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Age of Conan Forum » General Discussion » Does anyone know why AoC never really took off?

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12/10/12 11:42:56 AM#41
The launch of AoC is infamous as an example of what not to do.  That being said, I never played until all of that crap was fixed and I found it to be a gorgeous game with a lot of really awesome features.  The problem was, I am a PVP player and the PVP in there isn't exactly well developed and after coming from WoW the animation locking drove me nuts.  I wanted to jump in circles and fire off abilities freely, but would find myself locked in one spot while the animation completed.  A lot of people consider the combat in AoC some of the best in MMOs, but I had a hard time getting used to it.

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Take my advice, I'm not using it anyway.

12/10/12 11:44:45 AM#42

I've always liked AOC. It certainly wasn't perfect, but I loved the visual fidelity, adult themes, and melee combat system. The most frustrating, jarring moment in the game was moving from Tortage, though. When I finally realized that it wasn't my hardware or the game software on the fritz, and came to the conclusion that voice acting had indeed ended after level 20 (save minor instances), I was pretty confused. Why did they even bother?


Aside from enjoying the game and the guild base building which came later, it was pretty obvious that large scale conflict PvP suffered from serious performance issues, like crashing entire servers in a clan vs. clan. After trying that a few times, and returning when it had supposedly been sorted, I eventually figured the problem would never fully resolve itself. Now that it's F2P, I'll probably never give it a shot again.

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12/10/12 11:48:36 AM#43

aoc is a great game. played it about 2 years and had a lot of fun. open world pvp. active playing. good graphics and great animations...


AO, SWG and AoC were the only mmorpgs which kept me playing longer than 3 months.


dont understand the hate


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I don't Forum PVP. If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.

12/10/12 12:05:58 PM#44

After Tortage I got really bored with it.  Not just the lack of quest voice overs, other MMOs I've played don't have voicovers and I'm fine with them.  It just seemed pointless, and unrewarding.


Maybe I'm missing out on the fun side of the game.  Don't know, but I didn't find it then gave up.

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12/10/12 12:12:23 PM#45
For me it was the launch features that never ended up actually in the game and some of these features was why I wanted to play the game.

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12/10/12 12:26:47 PM#46

AoC was the game that was right up my street - low fantasy, awesome lore from Robert E Howard, a rich world with deep characters, visceral combat and mature content.

I played from launch day, put up with the bugs and troubles and had a great time. I started my own guild (Concilium on the Ymir server) and met a great bunch of people. One of the highlights was all getting together for that first run of Sanctum of the Burning Souls and the collective "wow" when we saw the Acheronian Warlord for the first time.

But gradually we all got tired of the lack of content, most significantly the level gaps. There were some horrors around the 60s and 70s where there was just nothing to do (except grinding villas) and getting to 80 was a pain. Crafting was still non-existent, item stats were a mess and all together the fun went out of it.

People started leaving the game fast and soon the buzzing guild dropped to 2-3 online in the evenings. I also decided to move on and wrote Funcom a long email about my sadness and disappointment.


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12/10/12 12:35:54 PM#47
I played a launch and quit a few months later.   I went back about a year ago and decided to give it another try.  Rather than use my old characters that I barely knew how to play anymore I decided to roll a new toon to level instead.  I made a demo and I had a lot of fun. I mostly played solo but I managed to find a guild that still did a few lower level activities.  I actually really liked the leveling.  The zones and music were very immersive and beautiful.  Then I finally hit 80 and I hit this wall in the new zones.  Suddenly I had to do the thing I hated most in MMO's... rep grind repeatables.  Basically I had to build up rep to get gear to go do hard dungeons to get better gear to do harder dungeons.  F-that.  I'm a competent player and was actually pretty good at demo but that kind of game play structure just isn't for me any longer I suppose.  I like a challenge too but my game time is for doing fun activities, not grinding.  So I quit and I'm sure that is the case for other people as well.  Not sure if things have changed though since I stopped following the game. 

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12/10/12 12:41:25 PM#48

At the end of the day, for me, it was the PVP. Not enough matches and no real decent dungeon finder. :(


WoW has spoiled me into not needing to spam general chat looking for a group anymore and the only thing that holds me on WoW is the RBGs. I freaking love them and are insanely addicted.


Mind you I'm also playing the hell out of The Secret World...but I wish they turned Fusang from a pvp king of the hill type of layout into a PVP hub. Something new and different. Have a few top-level NPCs there to sit and chat with you about game stuff. Make Fusang seem like a real world city with real street know..make fusang feal alive rather then king of the hill. - Become a Dragon. What have you done to change our world?


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12/13/12 1:51:57 AM#49

Age of Conan... imho, has one of the best pvp system and the combo system sets a new era of mmo + action rpg genre.

I have always loved AoC, but the population is really bad for now. You can't even find someone to kill. I even bought the Collector edition box, and when over to the toy store to by a model of Conan sitting on his throne and painted it. Geese, am i obsessed?!

I think, I will resub if Funcom can introduce new content and pull in fresh breed of players. They should do a relaunch.. with more contents..

AoC has so much potential and it is sad to see it go down the drain.



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12/13/12 12:34:02 PM#50
Originally posted by mistmaker

aoc is a great game. played it about 2 years and had a lot of fun. open world pvp. active playing. good graphics and great animations...


