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Age of Conan Forum » Game Suggestions » $19.95 monthly fee

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  User Deleted
5/30/07 1:18:46 PM#61
Originally posted by Supernerd
I know it's hard to swallow paying more for anything;
but I think even those of you unhappy with paying a few more dollars per month for Age of Conan
will ,if you want to continue to play after 30 days.
If they are asking more than everyone else and admit that up front I won't even be there on day 1 of the free trial. And I know I wouldn't be the only one.

We're also quite a few pages long into this discussion yet still been offered no answer by you as to why this game would be deserving of a higher monthly cost.

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5/30/07 1:18:48 PM#62
I'll play an extra $5 a month if I can sit on my couch and play Age of Conan comfortably on my 360 over PC any day.

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5/30/07 1:19:22 PM#63
Originally posted by Supernerd
I know it's hard to swallow paying more for anything;
but I think even those of you unhappy with paying a few more dollars per month for Age of Conan
will ,if you want to continue to play after 30 days.

No, what will it offer that is so great?!.. No ill wait

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5/30/07 1:20:14 PM#64
Originally posted by Supernerd
I know it's hard to swallow paying more for anything;
but I think even those of you unhappy with paying a few more dollars per month for Age of Conan
will ,if you want to continue to play after 30 days.

It is very obvious to me and I am sure to others that this guy is just trying to get a rise out of people from post one. He sounds a little to over the top in his praise of a game that has'nt even been released.

Supernerd I would like to thank you for a good laugh today!

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5/30/07 1:23:48 PM#65
The OP makes ya wonder what the heck they are putting in Snickers theese days!?!  

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5/30/07 1:25:25 PM#66
Originally posted by Supernerd
I know it's hard to swallow paying more for anything;
but I think even those of you unhappy with paying a few more dollars per month for Age of Conan
will ,if you want to continue to play after 30 days.

Still waiting for YOUR 5 reasons it's an above the bar game to play that deserves a higher monthly fee....






BTW, you do eat 4 bars a day as each day starts at midnight and ends just before midnight...


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OP  5/30/07 1:27:36 PM#67
I eat Snickers Bars every day 'cause i like em. I
like 'em more than all the other candy bars.
I like em a whole lot more than those generic rip off types that are a little cheaper.
They don't taste as good.Some of 'em look the same,but i would ratherpay a little more for satisfaction.
Snickers Satisfies.

In fact ima eat 1 of my last 2 that i have left right now.
I can't wait for AoC.

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Why the hell should I work? She''ll just spend all my money on shoes anyways!

5/30/07 1:28:08 PM#68
Originally posted by Supernerd
Originally posted by Goldknyght
Originally posted by Supernerd
hey i prefer to call it pop and i drink from a bubbler okay? i live in the real world
im not trying to argue with you guys,i was just making a suggestion and hopefully,
IF Funcom decides to charge 19.95 a month
by that time you should be okay with it.
Cause it will be well worth it just like you said.

either way it goes let the mmo world charge me 19.95 a month. (can you say canceled supscriptions)  thats 239.40 cents i can use on games that dont have a subscription fee. Internet 50dollars then this 20 dollars 70 dollars a month to play this game HA it will never see my 50dollars when it comes availible. Im still angry that they changed EQ, AC from 9.95 to 12.95 then to 14.95.. There gettin ridiculous with these games charging so much money to maintain somthing that doesnt cost a 1/4 of what we pay. Each mmo good or bad has a base close to 20k players. And that at 14.95 is equal to 299,000 then that times a 12months is 3.588 million. You can not tell me it costs that much money to maintain servers and the few personal u keep on board and thats if the game only has 20k players. WoW has 8million so they make BILLIONS each year now. So i say F a dang monthly fee increase it needs to be decreased. So you stay eating your snickers and leave everyone else out of your fantasy to pay more
A premium game.
Age of Conan will be the Lexus,BMW, the Cadilac of mmorpgs.All other mmorpgs will have to bow down and future mmorpgs will only hope to obtain the same quality.
A premium game with a premium subscription.
I don't own a Lexus, Bmw or a Cadilac, I guess I won't be owning this game either if it's $20 a month.

