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Tantra Online Forum » General Discussion » Tantra Global Scenario Quest Guide

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OP  10/24/08 7:33:24 AM#1

This scenario quest guide for Tantra Global is taken from

Hope the mods stickify this :D

Scenario Quest Guide:

First Job Quest:
Job Class Change (Level 10 Required)
1. Talk to Apvas and choose change class.
2. He will send you to priest Vananta to get the instructions.
3. Priest Vananta will give you a list of monster to be hunt.
4. Return after completing hunting and priest Vananta will give you the recommendation letter.
5. Return to Apvas with the recommendation letter.
Reward/s: Class Weapon
- Naga/Kimnara gets Satvan's Hand Axe.
- Asura/Rakshasa gets Duvanta's Dagger.
- Yaksa/Gandharva gets Nirvana's Glove.
- Deva/Garuda tribe gets Mantrika's Staff.

Scenario Quest #1:
Child of Mandara Village
Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Tribe item ("of the Ground" weapon)
1. Talk to Anjali and she will ask you to talk to Blacksmith Vartan.
2. Then talk to Vartan and he will send you to help his friend.
3. Then talk to Buvan. He will ask you to find his missing items by killing Mlecchas Caura. Kill them until you get the requested item.

Scenario Quest #2:
Hard to Please Vartan
Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Vartan's Strong Sword
1. Talk to Vartan. He will ask you to bring him 5pcs High Horns.
2. Kill some Vrcadara to get them, and return to Vartan.
3. Then he will ask you to bring him 5pcs Medicines High Horn from Saraa Vrca.
4. Talk to Apvas to complete the quest.

Scenario Quest #3:
Mlecchas Caura Hunt (For Level 8 and above)
Reward: 2,000 Rupiahs, Item By Clan
1. Go find Tradesman Buvan inside Mandara Village
2. Recover Buvan's Lost Thing by hunting Mlecchas Cauras located at the two cliff in front of coliseum.
3. Return to Tradesman Buvan after recovering the item and claim reward.

Scenario Quest #5:
Apvas' Delivery
Reward: 2,000 Pranas, 2 Packs of 10pcs Atanu Amrita
1. Go Find Defense General Apvas inside Mandara Village
2. Deliver Operation Order to Sporvada and Convention Center
Sporvada: Mandara Village East Side
Convention Center: Mandara Village West Side
3. Bring both Confirmed Operation Orders to Defense General Apvas and claim reward.

Scenario Quest #6:
Mlecchas Karmana Hunt
Reward: 1pc Illa, Leather Sack, 3,000 Rupiahs
1. Go to Buvan at Goods Storehouse. Located at 390/95 Mandara Village
2. Recover Buvan's Lost Thing by hunting Mlecchas Karmana until you get the quest item, then deliver it to Buvan.
3. Return to Buvan and claim reward. Located at 390/95 Mandara Village

Scenario Quest #7:
Lost Boy
Reward/s: 3000 Prana, 1 Illa
1. Bring Leather Sack from Mlecchas Karmana quest and find a boy in Tomb of Avatara.
2. Then bring him to Apvas.

Scenario Quest #8:
Task Execution Quest:
Reward/s: 5000 Prana, 5000 Rupee, Acchada Armor of Protection
1. According to your tribe, you will talk to different people and get different quests.
Naga/Kimnara: talk to Apvas and he will ask 10 Big Fangs from Aprah Varaha Raja
Asura/Rakshasa: talk to Buvan
Yaksa/Gandarva: talk to Ashuri
Deva/Garuda: talk to Kirika

Scenario Quest #9:
Tribal Quest (For Level 15 and above)
Reward: 5,000 Pranas, 5,000 Rupiahs, Acchada of Protection
1. Find an NPC from the same clan at Mandara Village.
Asura/Rakshasa: talk to Buvan
Yaksa/Gandarva: talk to Ashuri
Deva/Garuda: talk to Kirika
Naga/Kimnara: talk to Apvas
2. Recover Kirika's Charm from Aprah Varaha Raja.
3. Return to Craftsman Kirika.
4. Recover Vananta's Lost Scripture from Aprah Varaha Raja.
5. Deliver Vananta's Lost Scripture to Priest Vananta.
6. Find Ashuri's Lost Bracelet from Aprah Varaha Raja.
7. Return Ashuri's Lost Bracelet to Jeweler Ashuri.
8. Get 10 Big Canine Tooth from Aprah Varaha Raja and deliver to Vartan.
9. Collect 10 Big Canine of Aprah Varaha Raja and show to General Apvas.
10. Hunt Aprah Varaha Raja and recover Buvan's Lost Thing.
11. Return Buvan's Lost Thing to Tradesman Buvan.

Scenario Quest #10:
Task Execution
Reward: 7,000 Pranas, 7,000 Rupiahs, 2pc Anahata
1. Go to Defense General Apvas.
2. Hunt 10 Boa Snakes. Located at Mandara Area/west of coliseum
3. Go back to General Apvas.
4. He will ask you again to get 10 Mara's Blood from Srbinda in Mara’s town
5. Go back to General Apvas.

