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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/08)  | Pub:Eidos Interactive
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Age of Conan Forum » Game Suggestions » Constructive criticism of Age of Conan

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OP  5/21/07 12:35:43 AM#1

You might first wonder why I included "constructive criticism" in the title of this thread. Don't worry, I'm not a 40 year old man who has a whole closet full of nifty ties and collared shirts. I'm just a 22 year old college student who has played computer games since five years old. Constructive criticism is defined as advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions ( Sorry, get to the point? Alright, will do.

The reason I'm choosing to be so in-depth about this thread is because from what I've read about it and from what many people anticipate this new-generation MMORPG to be, I see it as extremely promising to MOST demographics/psychograpics (age, race, gender / hobbies, likes, niche) in general.

I have played MMORPGS for a good while (going on 8 years) and have "been there and done that" as far as the typical grindfest, steadfast quester, and curious explorer.  I've noticed that they're all the same! You play one you've played 'em all! You learn skills or go train, fix your skill slot so all the skills are lined up all nice and pretty so that you're "oh so sure" the next person you engage in pvp is gonna get owned hard (even though they're five levels up on you). It was fun 8 years ago when I upgraded my beastlord's spells. Eight years later, we are doing the same thing in WoW, Vanguard, and I fear not to go as recent as LOTRO.

What I'm saying is  "DANG... A CHANGE?! WIKI WIKI WHAT?!" The very first thing I noticed about AoC is the new combat system (you all saw that coming right?) GREAT IDEA FUNCOM! Someone finally answered the door that all of us MMORPG zombies were about the bust down sooner or later. I'm so sick and tired of the same old combat system in every MMORPG I've tried, I just about had a pen in my hand ready to write Oblivion a letter asking them to go multiplayer!

Needless to say, every gaming company knows that the first and foremost goal is to attract and audience. I'm a telecom major, I know this too! So what do WE look for Funcom? Let me tell you, you guys are starting to get warm

Combat system - Already discussed as the most important element in a game.

Quests - More solo quests than group quests. We (most gamer's opinons) like simplicity, rewards, and numbers. Who the heck wants to freakin LFG all the time just cause the quest is too hard? People spend half their money LFG'in than play'in. Make the quests numerous, simple (soloable) and REWARDING. Vanguard just about promised everyone it would be worth it to do the quests. Yeah, if you do 100s of missives over and over again in hope for a yellow drop, that's about as rewarding as that got. If quests are going to be rewarding, make an even larger selection of weapons and armor. I'd rather constantly get quest rewards (choice is good) that actually upgrade my junk than more vendor trash. Reward the questers for their dedication.

Leveling - We like rewards and upgrades more than ANYTHING, Funcom. Make it so that we can upgrade skills/abilities, upgrade weapons/armor (yep, I mean spend money to have it upgraded by someone so that it's SOMETHING more than it was before). The most there is to upgrade and "make better" the more we are gonna sit infront of the computer saying, "Baby, just a second. Let me just get my superior sword of uberness to level 5." I play Rappelz, so I've seen GOOD upgrading ideas (they have job levels). Basically make anything you can get or do upgradable. Lots of levels are also a big plus because although we love to level fast, we still dont want to reach the cap anytime soon. I've seen some games that go over 300.

Character customization - I don't have to dive too deep into that. As long as something is done so that I don't walk into one of my 200 brothers (or sisters if female). We don't like seeing ourselves unless our sword is shiny enough to act as a mirror.

Lay of the land - Nothing is more fun than a savage world (what you all have been warming up to). Exploration is awesome, TONS of mini villiages along the way is awesome, finding settlements in the middle of nowhere is awesome, and land elevation is awesome. It's a good feeling to engage in world pvp when everyone is a noble savage (out for themselves). One of the biggest things we gamers love is a good amount of dungeons, and maybe even a network connecting a few of them (and I don't mean wolf dens either

PvP - new combat system + ? = postmodernism at its best. It's all about SKILL baby. If a person 10 levels under you owns you, it's because they use their HEAD, not because that tauren warrior was AFK and the monkey behind the keyboard went to grab a banana. Realistic factors are a must as well. Maybe have limb damage (Funcom is on to it since decapitation actually kills you now). If you want to snare someone, aim for their feet maybe? Creativity at its finest.

