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Age of Conan Forum » Class Discussion » Difference between barbarian and conqueror?

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OP  4/05/09 6:19:29 PM#1

I noticed one has less armor than the other, so is the barbarian more of a dpser and the conqueror more of a tank/dps hybrid?

Are there any websites that will show me a list of skills that the classes get?


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4/10/09 8:40:43 AM#2
Originally posted by Armisael191

I noticed one has less armor than the other, so is the barbarian more of a dpser and the conqueror more of a tank/dps hybrid?

Are there any websites that will show me a list of skills that the classes get?


Although alot is changing in 1.5..

I have been playing my Conq since early access, pretty much exclusively. In regards to pve our role is dependant on our spec. If you spec Brute (2hand feat tree) then your very versatile and can do respectable dps when you have no tanking assignments and you can tank quite efficiently when its called for. When people compare Barbs and Conqs they are usually referring to Carnage specced Conqs (our DWing feat tree) which is the dps focused tree. As far as single target dps, Carnage Conqs are among the top mlee dpsers in the game. In comparision to barbs, well actually, in comparison to all other classes, the only ones I have real problems beating on the parses are necros. Im usually top 3 as carnage...and its not uncommon to see me take first in overall for the night but usually the necros claim it.

The best AoC database imho is YG:

The spells section is still unavailable and looking at the feat trees may be confusing if you don't understand the skills/abilites/etc.

anyway, best of luck


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5/07/09 3:52:43 PM#3

I played both class and the difference is quite huge.A barbarian it's a rogue class that can wear light armor and use 2H weapons (just like a conqueror) . It's a *burst* melee dps class.You're squishy but you're a dps machine .You have have access to a tons of CC and Anti-CC.

A conqueror it's a class that rely on buff.Which mean . I'm pretty sure you have heard the micromagament thing.Well conqueror are next to bearsshaman in term of mm.Although it's not has bad has some twats are saying , a few bind will do the trick.A conqueror can wear heavy (and plate armor next patch).A conqueror can equal the dps of a barbarian but only in frenzy stance .which give you a huge penality to absortion.So you learn the *stance dance* thing to be competitive.Yes we get plate armor next patch  , but pa will be very defensive stat oriented.So a lot of conq will stay heavy armor.Plus Heavy armor look cooler.


A conq can get lot of punishement also.Imo the conqueror it's the most  balanced melee class in the game.Not overpowered like the ToS but not underpowered like the Dark templar/




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7/20/09 2:39:06 AM#4

I'd just like to stop by and say that Conq DW damage has been absolutely nerfed post 1.5.


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10/11/09 2:24:59 PM#5



1.5.1 Conq DW damage is a strong threat to all respectable classes, with the new revamp they can compete in raid pve as well as cause quite abit of pain in group pvp with their crit chances, bleeds and their hindering movement strikes.


differences between a barb and a conq?

the footnote version:  Barbs can kill casters better and are more streamlined dpsers,  conqs are the ultimate support class using the jack of all trades master of none approach.


for a barb,  barbs live and die at ambushing their victims and overwhelming them with their CC's (Clobber, scatterfoes, stunning punch, earth shatter etc etc.) they are more effective at performing chain cc's as well as having enough to subdue multiple targets long enough to go and  eliminate their primary target.

barbs start becoming dangerous at mid levels, being able to destroy players 10 lvls higher than them if skill permits them.

defensively, what barbs lack in armor they make up for it with CC immunities, at top level's barbs have a chance to withstand knockbacks, as well as break out of fear's and stuns while gaining a immunity to follow with it. (perfect balance and/or escape artist) this helps barbs keep their momentum at burning down casters and soldier classes alike.

if feated, barbs have the ability to gain health faster the more they fight in battle. making barbs harder to kill if not able to have enough dps to burn them down or to slow down their health regens.

barbs being the forefront as melee dps kings, they are streamlined to do so for the player, without worrying about multiple debuffing processes and thousands of cooldowns to look after when on the offensive.


As for a Conq, they are still looked upon to be the swiss army knife class, flexible to due multiple jobs at the descretion of the players ability to get the job done. want to be a fake healer, conqs can do that, tacking on green heal abilities and or specced into defiance and imp furious inspiration, fully feated to perform a combat rez in the middle of battle.. At full health (once every 10 mins). or combat rezzes out of combat (once every 10 seconds). 

A conq to be a dps machine like a barb is viable too, not as streamlined as the barb and without the cc immunities (except for a root immunity of resolute advance only for carnage tree), a carnage conq gear to have a suicide spec model (all offense no defense) can dish out insane amounts of damage on their opponents with the given debuffs and buffs in place, added with the experience of handling stance dancing (switching from defensive stance and frenze stances effectively). a carnage conq, while doing damage, can implement bleeds similar to a assassin,   some conqs are able to achieve to have 6 workable bleeds on their victims to drain their victim of their health , much like a vampire.

Conqs have very little immunity, or virtually none, but their defense is their armor and able to take many blows,  while other soldier classes have different measures of defense, conqs are tanks,  and their abilities prove that with  overcome the odds feated (only in brute feat tree), every hit they take they get close to 800 to 1000 health back, for a duration of 10 to 12 seconds.

This feat only works against melee however.