(still looking forward to the game) Wed Jul 25 2007 9:35AM Report
Bogdawson writes: high hopes, but most mmo companies fall short of hype by a grand canyon size gap. Wed Aug 08 2007 8:28PM Report
Reshertr writes: Very interesting to see how this will hold up with all the competition old and new. Tue Aug 21 2007 12:12PM Report
shakaama writes: i hope the game stays close to this video. Meaning, i hope they have the conan universe down to a T. That would be cool. So many games you walk by at a lan center and go, oh um what's that? oh this is "korean clone 003". Wed Oct 10 2007 2:35AM Report
RoveMcBurns writes: Terrific trailer Sat Dec 08 2007 7:55PM Report