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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/08/03)  | Pub:Virtrium
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OP  5/20/08 2:02:09 PM#1

The May updates for Chaos and Order have been applied and they include the following:

Epic Monsters

  • Valkor the Impaler, General Reklar, Son of Gigaroth, Fafnir the Defiler, Daknor the Berserk and Gruk the Frigid will now spawn more frequently.
  • Fafnir the Defiler's base damage is now lower, but his health has grown. He is no longer immune to rooting.
  • Fafnir now carries less coin when slain.



  • Son of Gigaroth is now a rich node when killed (for kwellen hide).
  • SoG now carries less coin when slain, but his rare drop rate has increased.
  • Daknor the Berserk's base damage is now lower, but his health has grown.
  • Reworked Sluggish Mind (it will conflict with other slows, has a particle effect, a description, and it can be dispelled)
  • Berserker Barrage damage is no longer ethereal and its recycle is longer.


Epic Items

  • Demon Blood Battleaxe has increased damage, improved speed and stat boosts.
  • Demon Bleed is now of damage type "slash" and does greater damage.
  • Demonbane Spike now has a chance to grant the wielder the effect, "Demon's Bane", which will give the player's attacks a chance to dispel beneficial effects on the target.
  • Thunderstruck will now do greater damage and display a particle effect.
  • Demon Fist Maul has altered hoard and coin value and boosts strength and energy more.
  • Demon Claw has altered hoard and coin value and boosts strength and tooth&claw by more.
  • Demon Flurry (the weapon) now does greater damage and has increased hoard and coin value.
  • Demon Flurry (the buff) now grants better dexterity and extra attacks have a greater chance of hitting and will do maximum damage when they do.
  • Demonskin Staff has altered hoard and coin value and increased stats.
  • Demongii has altered hoard and coin value, will do greater damage, and will grant a larger percent of damage inflicted back as health.
  • Boar's Hide Mask is now attune-on-equip.
  • Ceremonial Shield is now attune-on-equip.
  • Ceremonial Scale is now attune-on-equip.
  • Fangs of Fury will now properly give a reduction in delay and recycle.




  • Jewelry Crystals of Primal and Tooth&Claw are now available as lootable items at all tiers.
  • Spirit Ward formula is available as a lootable item at all tiers.
  • Preparing tech is now available as a lootable item at all tiers.
  • Primal Health, a dragon spell, is now available as loot at all tiers.
  • Jewelry set items are now available as ultra rare loot from Tier 6 mobs.
  • Gift of Velocity, a dragon spell, is now available as loot at all tiers.



  • Forest Crawler Breeder trophies are now correctly set to a lvl 15 trophy rather than a level 10 one.
  • Jungle Crawler Breeder trophies are now set to a level 10 task rather than a level 15. Though the mobs are level 6 to 10, they always spawn with "friends" and thus so are more difficult than a normal level 6 to 10 mob, so the trophy is a bit more valuable.
  • Added a description to the Verdean-Tipped Technique.
  • Added a description to Merrasat's Bountiful Embrace technique.
  • Fixed the coin values on Ingenuity I to VI so that they will properly overwrite one another as you level.
  • Druids, Monks and Spiritists will now gain the Ingenuity ability every 20 levels.
  • Cobalt Golem Fragments will have a greater chance to drop.
  • Techniques "Adventure: Dismissal", "Adventure: Eminence", "Adventure: Primal Vengeance", and "Adventure: Vital Defiance" will no longer stack with others of the same type. When installed into items, the items will become attune-on-equip. This will not affect items previously made with these techniques, only new items.
  • Dragon adventurers will now gain 9 points per level in Primal and Tooth&Claw.
  • Breeze, Quickening Breeze, and Rejuvenating Breeze now operate on the shared timer system (though not with each other).
  • Vital Defiance will no longer attempt to take up a gift slot on mobs
  • Removed the chance for Valkor's Bone Guards to drop parts of the Valkor epic items.
  • Dragon ability Drain Strike now does greater damage, costs hoard to use, has an associated animation and particle effect.



  • Integrated Arietna's Subtle Wisp Tinting mod.
  • Dire Wolf Alphas and Mani, a named Dire Wolf, spotted in the Selen Forest.
  • Sand Pygmies have once again been spotted near the Crystal Lakes.
  • Greater Water Golems will now spawn in the Lake of Crystal Tears, but are not linked to the Water Golems that spawn on the beach.
  • Sand Beetles (level range 11 to 19) are once again found on the beaches south of Lower Bridgeview. This allows players to complete the Sslanis Militia quest as per the directions.
  • Jungle Crawler Breeders will now spawn with slightly better regularity in the Sslanis Basin. This should allow players to complete the First Hunt quest faster.
  • Blighted Kwellen can now be harvested for Kwellen Hide
  • Raised the maximum number of Radiant Wisps that can spawn
  • Cleaned up numerous spawn regions that were affected by the "disappearing mobs" problem. This issue should now be mostly squashed, but if other areas are discovered that behave like this please let us know.
  • The Rare Arbotus Squirrel trophies renamed to Rare Arbotus Squirrel Toe so they are more consistent with other trophies.
  • Giant Chickens will no longer drop armor and weapons as loot.
  • Cleaned up Chieftan Bulok's treasure tables




