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Gravity Interactive | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/01/05)  | Pub:Gravity Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | ESRB:E10+Out of date info? Let us know!

ROSE Online Review. Revised 13/6/2012

A simple yet informative review on ROSE online, A free to play MMORPG, developed by Gravity Interactive, Inc.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Gravity Interactive, Inc.
TriggerSoft (until 2007) / Gravity Interactive, Inc. (since 2007)
Release date:
Dec 1st, 2005, F2P since July 29th 2008
MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game )
Graphical Appearance:
Anime, Colorful, Diverse sceneries
Yes, On certain maps, however players are not forced to fight one another.
Current Version:
File size:
Version 374: 813mb, patch time on a broadband connection to version 418 about 7 mins

System Requirements:   
Minimum Requirements

CPU: Pentium III 800MHz or higher
Memory / Ram: 128MB or higher
Video Card: GeForce2 MX 400 or higher
Radeon 7000 or higher, Intel based Chip sets ( GM/GMA/GSE/GME )

Recommended Requirements:
CPU: Pentium III 1GHz or higher
Memory / Ram: 256MB or higher
Video Card: GeForce3 Ti 200 or higher, although one of the Minimums above will suffice.

History & Background Information:
ROSE Online (Rush On Seven Episodes ) is a free to play ( F2P ) MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game ), Developed initially by TriggerSoft until 2007, ROSE is now developed by a Californian based company called Gravity Interactive, Inc. Gravity Interactive are also hosts to other games such as, Ragnarok Online ( and its iOS counter parts: Ragnarok Violet and Ragnarok Angel Poring ), Requiem: Memento Mori, Dragon Saga, CrimeCraft ( a Massively Multiplayer online first person shooter ), and finally Maestia: Rise of Keledus ( Currently in Beta, 12/6/2012 ). With 8 Gaming titles under it's belt, Gravity sure has kept us in our gaming seats and will do for many years to come.

General Gameplay:
ROSE online is not your typical grinding type MMORPG, it offers diversity and caters to the needs of each individual RPG gamer. However, if you do enjoy grinding to level or farming for materials then the option is and always will be there. A player can freely choose what they want to do in ROSE which almost gives ROSE that Sandbox type feeling that so many MMORPG players enjoy.
If your the type of player who enjoys sitting around, talking to friends, relaxing online, then you can, one of the key aspects of ROSE is that nothing is forced, players do not need to fight each other to gain levels or experience, and with the ever increasing quests which are implemented, a player can simply go out into the big wide world and complete these various quests, some of which give helpful weapons, other quests give a lot of experience points, which at the same time levels up your current character. Because ROSE online caters to so many individual players needs, it is because of this that the overall game play is so enjoyable, time seems to literally fly by whilst you enjoy doing whatever it is your doing in game. As there is literally so much a player can do in ROSE, I have taken the time to talk about some of the Key Features that ROSE has to offer.

Battles and levelling up & common Knowledge:

Levelling up your character has never been so easy, as soon as you create your character you find your self in a place called Adventurer's Plains, a very fitting name indeed, as over the next 200+ levels, the areas you explore, the monsters you kill and the quests you undertake will all become part of "your" unique adventure. Players level up by the way of Experience Points, which are gained by either killing monsters or completing quests, a player can choose to do both or one of two. The amount of experience gained is dependent on your current characters level. As your progress through levels, monsters will become weaker as you become stronger. One of the key features of ROSE online that I'd like to mention is the fact that, you will always know if the monster you are fighting is either too strong or too weak. A monsters name will change color depending on your characters level, going from Dark purple ( Very hard to kill ) to eventually an almost Grey / white colored name ( Very Easy to kill ). There are 9 colors in total to which a monsters name color can change. The suggested name color to fight a monster ( for difficulty level and experience gain ) is yellow. The colors vary, they are: Purple,Pink,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Azure and Grey. Players have the ability to form party's with one another which allows for a greater experience gain with more members that are added to the party.