Classes - I like how most of the classes are designed to deal physical damage (melee/ranged). It works very conveiniently with the new combat system, with spells and abilities availiable to aid in the slaughterfest. I feel there will be little conflict with the "balancing" of classes since the game will be based moreso on your fighting style, ability to sneak up on other players, and/or pick them off from a distance. The only balancing act I see Funcom playing is just giving each classes counter-abilities to respond to brutal massacre.

Cafting - I personally am not one, but what we like is simplicity here too. Vanguard's crafting is rediculous and just plain sucks. We want to have fun, not feel like we are working 12-14 hour shifts on a late 18th century cotton gin (work orders). As I saw a fellow fan post, uniqueness and limitations on equipment made is also a good idea. It allows items crafted to have more value to them, and we as players love to find "that perfect weapon."

Economy - Make it so that the game doesn't undergo inflation a week after release. I know people want to make money and stuff so they can get their uber gear, but dang chill out on "short sword.....100 GOLD" junk. We aint stupid, and we aint gonna buy it. Since my suggestions earlier about making quests more rewarding and such, there shouldnt be too much push and pull about inflation. Just reward those who wish to go the extra mile (or 10).

Achievements - Last but not least, achievements. I don't know why I didn't put this up there with combat system, but it's up there in importance. WE WANT TO EARN THINGS! *smiles humbly* Why not make it so that we get stuff (LOTRO has deeds) for killing mobs, doing so many quests, discovering so many areas, owning so many faces, and making so many changes in the game (assuming players can impact the community). Heck yeah, just add more to character customization while you're at it. We gamers love the thought of really, truely, wholly (ok ok you get it), being a one-of-a-kind character.

To wrap things up, I took major pros from the many games I have played and just threw them all into a cultural melting pot, stirred it up, then slopped it on Funcom's plate. I'm really warming up to Funcom just because the "M" on the box tells ALMOST the whole story. Yes kids, this game really isn't for you. Seriously. For those parents who allow it...DUDE, WHAT THE FREAK? But yeah, I'm just seeing all these great things being done to the games I've played and tried out and trying to drive Age of Conan into it. If anyone has anything to add, please feel free because I'm sure I have forgotten a few perks. Thank you for your time!  /bow

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5/21/07 5:29:11 AM#2
I totaly agree but one thing i have to add is

ECONOMY - Crafting skills seem to bo satisfying but if it shows up that people will just loot a Mega uber sword of immortality from a king of zombie wolves (etc.) it wont be any fun crafting. Make people dependant on blacksmiths, armorsmiths etc. Of course legendary swords from a truely hard quest (only thing i can think of is annihilator room in tibia [sic!]) would be great, but the quest should be like almost impossible to complete so that there will be like 4 of theese swords present in a server.


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5/21/07 5:41:57 AM#3
Originally posted by megaludek
I totaly agree but one thing i have to add is

ECONOMY - Crafting skills seem to bo satisfying but if it shows up that people will just loot a Mega uber sword of immortality from a king of zombie wolves (etc.) it wont be any fun crafting. Make people dependant on blacksmiths, armorsmiths etc. Of course legendary swords from a truely hard quest (only thing i can think of is annihilator room in tibia [sic!]) would be great, but the quest should be like almost impossible to complete so that there will be like 4 of theese swords present in a server.


I think this issue was solved quite well in Neocron.
There you also had UBER items that you could only gain by slaying some pretty hard mobs (for instance Warbots).
However you didn´t get the complete item at once, but instead you looted only parts of it, so called rare parts.

So you still needed a researcher who had to identify those rare parts and a constructor who had to assemble them to a rare item.

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5/21/07 5:45:10 AM#4
I like the post but i feel that theres a contradiction in it. Namely the issue that you want pvp defined by skill yet you want to be able to upgrade weapons/armor/skills above its normal state (least thats what i understood). So if you happen to pick up some sweet sword and then upgrade it to a +5 sweet sword you are gonna make more dmg than the average joe. In games where gear is that important or that weapons have a large disparity, skill becomes less and less of a factor. IThat is an incredibly hard thing to balance for ANY company as 90% of the time classes are never balanced to begin with. I have high hppes for AoC and with all the extra heyve had im sure they will do their best. But i just dont see how they can balance a pvp system which requires skill while also balancing issues of factoring weapons/armors/skills. Having played lineage where gear rules all i was able to beat some people with better weapons but 99% of the time the guy with the +10 bow owned my +4 bow-carrying but.