  • Lore Quest "Nyrevin's Apologies" added to Kiruu
  • Ishalin the Ranger will now teach qualified Confectioners how to make "Ishalin's Wild Gruok Stew".
  • Morran Gizmogrinder is looking for some help with her latest project. Applicants should be familiar with either the Satyr Isles or the Eastern Deadlands.



  • Experience rewards for Sslanis Marshal quests have been increased
  • T1 trophies now give a consistent amount of experience, are turned in 5 times for full experience and any further times for half experience. The amount of experience at each level did not change, but some trophy sets were worth less than others, or had errors in how many times they could be turned in and for how much experience.
  • Players doing the Defender's Blade quest will now have a wider range of choices for what level Bronze Boulder Golem to kill.
  • Miry the Cleric Trainer: Quests for clerics level 1 to 4 added to quest bucket so the quest indicator will appear over her head.
  • Gaedin the Warrior Trainer: Quests for warriors level 1 to 4 added to quest bucket so the quest indicator will appear over his head.
  • Ulaven the Mage Trainer: Quests for mages level 1 to 4 added to quest bucket so the quest indicator will appear over his head.
  • Wishgiver's Task "Test of Patience" will no longer report "nil is not online" when greeting the Wishgiver.
  • Quest "Blacksmith: Smelting Tongs on the move!" will now properly give you a coin award
  • Quest "Blacksmith: High Demand for Large Axes" now points properly at Sergeant Gaedin when greeting him
  • Corrected the greet step in "Dragon Crafter Task: Craft 15 Mithril Bars"
  • Kion Militia quest series is now given out through quest book not persistent actions.
  • Fillet will no longer offer the "Iron Confectioner" quest to players who become confectioners after completing that quest series, but will give those players the "Iron Confectioner" emblem they missed out on.


  • Nielenoss the Dragon Tinkerer is now selling forms for his new invention, the Cargo Flyer.
  • All cargo disks will now be speed capped at 100 ground speed (125 if flying). Cargo disks will now use speed reductions, with higher-capacity disks being slower than lower-capacity disks. Disk bulk in all lines has been reduced to each line's T6 value.
  • The Standish Deluxe line of disks can now use portals.
  • The sounds on dragon machines can be heard at a greater distance.
  • Large and Massive Snowy Oak Trees now contain the same resource quantities as their snow-free cousins.
  • Crafting Potatos Au Gratin from Journeyman Basic Sides will now give XP.
  • Gathered/Purchased food resources now have a bulk of 4, Processed food resources now have a bulk of 2.
  • Confectioner's Cogs (all tiers) now modify Preparing skill rather than Foraging skill. (Gatherer's Cogs were left as modifying Foraging, Logging and Essence Harvesting.)
  • Lowered the coin value of Tri-cut gems to be more in line with other gems. All coin prices reduced to 1/3 of their former value.
  • Fixed a bug with rare foods where they could be opened like containers.
  • Techniques "Adventure: One Hand Crush II", "Defense: Ice Ward II", and "Spell: Numbing II" now use Snow Pygmy Shrunken Heads instead of Snow Pygmy Ears.
  • Dragon Fishing range is now the same as the Fishing Pole range.
  • Corrected the speed reduction on the Mithril-Marble Helian cargo disk.
  • Fixed the description on the technique "Spell: Burning Damage I"



  • Dalimond has acquired a Tavernkeeper, located above the Consigner and Pawnbrokers.
  • Aughundell has acquired a Tavernkeeper, located across the courtyard from the Vault and Consigner.
  • The Empire has constructed a destination pad at Sanctuary Bay.
  • The Empire has constructed a teleport gate at South Gate.
  • The Satyr have been granted room within the walls of Feladan to construct a camp.
  • The Satyr have planted red grapes within the outer walls of Feladan.
  • Bristugo is now a valid destination from the Harro teleport gate.
  • The Vielo, with the exception of Nadia, have departed Istaria for parts unknown.
  • Burris the Imperial Scout has reported that the Blight Anchor near Old Oaks appears to have dissapated.
  • Bristugo is now a valid destination from the Training Island gates.
  • Genevia's destination pads are now valid from the main Genevia Gate.
  • Bristugo is now a valid destination from the Morathaven Gate.

Emissary of Istaria