AO, SWG and AoC were the only mmorpgs which kept me playing longer than 3 months.


dont understand the hate

This is my take on the game too.  I came on for the first time after Godslayer launched a couple of years ago and felt like I stumbled on a real gem. I stuck with it watching the game improve and grow. I love the Conan IP and the unique mixture of gritty realism and fantasy. Excellent music, beautiful DX10 graphics, lighting, detail and art design, engaging combat complete with fatalities.  I can understand the game not having universal appeal in the sense of not being everyone's cup of tea, but  it is a very cool MMO.  I like it. Just lucky I guess having a MMO I truly enjoy spending time with.

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12/15/12 9:13:58 AM#51


Played it for 3 years straight from Early Release. Never had a problem with finding content but then again I tried to do every quest in every zone even if I out-leveled an area.

Bought the expansion and did many of the dungeons and raids many times. The PvP was interesting but I still consider the PvP in pre-CU SWG to be the best I've played.

There were bugs at the beginning but they fixed a lot after the few 4 or 5 months. I believe it should have been released about 6 months later than it was.

I left because the guild I was in moved to Rift and that left AoC empty for me because I prefer to play with friends.

Unfortuntely the guild has moved from game to game and not stabilized since AoC and has lost a tons of members.

I miss playing AoC and raiding and doing the dungeons and feel that AoC is up there in the fun category for me with CoH and SWG. I very much prefer to play with friends in groups. I guess this is why SWTOR failed so hard for me, it felt more like a single-player game than an MMO.

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1/13/13 6:47:07 AM#52

players got tired of gear grinding at level 80 and the expansion is a grind fest




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1/13/13 8:36:29 AM#53
Originally posted by Lizardone

players got tired of gear grinding at level 80 and the expansion is a grind fest




Does no one remember the AoC launch? It's still considered one of the worst in MMO history. The amount of false advertisement and outright lying from Funcom was unseen by any other company before. The game launched with just about NONE of its promised features. They had a very sleazy business model. Most of the game was unfinished so as soon as people left the tutorial the reason for playing stopped.

On top of that, the game itself just isn't very good. The Tortage part, the "best" part, is just a linear tutorial that holds you by the hand the entire way through really bad quests. The zones were all capped at small numbers so that the game was not really MM at all. The entire game design was just copy pasted from WoW and dumbed down as far as it could go.


The game sold TONS of copies and then everyone realized it sucked.


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1/13/13 8:40:42 AM#54

Originally posted by GwapoJosh
For me it was lack of content after Tortage.  I was bored out of my mind trying to grind to 80.

This in a nutshell. I can remember getting near my 30's I would stay logged off weeks at a time just to level up that way. Then run the villa's there used to be a giant gap in content between 30-50. I have no idea after level 50 as I quit. I went back after free to play for a day and quit yet again.

I jut rack it up to bad game design.


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1/13/13 8:42:19 AM#55

As discussed.. Timing.

Most systems at the time made it crawl, their programming at launch didn't help, the progression system was starting to feel old hat by then as well.

Over all AoC didn't bring a lot to the table to be an exciting launch. It's aged fairly well tho', more so than most other games.

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  User Deleted
1/13/13 8:45:04 AM#56

first, they folded and took nipples out of the game, which nudity is a huge part of the Conan genre...big mistake.

second, the lead dev sold all his stock in the company shortly after release, went downhill from there. I unsubbed after that personally, already mad about the nipple fiasco, but to see the lead dev bail too was a good sign to leave.

  User Deleted
1/13/13 8:47:39 AM#57
The first reason I didn't leap into it is that I'm not a huge Conan fan (or any Dark fantasy, for that matter).  I was going to let the early adopters help me find out if it was a good game.  The early reaction was very negative once people got out of Tortage, citing a huge content dropoff.

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1/13/13 8:51:51 AM#58

i never gave it a shot because of all the news about the terribad launch.

launch matters.


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1/13/13 8:56:56 AM#59

I was really psyched for the release of AoC. 

It released and looked awesome during early play....then they patched in the rest of the game.

It was an absolute disaster.  The performance was hideous even on brand new hardware.

There were tons of bugs and lots of missing content.

No bank or AH at launch.

There was a DX10 tab but it came out that it wasn't functional.

It became apparent that stats were not working and had absolutely no effect on your character.

The pvp balance was absolutely the worst I have seen in any game, by far and away.

The pvp maps were really bad.

Oh and the community was a toilet bowl.

I played for about 3 weeks and gave up, absolutely disgusted.

I came several months later and found that the performance was excellent.  The pvp maps still absolutley sucked but things were more balanced.  Graphics and sound were some of the best I have ever seen.  It was greatly improved and I took a toon up to max level.  All and all it was a pretty good game at that point but it never could recover from the launch.  The devs really pissed people off because they were so dishonest about things.



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1/13/13 9:36:12 AM#60
For me
1 it released incomplete
2 system requirements are ridiculously high for a mmo
3 it sucks on AMD cards, I couldn't play the thing on medium never mind high settings on a 6850, whereas I knew people with 460gtxs and stuff could play it maxed out.
4 when they changed game directors they wow cloned it, alienating the original fan base who were there for brutal pvp in the brutal conan universe.
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