Overall battle's against monster can be very fun and entertaining, and at the same time rewarding. Monsters regularly drop items and materials, some of which are very rare and unique, all of which can later on be sold to player shops or NPC's for Zulie. Zulie is the currency that is used in ROSE online, with enough Zulie, a player can purchase many items such as potions to restore Health or Mana, new weapons, new armor, Gems or even Materials. A players health in game is also commonly known as HP ( health points ), and a players Mana is also commonly known as MP ( Mana points ), Mana points are used each time your character uses a skill, and HP is reduced each time a player receives damage from either a monster or another player. One of the Main ways to restore your characters health is by the way of Food, apple's, banana's, orange's and many others all make up an assortment of Food which is used to replenish one's Health. Food, materials, armor and weapons can all be bought from NPC's located in and around towns. This is one of the many key features and main reasons players enjoy playing ROSE, a lot of the items that your characters can use are sold in NPC shops, compared to other RPG games where players have to constantly fight monsters to obtain what they want. However, at later levels ( 210+ ) you will find that certain NPC shops do not sell the armor or weapons that you so desire your character to have, this is where player vending shops come into the picture.

Trading between players is encouraged and is a simple process to carry out, simply clicking on another player then clicking trade, opens up a trade interface where players can trade items to one another or even Zulie if they wish to. Individual players are free to set up there own shops wherever they please, they are also free to sell any items they wish that they have obtained from fighting monsters for whatever price they see fit. The ability to "vend" or open up ones own player shop has not only allowed players to obtain those rare and hard to find items, but also create a virtual economy. The fact that ROSE online has this virtual economy set up, allows even the most basic of player to start earning Zulie from the very beginning of the game.

Stats and Skills:

After level 10, your character will begin to earn skill points. It is with these skill points that your character can learn new skills. When using a skill on a monster or player the amount of damage dealt to them is increased depending on your characters stat allocation. With 4 classes to choose from ( Soldier,Muse,Hawker & Dealer ), there are hundreds of different ways to build your character. Each build is different from the next, this gives players a felling of being unique, your character is built the way you want it from level 1 right up to level 220, the skills and stats you choose are your choice alone. Of course there are guides for those who want a little sense of direction for there chosen class, but it goes without saying, as soon as you create your character, it is yours and yours alone. One thing I found whilst playing ROSE online is that, there are always players around to lend a helping hand when it comes to building a new character, weather its in game or on the forums asking the community, I always felt like I could ask a question and receive a reply. The Stats that are used in ROSE online are: STR ( Strength ), DEX ( Dexterity ), INT ( Intelligence ), CON ( Concentration ), CHA ( Charm ) and SEN ( Sense ). Each of which have there own uses for individual classes and when combined can make quite a powerful character.


Weapons & Armor:

At level 1, right after you've created your character, you find yourself attacking little jelly bean monsters with a wooden sword, albeit the sword seemed powerful at the time, I later learned that there are more interesting and powerful weapons in the world of ROSE. The same goes for Armor too. At times, I did find my self wondering "what is my next armor for my character" but after simply asking other players I found out the answers to my questions without any hassle. Another one of ROSE online's key features and attractions for me is that, it offers so many different types of weapons and armors, many of the weapons have a stat requirement, however sets of armors are class specific. Dealers use Guns or Cannons ( Launchers ) to blast enemies from a lengthy distance, Soldier uses Swords and Shields, 2 handed swords Axe's or even spears to penetrate monsters up close, Muse's are the magical class of the game and use either a wand to attack from a distance or a magic staff for those "up close and personal" moments, and finally, Hawkers have the choice of using the speedy, fast hitting katars or a set of dual swords which are slower, yet have more attack power.


Carts and Castle Gear:

One of my most favoured features of ROSE online is the Cart system. At level 50, players can choose to do a Cart Quest, which, when completed, allows the player to Drive around towns, fields and maps with the use of a Cart. The basic Cart a player obtains from the NPC can seem to be quite slow, but when compared to a players normal running speed, the Cart is a godsend. There are options for a player to obtain an even faster Cart from either other players or the in game Item Mall. Carts can also be equipped with weapons, which allow the player to fight a monster whilst sitting in his or her cart, However, this is very consuming fuel. Fuel is not used for movement of your cart and will not decrease no matter how far you travel, only the use of weapons against a monster on a players cart will consume fuel. Another feature which many players of ROSE online enjoy, is that you can accept another player as a passenger onto your cart, so long as you have a backseat attached to the cart. I myself found this quite helpfull when traversing from map to map, as I did not have to individually take each player to my final destination. Castle Gears are one of the most sought after vehicles in ROSE online, they are Big, strong metal machines which a player can walk around in. Castle Gears are slow to move around in however what they lack in speed, they make up for in defence and a players visual reputation.