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5/30/07 1:35:18 PM#69
Maybe the OP works for the company....look at the facts, shops at 7 eleven, 4 snicker bars a day, hopped up on Coke, goes to sleep after midnight...all sounds a bit fishy to me. On a more serious note how about we wait until the market demands we pay more instead of suggesting that we are willing pay more money? Why stop there? Why dont we all go to our state governors and demand a higher sales tax?

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5/30/07 1:42:59 PM#70
Originally posted by Supernerd
Everyone is making more money these days;if you're not, I suggest you ask for a raise.

Take a look around. Soon it'll be 2 quarters just to lick 1 stamp.
Heh, I always buy 4 Snickers Bars every morning from the 7 Elven; it used to cost under 3 bux.Now it costs me almost 5 bucks.
Hey i bought a $2.00 24 oz. bottle of Coke the other day and the machine didn't even have a slot for coins;it just had a slot  for singles...
Prices Go Up People. In general things cost more and more everyday.This is just how the world works my friends.

I do believe Age of Conan will be a step above all other mmorpgs.

A higher monthly fee could be easily justified.Heck, I would even pay 24.95 a month to play this game.
Heck,I would even  pay 149.95 for a special "Collectors Edition" box(if they included a real bronze 2 hand axe with the name Conan engraved on it or something neato)

I think that this game will raise the bar and set a new standard in the genre for future mmorpgs.
Charging $19.95 per month for a game with all that Age of Conan will offer only makes sense to me.
I hope someone important from Funcom reads this. Someone could be gettin' a raise.

Lol I find this funny!  The game would fail out of the gate at this price, because I certainly would not pay that much a month, and I seriously doubt many others would pay that for a game a month.

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5/30/07 1:53:10 PM#71
No, it could possibly be the death of a very promising game. sure there would be some players that would pay it, but a much larger portion wouldn't even consider it. Most players new to MMORPG's have a hard time coming to grip with a monthly fee in the first place, most of the people that I work with that I've talked about gaming with say that they will never consider a pay to play game in the first place.

As far as the whole "mature adults" thinking for Age of Conan, they are actually less likely to consider paying more for a game. how do you figure that you may ask? well it's a part of growing up (you might experience it at some point, lol) that you have to become responsible, there's many things that we're paying for already:

car payments
house/rent payments

that's not including if you're married or have kids and the list gets longer, like the gentleman who mentioned that there's 4 gamers in his household = 4 subscriptions, it may not be a lot, but it does add up. considering that most people's budgets are tight or are getting tighter, to justify spending more on a game is not easy.

it would also be a bad decision on a business standpoint, to charge more means that the amount of players willing to pay it will be less, sure it's just 5 bucks, but the reality is that they would lose a lot of players. this is a competitive market, and Age of Conan isn't the only game coming out here soon, quite a few members of my guild in WOW are just hanging around till Warhammer comes out, or one of the other intriguing games that are soon to release. so there is strong competition that Age of Conan is going against, to make it $5 easier for the players, that they're trying to entice to play their game, to play a different companies game is not a smart business decision.

as I said before for the new gamers it's a turnoff, because it's hard to justify spending more for this game than i could spend on another game which is also fun. for more hardcore or experienced gamers it's also hard to justify, as I believe quite a few of them play multiple MMO's or pay for multiple accounts, etc.

Sorry but your suggestion fails.
  User Deleted
5/30/07 1:54:36 PM#72
I like how most of the posts appearing here now  basically state the exact same thing i stated many posts ago.

still waiting on those reasons....

