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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Why i think Age of Conan is worth trying.

A Game full of Great Graphics, Challenging Combat, and a Community that is alive and talking.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Well ill beging this review with some information on the game.  It is called Age of Conan: Unchained.  It is a Free to play game to a extent as there are limitations( Such as Lotro, DDO, Etc) . The Premium is well worth it in my eyes though as ill explain later.  Well the game is based off of the Robert E. Howard Conan Series and shows alot of it. They did a pretty well job in my eyes bring the series to life. 


Now lets start off with the Graphics. The Graphics in this game are amazing to the point that i haven't seen in any other mmo and ive played alot of different mmos. The water moves as swim (Properly), The grass blows in the wind, the tree look like tree and i can go on and on and on... but that would just get boring. The Character Models are quite good to as they actually look like humans being, there customization options for there characters is pretty detailed also but could use a few touch ups but nothing too serious. 


Now on to the combat, well the combat system in AoC is very different from all the mmos out there.  It is a "Action Combat" Oriented style but in a different way. Instead of clicking your mouse buttons like Tera Online you use arrows with 3 hotkeys each one hits a different way. Your skills you get all have certain directions that need to go and when you hit a skill you must hit the correct arrow to get to hit. Now when your using your combo you will get a series of arrows to push and for every hit you miss docks 15% of your final attack. So when your combo'n you  have to time your hits properly making sure they all hit. In my opinon it is one of the funnest combat systems i've played. But yet again i know this system isn't for everyone as some people prefer the Traditional way, but the refresh of change is nice.


The Story line of the game is pretty well detailed and interesting to go through. Now this is going to be a short paragraph as i don't really want to spoil the game for anyone who feels like starting age of conan, but ill give you the basic gist of the starting of the story just so you kind of have a idea where your heading.  You start off gettting (dunno the correct term) but beached, after surviving a shipwreck, and you find out you were a slave aboard that ship and you must go kill for your life.....   and ill leave it at that.


The Community itself in the game i've found to be one of the best i've seen, as people will talk to you and help you out. I have had no problems with meeting people on this game, even had some people come to me (Kinda Surprised me). As one of the things that deters me from most MMO's nowadays is everyone is so focused on leveling that they ignore the social part of the game. I am a very social person and find that if your playing a MMO, you should be social or you mine as well go play a single player game. Lets get back onto the subject, Guilds seem to invite players no matter there level and bring them up as a team.  

Why should you get premium? well you should get premium cause it is a really good game, but then again if it's not for you its not really my place to tell you should get it. So i guess ill leave it at that.


I know i haven't done this game its due justice, but this is my first review i have done and hope i did a good job reviewing it for you guys.

Final Score


 free to play
 Gold Sellers
 Big Download
 Graphic Demanding
 Few bugs
 pvp needs some work
duran3d writes: 

I agree with your review. The game is amazing in graphics and the combat system is awesome. If you could also solo play at top level this could be the best mmo out there. But you can't do anything at end-game level without a big guild to back you up. You cannot even improve your crafting without high level guild facilities. As usual in other mmos, only at low level there's room for solo playing and solo pvping.

8/15/12 3:08:01 PM  / Report
oakfoot writes: 
I'm not sure I completely agree with the above. I didn't see anything about the massive memory drain the game puts on your systems. I have 3 gigs of ram and the game crashes daily after about four hours of play. If you submit a ticket they'll send you a fix that you have to enter yourself in c drive code and it's a bit confusing. Still that doesn't help as much as you would think, the game still crashes with messages that always read the same "out of memory". AoCU now unchained or free to play also has a few boo boo's. There list of what your limits are as F2P doesn't list everything and like most players who get involved in a game you don't find out about some of those limits till your well into the life of the character. I found that I was limited to 3 forms of player chat and unable to send or respond to tells. Once I complained about it through submitting a ticket that removed the ban and suddenly I had 8 channels and was able to send and respond to tells. Can you say Cheesy. If they're going to do that, it should of been on the list of limits. They do list that your gold limit is 10 gold, but what they don't tell you in that if you sell items the exceed the limit the extra coin you thought you were getting is frozen in a separate account they hold for you till you become premium. Which means the money's gone unless you become a full subscriber. They also tell you in the list that all areas and dungeons are available, well, almost all of them. As you play you see dungeons on your map that say lvl 40 to 50. What they don't say is not available to F2P till you attempt to access them. The game graphics are very cool and the way the have it set up so it's all quest sensitive, that is if you tried to grind your way to a new lvl you'd be there for weeks. The quest concept for lvling isn't a bad thing. You can for the most part solo your way to lvl 80 but in order to do the better dungeons you have to find a Pug {pick up group}. or just not do them which is a bit disappointing. Just as there are limits though out the F2P model that are not listed there are also limits to what you can craft and how far you can advance in crafting. And like most MMO's I've played what you can make doesn't even come close to being worth making as the lowest lvl gear that drops off mobs. As always the gear you get as a reward for a quest will always out shin any dropped or created item you can find. The only better are in dungeons you can't access as a F2P or the one's you can buy for real money. If your worried about how much inventory space for dropped items you'll have you should be because you start out as F2P with 8 slots, and by the time you reach 40 and have made enough money to buy a second bag, you don't find out that it's really just a bag that expands the space you already have by what ever more the bag your buying has, example: I start with 8 slots, I get the first bag up that says it has 12 slots but what its really saying is, your about to get 4 more slots instead of 12 more. By the time you get enough money to buy a decent sized bag you'll be 50 and only if you've sold every single item you've collected and not spent a single tin, copper, silver or gold which you might never see. Only then will you be able to afford the 24 slot bag, which still isn't enough and as your leaving your drops on the ground you'll understand what I mean. I recommend, if you decide to play AocU that you play for free and if you plan to stay to the bitter end, start at least 3 F2P accounts so you can sample at least six or the eight classes available and find out which classes you enjoy the most. Every game has a Cadillac class, in Lotro it was the ranger, in Aocu it's the Necromancer and the Demonologist. If your a hack and slash kind of player I'd suggest the Conquer although the melee classes will challenge you by the amount of button you'll be pushing for each slash of your weapon(s). I hope you have good coordination in both hands and fingers. If you do decide to play, remember to find the merchant in the thirsty dog inn, in the night quest in the beginning of your game, she will have the only accessible bags to expand you inventory before you enter the rest of the lands. Second: Deep water is your friend, the npc's on Aocu can't swim, even the one's that should be able to, so the water will almost always save your life. Third: Left Shift is you run very fast key, don't be afraid to run from battle, the npc's of the game get short winded and will stop chasing you about the time your stamina bar is empty. Fourth: The pathing in Aocu isn't terribly great so if you have torun to save your life, remember npc's have not figured out how to climb so if you have to hop to get there they get stopped and de-agro. What I've said here is not enough in my opinion but it'll certainly give you the picture. Happy Hunting.
12/01/13 6:54:10 AM  / Report
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