Character Classes:

There are a total of 12 classes in the world of ROSE online. These are, Soldier,Knight,Champ,Hawker,Raider,Scout,Muse,Cleric,Mage,Dealer,Artisan and Bourgeois.
A new players starts out as a Visitor and at level 10 has an opportunity to choose his or her first job class.
At level 100 the player then has the unique opportunity to choose his or her 2nd job class that is related to his or her 1st job class.

Soldiers can go on to becoming either a Knight with a very high defence or a Champ with a very high attack power. Knights are commonly known in ROSE as the Tankers and Champs are well known for dealing massive amounts of damage.

Hawkers can go on to become either a Scout, who primarily use bows to attack there enemies at a distance or a Raider who are seen as the fast hitting assassins of ROSE.

Muse's can go on to become Clerics which are very well known for there healing skills, as well as "buffing" other characters and themselves to make them stronger, or Mage's, who use status affective magic to weaken there enemies.

Dealers can go on to become Artisans, commonly used for crafting many items by the use of materials obtained from monsters or a Bourgeois, a class which primarily uses a Cannon ( Launcher ) to blast monsters from a far distance.

It is because ROSE online offers this many different type's of classes, that you will never find yourself without anything to do, there's simply something for everyone.


ROSE online has many, many quests to offer players, with constant patch updates weekly, some of which contain fun and unusual quests for player to complete. The choice to complete or undertake quests is always there and is not a requirement to level up your character. However, for those that enjoy questing and the rewards obtained from doing such quests, there are many to complete. Each quest is different, players will find themselves engrossed in even the shortest of quests, learning interesting facts about the world of ROSE. Even if you don't like doing quests, I'd suggest trying at least one of them on ROSE, questing on ROSE online is simply this: Intuitive and rewarding.

Game Arena:

One of the most important new features to come to ROSE online this year is the introduction of Game Arena.
"What is it"?:
Game Arena is an Interface used for the launch of a new unique to ROSE online PvP system called Crystal Defenders.
"What does it do":
Game Arena allows players to Que up in a virtual holding lobby, when there are enough players, a crystal defenders match will start.
"O.k, So whats Crystal Defenders?":
Crystal Defenders is a PvP ( player vs player ) environment, whereby, players are split into 2 teams, a defending team and an attacking team. It is the duty of the Defending team to defend there crystal at all costs from the opposing team ( attacking team ). It is the duty of the Attacking team, to attack the crystal that the defending team are so desperately trying to keep from being destroyed.
"What happens if either team wins?":
Points are given to individual members of the team depending on how well they performed during a game of Crystal defenders. For the attacking team, if you kill / destroy the opposing teams players and or crystal, you receive points. The same goes for the defending team, if the defending team successfully defend there crystal for the set amount of time of the crystal defenders game, then they will receive points too.

Another addition which came along with the Game Arena Implementation is the ability to create a Group. Groups can hold more players than a party can, also creating a group allows players to receive party buffs from a cleric ( instant buffs without the need to click the individual player ), there is also a group chat tab on the main user interface, which allows players to talk to one another from great distances.


As I've stated already, this is one of the most important updates and additions to come to ROSE online, it not only allows players to compete against one another, but also adds another element to ROSE which has not been seen across the ROSE universe, making this addition, unique and exclusive to players of ROSE online. Another special addition to ROSE online, is the implementation of an In game Item Mall, no longer do players have to go to a website to purchase item mall items, you can simply stay in game, open up the item mall user interface and as long as you have item mall points, you can purchase item mall items. Along side the in game item mall, is a fully functioning Gifting system which allows players to send purchased item mall items to another player.







