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Artifact Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/08/03)  | Pub:Virtrium
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Comments from other members who rated Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

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Senan writes: Truly a "diamond in the rough" gem of a game, in my opinion. I've spent years searching for a more niche, sandbox-ish type of game, and Istaria is a perfect fit for me. Check out my thread on the forums for a tutorial video I did for other new players of the game, as well as a bulletpoint write-up talking about some of what it offers. Fri Apr 13 2012 7:24AM
Beargrin writes: Graphics: It is an older game, it's graphics are about on par with Morrowind... Oddly, Morrowind is smoother. Sound: Hardly any voice acting. Maybe a grunt here or there, you're forced to get a mod to change certain things. Role-playing: The community on Order is... at best, dull. The people that have been around longer are smarter, but not enough to really redeem the game. Value: As it's free to play as a human? Eh. I would still chalk it up to a gigantic waste of time. Fun: Going on my concept of fun... The combat. There is a -lot- of staring in combat. It's the equivalent of watching two people take turns punching each other until one falls over. Community: The community is friendly enough... and a lot of people openly admit it's the community that keeps them there. This is a bad sign for any game. Preformance/Lag: Trees randomly pop into existence, creatures only load once you're beside them. Some times your game will just continuously crash if you get near a certain area... I could go on and on about this. Customer service: I'll put it like this. They don't really care about the customers, or they only have one guy working in that department. Requested help with retrieving a character... Three weeks later, I get a response. This isn't a seldom occurrence, this happens frequently. Over all: Not worth your time. You'll get a better deal from DCUO or WoW... Or even Runescape. It's a crafting game (an infuriating one at that, the developers even comment about how the crafting runs become infuriating.) And it trots around trying to disguise itself as an adventure game. Wed Feb 15 2012 3:13PM
Spiider writes: WOW! Seriously, it took me so many years to discover this gem of a game. Graphics is the only thing that is bad here. Everything else is incredibly good. Community is very mature and helpful and crafting is the best I have ever seen in a fantasy game, almost as close as pre-cu SWG. And it's f2p if you want to play only human, at it means really f2p and not some limited game you have to put money in to get anywhere. Tue Dec 27 2011 9:10AM
Lithuanian writes: Graphic: may seem outdated, but it does work. Sound:little tested. rated after Graphic. Role playing: entire Shard for roleplay, be it Dragon king of Iron mountains or Fiend Queen of Snowland Fortress. Value: I would choose 8. A game I may play for days, but with some lags and some disbalance. Fun:of course 10, because I have so muich interesting things to do COmmunity:excellent and helpfull Perfomance:game sometimes tend to lag, but overall - acceptable Customer service:I am free-to-play, but when I contacetd support (due to minor questions), my question were dealt with immediately. Wed Nov 23 2011 7:09AM
Gregross111 writes: played this when it was horizons: empire of istaria , back when atari published it etc.. gotta say this is probably one of the worst mmorpgs ever made and ive played about everything eq1 and after.. I actually paid 45 dollars for this game when it very first came out and this is back when i played EQ and DAOC , wow was a gigantic let down , promises of so many things that never made it , the worst and ugliest housing system ive ever seen used, classes are borring , combat is incredibly horrific, char animation reminds me of 1995 games dont even waste your time downloading and that is the honest truth.. the only ppl that play this game are VERY old mature gamers looking to get away from the main stream. Thu May 26 2011 7:21PM
Asgrim writes: I gotta say, after being burned out on the MMO genre for quite some time, Istaria was the game that brought it all back for me. If you are looking for an immersive PVE sandbox with an unparalleled crafting system, then this game is for you! Multiclassing allows you to literally max out every single class on one character and switch around at will. Buy a plot and build various structures. Play as a dragon and build your lair. The community is small, but mature and awesome. The developer is small, but dedicated. Regular content patches and balance tweaks every month - this game gets a lot more updates than Vanguard, and I am very happy I made the switch. The graphics aren't as pretty, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. There are free to play accounts that limit you to one character of human race, but who needs more than one character when you can switch between every class? The free accounts can't own plots, but that's the only other limitation. I encourage anyone looking for a casual PVE sandbox with a mature community to check out Istaria. You just may find your new MMO home! Tue Apr 19 2011 7:35PM
dikazwei writes: Compared to Everquest, Eve, and Lineage II, it is very buggy. When you combine this with extremely poor customer service, the value of a purchased subscription suffers greatly, especially if you want to spend even more to own a plot or build a lair. In spite of my relatively low rating, I find this to be a fun game with a community more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. If you can get past the truth that the more money you sink in, the more you will have to encounter "customer service," and focus on the fun and community of the game, then you will have a very good time playing Istaria. Wed Apr 28 2010 3:15AM
illanadan writes: So far so good with this game! I am currently enjoying my time in the world and the crafting is quite complex. I am more of a PvE gamer than I am a crafter and the PvE is fun but a bit tedious. Overall I would be confident giving this game a 9 based on the fun factor and the way i feel it plays. Thu Feb 25 2010 7:56PM
LodenDSG writes: It has come a long way, it is older so the graphics when compared to new games is what ever but even though its older it still looks good (but no its not AoC or Aion level eye candy). The game play is very traditional, which I personally like the crafting is deep and the unique aspects are well done (dragons, the interplay of crafting and adventuring schools, etc) Fri Feb 12 2010 10:12AM
TheTraveller writes: no matter what MMORG i have tried i always came back to (Horizons) now called Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. Thu Feb 11 2010 9:37AM
User Rating: 6.6