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5/30/07 1:58:25 PM#73
I also would not bother playing a game with a subscription fee that high. It might not seem like a lot of money to someone like the OP (that is, if he's actually telling the truth and he isn't just making this thread to get a rise out of ppl for kicks, which I'm fairly certain he is), but it's a lot of money to other people. And about the adult rating, that's less incentive to put a higher sub fee on a game. Think about it. If you are targeting the adult audience for an mmo, that would probably include middle age consumers and probably high school and college students as well. The middle age group have bills to pay, a job to attend and most likely a family to support. Not only does that take a lot of time out of the game play, but it also requires more of that persons earnings as well. As for older teens and college students, well, paying to play an mmo in college might not be the best thing to do, but it's not impossible for ones budget, yet it still take its tole. If you had to eat top ramen every night, 5 extra bucks a month would seem a bit steep if you asked me. I highly doubt that a mature rating will keep the kids away from the game though. If anything, it will attract them more.

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5/30/07 2:04:43 PM#74
$20 a month is too much money. I will not play age of conan if the price is that high. Alot of people aren't thrilled with the current standard of $15. $20 is just going to make people even less thrilled.

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5/30/07 2:18:34 PM#75
<mod edit>
Go with the Flow? In case you haven't noticed you and your idea are the only two swimming upstream with this idea of yours. If anyone should be going with the flow its you, your swimming upsteam...unless you are a Salmon, this is usually a bad idea.

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5/30/07 2:30:11 PM#76
Funcom is a commercial company. To offer to pay a higher monthly fee as customer is simply a bad deal. Especially without knowing what the endresult will be. A commercial company wont feel a commitment to such generosity. You have no way of telling that your offer to pay 5$ more a month will improve something. The op is either a troll or stupid. The comment about the snicker bars make me suspect he is a troll.

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"Don''t touch that squirrel''s nuts!" - Willy Wonka

5/30/07 2:41:44 PM#77
ANYWAY, how will paying 20 bucks a month make this a better game AFTER its already finished? Your argument is we should pay more for a better game. Well if we were investors, alright then, because then all our funding could go into pre-production, art creation, model and texture development, game engine etc etc....but OOOPS, its already finished.

Would you pay 500K for a house you've only seen pictures of? Of course not, you need to see the neighborhood, the schools, and everything that goes with it.

So why are you petitioning for a higher monthly fee on a game you've never played, in teh hopes with it make it a better game, only afters its already finished?

/gives OP back his Troll fishing Poll (if you catch any other Salmon swimming upstream, throw em back, it might be a cousin)

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5/30/07 2:59:38 PM#78

Pound-for-pound, MMOGs are an incredible entertainment value.  Even if you're not willing to admit it, you know it's true.

I would gladly pay $20 a month for the "right" game, but not for AoC.


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5/30/07 3:18:48 PM#79
Originally posted by raykor

Pound-for-pound, MMOGs are an incredible entertainment value.  Even if you're not willing to admit it, you know it's true.

I would gladly pay $20 a month for the "right" game, but not for AoC.

I disagree.
sinkael Xfire Miniprofile

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OP  5/30/07 5:50:18 PM#80
Originally posted by Vinadil

It does not make sense to pay less for more quality?  That makes a ton of sense to me.  You offer me a 2007 BMW for $20k or a 2007 Ford for $50k and I will likely choose the BMW.

I'm scratching my head here.Yes, it makes sense for you to choose the BMW,but getting an offer like that makes no sense at all to me.
Who would offer that kind of a deal? 

Remember , supporting a higher monthly fee for Age of Conan could be a very good thing for the whole genre.
I'm not part of the development team so i just can't start listing things so that  potential subscribers can justify paying a few extra dollars per month.  I'm sure Funcom has a very talented team that could creatively market a Premium MMORP Experience.

We will only get better MMOs in the future if we show we will pay more believe me they will supply us with better mmorpgs.
With gamers getting older and older,I feel there will definately be a market for Premium Online Multiplayer Games.These Games could charge a much higher than standard $10-15 per month and offer that much more in terms of content,game performance,customer service,etc etc.

$19.95 per month is just the beginning of bigger and better things for all of us gamers.Someone has to start it.I think Age of Conan could be the one that started it all.

There will always be free mmorpgs and games that charge little less than the best,for those of you that can't afford it and for all you cheapskates.

Technology is on their side,I am on their side.And now i ask you all to see the light,
Join me and support paying a little extra for a whole lot more.

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