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Turbine, Inc. | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/01/99)  | Pub:Turbine, Inc.
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
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Asheron's Call Forum » The Tavern (General) » Why don't you play Asheron's Call?

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9/25/12 1:38:37 PM#41
Originally posted by SnarlingWolf
Originally posted by Kyleran

3 or 4 years ago I did some research into playing AC, but decided against it for the following reasons,

1) Decal - Seems everyone uses this plug-in manager to load a plethora of different add ons and I don't really care for games that do this. (One thing I don't like in WOW is the mods system)

2) Box price (?) of $19.99 ($9.99 these days)  plus a monthly sub fee of  $12.95 which I felt at the time was too high for a game that didn't appear to be having a whole lot of work done on it in terms of adding new content.  Felt like all I was doing was funding their new titles such as LotRO.

3) Turbine - not my favorite Development house, still think they screwed the pooch with LotRO, what a glorious title it should have been with that IP, instead, just another themepark. (and DDO, let's not go there)


 You don't have to pay a box price. You can download the free 14 day trial and just start paying a subscription when the trial ends.\

I'm not sure how you interpret it as not having a lot of work done in terms of adding new content, it adds new monthly content every month and has done so for 13 years straight. They also do 2 big patches each year that add new features, skills, major hunting grounds etc. So you actually get more new content (and on a regular basis) than just about any other MMO out there.


As far as decal goes, I can understand that but I personally have never used Decal and have no problems doing anything in the game. Every single MMO that exists has plugins that work for it. A lot of players just like to code up plugins to streamline or improve their MMO experience and AC is no different in that aspect. They are not needed to play the game though.

Seems I learned something new today, thanks for clearing up my misconceptions... maybe I will give the 14 day trial a shot sometime.


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9/25/12 9:42:21 PM#42
I love AC, always have, and always will. But the grind is fuckin horrible, especially if you want tp PVP. Sure it's easy to get to 275 if you macro and use buff bots. But then once you hit 275 there's luminance/augs. I just don't have the time to do all of that.

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9/25/12 11:44:13 PM#43
If they made a true successor to this game i would be glad to.

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10/22/12 3:13:18 PM#44
Originally posted by Eir_S
Originally posted by SnarlingWolf

That's right YOU. Yes you, behind the monitor. I can see you... put some pants on please.

*gasp*  How did you know??

Seriously though, I don't play it mostly because it's old.  I realize that old games can be fun, but in my case, it's rare that I enjoy a game retroactively... if I didn't have some nostalgia going for me in a game, it usually isn't that impressive.  Example: Chrono Trigger for the SNES was touted as one of the greatest RPGS of its time.  I never got to play it until after 2000, and by that time it was boring to me.  Same reason I don't play most old MMOs.  Most people look so lovingly upon them not because they stack up well against newer games, but because they become somewhat emotional.  Hindsight is usually 20/20 and rose-tinted.

Going OT here, but if you weren't able to see what made Chrono Trigger the incredible game it was "touted" to be, then you must care very little about story, music, and atmosphere when it comes to gaming. It was in a league of its own in those areas. and still is.

Believe it or not, some of us can differentiate when something is favorable due to nostalgia and when something is just good. Age is irrelevant.


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10/22/12 3:25:22 PM#45

1) graphics

2) sub

3) developer

4) how the game is designed

5) low pop


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10/22/12 3:31:40 PM#46
The graphics are plain ugly.I don't find  WoW's graphics bad either but that's because i have played wow since it came out .I bet i wouldn't have minded AC graphics if i Would have played it back in the days.


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10/22/12 3:38:04 PM#47

The graphics are just god-awful at this point. I know graphics aren't everything... but I really can't get over how bad they are in this game. It is just far too dated for me at this point, no matter how good the gameplay is.



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10/22/12 7:09:51 PM#48
Originally posted by Tibernicus
Originally posted by SnarlingWolf
Originally posted by Tibernicus

Partly, population.

Partly because I know that they removed a lot of the features that made AC great, to make it more WoW like.

And lastly, and most importantly, Turbine is a horrible company and I refuse to give them money.

I am curious as to point #2. Having played both games plenty, I don't see any correlation between the two. In what ways do you think AC is like WoW?

They smoothed over a lot of the more interested/obscure features to make them more conventional.

I know I'm late to the thread but I just don't get this...examples?  I have played AC since beta and I still cannot figure out what the hell you're talking about.


Originally posted by JAFA

Classes. Levels. 'nuf said.

Classes?  Have you even played Asheron's Call?


The only thing I can figure is you consider melee, missle, and magic classes.





Einherjar_LC says: WTB the true successor to UO or Asheron's Call pst!


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10/22/12 7:19:03 PM#49
I bought the game installed it and Tried to connect to the server for about 3 days ... spent countless hours trying to get it to work on my computer but the DSL modem didnt want to connecft to the game server because its an old technology and it doesnt work with my type of internet connection

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I tend to get discontent when I run out of content.

10/22/12 8:00:14 PM#50

The main reason is that AC is presently a car with wings and an exo-frame and a tail and another set of wings....

It simply is too many things layered onto the original frame.

There needs to be a new game similar to AC not more extensions to AC. 

The secondary reason is the been there done that thing.  I played a lot of AC a long time ago and some a moderate time ago.


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10/26/12 12:17:25 AM#51

Super outdated engine. I played from 99-03 and then went back a few times. There is no better game in terms of freedom of play, but the engine is just too dated. The engine also greatly dimishes the controls. Hell even the AC2 engine had issues with certain controls, like if you cleared a stun during an animation you would still finish the animation slowly (instead of the actual stun being cleared).

It's not the same Turbine anymore either.


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11/04/12 2:08:57 AM#52

My reasons:

1 - played it for a year after beta (1999-2000), sold my character, never looked back. it was fun while it lasted, but there were new games that filled that niche

2 - even though it still has some of the most amazing ideas, it's just hard to go back to a dinosaur and play with people that have been there all that time, it just feels weird. a new server might resolve that though

3 - no way am I paying anything monthly for it. Eve online is the only game I'd ever pay for, ever again. SWTOR was the last mistake in that department.

4 - Darkfall is somewhat close to AC in terms of atmosphere/skill distribution, so since a new version of that is coming this year, I'd rather try that, especially since I don't have to buy a new box anyway and just pay a monthly fee...oh wait I just contradicted #3...f* it, I'll give it one more chance

5 - I'd play it on a private server in the same way I play DAOC today and it's absolutely amazin there because the community makes what they want to make and it works fine for everyone, but unfortunately, there are no AC servers in existence, so that's out of the question...

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  User Deleted
11/04/12 2:14:12 AM#53
I played the trial for a couple of days and found the game to be surprisingly good. However, the graphics were too dated. The game itself seems great. It's just hard for me to get over the way it looks. If we could get a game like AC with today's graphics, I would be in for sure.

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11/10/12 12:34:20 AM#54

The thing that drove me away and probably still would (not sure haven't read about it in a long time) was the third-party invasion that took over the game.


Decal and its constant annoying updates needed to play and keep up.  Botting all over.  Constant afk macros.  Yada yada you get my point.


The other thing was the melee combat was really lacking.


If you took this game's lore, content, etc. and combined with Darkfall's gameplay I would never stop playing probably ever with the monthly updates providing third party programs, bottings etc. were not in game.


I do have to add that population is another reason as well.

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