Scenario Quest #11:
Legend of Mara's Hand
Reward: 2 Training Items, 10,000 Rupiahs, 8,000 Pranas
1. Go to Pharmacist Karan inside Mandara Village
2. Get 10 Mara's Black Blood from Srbinda Satvan
3. Deliver to Karan.

Scenario Quest #12:
Protection of Shambala Castle (For Level 20 and above)
Reward: 30,000 Rupiahs, 20,000 Pranas, 20pcs Panaka
1. Seek Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Hunt 30 or more Ulkamukhas.
3. Report to Amar.
4. Kill 15 or more Ulkamukha Cauras.
5. Return to Amar.

Scenario Quest #13:
Amar's Message
Reward: Chabi of Holy Army, 20,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs
1. Go to Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Deliver Amar's Message to General Apvas of Mandara Village.
3. Apvas will ask you to deliver something for his brother and he will send you to Kirika
3. Get thing from Craftsman Kirika.
4. Return to Amar.

Scenario Quest #14:
Mahomet's Letter
Reward: 20,000 Pranas, 30,000 Rupiahs, Bracelet of God's Force
1. Find to Mahomet of Shambala Castle.
2. Deliver Mahomet's Letter to Anjali of Mandara Village.
3. Return to Mahomet.

Scenario Quest #15:
Conquering the Town of Ruins (For Level 25 and above)
Reward: 30.000 Rupiahs, 20.000 Pranas, Azis
1. Talk to Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Hunt 30 Herukas located at the town of ruins in Shambala.
3. Return to Hero Amar.

Scenario Quest #16:
Strong Sword of Vartan (For Level 30 and above)
Reward: Azis, 20 Spara Panakas, 100,000 Rupiahs, 100,000 Pranas
1. Seek the one who will give Vartan's Sword.
2. Recover Ancient Blade from Ananga.
3. Tell Vibvan of Anu Village.
4. Deliver Ancient Blade and Vibvan's Letter to Blacksmith Vartan. Located at 392/252 Mandara Village
5. Bring Vartan's Message to Vibvan.

Scenario Quest #17:
Saranu's Leather Clothing (Level 35 and above)
Reward: 100,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs, Tribal item
1. Talk to Priestess Saranu of Anu Village.
2. Collect 10 Kaulitara Tough Leather and deliver to Priestess Saranu.
3. Deliver Saranu's Leather Clothing and Saranu's Message to Craftsman Kirika of Mandara Village.
4. Go to Priestess Saranu with Kirika's Message.

Scenario Quest #18:
Resurrected Rucaka of Kirika (Level 35 and above)
Reward: 50,000 Rupiahs, Rucaka of Kirika
1. Find Jeweler Nara of Anu Village.
2. Get 10 Sorcery Book from Pizac Aggana
3. Deliver 10,000 rupiahs together with the 10 Sorcery Book to Jeweler Nara.

Scenario Quest #19:
Shield of Life (Level 35 and above, bring Strong Sword of Vartan)
Reward: 50.000 Pranas, Phalaka of Life
1. Find Vibvan.
2. Get Phalaka of Life from Priestess Saranu.
3. Deliver 5pcs Azna Stone Hearts from Azna Heruka located at ruin town in Shambala.
4. Bring the Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Vibvan.
5. Deliver 10 Panakas and Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Pharmacist Karan of Mandara Village.
6. Find Ashuri's Lost Bracelet from Aprah Varaha Raja.
7. Return and talk to Vibvan.
8. Deliver one Jewel of Life, 10 Kaulitara Tough Leather, and Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Vibvan.

Scenario Quest #20:
The Grand Stone and the Test of the Brave (Level 40 and above)
Reward: 100,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs, Ring of the Brave
1. Find Priestess Saranu.
2. Deliver Saranu's Predictions to the one who can read it in Mandara Village.
3. Deliver History Book to Priestess Saranu.
4. Go to Jeweler Nara.
5. Get Voucher of King from Zarku of Shambala Dungeon.
6. Give to Jeweler Nara of Anu Village.
7. Talk to Vibvan.
8. Get Spirit Stone from Zarku Rudhira.
9. Return to Vibvan.
10. Return to Priestess Saranu.
11. Get Lion's Tear from Ghorayogi of Shambala Dungeon.
12. Deliver to Priestess Saranu.
13. Meet General Amar.
14. Get Light Dragon's Scales from Nagamudra of Shambala Dungeon.
15. Deliver items to Hero Amar.

Scenario Quest #21:
Mara's Hand and the Secret of Meghamalin
Reward: 150,000 Pranas, Necklace of the Brave
1. Go to Pharmacist Karan.
2. Get Kaulitara's Egg by hunting Kaulitara and deliver to Jeweler Nara.
3. Return to Pharmacist Karan.
4. Get Rudhira's Skeleton Necklace from Ghorayogi.
5. Deliver to Jeweler Nara together with Karan's Message.
6. Show Bishubakarman's Seal to Priest Vananta.
7. Search for Signs of Vananta's Daughter in Meghamalin's Room.
8. Recover Vananta's Necklace.
9. Return to Priest Vananta.