The main controls of ROSE online are via the use of a keyboard and a mouse. Players simply click to where they want to go or there is the option to use the keyboards arrow keys. Personally, I use the Mouse as navigating with the keyboard arrow keys can become strenuous at times. However, many players will feel right at home with the "click to move" option, as it is used in many highly rated online RPG titles nowadays. As players level up in the world of ROSE, there characters will learn skills, this is where the keyboards F1 to F12 keys become very useful. Players simply assign there individual skills to a "F" key on screen, then simply by the press of the corresponding "F" key ( F1,F2,F3 etc ), there character will perform the skill. The keyboard is also used as a primary way of communication in game. Players can freely chat to whom ever they wish to, as well as "whisper" another player, announce a message in "Trade" Chat ( for the use of buying and selling goods ) or shout to everyone on the map. In a recent update, ROSE online's Developers released a Stable version of the in game friends list with information being passed to the community of an up coming patch which will allow players to change there online status, much like the current way that Microsoft Messenger ( windows live messenger / MSN ) allows users to change there online status. The Friends list is a great way to keep in touch with the people you meet online, it also allows players to see weather there friends are online or offline and chat to them via a Chat window which is brought up on the players user interface in game.


The world of ROSE online is inhabited by both cute and weird looking monsters. From jumping jelly beans right through to Huge trees that move around slowly to a huge underground prison containing some of the freakiest looking prisoners you will ever see. As this game has a rating of E for everyone, there is no blood effects or blood splatters that cover the screen when your slay said beasties. What ROSE lacks in gore however, it makes up for with beautifully colored creatures of fantasy and myth.


User Interface:
With the new User Interface that ROSE has acquired, the game now presents itself as a more up to date MMORPG, giving the game a more innovative look and feel. The user interface has undergone many changes visually, the look and feel of this new UI is comparable to that of a glossy theme from windows operating systems. This sleek glass looking theme has propelled the game forward visually giving it a more modern, stylish characteristic.

ROSE online has been well known for portraying a sort of anime look and feel to players. The colors used and the scenery you go through are beautiful to look at. Players who travel around the 4 available planets instantly get a sense of what type of monsters or area they are in. From luscious green forests to sandy baron wastelands. Even on low spec computers ROSE still managers to pull it off, with low system requirements, almost any player can experience the distinctive graphical content that ROSE has to offer. ROSE offers players the choice of changing there graphical options either in game or from the client launcher settings tab. Screen sizes can be adjusted as well as performance options and an all new "Bloom" shader effect option which adds a saturated sunshine style glow onto everything making your visual graphics brighter and softer, In some cases the bloom shader effect lessens the appearance of jagged edges at less cost than Anti-Aliasing.




ROSE online has the most addictive background music that I have ever come across, some days I find myself weirdly enough, whistling one of the Towns music themes, the music composed for ROSE online is unique to the game, every map, town and dungeon has its own soundtrack which gives some diversity when travelling around from map to map.

Final Scores:

Visual: 9.5/10
With Beautiful colors and its anime feel and look, ROSE online is a big "tick in the box" for those who enjoy playing MMO's that do not focus primarily on blood and guts.
Audio: 8/10
Addictive soundtracks, ever changing from map to map which will have you relaxing in your gaming chair for hours to come.
Gameplay: 9/10
This game can quite easily make time just pass by, minutes become hours as your taken into a world where anything is possible. Not too easy and not too hard.
Difficulty: 6/10
You don't need to be a full time Hardcore player to pick up ROSE and start playing, the game is suitable for even the most novice of gamers, if your looking for a challenge or if your simply looking to relax and take your time, then ROSE online is a great choice of MMORPG's.
Life Span: Months-Years
After levelling up a character and doing lots of quests, I still found that there were many things that I had not done. No matter where I went, it seemed there was always something for me to do, It was this that I enjoyed the most about ROSE online, the never ending, almost seemingly endless possibilities that this game has to offer.

Final Verdict:
To sum up, ROSE online is by far the most addictive MMORPG game I have ever played, with constant updates, weekly maintenance, In game events hosted by GM's and Community Managers, Fun and rewarding Quests, a friendly community and Forums to go to if your stuck, as well as an huge arsenal of weaponry and a great collection of armors to go with it. ROSE online is definitely a game that any serious gamer should have in there collection of MMORPG's

If you'd Like to try ROSE online for yourself, then go and register a free account below.
Hope to see you in game Soon.

Final Score

 Addictive Gameplay which will have you playing for hours
 Luscious Environments, Beautifully detailed
 Rewarding Challenges and Quests
 Customization of weapons and armor / Refining / Gems
 Regular updates and maintenance along with frequent in game events hosted by the GM's and CM's
 Depending on Users Internet connection speed, there can be some lag at times
 PvP can be very challenging at times, depending on what class you have and what armors and weapons you possess
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