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7/02/07 11:23:00 PM#5

I do have to agree, as someone who's played MMOs for a good while like yourself, its hard not to agree on most of these points.


The only thing i feel is missing.. especially for AoC right now.. is fluidity.. not in the range of quests and storyline or.. customization and economy.. but animation. Today we're in a day and age where technology allows us to create some pretty damn realistic stuff out there... and in Age of Conan.. they all seem... stiff... and unlife-like compared to the animations even in WoW. When they run they move like a board, and when they attack its slower than watching paint dry in some instances. Casting skills or "spells" sometimes has no animation other than a flash of light or beam of fire coming down.. wheres the throwing hand directing it where to go? The game needs a bit of animation tweaking...


but thats over on my side.  :P

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7/07/07 2:53:16 AM#6

not all rewards have to be tangible.

an online ranking system?  with rewards, xbox live-like "achievements", titles gained, and guild-wide bonuses will bring even more goodies to the table for us to battle over.

people will keep playing as long as they feel like they are really progressing toward something.

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7/07/07 2:58:28 AM#7

They have to get the beta letters out as soon as possible. Unless you have played in the exclusive family and friends only access beta then how do you criticize the game play already? If you're simply trying to improve the  concept this late in the development process it's not like the devs are going to suddenly realize AOC is a major mistake and dissapoint everyone with a delayed release because of this when the game is already playable.


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7/07/07 1:54:29 PM#8

I am still a big fan of "epic weapons" that are TRULY epic to obtain.  I rember PRE LUCLIN EQ when obtaining the epic weapons for your character was, at minimum, a huge pain in the rear, but it gave you "somthing to do" when you capped on you level.  It has been common now to have spam quests like in WoW and Vanguard.  you could just BLOW through levels and time doing quests.  There wanst much of a story or point to 90% of the quests but you got a huge chunk of xp and munnies from doing them.  I just hope that the quests are much more thought out, harder and have a point.


and that it is truly hard to obtain max level. 


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7/20/07 10:37:28 PM#9

i'm a SWG vet. i loved it before NGE and combat upgrade. i personally like the fact crafting was a major role in the game. this way it opened up the market even more. my wife likes to play mmo's with me. she doesnt care for killing, questing, uber "pretty" things that are achieved by popping instances. she enjoyed SWG crafting. player crafted items that were actually worth a damn. being able to set up your own merchant. this way we get away from this WOWin crap of being on a PvP server and always running dungeons to get gear because the crafted items blow. make crafting worth it. make it fun. not all players enjoy killing. some actually enjoy crafting and having special orders for items that will actually be used for something, not just to sell to a junk vender for spare change


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7/20/07 10:45:08 PM#10

Originally posted by Talemire

Don't worry, I'm not a 40 year old man who has a whole closet full of nifty ties and collared shirts. I'm just a 22 year old college student who has played computer games since five years old.

Hmmm, I think you have a skewed idea of what "being 40 is really like".


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4/17/09 5:21:02 AM#11

Funcom has worked to include more quest and playfield content ... but I'd still like to see more simple things to be done  to customize characters:

More hairstyles

More body modifications (scars, freckles, etc.)

More starter faces

Talemire is correct we DON'T wanna see our clone-cousins at every turn.

And add the social clothing soon!  It'd be kind of cool if social clothing items gave perks on selling to traders etc.

Also, can we have blank spaces and capital letters in our names ... It's silly to have to call your character "Stevemcqueen" if you really wanna call him "Steve McQueen" ... or "Blackheartedjack" not "Black-hearted Jack" or whatever.

These kind of changes could be implemented over time ... even promoted on the splash page.

"Hey!  This month's new body mod ... SCAR- get that half-seared face to make your dark templar look really malevolent."  Something like that.

Essentially, if we're spending hours investing time and watching a character for  months, why not do more easy things to create a sense of individualism.

Adding these small changes every 2 weeks would make even minor updates feel like something  more than just regular maintenance.