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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 12/08/03)  | Pub:Virtrium
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

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OP  12/12/07 6:27:13 PM#1

I recently looked at Horizons and it seems exaclty what I want to play just have a few questions

1.What is the game population?

2.What is the best server to play on?

3.How good is the community?

4.How is the pvp?

4.How big is the world?

5.Is this game worth good enough to play it? If not can you give me any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



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12/14/07 11:46:45 AM#2

1.What is the game population?

Small but far from desolate, and likely to increase. It helps that there's a nice chat channels system wherein you can join and/or create global channels at whim.

2.What is the best server to play on?

There are two live shards and one testing shard. One of the live shards, Chaos, is a normal shard; the other, Order, is an RP shard. So if you consider yourself a roleplayer, play on Order, otherwise play on Chaos.

3.How good is the community?

Decent, I'm inclined to say.

4.How is the pvp?

There is no PvP aside from duels in an arena.

4.How big is the world?

Seems big.

5.Is this game worth good enough to play it? If not can you give me any suggestions?

No one can tell you that, you just have to try it for yourself. :) There's a fourteen-day free trial, so that's easy.


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12/19/07 3:51:26 PM#3
Originally posted by Jrod

I recently looked at Horizons and it seems exaclty what I want to play just have a few questions

1.What is the game population?

There are two servers and a QA/Test server. Of these, 'Chaos' appears to be the more populated and I have four days of random population samples that show between 200 and 250 characters on at peak times.

On a less 'scientific' bent, I'm still a new Dragon and on the starting island of 'New Trismus' I see other players everywhere when I'm on. These players have been universally friendly and willing to either group up or assist in some way as well.

2.What is the best server to play on?

I'm on Chaos, the 'normal' server. The other server 'Order' is stated as being a Role-Playing server. I might move to Order once I have the game figured out as in my experience 'RP' servers are hard to get established on if it has a high level player base.

3.How good is the community?

'Awesome' is the only word I can think of that fits.

4.How is the pvp?

There is none that I know of.

4.How big is the world?

The starting island of New Trismus takes 11 minutes to go from end to end on a road and would take probably a day to see all of. New Trismus is about a fifth of the size of Lesser Aradoth, so expect that to take about a week to see all of if you can avoid the critters trying to kill you. My estimate is there are roughly 10 'Lesser Aradoth' sized areas in the game of various difficulty levels, so I'd say - without monsters - it would take about 2.5 months to see everything.

5.Is this game worth good enough to play it? If not can you give me any suggestions?

Tough question as I don't know anything about you, nor you I. But, this said, I've 'attempted' to play Horizons about 4 times since early 2005 and never got more than a week into it before I wandered off. This time around I'm suffering from some serious WoW end-game raiding-guild burnout and have decided to give Horizons a year's subscription as I've found myself playing it quite a bit over the last two weeks.

Thanks in advance

You're most welcome.



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OP  2/10/08 4:33:31 PM#4

After finally getting around to completing the free trial (this comp got a virus) I was somewhat disappointed in the game. Things didn't go well when I downloaded the patcher, which took me three days to get pass. So now my 14 day trial is an 11 day trial. When I first logged with my sslik, I noticed the graphics were not that good, while I did not expect the greatest graphics ever they could upgrade the graphics just a little bit. I also got into a tutorial which was very solid and gave me a lot of information. Also, the game felt like a ghost town. I must had seen 12 people my entire stay in the game. In my little time I tried the crafting I very much enjoyed it and would love more games to have crafting there. The combat was meh at best nothing really special nothing really bad.

In another note I noticed WoW completely stole the death system from Horizons. A corpse run and if you die a lot you have "rez sickness". Also, even though I did complain about the graphics, like WoW they aren't great but they have an outstanding art direction and that was something I was very pleased with.

Overall, I would play it if it had a bigger community and a more user friendly patcher.(Worst problems with a patcher I have ever had) Time has moved on from Horizons.


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2/25/08 7:14:54 AM#5

I just wanted to thank the OP for opening this thread, this spares me a lot of questions to ask. However, I'd like to know one more thing - how good are the quests in this game? I will download the trial and test the game, but I doubt that 14 or less days can give me an impression on that.


Will I get a taste of the crafting system in two-weeks-time or do you start crafting in a further stage of the game?


Concerning community - Imho, 12 days trial are not enough to get to know a community, especially in a game, where everyone seems to be very high level. I played the trial of EQ2 and the isle was quite desolate, I never met another player - and as far as I know the game is very popular ;)


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2/25/08 1:53:16 PM#6

Horizons is an incredible game due to the crafting and community.  I played it for years and now that it is trying to come back I am interested again myself.

The quests have been lacking in the past but what drove the game were server based events that allowed the players to affect a positive change on the environment they lived in.  This opened new player races and uncovered cities etc.  Unless the devs are willing to reset and start a new server you will not be able to experience that.

The world is HUGE but mostly empty of Mobs and other players.

As for crafting, you can get to lvl 100 in a crafting class without ever gaining a lvl in adventuring.  And your abilities as a crafter (eg. gaining strength from swinging a blacksmith's hammer) helps you when you do decide to become an adventurer and vice-versa.

Everyone start playing it again please so I can come back also LOL


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2/27/08 2:32:55 PM#7

The best thing to do as a new player is to click on the "Browse Player Channels" button on your main chat window and join "New Player Assistance". The vets who hang out in there are happy to answer questions and help new folks get started. If you are playing a dragon, you can also get help and meet people through "Dragon" chat.

You can start crafting at once; in fact, the basics of crafting are part of the tutorial. Some crafting schools require you to hit level 20 in a base class, so you might not be able to see one of those schools during a trial period. That, however, is up to you. ;-)

The most advanced crafting involves construction, either of biped structures or dragon lairs. Building a house or a lair requires a lot of time and resources; however, doing paid construction work is a great way to make money in-game.

There are a good number of low-level quests, but more are needed for the middle & high-level players. The development team is well aware of this need and adding quest content is an ongoing project.

The best way to get an idea of what has been going on with the game is to look at the patch notes at

Have fun during the trial, and don't hesitate to ask questions - we were all newbs once. :-)

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3/10/08 9:22:57 PM#8

no horizons will never make a comeback


What you see now is whats going to be. Horizons is a game that will always have less than 10,000 active accounts. If that pays the bills for vitrium good for them !!!

But as time goes on Horizons is going to be eclipsed. So much so that it just won't be worth the trouble to bother with anymore. Sad to say but thats the facts.

However Vitrium seems like a good bunch of folks. Willing to keep the game alive. But I wonder if this is a wasted venture for those folks. Their talents could probably be better used else where than on horizons. Better to stick horizons in maintenance mode and try for something else.

Then again I have a feeling the mmo market is going to be a big 1-2-3 game market with many small titles. But with little hope for a working vista version of Horizons how long till people want to actually use those DX10 cards which are gaining more and more momentum all the time ?

Give me warhammer with the crafting of Horizons. I would never leave that game.


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3/11/08 11:31:31 AM#9

Just so you know with SP1 RC1 for Vista some people have gotten the game to run reliably under vista. But no it will never be a block buster game but will it ever die? No I do not think so. From what I have seen there has been a steady flow of people coming into the game. Staying I do not know.

Todays MMO market is moving more and more towards a nitch market I think and you will never seen another WoW I think nor do I want to see another WoW I personaly like the choice of having diffrent games like Horizons to play. Now if I could just play and get it to work under Vista for me. /8->

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4/10/08 10:21:02 PM#10

The map of the game is not small, it is always a long time from this end to the other end.